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  • Bemer me up!

    Hello all,
    I am SO excited about this product!!! It is a low frequency Electromagnetic field generator. It produces the same field as the earth. It is a whole body mat that you lie on and also comes with an intensifier for focused areas. Scientifically it increases circulation in the micro-capilaries, declumps blood cells and makes immune cells more slippery. In my experience it makes me feel really good and has helped with what I think I have had (past tense) : adrenal burn-out. I took it to Switzerland with me and got on it when I arrived and I felt great: no jet lag! I used it when I was there working in a highly chlorinated pool in full sun for 2 weeks and I felt fine! Even after eating Swiss cheese fondue bread and pizza! Last year it took me months to feel well after being there.

    The most cool thing is using it in combination with Paths! I have had the worst time getting spirulina digested. I changed to E3Live which really helped, but still had digestive problems. I tried Zrii and couldn't sleep for days. Now with the Bemer I can digest much more easily. My body just functions better all around. My brain can assimilate all the information Paths downloads and I feel great.... all my modules are working like crazy! As a matter of fact everyone who lies on the Bemer wants one! And as a distributor, I get a good commission when I sell one!

    Example: a friend came over, she is 78 and needs knee surgery because she doesn't have any cartilage left in her knee. After limping into my room she got on the Bemer, first whole body then intensifier on each knee (this was 32 minutes). She got up and was dancing around the room going "Wow! there's no pain!!" And it was quite a sight 78 years young!

    So I just had to share this with you all!
    Check it out!!
    email me if you want more info and go to these web pages:
    AFB - Akademie für Bioenergetik im Fürstentum Liechtenstein: english This page has health issues that were tested with the Bemer and results.
    for gratitude, Inika

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    Wow, that is great that you did not suffer from this trip to Italy like you did last year! It sounds wonderful!

    Blessings Sallyjane


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      Hi Inika. I am interested. What is the price for the bemer? I could not find a price on the site. Thanks. Mark.


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        Bemer price

        Hi Mark and anyone interested,
        The price is $3500. You can rent one for a minimum of 6 weeks, put down $1500 and all of that goes to the price of the Bemer if you buy it. Or if you don't want it send it back for a $50 charge and you pay a total of $650 for the rental, that's $100/week. They reimburse you for the rest.

        A friend of mine bought one because she was going to have knee surgery, but decided the Bemer was the same price as the surgery and bought it instead.

        I will be in New York next week if anyone wants to try it or if you are interested in the rental I will send you the paperwork. I live in the San Francisco area so if you are close to there I can bring it to you.
        for gratitude, Inika