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A nice side-effect of the Spirulina?

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  • A nice side-effect of the Spirulina?

    My son has been suffering from chronic catarrh and rhinitis all throughout his teens. He consistently refuses to see a doctor, because "it's not serious," but it bugs me a lot, not to mention all the money that I've spending on his tissue paper! It has been very annoying and frustrating for me, and we have come close to arguing about it on occasion.

    A few weeks ago I began to share my spirulina with him. He now takes several grams a day, quite happily. And guess what - his nasal problems are almost completely cleared up! We both attribute it to the spirulina. We may never know for sure whether it really was the spirulina, or whether the problem just cleared up by itself by chance, but we're happy!

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    Originally posted by Mya
    Isn't it wonderful that our children are taking our advice and swallowing those little green pills.
    Yes!!! I agree, it is wonderful. You could've knocked me down with a feather when he willingly agreed to give the green stuff a try. Sometimes, they do know what's good for them after all!


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      Hi Mya and Rin

      My 11 year old grand-daughter has started to get oilier skin and some pimples on her forehead - I was just wondering if Spirulina would be good for that? I suppose it's a hormonal thing, you know she is just about to start puberty and all those delights that go with it!!

      How much do your sons take? I think it would be easier to get her to take the tablets than the drink - she looks at my Spirulina Smoothie in the fridge and tells me it's DISGUSTING - and that's just by looking at it LOL!! Kids!!

      Barb xx


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        Rin Boy won't touch vegetables either, so I'm very pleased that he'll happily take the spirulina tablets. He's on a whopping 8 grams a day now, because he belongs to a weightlifting club. Come to think of it, his skin is much clearer than it used to be. He seems a lot more cheerful these days, too.

        Barb, by all means try and coax your granddaughter to take the spirulina tablets, she can start with one or two tabs a day and work her way up. Growing kids need all the help they can get!


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          Hi Mya

          Hi Mya,

          "Hopefully once PATHS kicks in for my husband and I we will introduce Guy to it. I also have 4 sisters that are dying to try PATHS so have got them taking Spirulina as well,all are feeling more energy and an overall well being.I wont give the link to PATHS until we personally are having success."

          Mya, you must not allow the fact that you and possibly your husband are slow responders to keep your 4 sisters and your Son Guy from using Paths!!! I believe that they are going to all be high responders!!! Especially your Son!!

          My son Ryan and Daughter Sophia have been High Responders!! Most children are!

          I can't believe you are withholding the links to Paths from your 4 sisters without knowing that for a fact they are slow or no responders!! What if they are HIGH RESPONDERS!!! Let them find out for themselves!!

          I am so glad you have all of them on Spirulina. Like I have said before, I have been taking AFA's (blue green algae) for over 15 years now, and I highly recommend these types of green foods to everyone, even newborns!!
          But these green foods even though they are very healing and being so fantastic are NOT what are giving Paths users the phenomenal results!!

          Mya, just let go and allow each individual (each sister) to experience for themselves what they will! Allow your 4 sisters to tell you what they are experiencing! If they are "dying to try Paths" why are you holding back from your 4 sisters until you and your husband get results? Each individual will experience life uniquely!!

          If your husband chooses to stop using Paths after two months does not mean that your sisters will choose to do the same! Especially since now Kevin has TRV'd the reason for slow or no responders! Barb has intuitively chosen to stick with it and now because of her, all slow responders are going to benefit from this!!

          Please allow your sisters to try Paths as they feel ready to. Plus allow your son too! Everyone is different!!

          As you know life is too fabulous to hold back!!
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            I am sure the spirulina will help some with the acne. Also how much sugar and white flour does your 11 year old eat? The best way to clear up the skin of acne is eliminating sugar and white flour or as much of it as possible!

            Also there is a skin module in Paths. I have not tried it! As long as I don't eat sugar and white flour I have perfect skin, so... LOL!

            My daughter has bad acne and is quitting the sugar / white flour. It sounds harsh but sugar is toxic and white flour coats the inside of digestive system causing all kinds of disease, so eating that is like eating poison!

            Just a suggestion. blessings Zartgirl / Sj