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How to eat less & get more nutrition 100% naturally!

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  • How to eat less & get more nutrition 100% naturally!

    Great synchronicity,

    In learning more about digestion, absorption, health/wellness and discovering the best 100% natural detoxer to aid in the digestive tract, Paths has a great new complimentary Digestion module! The Increased Synchronicity module is working well!

    The product that was discovered is OPTIMUM D-TOX and it's incredible and inexpensive!

    After 2 months of phenomenal results I had to get into business with the company. I've noticed better muscle tone, better digestion - not as tired after eating, less sleep required, more energy. With muscle tone, it literally felt like I was working out and that shocked me. Also a better state of mind - happier Yes, hearing that was an effect on taking the D-Tox later came true. The "less sleep" started after 3-4 weeks.

    Your probably thinking detoxes are a problem and after about 5 or 6 other products used that were harsh, this is really a passive one -- no problems!!! Bonus!

    The Yucca plant extract is where all the magic is. It's anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-tumor, anti-fungus and probably anti-gravity too
    No preservatives are needed so it's 100% natural. Three of the ingredients are the plant sterols, saponines and even Resveratol that's found in red wine and a few others is a powerful antioxidant. The sterols act as a catalyst for building friendly flora in the intestines and the saponines are a soap that binds w/cholesterol, bile acid and gently cleans the intestinal walls which takes time -- there is only about a football field of surface to the intestines....
    If this all makes sense to you, you'll see that we aren't getting full utilization of the food we eat, even if you eat healthy -- that's what I discovered. While being less hungry, when I am, I've increased the veggies and gone organic -- wooo hoooo!!
    At the website you'll see archived radio shows that started recently are highly recommended -- explaining the discoveries and benefits to this amazing plant or just click here and start with first show - there's only 6 for now.

    Imagine we're like an automobile -- we go to the shop when we break down to see the doc because we don't tune our engines, but imagine getting an optimum tune-up everyday -- so we don't have pay for that complete overhaul or a fuel filter that's always being changed to let that high octane gas do it's best with more "get up and go" that we had in our youth. Sounds better than letting the pipes rust out, doesn't it??? That fuel could be any superfood or supplement that would work even better... Very Cool

    I wish you all the best!
    With AMEGA You can change your life in minutes...

    Hear how here: Live the Energized Life

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    Radio program info!

    Hello Everyone,
    Short notice but some good news about tonights radio program at 9pm ET where you can ask questions about the Optimum D-Tox, Esseniac Tea and more!
    To make it easy, when you log on to listen, just click here for the: web link

    'Journey to Wellness'
    Internet Radio Show

    Hosted by: Dr. Thomas Stone - HD, CNHP

    This week's Special Guest is:
    Kay Snow-Davis...her topic is:


    Your physical body is a community of 50 - 70 trillion cells. Each cell is it's own Universe. The environment that surrounds your body - community of cells - has a profound influence on your wellbeing.

    What are you thinking? What are you feeling? When these two components 'fire and wire together', you will have a cellular impact that influences your health...positively or negatively.

    In tonight's show, Kay Snow-Davis will provide insights on the Macrocosm world of Planetary influence on your health, and Microcosm affect of this energy on your cells/emotions.

    Kay will provide some tools to support you to greater emotional clarity and balance.
    Kay Snow-Davis
    Kay Snow-Davis is a master guide in Soul Purpose Living. She is an international author and inspirational speaker. Her 40-year practice as a Soul Purpose Astrologer is life transforming. Her innate wisdom and knowledge in the field of personal and Spiritual development mentally, physically and emotionally is extensive and advanced.
    She is President of Global Family Education Center, Inc. based on the island of Kau'ai, Hawaii and teaches in the US and Japan.
    Ms. Snow-Davis is the author of Point of Power: A Relationship With Your Soul, Wheel of Life Cycles: The Power of Love to Heal Your Life and is co-author, with an English astrologer, Margaret Koolman, of Gateways to the Soul: Heart of Astrology.
    For more information on personal or group sessions, seminars, trainings, corporate consultations, or teacher certification you may contact:
    Global Family Education Center, Inc.
    Box 60
    Kapa'a, Kau'ai, Hawaii 96746
    (808) 822-4332
    Global Family Education Center, A compass to your soul

    For the call:
    Please note: The following phone lines are for callers who want to ask questions during the live internet radio show only and are not intended for listening to the show itself. You need to have a PC in order to listen and take advantage of the linked visuals and videos
    that may accompany the radio show.

    To ask questions during the live show
    you can call:

    US/CANADA Toll Free:
    888-762-8153 ext. 8255
    Local or Outside the US:
    (321) 259-3845
    (When on the air, turn your speakers off to avoid feedback. Feedback, background noise or problem calls will be disconnected)

    - or -

    AIM users can Instant Message to:
    - or -
    You can also email your questions to:
    before, during, or after the live show.

    See you there! or is it -- Hear you there??? Have a great day,
    With AMEGA You can change your life in minutes...

    Hear how here: Live the Energized Life


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      For Doug!

      Awesome Doug! This product ~ Optimum D-Tox tests strong! I will look into it further in the near future.
      For a private session with me go to: