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  • I finally made it!

    I have been on the paths Ultimate Body module for a few weeks now and finally today had the urge to get off my bum and go to the gym I feel so happy I did a good work out too which is very suprising.

    To explain, I used to go the gym 3 times a week and I was really pleased with my figure and weight. Then the gym closed for refurbishment for two weeks and in that time I got out of the habit. When I did go back, two months later I couldn't get along with the new machines I tried for a couple of days but noticed others I knew had all left aswell, just a few new people and I stopped going. I bought Jordans fitness dvd instead but I found it really hard! I managed it a few times but this was all a year ago and since then have put on more weight (a stone?) than I want. It's not a lot but all goes in the same place. Yesterday I was chatting to someone about it and she said it's a "stress tummy" where when you're stressed out about something it all goes on there as a protection thing I've been having lots of things done, doing paths, had thetahealing etc and peeling away the layers and having a good look at my beliefs system. And today I felt the urge to go instead of being on the computer and I suprised myself

    I gave myself half an hour to start, but I did a full hour and had to drag myself away I wanted to do more! That's not like me, the last time I had a big break and went back some yrs ago, I was huffing and puffing and looking for the exit after 15 mins Also, a lot of the people I used to know where there and I felt so good to be there - like a big sigh of relief I'm homeee! I am so excited now that I can go again and also that this time the machines were really easy to use - have no idea why I couldn't use them before! I think I was a lot calmer, whereas the last time I felt everyone was looking at me struggling with the machines and I felt embarrassed. This time, I didn't give two hoots I kept putting the key in, taking out, trying again then taking a minute to have a drink, then trying again - calm as a cucumber - and it worked They ALL worked after that, first time Think that might be the self esteem module. Really looking forward to regaining my svelte figure in the next couple of weeks!!

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    I am so happy to read this, S.J.! I have been on the UB module for a few days, and already I feel my energy levels have revved right up to sixty ... no more dragging my saggy butt around, feeling like death warmed up. I feel great! I'm still waiting for the "urge to exercise" thing to kick in, though ... knowing me, it'll be a while! Anyway, it's so encouraging to read your posts, please keep 'em coming!


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      exercise by example

      Hey, Rin -- I'm also on UB. I noticed my biggest urge to exercise kicked in in response to seeing other people exercising -- when I looked out my window and saw people running, I felt a huge connection with them and wanted to join them. Also, when I look through women's workout magazines, I get a big charge of encouragement that I never had reading articles like these before. How about hitching your wagon to other folks' workout star? Might be worth trying.


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        Rock on!

        Hi S.J.! (although Essjay sorta sounds a looks cooler lol)

        I love the way you wrote your post and the emoticon placement made me laugh my socks off - this is your fault and I'd like a new pair please!

        Anyway, glad the module is working for you - its all inside of you anyway, and PATHS just helps it blossom out - we are amazing beings!

        I'm going to go on UB very soon, changing out the Increased Energy and Motivation because UB overlaps and I wish to get back to the gym and build more mass again - just like a Neutron star - must have mass, more mass! :P

        Take care and thanks again for the chuckles Essjay



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          Today was pretty cool - I went out for my regular morning coffee, and ended up taking a three-hour stroll instead. Don't ask me how it happened, it just did! I'm pretty certain that the UB module is kicking in. When I got home I didn't feel tired at all by the way, just a bit hungry. And very, very happy, because life is so good.

          How about hitching your wagon to other folks' workout star?
          Thank you very much, Angela, I have taken your advice to heart. Except, in this land, there are still very few female fitness role models. So .... maybe I'll have to become one! I can do it. (Now that's the Self-Confidence module kicking in! I'm loving this!) Thank you so much for giving me the idea, Angela!


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            Your stories are all so inspiring

            A new gym is opening close to me aroung mid-May. For once, I am looking forward to joining. I have been on EM for a couple of months now, so I expect to see great results quickly once I start actually working out
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              I'm glad it has inspired people Stephen you gave me a nice smile thank you I needed that today And I like EssJay

              I only got a few hours sleep last night (a whole other story and not a good one I'm afraid) and when I woke I thought I'd feel some kind of acheyness which would be natural considering, yet nothing! I don't feel any ache in any part of me - now that is unexpected and most unusual I have to say.

              I love the idea of being the first one role model you go for it, always need another role model


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                I thought I'd do an update

                I've had a few wobbles with Paths, but now things are looking up with some personal tweaks

                I changed from the Ultimate Body to one related to work because it was more important. I am up to the limit on modules, and I didn't want to open a new account.

                I am having good success with it still though! Since I last wrote I've lost half a stone, and it happened easily. I am more toned than in a long while! I am really excited about my figure and the ease of movement nowadays! So much more comfortable (amazing how an extra bit of weight literally *weights* me down!)

                I should point out that it may not seem like much weight, but I am a small frame (tall but naturally gangly) I didn't have a lot to lose but what I did have bothered me a lot.

                I really needed to tone down certain wobbly areas, and quit comfort eating so much crisps and chocolate. (I have done this, there is even a bar of chocolate in the drawer next to my computer and I haven't eaten it in days! I was gifted it but have no wish to eat it! woohoo! )

                I am now 9 stone and my ideal weight is 8.5 stone. For the last year I've yo-yoed between 9.5 and 10 stone. That extra weight makes a BIG difference to my well-being and movement!

                Even though I changed modules recently, I still find the gym really easy to do so the results are still there. I've been shown why the machines were so hard to use in the gym (the reason why I quit there) - there's a button that nobody was told about during the induction that needs to be pressed first sometimes! So now I know, I can help others too when I see they're stuck.

                All in all it's very good, and even though I wasn't on the UB module for long (a month? or a month and a half?) it was So worth it. It got me back in the gym which I really wanted badly, it got me to do a proper work out from the word go almost which wasn't expected, and I never ached afterwards! I sure give their machines a good pummelling which I am usually a wimp about

                I should really add, that I feel the UB module helped me loads with the gym equipment and lifting heavy weights etc and the Self Esteem module is what helped me overcome my worries about using the equipment

                And am having good success indeed with my other module I swapped too. Best of both worlds!
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