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    Figured I'd start a thread about the Bob Beck protocol.

    Hi all. I'm gathering all the parts to do the Bob Beck protocol. Right now all I have finished is the pulser. I've gotta order the parts to get the zapper and make an ozone machine. I've got colloidal silver making unit/batteries.

    I've got a question about my pulser. I've rigged it up to a camera flash, "AF-TTL, I-TTL Flash". Something I've noticed is that it clicks like you hear in the BB videos. But it doesn't even budge a washer sitting on it. I recall reading something about the, ?watt-hours?, I don't see anything like that on the flash talking about that. I suppose I'm wondering if it has an effect or how I can find a flash that has enough power to expell a washer. Another thing, in the videos I see the washer go inside the coil. With mine that isn't possible as there's a piece of plastic covering the center of the coil. Is that my reason for no washer movement? Or will it still move even if it's just on top the coil?

    There is also a device called the Brain Tuner I think from sota instruments. BB recommended them. But does anyone have a schematic for the Brain Tuner? Or is that one of those things only sold through a company?
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    I went back to the store and bought a larger flasher. ($3 more than the first one I bought.) This one works. And I'll give ya a hint to see if the flasher is gonna work for the pulser. Close your eyes and point the flasher at your face, now flash it with your eyes closed and notice the heat coming from the flash.

    That's the first thing I noticed when I gave the second one a flash, I could feel heat coming from it. But not hardly any at all from the first one. Just so ya know and don't waste $20 on a flasher that doesn't have enough power. I'm glad they were both cheap. One guy from the store has an Uncle with stomach cancer, and he told me that the doctors told the unc that he had NO chance. And he seemed a little interested, I gave him the info to send it to his unc. I'll go back in a few days or a week after I get my zapper put together so I can tell/show him a little more.

    Brain Tuner Schematics? I'd prefer to save a hundred bucks, but if I can't find any schematics I'll prolly order it. I really wanted it to give to my mom to stop her tobacco addiction. But I heard that it works only 50% on tobacco.
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      I've built my blood electrifier. "Plant Growth Stimulator" From here Sharing Health From the Heart - Beck Protocol - Build Your Own

      It works and I'm using it now. "Left hand is shaking so it's kinda funny to type with." Hopefully I'll get my ozone generator ordered today. I wish I had it first.

      But on my circuit I couldn't get the bi-color LED to light up. I even used a LED with 3 prongs to try and get it to work. It did flicker once though. Only when I plugged it in the first time. But it's supposed to flicker without the jack plugged in so you know you have enough batt juice. It would be nice to get that workin but it aint necessary for the unit to work.
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        I have had a chalazion for probably 6 months or more. But I didn't know about it fully until it surfaced like a stye around 2 months ago and I tried to pop it. FYI don't try to pop em they won't pop, at the time I thought it was a zit right on my eyelid. After that I did some searching and found out what it was.

        Ok so around 6-8 months ago when I would wash my face I would feel a pressure as my hand would move over my eye. I wouldn't think much of it. Then it finally surfaced, and trying to pop it caused it turn into a chalazion. Around this time I learned about Bob Beck and colloidal silver. I started drinking the cs in small swigs and I'd swish it in my mouth then swallow. For a week or two I was too afraid to drink much cs, so it would be only swigs every other day or so. After reading much more into it and such I learned how safe it is when made properly. So I would make a quart jar of it and pour it into my larger gallon glass that I drink from which already has tap water in it. I drank a quart one day, then none the next, then a quart the next, and basically large quantities like that three or four times or five? But anyhow, after drinking those larger amounts it was only a few days and my chalazion surfaced and looked like a marble under my eyelid.

        I didn't have an ozone generator yet, "so basically the herxheimer effect", my skin organ was flushing these toxins outta my body. The ozone helps carry away these toxins so the skin won't have to deal with em.

        I also got my Bob Beck electrifier and thumper built somewhere in that time frame. Two weeks ago? And I would thump my eye and such. I also used the electrifier on my chalazion.

        Anyhow the story goes that the chalazion is shrinking, it has drained from my skin twice. Reading of others stories of chalazions is that they don't go away, of course these people go to the doctors for solutions though. I wanted to relay my story of success. The colloidal silver is what caused my body to target the chalazion and begin removing it. And the electrifier is gonna get any and all parasites in my blood, then with the thumper it'll knock any and all negatives outta their hiding places so they will be removed from my body.
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          It's still shrinking and almost completely gone. It drained for the third time last night. It seems that when I put my Beck blood purifier on it, (only ten minutes at a time), then within a week or so it drains. I've only put it on the chalazion three times now too. Too bad that I didn't have a digi cam to take the before and progressing after pictures to show yall.
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            CS procedure

            I am also interested in Bob Beck's health protocol and thought I'd try making some colloidal silver. I would like to compare my experience with others to see if I'm doing this correctly, so I would really appreciate it if people who have successfully made their own colloidal silver would comment. I am specifically looking for 'during' and 'after' descriptions of the silver electrodes and the CS water.
            Here is my experience: I used pure silver electrodes in a mug of distilled water in a warm room and a voltage of around 12.5 volts from a DC power adapter with no current limiting. I let it brew for about 3 hours. One of the electrodes turned black and the other had lots of crud (like sea coral) built up on it. The water stayed clear during the brewing, but some time after I had turned off the voltage it turned yellowish and there were small pieces of crud residue at the bottom of the mug. I removed the electrodes and left the mug overnight and the next day, the water color was a distinct yellow, the residue at the bottom was still there but had not increased. I left it in a dark cupboard for 5 days and nothing changed. But after a few more days, the water turned darker (almost grey/purple) and stained the sides of the mug with same grey/purplish color.
            So what do you think? Did I make colloidal silver water? Did you get similar results? I have posted some photos online to help you compare:





            Thank you.


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              I also have that crud attach to the negative electrode and the positive one will turn black. And the purple color attached to the bottom of your glass I've also experienced. To not get so much purple actually on the glass just move the electrodes further from the bottom of the glass. But the crud buildup on the electrodes is normal as far as I know.

              The color of the colloid will determine the particle size. When it begins to turn yellow the particles are beginning to attach to one another and hence create a larger particle size. If I recall correctly that is what causes the color change. So if you let it keep going it will eventually turn gray and at that point the particles are too large to safely ingest. I personally don't drink any batch that has turned a darker yellow. I will ingest the lighter yellow batches I've made though. And also if you have a laser or even a flashlight, "what I use", then as the solution is going you can check it to determine if you have any colloid yet. I've also made batches that look clear. That is until you compare them with another glass of just pure distilled water.

              On another note. I think Beck suggests to use some sort of salt into the water or even using just tap water. DON'T do that. Use ONLY distilled water in a glass jar/cup. Adding anything to the distilled water or even using any water other than distilled water will create other byproducts which are harmful. Just for everyone to know.

              Also while on Alternative Medicine Forums, Blogs & FAQs on I've read of people using food grade hydrogen peroxide after they have finished making a batch of colloid to cause the particles to detatch from one another and get the particles back to a tiny size. They only add a few drops I think and it will cause the solution to go clear again. But I would only do it with yellow batches. I think it's a way to create a high ppm solution with tiny particles. But they add the 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide AFTER they have removed the electrodes and finished making their batch. I think the reason for it is this. They make a batch of yellow solution, ("I've got a pretty dark yellow jar of some right now, gonna give to rabbits though."), so at this point in coloration there is a high ppm count but there are too many larger particles to have a truly effective colloid. Then they put in a few drops of 35% food grade H2O2 and it will cause the particles to detach from one another to give a high ppm count and also tiny particle sizes. If you check over at curezone then open the colloidal silver forum and then do a search in there for hydrogen peroxide it should show quite a few threads with it in there. If you can't find any pop back in here and I'll find em. On a side note, I haven't ordered any 35% food grade H2O2 yet, as I think one must order it from the internet.

              The smaller the particle size though the more effective the solution. One could make a batch with a high ppm but if the particles are too big to effectively pass through your bodies membranes and such then it is ineffective.

              Another thing I've been doing to filter out the larger gunk particles that float in the water after removing the electrodes is to pass it through a coffee filter. I use mason jars and here's a tip if one does the same. Put on the coffee filter and push it into the jar a little so it can collect the water and slowly let it flow through. But when you put on the jar's band to hold the fliter in place don't screw the band on all the way tight leave it a little loose. If you screw it on all the way tight it will cause an air seal or something and it will push the coffe filter back out the jar and you just can't pour any liquid through it then. Just leave it a little loose and it'll work fine.

              Another thing. I would just toss out any batch that has gone through the light yellow phase into the darker color phases as they are just unsafe IMO.

              Also if your batches are changing color after you have been storing em then it's possible they are getting some exposure to light. The dark yellow jar I have now I think went darker after sitting for a day, it must of seen some light. And when they are exposed to light like that too there will be a residue that will attach to the sides of the glass. I noticed that after cleaning the jars I use.
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