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Natures Own Antibiotic Part I

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  • Natures Own Antibiotic Part I

    I thought I had posted something on this quite a while ago. I went looking to bump it back up today and could not find it am posting it again....if I ever posted it previously...


    Myself and over 100 people that I know have been using this product for over 9 years.

    It is amazingly effective at killing bad bacteria and viruses in our bodies.

    It can be used internally and topically....NO EYES OR EARS.

    Used properly one will rarely, if ever, have a cold, flu, infection, etc.

    I do not make a penny on this, there is only one place to get it.

    Below is all the information I have on it (besides personal experience of myself and those I know)


    Essential Minerals
    I. What Essential Minerals Are:
    A Naturally Occurring Antibiotic
    A. Derived from an ancient natural plant source (organic)
    B. It is a full strength liquid as it came from nature (God)
    C. Unaltered by man
    D. Nothing added
    E. Concentrated
    F. True colloidal suspension
    G. Will keep indefinitely
    H. Can safely be frozen
    I. Can be kept at any temperature below 120 degrees F.
    II. Topical Uses
    1. Burns
    2. Cuts
    3. Abrasions
    4. Any size wound
    5. Stops bleeding
    6. Bee stings
    7. Infections
    8. Fungus
    9. Athletes foot
    III. Oral Uses (asterisk for further information)
    1. All internal infections
    a. Any bacteria
    b. Any virus
    c. Any fungus
    2. Diarrhea
    3. Gerardia
    4. Blood in stool *
    5. Staph infection
    6. Strep infection *
    7. Coughs
    8. Flu
    9. Food poisoning
    10. Bleeding gums *
    11. Upset stomach *
    12. Hantavirus *
    13. Anthrax *
    14. Detoxification from chemicals
    15. Fluid retention *
    16. Kidney infection *
    17. Bladder infection *
    18. Astringent
    19. Gum disease *
    20. Ear Infection *
    More Information
    4. Blood in stool. This product will turn your stool black if you are passing blood in the G.I. tract in any amount even when a tab stool analysis shows negative blood. Continue to take this product and it will clear up. Continue for 60 days after your stool returns to normal color (normally in 10 - 20 days.)
    6. Strep (throat) Put 10 drops in 6 oz. of water, gargle and swallow 3 times daily for 10 days. You will feel much better after the first day. Continue for 10 days. (If you are taking ESSENTIAL MINERALS daily, adjust for this dose.)
    10. Bleeding gums put 10 drops in 6 oz. of water. Swish through mouth and between teeth and swallow once daily for 20 days. (If you are taking ESSENTIAL MINERALS daily, adjust for this dose.)
    11. Upset stomach Take ESSENTIAL MINERALS with food.
    12. Hantavirus take 30 drops 3 times daily for 30 days then 10 drops twice daily for 60 days.
    13. Anthrax (biological warfare agent) Anthrax is a virus. It is deadly. If there is ever a threat of an anthrax release in this country, take 10 drops twice daily as a preventative. For people with anthrax, take 30 drops 3 times daily for 30 days then 10 drops twice daily for 90 days.
    15. Fluid retention this is due to either a neurological problem or to toxins taken from eating, drinking or absorption. The neurological problem has to be corrected and/or the toxins must be eliminated from your environment. Take 10 drops twice daily for 30 days then take a maintenance dose.
    16 & 17. Kidney infection and bladder infection caused by a wide variety of things including bad water and negative emotional problems. Take 10 drops 3 times daily for 20 days then a maintenance dose.
    19. Gum disease take 10 drops in water and swish in mouth and between teeth twice daily for 20 days.
    20. Ear infection if the ear infection is extreme, the infection may have deteriorated the ear drum. ESSENTIAL MINERALS will kill the infection but the weakened eardrum may rupture. The eardrum would probably have burst anyway. It will heal itself and hearing will be resorted when the infection is eliminated. Stop all dairy products. Apply into ear canal 3 drops once daily for 3 days.
    IV. Benefits
    A. Feel better physically
    B. Increased energy
    C. Look better
    D. Some have experienced weight loss (diuretic)
    E. Feel better emotionally
    As with all supplements, ESSENTIAL MINERALS is not a cure for poor diet, smoking, drinking alcohol and negative emotions.


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    This is nice post about antibiotics. Antibiotics plays major role in human body. It is responsible for maintaining immunity.Colloidal silver is an amazing natural alternative to antibiotics. There is no disease causing bacteria that can live in the presence of even minute traces of metallic silver Silver Nanoparticles
    of colloidal silver consist of natural ingredients that help the body fight infections just like synthetic antibiotics, but without their damaging side effects.So with health care provides advice, one can also go for such antibiotic.


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      End of antibiotics

      I found a relevant article from the center for disease control.
      CDC now admits era of antibiotics at an end as bacteria out-wit drug companies Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
      In the final analysis, you have to depend on your immune system. Beta-glucan, Vitamin D and several other things can make it a lot stronger. While silver has no peers for treatment, it is a very good idea to avoid treatment by strengthening your immune system.
      Silver is great.
      How Silver kills bacteria finally revealed
      So is honey.