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    "In the orient, they pull heavy metals from the body with Chlorella. It's that simple. Chlorella is a superfood. You can mix a teaspoon (or a tablespoon) of it with juice in the morning, or find it in a capsule. It's that simple."

    I just tried some chlorella tablets for the first time and it feels awesome! Definite noticeable effect

    XO Jessica
    Keep your mind on the aether

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    Thanks for bringing this up Jessica!

    I'm learning ALL about heavy metal detox because I'm getting a whopping 9 amalgams out. I'm kind of experimenting, trying to find out what does what.

    What I've figured out so far...
    Cilantro pulls mercury out of tissues, but can leave it elsewhere unless you take something to bind it. I took a glyceride of cilantro in water before amalgum removal and got really sick, so I know it works!

    Chlorella is what I'm supposed to be taking, it pulls and binds mercury, along with something with sulphides like garlic, MSM or recommended to me is Bear Garlic...a relative of garlic grows in Europe, more like leeks. Also vit C.

    BTW, have to find a good chlorella, apparently it can be contaminated with mercury! I guess from water its grown in.

    Right before proceedure, I'm going to take some charcoal to hopefully absorb whats stirred up during removal, plus milk thistle tincture....its supposed to fill the receptors in the liver...recommended before chemo to avoid getting the bad side I'm hoping it will do the same with 'garvisha' toxins from the outside in Ayurveda.

    If I find stuff with great results as I go on with this...I'll pass it on!!!
    Can't wait to be mercury freeeee!!!!!!!!
    Life in Balance Ayurveda


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      Great info

      Sounds like you are right on track

      I got my chlorella from Whole Foods and have been taking the recommended 10 (small) tablets a day with food. It still feels really great.

      Keep your mind on the aether