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  • hello

    wow, i have finally caught up with reading the last few pages, and i am so touched.

    Thank you for everyone who has shared.

    it has been a while since i have posted here, and it is funny in my mind to why i would stay away. although i think of everyone on the forum often, i guess i get caught up in the life stuff, the physical reality, the things that have apppeared so real for 31 yrs of this earth walk.

    please forgive my lack of being specific to anyone, i think i will get to

    funny how i create things, how all of us create things....
    cuz i want to post, and now my son has just woken up, and wants my
    this brings up feeling of irratibilty, and
    cuz i want what i want and i want it now... Sigh..
    however there is perfection in this.
    i am ok, with it... if i am not resisting...

    however he is having breakfast so i have a bit of time.
    well broth if you call that breakfast... and garlic, cuz he has been sick.

    I get so irratible at he need for my attention, when i am busy... sigh...
    yet the last couple months i have been involved with someone... met someone, which is now done... and got to see the beauty of my own need for attention ooutside of myself... which has been tough, but also such a gift, there were many gifts in this experience with this man...
    and i am still reaping the joy and freedom from allowing myself to experience it, and getting to see myself.

    there is truely nothing I need, however then my ego mind seems to "need" to defend that paticular awareness.

    Zartgirl, you are so inspiring
    I have found often befor my self judging people and there posts... although it was a feeling... more so than really being aware of the thoughts i was having...
    and I am speaking generally... however this has been a reflection of my own judgement of myself, and how i have felt while posting when i posted, which very often would be in desperation, cuz i was in such a chaotic mental and emotional space, although i am sure that wasn't all the time.

    Hmmm, judgement vs acceptance came up alot for me a while back and again it is... as well as resisting vs allowing...

    i am really beggining to see so much how everything is such perfection....
    yesterday i called this man i was seeing...(after stating that it no longer felt right for me) it had been a few days ealier that i decided to stop seeing him in a romantic nature... but was attached to the need to be friends... so when i called him, first i checked my motives, to see if i was looking for a need to be met... stuff like that... and i couldn't detect any so i went with my (what felt like) inspiration... and it was fine... then i ended up in this place of all kinds of emotions coming to me, and realiized that unconciously i want to keep a connection to him, cuz it felt good to be with him (at first)... with secret hopes and needs... and then my sense of showing my loyalty... and a bunch of other things....
    i think i may be rambling now, but my point is... although i wasn't sure about making the call... it was a perfect creation to see how i hang onto people (men)... cuz although i may change the nature of the relationship... i am needing them to be something for me, and hoping they will then want me... stuff that isn't true about who i am really am.

    it is like this need for outside validation that i am OK...

    well, he is done his breakfast, adn now i am gonna go.
    i have so much to touch on, for what i have read, and simply to share more of who i am with all of you....

    Love and Light... Adrienne
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    • Newbie asking for help!

      Hi, my name is Pam and I live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. I would love some corrections too!

      I am new to PATHS and I found this forum through a google search for Matrix Energetics... How wild is that? I read everything posted about M.E. and then started reading other threads. I signed up for 4 modules with the Project1World special, but I was still lurking. Too shy to post... too embarrassed to ask for help.

      After reading so many wonderful testimonials about Grace's work, I finally found the courage to pm Grace and ask her if she would help me. Of course, she said yes, and she suggested I post here so that everyone might benefit from the corrections. Grace, your name fits you and you are an amazing woman.

      I was at Rock-Bottom (and posted about it) and it feels good to be have hope again. zartgirl/Sallyjane, I am blown away by your story. When I read that you were living in a shelter when you first found PATHS, I cried. I was close to being homeless myself, and it has always been my greatest fear. I know I need to release that or I will manifest it. Your transformation has been an inspiration for me. Thank you for all of your posts.

      I'm going to go read all of the CEM posts from the beginning now. Thank you for welcoming me to the community. I look forward to getting to know such a wonderful group of like-minded people.

      Love and Light,



      • quick question

        Hi Grace,

        Can CEM help physical problems? I have very high arches, which causes back pain (and I fall to the right while walking) due to lack of support. My feet literally don't touch the ground as they should. Only my heels, balls of my feet and big toe touch. (I also have very short toes) I have to wear arch supports and I can only wear certain shoes. It's not the most important issue in my life, but I thought I'd ask, since it would be nice if my feet could be "normal" and I could wear sandals or any pair of shoes that were pretty that didn't hurt my back. Thanks in advance.

        Love & Light,



        • relationships and some

          wow, I want to share an experience I had at work.
          i have created this women who Is also a leo like me
          well the other day she said to me in a very bossy and demanding way to clean up my mess...
          let clarify this...
          as a cashier we have slots we put the different credit card slips... and i fold mine and stuff them in there, cuz the point of them being locked up is to protect peoples personal info... like credit card info...
          well apparently i am the only one who folds them, and lately it has been driving her nuts...
          so she approached me about it, and may i say not in a very respectful fashion...
          she has been there for yrs... like maybe 15 or some yrs...
          so as well it seems she also has a bit of a complex about having a run of the place. however she is not my boss...
          when i am working i am doing the thing that works best for me to assure that the info doesn't end up on the floor, cuz they can if not made sure to get into thew slots.
          this is what was made to be important to these slips.
          soooooo, i didn't do anything different... cuz i am just doing my job.
          but the other day after being on the till i was on, she very rudely told me to clean up my mess and that i better get over there and do it...
          and i simply said no, yes a big fat NO..
          minjd you if i had been approached and spoken to... about this... i may have done something different...
          but i felt like i was being told by my mother... HA, i don't think so, i don't have to put up with someone talking to me like that... whether my child, my partner (which i haven't got one) or a co-worker who has been there forever.
          the point being it was amazing that i stood up for myself like that.
          it was very public, not that it would have mattered.. if she asked me in the same way.
          but the interesting thing is that... she isn't being demanding and bossy with me... befor it wasn't so specific to anything, so i simply worked at not taking her personally.. and would breathe.
          and i used to not have the confidence to stand up for myself like that... i would (out of fear) do what someone told.. (perhaps in fear that they wouldn't like me)
          today it doesn't matter if she likes me.
          and becoming less and less important to me whether people like me or not.
          Hmmmmmm, well in all of this... there are also some things i am being more conscious about... like making sure the visa slips are being put into the visa slot and the MC slips in the MC slot... cuz in truth i was beiing lazy about putting them into just one... although that wasn't mentioned, and i can also see the frustration of what she say's.. so when i have the free time i will straiten out the slips i have stuffed in the slot.
          she is a creation of my own... so what i also see is... wow, is this what it's like living with me sometimes..
          yes a reflection... Hmmm, and is this how i speak to myself.
          being demanding and bossy about this how things have to be... yikes... sounds like perhaps i may be a bit hard on myself.
          It felt soooooooo good to say no to her... if i wouldn't have, i would have been angry and have felt intimidated, and that is a whole ball of wax that seems to roll down hill...
          and the point is to feel good... what makes your boat float
          or as Abraham-hicks... what makes the cork float...
          Fear.... control.... power.... Not useful
          Hmmmm, went and made my sick child breakfast, so not sure if i will be on the same train of thought.
          i guess specifically, i don't stick them into the slot flat is cuz it frustrates me that they don't go in all the way and end up on the floor. and well that isn't useful.
          as well as i haven't the patience to stop to do this as i am in the zone of helping people... and it is busy...
          which the way i stick them in doesn't seem like a big deal... cuz i am good at my job...
          i guess the the point is... Yeah i stood up for myself, and yeah... i don't have to allow myself to feel intimidated by people... yet at the same time, i am willing to look at my part and also to be accomodating... I simply don't have to respond to peoples rudeness... and Hmmmm, yes also people don't have to respond to mine.
          this like wow, oh ya i wanted to say , that after saying NO.. i was kinda tense, like OMG did i say that.. and said the Ho'oponopono...
          i love you
          I am sorry
          i forgive you
          Thank you
          and i think in this how things became... well they transformed
          cuz the inssecant need to go to her and try and make things better was there... but i resisted
          resisted acting on the fear of... (a list of different things for different people)
          and said the Ho'oponopono everytime stuff would come up within me.
          and it has transformed beautifully, i even still talk to her.. with out fear and guilt
          and if they pop up.. i say the Ho'oponopono
          i don't need to allow myself to feel controlled by others
          we teach others how to treat us.
          these are the modules i am on right now
          self confidence and self-esteem
          family communication
          business productivity and creativity
          breakthrouth to enlightenment (very useful for shattering paradimgs)
          public speaking
          unlimited creativity

          I also just went off of unconditional love...WOW
          i have been on a few of these mods befor, and as i am becomng aware of... i will get the amount of a paticular modual that i am ready for... there are many layers... and ones have to be removed first so that others can be removed...
          and i have removed certain layers... so now that other ones on a deeper level can be removed... very integrated
          i was on the deserving modual for three months last summer... and i noticed stuff... and it was like wow.. however, the exstent to what is shining through this time around is amazing...
          i woke up this morning at 4am, and was like i deserve sucess, i deserve to feel good physically...
          where befor sure i do, however....
          and please feel free to comment on this.. is anyone has a different take
          by no means do i claim to be right.. or have all aspects of a huge picture....
          Love and light... Adrienne
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          • Adrienne!


            Doesn't it feel good to not let people walk all over you!

            It is calm assertiveness!

            Blessings my FRIEND


            • Zartgirl

              thank you....
              yes it is blowing my mind....
              thanks again
              talk about freedom..
              and today i got to say no again...
              the merchanising manager asked me to stay later.. past the time i am willing to past, and i said no then he tried this "common Adrienne" and i said, "Harry no"
              wierd how i thought that most people were gonna just be nice... well, something like that, more like a warped sense of , well something.
              at first i was running through this list of possibilities of what could happen.
              no i can't be fired, and then looking at the reality of him bad mouthing me.. well he may have, however people (many) will come to there own conclusions
              as well, as NO the world isn't gonna be against me.. or no i am not gonna be/get ridiculed (like on the playground)
              although i am sure there is always that possibility, since i learned at the beginning part of being a legal adult that life wasn't much different then school...geesh
              blew my hopes out the window....
              that it was my head/ego trying to gain ground...
              I don't have to beleive what my head tells me...

              and , this lady that i had the situation with, well today for no real apparent reason asked me if i needed to get off my till... whoa... and i looked at the schedual and am sure it couldn't have been miss read...
              i was like WTF... wow... so i said no i didn't need off and then thanked her... wow
              that was nice of her... however... not needing to fall into that same roll again..

              had a great day.
              am processing so much.. having the mini attempt at a relationship sure opened me up too... and as i am grieving the loss of miss-concieved expectations... and what we did share... i feel and observe (deepending how and what emotion comes at me) and then i blossom a weee bit more... actually more like leaps and bounds.
              amazing... (although a note i would like to make is we are all one, and he will never ever really ever be away from me... cuz we are all one

              I am so greatful to have spent that time with him...
              I got to see so many new aspects of myself, and open up in ways i hadn't for yrs
              Beautiful really
              I have often been in Awe, at what is manifesting within...
              and am in awe now...
              I could simply post wow
              over and over again..
              so i am gonna leave it at that...
              a cake of celebration for the birth of more of my true self...Yeah
              Love and Light
              Peace and Gratitude... Goddess Adrienne
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              • Welcome!

                Originally posted by prose10 View Post
                I was at Rock-Bottom (and posted about it) and it feels good to be have hope again. zartgirl/Sallyjane, I am blown away by your story. When I read that you were living in a shelter when you first found PATHS, I cried. I was close to being homeless myself, and it has always been my greatest fear. I know I need to release that or I will manifest it. Your transformation has been an inspiration for me. Thank you for all of your posts.

                I'm going to go read all of the CEM posts from the beginning now. Thank you for welcoming me to the community. I look forward to getting to know such a wonderful group of like-minded people.

                Love and Light,


                HI Pam! So happy to meet you! I am reading the book The Devine Matrix, and last night at work between calls... I was reading about the mirror of the dark night! That is the mirror we are looking into when we are at our lowest points and we have a choice to choose to see the reflection and soar to new heights or we can choose to hide in fear. Today I was talking to my X husband, and he was telling me that his business went into a tail spin and he lost 22 of 23 deals he was depending on. My reply to him was what a blessing! He does not understand any of this stuff, but he told me he had been praying for clarity about changing careers! Hmmmm! LOL! Be grateful for your dark night or as I see it your dark Knight, cause there is an awesome gift in that that will take you to places you have never been before!

                I truly believe that my awesome transformation had to do with the really dark night I was in when I got here. I had chosen to look into the mirror when everything seemed soooo overwhelming... I did not totally know that I was looking into the mirror, but step by step I kept facing my darkest fears! Although I would not recommend it to someone to do voluntarily, I am very grateful for the shelter, and being homeless (although I never considered myself homeless while I was there, cause I had a place to sleep and a roof over my head). It was in that darkest hour where I was living my deepest fears that I found peace and joy and gratitude. Once I found those things and could be thankful to the universe for where I was, I was able to create a home for myself, and then a car, and even furniture for my home, and now I am creating my move back to California and I know there is an awesome home for me there. What is interesting is that as I came out of the darkness into the light several very old friends came back into my life from long ago. Even my X has a new script in my life as he is helping me instead of fighting me. He says things to build me up instead of trying to hurt me! That is the way everyone is in my life!

                I tell you all this because I felt in my heart that you are experiencing a "Dark Night mirror" right now, and it is scary, but look into it carefully, and be grateful for it. Observe it! Rejoice in what it is bringing you and showing you. Ask what I am suposed to learn from this? What is the reflection I am seeing? Recognize it!

                Here is a quote from the book The Devine Matrix "In the Divine Matrix, its the way we feel about ourselves - our performance, appearance, and acheivements - that's mirrored back to us as the reality of our world. With this in mind, the deepest healing of our lives may also become our greatest act of compassion. It's the kindness that we give ourselves.

                Blessings And Hugs Sallyjane


                • Oh my!

                  Okay, I just had the freakiest experience of my life! After reading about Z-point (again - had forgotten all about it until reading the new posts about it), I decided to try it again. So, I maybe went a little overboard and was doing all this clearing on all sorts of things and then I went and stood in front of a mirror to do it. So, there I was asking to release beliefs about my illusions about myself, etc., etc., and I just stood there staring into my eyes. As I was doing it I started to notice a light surrounding me, like the outline of my body, mostly at my shoulders and a light at the top of my head. I thought, how cool is that, I'm starting to see my aura! But then, all of a sudden this light started drifting up and taking on a shape of a face and body just behind/above me. Well that was enough for me! I panicked and ran into the other room! LOL Has anyone else had something like this happen or maybe I stared at myself for too long, created this in my head? I'd like to think it was more than just yet another illusion, but whatever it was, it scared me have to death. Hopefully you don't all just think I've lost my mind now and to be honest, this is almost TMI as I'm feeling kind of weird about sharing it, but there you go - it's out there now!



                  • That is totallllly cool Kim~


                    That is not weird, but totally cool! Quite awesome! You go girl!

                    That is what is sooo fun about this journey it is so filled with fun weird stuff! Welcome aboard! As Kim J jumps down the rabbit hole

                    HUGS Sallyjane


                    • Grace, you are awesome!

                      Wow! This stuff works fast!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Grace! Within 24 hours of doing corrections for me, I could feel a subtle shift. The last 48 hours have been incredible! So many things have changed, so many things have opened up for me... I'm actually at a loss for words. All I can say at the moment is I am so grateful to have created you and CEM.

                      Sallyjane, you are spot on with the Dark Night mirror.

                      I'll post more when my brain is functioning again.

                      Love and Light,



                      • ACK! Need help fast!

                        Okay, I'm totally not trying to go down the wrong road here, but I need any extra help I can get! My manager is very likely quitting! She is my right hand, the best I have by a mile, and the only way I've been able to keep the place going so far! She's having too many family problems, etc., etc., so I don't see her not going but this is just so not good! With the exception of right now I'm not giving "power" to this, instead using positive affirmations about this unfolding how it should and finding the "perfect" manager, etc., but I could really use an extra bit of help trying to manifest a solution really fast! I do see this being good in the long run as she really wasn't cut out to be manager but she's just been so fabulous otherwise I hate to see her go.

                        Okay,that's all I'm going to say about it as I don't want to bring about any more of this, but there you have it! Thanks so much for any help you can give!



                        • Life is Absolutely Fabulous!!

                          The transformations we are all currently going through has to do with Faith. Faith in the truth that we are ONE. Faith in the Truth that we are our Higher Self (Super conscious Mind, Christ consciousness, one Mind).

                          When one chooses the belief in Separation (Dualism) then you have lost connection with the Higher Self. It takes courage and strength to maintain Faith in your true nature which is Divine. This is what making corrections/healing is all about. Correcting "issues" that keep you divided in the incorrect perception of separation.

                          This is because the ego/mind wants you to see the outer world only. The ego/mind wants you to believe that you are separate from the whole. When you perceive the outer world you think you are seeing with your eyes. This is not so, you are perceiving the outer world with your ego/mind. When you sleep at night and have dreams, your eyes are closed, so then what are you really seeing with? Once again depending on your level of consciousness you are seeing/perceiving with the mind.

                          When you perceive something as good or bad, you are using your conscious mind incorrectly. You have split from the whole mind (super-consciousness) and now believe in pain and suffering.

                          When I connect with the Higher Self of any person who posts here and asks for CEM corrections, the first thing I do is muscle test to make sure the person is ABLE, WILLING, READY, DESERVING etc. for the healing. All the "issues" that I make CEM corrections for, all inevitably reduce down to the core issue of the belief in separation, hence fear.

                          When a person is "in the dark night of the soul" they are living in fear and therefore in those moments (however long they choose) they are not able, willing, ready etc to shift their consciousness. Sallyjane is absolutely correct in looking at the Dark Knight of the soul as a blessing, for there is nothing there that holds power over you. Fear is an illusion and it takes a moment to remember the truth, and then to choose to never be tempted again to choose fear over love. So the great blessing is, that when you perceive pain, you can now choose to make it a reminder that you are thinking incorrectly, and therefore remember the truth of who you truly are, therefore instantly changing your world to Peace.


                          Your Faith is immense and I honor you!! Your faith is so strong that you have indeed shifted your world very quickly to match your higher level of consciousness.


                          I am so happy you shared your experience with us. It is again due to your Faith. Seeing Light is a sure sign that you are connected. It is true that this can cause great fear in many, but once again if you read my first post on this thread it includes:

                          "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us most. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and famous?' Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that people won't feel insecure around you. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in all of us. And when we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others." by Maryanne Williamson.

                          When I first read your post, I immediately made corrections for you not to feel fear in your visions. I know that Fear runs deep into many here, but the more layers of fear we correct the easier it becomes for all of us.

                          Stephen and Moria,

                          Thank you again for your kind words!! I have already spoken with both of you for making me feel so loved, but I want to also say that I am thrilled at the opportunity of working with You, Odille, Sharyn, Inika and others on Moria's new Website. I am working on my Bio, and explaining how I will be offering my "Muscle Testing" services to assist specific companies in raising the consciousness of these business' and therefore creating greater profits, abundance, prosperity and so much more. I have been doing this currently with two other companies with excellent results!!

                          Hi Andy,

                          I have been making corrections for you daily since your first email, I have also been working on you for other "issues" besides the ones you mention here. I know we have skyped already, but Please keep us posted here too.

                          Hi again Elias,

                          I am also feeling so much Joy with you and the others here on this forum. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity I have to connect with all of you! Thank you for your kind words. Once you post you are not only going to receive individual corrections, but also all the Group corrections I make daily!


                          You truly are a Goddess!!! Your insight and Faith has also grown immensely!! I honor the divinity in you!! Keep up the hard work because soon you will realize that it truly becomes EFFORTLESS!! It is only hard work in the beginning. Feeling empowered is your natural right as a powerful being. Saying No, is the same as following your Bliss! You are Loving your self just as much as anyone else since we are all one! This is what "love your neighbor as thyself" truly means. Once you Love your self, it is easy to love everyone!


                          I love your Pic, You are Beautiful!!! Yes CEM can most certainly assist with Physical issues. Paths can as well. I have already begun making corrections on what you mentioned in your post, and more. I am very happy to learn that you are in the Tampa Bay area. I am currently working on getting together again with many of the Paths customers and affiliates here in our area. I will make sure I invite you when we meet again. I plan to teach muscle testing when we get together, and to answer questions about Paths, but mainly to connect with all the wonderful friends I have now due to Paths. Currently there are 23 of us (that I know of) here in our area. I will keep you informed. We will most likely have our second get together next month in June.

                          I would like to say again, that I may not post a reply right away, but the first thing I do every morning and when I get back home from my daily and evening activities is to read your posts!! I also make corrections on posts even before I read them!! When you understand energy work you understand that this is no more difficult than having the person in the same room with you. I love your posts immensely so keep them coming! LIFE IS ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!
                          IMMENSE LOVE AND GRATITUDE ~ GRACE



                          • For KimJ!

                            Originally posted by KimJ View Post
                            Okay, I'm totally not trying to go down the wrong road here, but I need any extra help I can get! My manager is very likely quitting! She is my right hand, the best I have by a mile, and the only way I've been able to keep the place going so far! She's having too many family problems, etc., etc., so I don't see her not going but this is just so not good! With the exception of right now I'm not giving "power" to this, instead using positive affirmations about this unfolding how it should and finding the "perfect" manager, etc., but I could really use an extra bit of help trying to manifest a solution really fast! I do see this being good in the long run as she really wasn't cut out to be manager but she's just been so fabulous otherwise I hate to see her go.

                            Okay,that's all I'm going to say about it as I don't want to bring about any more of this, but there you have it! Thanks so much for any help you can give!

                            Hi KimJ,

                            You posted as I was finishing up my post! I am making corrections now for you to be at ease. Once again, this is a perfect example of the ego/mind doing it's job of keeping you in fear. Don't be tempted. Just remind yourself that as your consciousness rises all that is not of the same vibration falls away. Stay focused on the Truth.

                            You have more power than can ever be imagined! Bless the situation knowing that YOU ARE POWERFUL! After the corrections I made for you on May 2nd concerning fearing your power, you should be able to shift yourself into peace very easily right now. All is perfect, and I am very happy you posted.

                            Do not resist anymore what falls away, only keep your arms wide open for all the good that is flying towards YOU!!

                            I want to leave you with a picture for your mind of who you truly are:

                            Picture the ocean as God. The wave that extends from the ocean is who you are. An extension of God. The wave knows it is connected to God. It Joys in the variety of expressions of wave action knowing that it always moves safely back into God's embrace.

                            The wave knows it is an extension of God, but chooses to call itself Water. The wave has now expressed itself in a very unique manner, unlike anything before. The wave is delighted knowing that it has now projected itself into a new form. The wave now calling itself water, begins to evaporate. This water evaporates up into the sky with the heat of the Sun , but the illusion is that now the water "feels" as if it is separate from the ocean.

                            The ocean knows that the water is only on a "trip" of the mind, and will safely return home. As it rises the evaporated water forgets momentarily where it comes from, and so feels for the first time Fear. The evaporated water seeks purpose, and so unifies itself with more evaporated water and forms a cloud. It does not yet realize that it's only purpose is to remember that it is the ocean.

                            As more and more evaporated water join together the cloud becomes very heavy and dark. So Dark that the water is now very full of fear. The water joins and now becomes so heavy that it begins to be pulled. Not knowing that this pull is the water's very salvation! The water can no longer resist, and so let's go. To it's great delight and Joy the water realizes that this letting go was much easier than hanging on. The experience of releasing has made room for the remembrance that the experience of separation was not a seperation at all!!

                            The Joy and Bliss the water feels now at returning home is unexplainable! It finally remembers as it gently merges with the ocean once again that it IS the ocean. How Divine!

                            Love is the "pull" that reminds us we are ONE!

                            Forgiveness is the "recognition" that we are ONE!

                            Gratitude is the "remembrance" that we are ONE!

                            Bliss is the knowing that there is no separation in anything much less the three above.

                            IMMENSE LOVE AND GRATITUDE ~ GRACE



                            • interesting...

                              here are three perspectives...
                              Please don't quote me on this, am just going off the top of my head.
                              Theism... christians are viewing from this perspective, that there is a line between us/and god....

                              atheism..... what you see is what you get.... all that there is, is this physical matter, the material

                              spiritualism...... we are all connected, we are all one

                              I am sure there is more to describe these....
                              but from a brief discussion with a friend who is taking a christian course, this is pretty much the basis of what she shared about the distinctions between them (briefly)

                              talk about confusion in the world...
                              yet no matter what, and cuz of a life time of something always being the right thing.... or the right way.... i am am hesitant to say what we do here is the right way....
                              yet, when this question first came up for me.... what came to me is one way is about going within and another is going without
                              or grasping outside of ourselves to feel whole...
                              what is the truth.
                              aren't things only truth cuz we say it is so.
                              seems to me... i have come to another place of going within for my answers... introspection...
                              kinda got caught up in some stuff outside of myself...
                              people, and situations... and the sense of indentity they gave me....
                              ego stuff

                              aren't truth, whats real, and beleifs always ever changing??

                              Hmmmm, the answers lie within....

                              well, am grateful for my son who's behaviour has rooted me in the now....
                              wow, look at how perfect my creation is...
                              ok, well was gonna write some other stuff, but had to get the kiddo up...
                              I am well... and all is well... and the placfe to be is in the now...

                              wow, sounds like an interesting experience, have had some interesting experiences myself... that freaked me out too.

                              It has been popping up alot to start meditating again....
                              and well cuz of my interesting experiences i had while meditating befor.. I stopped, cuz it freaked me out...
                              but the urge is strong to start again...
                              so on this note... some corrections on the fear of the unknown would be great...
                              cuz to breath deeply would be useful, and can't wait to try the modual for breathing deeply...

                              Hi Grace, thanks for your reply... words to ponder in your post.

                              great news....
                              i have my driving test shedualed for june 4th
                              am excited, but also nervous, cuz i have done this befor and have also made excuses and backed out of following through with it... so some corrections on that too would be great....

                              that might fit in with fear of greatness, fear of success.
                              not sure...

                              ok, gonna sign off now... and enjoy my now.... i kinda feel like????? where have i been?
                              but thats ok too....
                              lots of love....
                              Adrienne aka goddess Adrienne
                              Matrix Energetics Sessions-Private message me




                              • For Adrienne!

                                Hi Adrienne,

                                "what is the truth. aren't things only truth cuz we say it is so."

                                "aren't truth, whats real, and beleifs always ever changing??"

                                "that might fit in with fear of greatness, fear of success."

                                The Truth is, what muscle tests strong. The only Reality is God/Infinite Potential/Truth. Anything that tests weak is Not Truth which therefore does not exist. The outer world (the illusion) is a projection of the Ego/Mind. The split mind that will have you look away from the Truth and feed you Dualism as the only answer. If you believe in Dualism then you are believing in Good and Bad when neither exists. The good that we perceive with our Ego/Mind is nothing compared to the Goodness and Perfection that is God.

                                The Truth is, there is nothing good or bad, All Is. When you are At ONE, you are whole, completely fulfilled. There is no desire because all has been already given. When the Ego/Mind is corrected (transcended) you are in a state of Grace and Bliss. You have no wants for all is complete. You have all that has ever been imagined, desired or wanted now and evermore. You are in complete and total PEACE.

                                You are correct in that Truth is real (the only reality), and beliefs are an Ego creation. You believe in this or that. This is again an incorrect use of the conscious mind. The Whole mind knows that All exists NOW. All is complete, perfect, whole, loving, powerful, strong, and Harmonious. Beliefs, being an ego creation, are always changing (linear in thinking) and why will always inevitably lead to fear. Infinite Potential/Truth/God is constant, never changing and all that IS.

                                I do not test that you have a "fear of the unknown", but I do test that you have a "fear of greatness", I have made corrections for this, and some other "issues" that were not core issues but similar to fear of greatness. For example "fear of being great", fear of others thinking I am great, and on and on.

                                I am also Making corrections for you to be completely at ease when you go for your driving test June 4th, in fact, it tests strong that you will be taking your driving test sooner, so keep us posted.

                                Last edited by Grace; 05-05-2008, 07:36 PM.
                                IMMENSE LOVE AND GRATITUDE ~ GRACE