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Bacterial infection in the heart

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  • Bacterial infection in the heart

    A few days ago I received a PM about how Natures own Antibiotic might help someone with a bacterial infection in the heart.

    I am NOT a doctor, nor do I give any advice of a medical nature.

    I can share my own experiences, and experiences of those I know.

    Here is the question I received (which I got permission to post here).

    A few questions about the natures antibiotics...

    How long do you find that a one ounce bottle lasts.

    This is the deal, a very close friend of mine recently (for the second time) had a bacterial infection in her heart. She is on one of those antibiotics with a drip pic in her arm. This actually caused her to have a heart attach this time, and then she got an infection in her colon. She is interested in some natural way of preventing this as the doctors can not even tell her where the "vegetation" (what they call the bacteria around her heart) is coming from.

    I was thinking that once she is off the chemical antibiotics she needs to do some stuff to get the good bacteria back into her body and then get rid of the "vegetation".

    I need as much information as possible to give to her about whatever you suggest...

    Thanks Sallyjane

    My response-

    Hi Sallyjane,

    A one ounce bottle can last months, or just a couple of weeks, depending on how much you use.

    For preventative/maintenance, he recommends 3 - 5 drops a day. That will last several months for one person.

    I have been using this for around 10 years now. I generally only take a maintenance of 5 drops every few days, so it lasts even longer!

    When a person does encounter a virus or bacteria that starts to take they feel a cold or flu coming on...then it can be as much as 20 drops 3-4 times in a day. At that rate, one ounce would last a little over a week.

    Economically, this is pennies on the dollar compared to what they would spend on traditional, or even alternative "medicines". PLUS, if they start taking the drops soon enough, they will not miss any work.

    I have only been sick twice in the last 10 years....I used to get a cold or flu 3-5 times a year.

    I would HIGHLY recommend calling Dr. McKinney about this particular situation. He can be very helpful, and may have insights regarding this particular situation.

    That said, the drops will not hurt, and if she started taking them right away, I believe they would help her. They will not interact negatively with the current antibiotics she is taking.



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    Bacterial Infection in Heart and Root Canals

    Just a quick reply (saw this as I was getting ready to leave the house). There's a lot on the 'net about the relationship between toxins and bacteria that breed in root canals and pericardial infection. I'm trying to convince one of my relatives right now that this may be the problem. If these infections are chronic, it might be worth checking to see if this person has root canals -nasty breeding places for nasty bacteria that poison and infect the body.