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OPPOSE MICHAEL TALYOR and OBAMA's support of him!

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  • OPPOSE MICHAEL TALYOR and OBAMA's support of him!

    Please copy this message and email it to EVERYONE in your email list!


    The steps are below - email Obama, Call the whitehouse and write congress! Contact ALL your state representatives and tell them you're not going to take this - and while you're at it - tell them all to OPPOSE HR 875 AS WELL!!

    I have recieved a lot of messages here and there about the organic garden at the white house. That is good PR, but when OBAMA is bringing in a Monsanto "x" attorney to be in charge of the nation's food security - what kind of contradition to all common sense his this?????!!!!!!!! What a slap in the face!

    We do NOT want another fox guarding another hen house. OBAMA is inviting an "x" monsanto exec as head of our food security (Michael Taylor)! Who is OBAMA working for - the people or the corporations??? Taylor is responsible for getting rBGH into the Milk supply, etc... responsible for many cancer incidents related to it and then some!

    Read a few of these:

    Another Monsanto Fox Guarding the Henhouse in Obama's Transition Team: rBGH Booster Michael Taylor
    OpEdNews » Monsanto's Michael Taylor is BAAAAACC...KKK ... this time to control "Food Safety" from the White House
    WTF! Obama is Considering Monsanto Shill Michael Taylor to Head New Food Safety Working Group - Democratic Underground
    Obama's Latest Sellout - GM Biotech 'Yes Men'
    Jeffrey Smith: Obama's Team Includes Dangerous Biotech "Yes Men"

    If there is ANYTHING you (if you're an American in America) want to do for the freedom of your selves and your children and everyone else, oppose Michael Taylor and Obama's support of him like your life depended on it - BECAUSE IT DOES!!!

    Besides the criminial HR 875 that could make organic food illegal - this is another fascist move towards dictating what kind of food we can eat!!!

    The General's Communique

    Maj. Gen. Bert Stubblebine (U.S. Army ret.)

    URGENT: Act Today to Protect Food Safety Agency From Monsanto Operative!
    Food is, as we have been saying for some time, the central battle for freedom and survival. "Change", which sounds great, has, in fact, become the mantra of those who seek corporate triumph over independent producers - and it's happening around food. The mechanism is simple: a set of bills ostensibly devoted to "food safety" and "food security" -- and a plan to put Big Agribiz supporters in charge.

    In charge of what? Your food and mine - it's supply, farming, production, food quality, irradiation, Codex on your dinner table, unlabeled GMOs and other profitable, but lethal, corporate-friendly food strategies. Through appointments and legislation, the change is coming fast and furious which could even make our own family farms and gardens the site of criminal activity if we attempt to grow our own food or produce and sell it.

    So sure are they of victory that the President of change is about to appoint Michael Taylor, a lawyer for, and former executive at Monsanto, to head the empowered "food (sic)k safety (sic)k" agency.

    Today's eAction Item is quite simple: TELL THE PRESIDENT "NO" TO TAYLOR!

    Time is short and the issue is of immense importance.
    Urgent 3-Part Action Item:

    Step 1: Click here to email the President NOW:

    Step 2: Call the White House switchboard at 202-456-1414 and the comment center 202-456-1111. Let's keep those phones ringing!

    Step 3: Click here to tell Congress "NO!" to all of the fake food "safety" bills. They provide neither real, wholesome food nor safety:

    Politicians often come up with bad ideas. These are not just bad ideas: they are a catastrophically bad ideas for BOTH health and freedom. In fact, we are facing nothing short of food tyranny that will kill not only organic farming, but lots of people as well, along with the entire private farming sector. Your own gardens are at risk.

    The President's appointment of someone so closely associated with industrialized "food" is "change" in exactly the wrong direction.

    Let's demand real change: that Congress and the President change directions!
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    Thanks Aaron: I logged in my opposition and will share with all of my friends.
    This is pretty shocking. Monsanto's is a really bad actor and I cannot believe how "over the top" bad this choice is. I now am wondering about what kind of agenda they have overall.


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      oops, insteresting topic.

      Here in Colombia, governement is doing it, with the called Democracti Security, the good lands were taken from the terrorist control, now is in governement control, then were given to farmers reinserted socially, BUT NOW IS USING THIS TYPE OF FARMING METHORDS. Seed's are certifeid by LABS, and you after cultivated the daughters seeds are BADS SEEDS, so you have buy seeds again, again again.....
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        In your kitchen?

        I do not see that HR 875 prevents door-to-door home inspections.
        It leaves out words that would indicate or limit these rules to only apply to a business.

        SEC. 3. DEFINITIONS.
        (A)IN GENERAL- The term ‘food establishment’ means a slaughterhouse
        (except those regulated under the Federal Meat Inspection Act or the Poultry
        Products Inspection Act), factory, warehouse, or facility owned or
        operated by a person located in any State that processes food or a facility
        that holds, stores, or transports food or food ingredients.

        (B) EXCLUSIONS- For the purposes of registration, the term ‘food
        establishment’ does not include a food production facility as defined in
        paragraph (14), restaurant, other retail food establishment, nonprofit food
        establishment in which food is prepared for or served directly to the
        consumer, or fishing vessel (other than a fishing vessel engaged in
        processing, as that term is defined in section 123.3 of title 21, Code of
        Federal Regulations).

        (14) FOOD PRODUCTION FACILITY- The term ‘food production facility’ means
        any farm, ranch, orchard, vineyard, aquaculture facility, or confined
        animal-feeding operation.
        The phase "FOOD PRODUCTION FACILITY" is defined, but the single word facility
        as it is used in "(A)IN GENERAL-" is not defined.

        Besides the phase "FOOD PRODUCTION FACILITY" only pertains to the "(B) EXCLUSIONS-"

        "(A)IN GENERAL-" uses words one would normally relate to the sale of food
        but does NOT make any limitations that these words are in anyway related to
        a business, for profit or non-profit, or say anything about the sale of

        The "(B) EXCLUSIONS-" mentions sale and profit, but "(A)IN GENERAL-" DOES
        NOT make any limitations as "(B) EXCLUSIONS-" does.

        "(A)IN GENERAL-" a facility means every kitchen in American, there is no
        wording here to limit it otherwise.
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          I Think it's time for a new paths module

          You know I don't post very often but this really hit me like a brick for some reason. So that's why I'm typing this now. You know how you have that free PATHS module about world peace? I think it's time for another free module for abundant and naturally biodiverse food supply. I try to watch the world peace module every day as well as the modules I pay for. If you were to come out with a healthy harvest module I would gladly put my mental energy into it. I'm sure I'm not the only one. Think about it.


          P.S. I know that most in this forum have already heard about most of the horrific things that "they" want to do to the world. I'm not going to bother going into a long drawn out rant about all these different things because it can all really be boiled down to one word. CONTROL


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            must watch video

            The World According to Monsanto

            Here is the video...few links in case one doesn't work:
            The World According to Monsanto | WIDE EYE CINEMA - Free Truth Documentaries
            Controlling Our Food

            This is the world we will have if Obama has his way with putting a Monsanto agent in charge of our food safety and concerns.
            Aaron Murakami

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              stop HR 875, etc...

              If you only do one least fill out this email petition.

              CODEX Action Alert
              Aaron Murakami

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                -- Thanks for posting Aaron!!!
                We can also call the White House comment line at (202)456-1414 or (202)456-1111 !! Hard to believe... Hours are 9am to 5pm ET Mon thru Fri. They're not going to like my phone call
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                  All food roads lead to Rome

                  Not only do some of the biggest crooks running the world operate from Rome these days, but we often forget that the Roman Republic once fell due to many factors seen in America today. One of them was the suppression of the small farmer in favor of larger cartels. This led to larger masses of unemployed ranchers who either served in the legions or engaged in rebellions. Combined with many other factors -- devaluation of currency, uncontrolled immigration, the people voting more and more dole from the treasury, social & moral decay...Rome fell and became a darker empire.

                  Never trust Nero.


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                    Maybe this is why Obama's are growing thier own...

                    Michelle may be ahead of the curve with the new garden...

                    They dont want to eat Monsanto's additives either
                    "But ye shall receive power..."
                    Acts 1:8