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Bionaid Ends Fears Of Pandemic With NASA Technology

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  • Bionaid Ends Fears Of Pandemic With NASA Technology

    Bionaid™ is the original, most advanced formulations on the market. The man that developed a key ingredient in BIONAID™ and the covalent silver reactor technology used by NASA began his voyage, leading to discovery of covalent silver, at age twelve while observing people receiving communion from a chalice that had been subjected to sneezing and coughing. Later, he asked the priest about possible contamination to the rest of the congregation. The priest said that he need not worry, as pure silver removes the contaminates.

    The discovery of covalent silver begins in 1954. At the tender age of twelve, while attending church services, the inventor (whose name is confidential) observed people receiving holy communion. People infected with colds and other ailments were seen sneezing or coughing over the communion chalice. Later, he asked the Priest about possible contamination to the remainder of the congregation. The priest said that he need not worry because pure silver kills viruses and harmful bacteria. The inventor actually believed this hilarious story. Thus began his life long fascination with silver as a health supplement. As the years passed, he pondered about how to destroy disease-causing parasites by taking advantage of the safe and natural properties historically documented about silver. He applied for a patent for a silver filter device to be implanted inside the human body. That patent was denied in 1985 because of an existing patent on a boiler blow-back tube by Thomas Jefferson. Nevertheless, he continued to consider methods which would expose human blood-carried parasites to pure silver. He began to focus upon circulating pure silver within the bloodstream, studying ionization, electrolysis, colloidal silver forms, and electroplating. He became fascinated with the combined conductivity of charged silver and charged water. In 1986, whilst working with Louisiana University on another invention, he mentioned his covalent silver idea to colleagues and friends. A professor at the University brought a bible verse to his attention, in Exodus 32:19, Moses took the golden calf, burned it and ground it to fine powder, scattered it on the water, and made the Israelites drink it. Thus he thought that if he could suspend pure silver in pure water permanently then silver could operate more effectively internally, circulating throughout the body, destroying harmful micro-organisms.

    He designed a reactor that suspended pure silver in pure water and faxed the drawing to a trusted machinist in Colorado Springs who machined several vital components. After assembly, the reactor was taken to a friend in Pueblo, Colorado who had well water that he knew was chemical-free. He experimented with various water flow rates and electrical settings, and then went to several laboratories and universities attempting to generate interest for testing, but was repeatedly told that permanent suspension of a metal in water was impossible and against the laws of physics.

    In 1989, he traveled to an area in Venezuela swarming with mosquitoes (Genus Anopheles), with the intention of proving his theories by purposely infecting himself with a protozoan of the genus Plasmodium in red blood cells, which is transmitted to humans by the bite of an infected female anopheles mosquito. Without his wife's knowledge or consent, he allowed several malarial mosquitoes to bite him and transmit the infectious parasite. After the 21st day of incubation he awoke a very sick man with extreme chills and fever. He then admitted to his wife that he had purposely infected himself, and asked her to give him the weakest batch of covalent silver . As anticipated his recovery began internally within fifteen minutes, and astoundingly within several hours he regained the strength to get out of bed and swim in the pool. Later that evening he acquired the strength to venture out with his wife for dinner and a movie, as the symptoms continued to retreat and disappear. Continuing the treatment until completion has enabled him to remain symptom free since that day in 1989.

    The inventor met with Richard Leatherwood, a researcher who was attempting to market a device to disclose HIV from a drop blood. He began to theorize that covalent silver might eliminate HIV. Mr. Leatherwood, contacted Dr. Diagne, a professor of HIV research at UCLA and sent him samples of covalent silver. Seven months later Dr. Diagne reported the results; covalent silver had successfully destroyed 30 million diseased cultures, most of which were HIV. In 1994 Mr. Leatherwood took samples of covalent silver to Dr. Panza with Genesis-West Provida, Mexico for testing in vitro and in vivo for cancer patients. During a 21-day testing period, Dr. Panza and his group made a five and a half hour video filmed through an electron microscope, showing the destruction of parasites and yeast fungus in the blood. Dr. Diagne at UCLA had tested covalent silver in the clinical laboratory on cultures, while Dr. Panza worked with humans and on diseased cultures in a clinical laboratory. In 1998, Dr. Carr in Belize began testing on humans, his primary aim being to eliminate sexually transmitted diseases using covalent silver on infected patients. He tested covalent silver successfully on patients suffering from Hepatitis, Malaria, Cholera, Typhus, and many other diseases known in third world countries. In 1999 Dr. Ingnedaay of California began testing patients with Cancer, Hepatitis C and B, HIV, and has reported great improvement and remission.

    In an article titled - "Promising Cure to URTI Pandemics Including H5N1 and SARS", they state, "Recently Rentz (2003) published a convincing retrospective, peer-reviewed treatise on a highly advanced, effective and safe virotoxic oligodynamic silver (Ag+) hydrosol, making the case that it is the agent of choice to combat SARS. The works of Goetz (1940), Berger et al (1976), Simonetti et al (1992), Russel et al (1994), and Crocker and Grier (1998) collectively established that electrolytically produced oligodynamic Ag+ hydrosol provides the ideal speciation of bioactive Ag+ completely harmless to mammals in contrast to other colloidal silver or silver salt speciations that are predominantly inactive and potentially toxic to mammals. They also established that oligodynamic Ag+ hydrosol possesses fabulous virotoxic properties. Comprehensive studies conducted by NASA (circa 1970) on a crude oligodynamic Ag+ hydrosol preparation offer a compelling argument that today’s highly advanced oligodynamic Ag+ hydrosols may be the solution to lessening the impact of viral plagues."

    In 2005, while looking for the best silver product to carry on mountain guide trips Burk-Elder: Hale, Third (Elder), a mountain guide, fortuitously met with a representative for Bion, a leading dietary supplement concentrate made with the covalent silver reactor. Bion has been developed, studied and tested over a 15 year period in major universities, laboratories and on human subjects worldwide.

    Soon afterwards, a company started bottling Bion for Elder under his own branding - BIONAID™ - for Range Guide Expeditions and Burk Hale, Incorporated. Elder wanted something to have in the wild to make wild-water safe to drink. Elder began experimenting to improve Bion. Later, he began coordinating tests using Dan Nelson's geometric laser to see the effects on BIONAID™. The results were most amazing after being subjected to the laser.

    In November of 2007, Elder sent a super-concentrated water substrate to be put through the covalent silver reactor. Again, the results were most amazing in that the reaction was seen to be unusually stable. Upon being tested by Dan Nelson, the Bionaid was seen to be 100 times more potent and the entire solution, not just the Bion particle, became sub-nanoparticle in size. After negotiations between Burk Hale, Incorporated and their new associates Bion+ BIONAID™ AgH2O became the most advanced UPCOSH™ dietary supplement on the market. Elder has donated his formulation to Uganda this year and the clinical trials are proving to be a great success in ending fears of pandemic.

    What doctors say:

    "Creighton has finished its lab test of your product for antibacterial activity. Bion was bactericidal at a dilution of 1/8 for Escherichia coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Bion also killed Staphylococcus aureus during our labs twenty-four hour test. The results are quite outstanding; I would appreciate being kept abreast of your progress as you develop this product." - Dr. Christine Sanders, Ph. D / Creighton University

    "A total of (100) hundred clients have been chosen, each having two confirmed positive test results. Interview with all clients, studying and re-testing each client’s status after 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, 18 months and 24 months. At this time, all the clients who have returned for re-testing are now HIV negative." - Dr. George Carr, M.B.E. / World Health Organization

    "Treatment of Normal PHA Stimulated Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes Infected with HIV _1 JRCFS Acquired Human Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is a disease which targets and depletes the body's T helper cells. It is caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus type 1 (HIV _1). Viral load, as measured in Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMCs) cultures, have been shown to correlate with early disease progression and loss of CD4 cells. Similarly suppression of viral replication by an antiretroviral agent in Vitro is a clear indication that such an agent could be a potential candidate for treatment of HIV 1 infection. On day 4, culture was microscopically observed, Cells all looked healthy. There appeared to be no negative reaction...On day 7, cells were microscopically examined again. Similar observations were made as on day 4" - Dr. Amadou Diagne, PhD. / Supervisor, ACLU Core Virology; Labrodor ; ACLU, AIDS Virology Laboratory

    Bionaid™ has been selected by Phoenix Voyage as the #1 Health Solution.

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    Geometric Laser, Hyper-Physics & Aquaporin

    Geometric Laser, Hyper-Physics & Aquaporin

    In considering BIONAID™, as superior to Horowitz's "Oxysilver", remember that what you start with has a lot to do with what your end product becomes. What makes this difficult to explain, even for the well educated scientist, is that the new realm of hyper-physics is consistently being rejected by those committed to antiquated physics (e.g., those that never believed that silver could be permanently suspended in water as it was against their accepted beliefs, or agenda, and they summarily rejected it). As the general public is only beginning to get access to the newest equipment that measures "the incredible" aspects of quantum physics and because government approved specialists deny what many of us know as fact, we are forced to relay some of the information on Dan Nelson's geometric photon laser and water enhancement as "theoretical" because of legal concerns. We have new research to verify Dan Nelson's findings.

    Bringing any pure water to a higher coherent quantum state and maintaining it there requires the manipulation of quantum thermodynamics. This is accomplished with a unique geometric laser that produces a time reversed particle wave. Technically, this is a virtual particle wave running in the near ultraviolet end of the spectrum. This laser has a higher degree of phase coherence (by a factor of 100) than a conventional EM laser no matter where the EM laser is running in the visual spectrum. The virtual laser imposes coherence (structure) on the vacuum medium around and through a given volume water and rotates energy out of vacuum into the fundamental water molecules. As entropy decreases (time reversed energy always runs thermodynamics in reverse) water physically expresses this by reorganizing fundamental particles to acquire a higher coherent quantum state. The molecular units jump from the lower (ground) state in mathematical predictable quantized stages with different crystalline shapes of progressively smaller size. This technology has exceeded in reducing micron size particles to less than one-half nanometer.

    Dan Nelson's claims that any water exposed to the Geometric Laser assumes a minimum spin state of 1.8 million bio-angstroms. The performance enhancement water that was produced jointly by Dan Nelson and Lloyd Mears clocks in at 12 million bio-angstroms. This water has a measured interfacial tension of 20 dynes/cm. However, the extraordinary hydrating properties of this water can be attributable, not to the reduced interfacial tension, but to the breaking down of the fundamental particle size to the sub nanometer range. These minimally small water particles now impart new and amazing properties and capabilities to water which must be experienced to appreciate." Dan has obtained empirical research data the proves his technology is effective in enhancing the cellular hydration of water.

    The science of thermodynamics involves the movement of heat - the reversible transformation of heat into other forms of energy such as mechanical energy. The first law of thermodynamics deals with the conservation of energy. The second law, commonly referred to as the entropy principle, refers to the degradation of the total energy in a system. Normally, entropy would be a microscopic variable describing a bulk property of matter - a quantitative measure of how disorganized a physical system is. So the second law says, for any "closed" system, the entropy (magnitude of disorganization) always increases. First of all, the law of entropy increase is statistical, not absolutely certain. According to the laws of quantum mechanics, at the quantum level there is said to be time reversibility, things can happen in any direction. The arrow of time can point in either direction for entities on the atomic/molecular scale. On the micro level, nothing seems to have a preference for one movement of time over the other. Forward or backward time movement is irrelevant to a molecule until we make the transition from thinking in terms of chemical thermodynamics to thinking in terms of quantum thermodynamics.

    Entropy can decrease in an "open" system. An example would be the ordered deposition of ions in a crystal lattice. The manifest growth of order is decreased entropy. Water enjoys the status of being an "open" system in its liquid phase. Liquid water is in an uncondensed phase. Heat transfer decreases entropy and water by shifting it into a condensed phase via the deposition of molecules in the ice lattice or the highly ordered fractal pattern of a snowflake. All three states of water (liquid, bulk, ice-fractal flakes) represent what would be considered highly coherent quantum states. Water is actually a crystal (so are we) in its uncondensed/liquid phase. Instead of phase shifting water to its condensed phase, we have developed a unique approach to decreasing the entropy of water while locking it into its uncondensed phase. This approach brings about a substantially higher coherent quantum state regarding liquid water. This involves the restructuring of water's crystalline molecular units into substantially smaller units. Supporting these smaller molecular units is the proprietary function of quantum thermodynamics. Water, as an open system, is exponentially susceptible to the quantum state of the vacuum medium or what is often referred to a zero point energy.

    This technology developed by Dan Nelson (ed. note - that we also provide in our product called The Water™) has been added to BIONAID™, thereby taking basic covalent silver to an exciting new level that appears to make it 100 times more potent, mainly because of two primary factors - the molecule is reduced to a high-spin-state sub-nano-sized particle and the charge (and spin) of the particle would assist passing through the aquaporin "gate" effecively. The key factor considered here is that the water suspending the tiny covalent silver particle is nano-sized as well. Additionally, private tests reveal that this new laser-enhanced sub-nano-technology appears to have an effect on other water - "encoding" the water it is added to with the energy waves in the form of fractal patterns that appear to cause the water molecules to change their size to sub-nano-size with a negative spin. (End of quotes from Dan Nelson)

    Further testing is underway to bring additional scientific evidence forward about BIONAID™. Private testing has been done to see how fast Dan Nelson's geometric laser-enhanced water would penetrate plant cells, and Dan Nelson reports that the researchers observing the tests were shocked to see it penetrate the plant cell in 10 seconds and totally hydrate the cell in 30 seconds - they thought it was a fluke. They repeated the test several times and the results were consistently the same, and they also noted that other waters exposed to Dan's water took on the same hydrating attributes. Later, 4 types of dehydrated meats were tested using a broad spectrum (20 diferent products) of water products, claiming to have the best quality. Several took 10 - 15 days to hydrate the dehydrated splices, a couple took 3-4 days, and Dan's took 10 minutes. Quantum bio-chemist, Ralph Anderson, substantiates this research by Dan Nelson.

    The silver concentration in parts-per-million (ppm) expresses the weight of the metal vs. the weight of the liquid it is suspended in. Particle concentration can be a very confusing measurement when comparing colloidal and covalent silver products because colloids, having very large particles, can have a high concentration of metal (ppm) but a very low particle surface area. Concentration (ppm) by itself is not what determines colloidal effectiveness. It is only the particle surface area that does. Particle surface area increases as the concentration of silver particles increases. To achieve a high particle surface area for a given concentration (ppm) of metal requires that the size of the particles be extremely small. The smallest particles ever measured in the lab are only a few times the diameter of the atoms themselves and are less than one nanometer in diameter. The highest particle surface area is achieved when there is a high concentration of these nanometer-sized particles. While this is the desired result, it is also the most difficult to achieve.

    BIONAID™, a product that combines decades old covalent silver technology and the newest geometric laser technology developed by Dan Nelson appears to has achieved this, and then some. It appears that if the molecules were any smaller, the product would be a gas instead of a liquid.

    If you have trouble believing in the power of water (important to have salt also), then I recommend that you read what Dr. Fereydoon Batamanghelidj, M.D. has to say at at this website: WaterCure | The Miracles of Water to Cure Diseases, and read his book, "Your Body's Many Cries For Water".