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  • prose10
    Calling all dog lovers!

    Grace, I'd like to ask for corrections and healing help from anyone else who is willing to work on my dog. Dude is a 14 yo Lhasa Apso, Cairn Terrier mix. This picture was taken a year ago at Halloween.

    He's showing signs of aging which have come on suddenly. Three months ago he looked and acted like a dog half his age. He slept a lot, but he had great spurts of energy and he was playful. Now he acts like an old man. He walks slowly and has weakness in his hind quarters, he's developing cataracts and he's suddenly lost his hearing, he sleeps all day and he prefers to be alone, and just this week he's not interested in treats (!) and he doesn't get excited when I come home! I think he may be depressed.

    He doesn't seem to be in any pain, his appetite is good, and he still enjoys going for walks and rides in the car.

    I know he's getting older, but the changes seemed to come on suddenly and seem to be getting worse quickly. Home life has been stressful and I'm concerned that my emotional state has taken it's toll on him. We are moving next week and I am hoping that a new home without all of the tension will help. A friend suggested maybe Dude was ready to go and that's why he's deteriorating so quickly. With all that is going on in my life right now, that is not what I want to hear. Can you muscle test and let me know what's going on?

    I appreciate all help, good thoughts, prayers, and healing modalities.


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  • Bobi
    Joyful transitions


    Of the many things I've gained from this thread, one I particularly enjoy (appreciate?) is to be absolutely delighted when challenges present themselves. Instead of falling into the, "oh no", or, "oh crap", mindset I now tend towards, "oh boy! I created this. This is going to be great! Thank you!" And it turns out to be just that - great!

    I learned this in large part from you. You say you feel a big change coming like a freight train. I hope reminding you of what you've given me can help make it a whoo-hoo good-ride! for you Wow, the other end of that tunnel is going to be fabulous! Congratulations!


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  • VJoy

    Thank you SallyJane..

    I hope your finances work out!

    The thing is.....I appreciate your trying to help, but I do not believe I can do it. I do expect the pain. Actually, according to past history, the pain should be gone right now......and it is not. That I was NOT looking for. It is much better, so hopefully going away for now, but I simply do not have the mental discipline to control this kind of debilitating pain.

    I used to get migraines, so I understand. But at least in my case, (and I Hope yours), they go away in a day or two. My pain lasts 2 weeks out of every month!! I am confined to the couch or bed, whacked out on drugs, that only half work, and in agony. I have a sick cat I cannot take proper care of when I am like that, and my poor husband has to do EVERYTHING., including work. The pain for 2 weeks is just too much.

    I also have TMJ, but that is minor compared to the stomach pain.

    I don't expect anyone to have to go through soemthing to understand what someone else is going through. and even Kevin, who HAS gone through it and suggested the chelation......he understands, but that doesn't help when you are writhing on the bed wishing you were unconcious or dead just so the pain will stop.

    sorry for the ramble, this has plagued me for months and months, and I have had enough.

    thanks hon. I don't even know what I wrote here. sorry if it sounded harsh, didn,t mean to, I am just desperate and completely beaten and depressed.

    I do wish you well on your finances!

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  • zartgirl
    I think my ego is sabotaging me!

    OMG! I am starting to believe that my ego is sabotaging me! It is just one thing after another! But the universe seems to be covering me in all of this and fixing the situations each as they come up.

    The good news is my utilities will not be shut off on me! Help came from a charity that I talked to this morning... I am not completely sure how I am going to pay my rent, but it will also be taken care of... It is looking like the charity will pay some of it too... All is good, all is fine!

    I tell you as hard as my ego is fighting right now... I know I am on the verge of a major breakthrough in my life... I can feel it like a freight train coming through, and this is the last ditch effort by my ego to stay alive.

    I guess I just need strength to get through all this and get to the other side! This too shall pass (even if my ego says it will never go away).

    Blessings and HUGS Sallyjane

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  • zartgirl

    Grace if you could keep making corrections on my money situation. I know I will be ok, but I am having to go ask a bunch of agencies for money to pay my electric bill. Fun Fun Fun... Somehow I test that I need to do this for some reason some lesson is to come from this. I am not sure what!

    Can you continue to also make correction for the monies that are owed me like the bonus I worked so hard for to be paid to me! When I actually got my last paycheck it was actually less than what it said it would be... The paycheck stub said around 300.00 which was 1000.00 dollars short, but I only got 189.00 dollars!

    I am really working on continuously processing all of this and reclaiming the power from this situation, and then moving back to gratitude. It is tough, but I keep at it. I know this is my ego screaming and kicking not to die, and that I am on the verge of moving that extra 15% that I need to go... Man it is still tough though!

    I am the awesome power of God!
    I Created this!
    This is not real, it is an illussion
    I reclaim 100% of the power from this Right now!
    Me rejoicing in all I have managed to create, and what I am creating right now!

    Blessings and HUGS Sallyjane!

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  • Inika
    Gobs of Gratitude

    Thank you Grace so much for all your work.

    I am having so much fun in my life right now. I am in New York, just taught a class in the Hamptons (what a beautiful place!) and now giving sessions in Brooklyn! I am riding the subways by myself with joy (no fear). My body is healthy, Paths is working so well and my Bemer Mat is making me feel sooo good! (here is the link to my description of it:
    (Val, check this out and if you can find anyone in your area with a mat so you can try it out, it might be very useful to you. I am sending lots of healing energy your way.)

    I am making more money than I have in the past and people are giving me great tips. There is still no break-through with my investment in the Dominican but my attitude is going from "wait and see" to "something better will happen".

    Hearts of gratitude to you all!

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  • zartgirl

    Originally posted by VJoy View Post
    Hi folks......

    I started chelation IV therapy today in the hopes that it will help or get rid of my excruciating abdominal pain attacks from IBS. The thing is, it is only 2 times a week, and there are many treatments. It will take a long time.

    Val, I am glad to hear that you are starting the chelation! That is a great starting point.

    I am very stressed out and frankly depressed about the process, and I humbly ask for any kind of healing, anything to help me get through this, as I am embarking on something that I won't even know if it is helping for a while, and certainly will not help enough before the next pain attack in about 2 weeks. I feel beaten down and desperate.

    Thank you so much.
    I know it is hard, but you have to try to stop expecting pain. What you think upon, and any fear you have about future pain is what creates pain. Thought + Emotion = Manifestation. Fear is probably the most powerful manifesters there is, because there is so much passion behind it! I know I am going through something right now that my ego is trying to bring me down with fear also, but I have to release it and trust. My pain is financial right now, and it is the process of just trusting that somehow my electricity will be paid tomorrow morning regardless of the fact that the pay check that I got tonight was a $1000.00 short. I am a single mom, and so I am also having to trust that somehow I am going to pay my rent this week, and keep a roof over my kids head. At first I started to panic, but then just realized that somehow this will all work out for me... Somehow, someway! I may have to borrow the money tomorrow from peter to pay paul, but somehow I will be fine and this month everything will turn around for me.

    You need to release the FEAR of the NEXT ATTACK, and stop expecting it, worrying about it, and waiting for it? When we do that we create more of what we don't want! I am choosing to see and feel and be excited about all the money I have filling up my bank account right now!

    I know that your IBS is different as it is a physical pain, but for me the financial stuff can bring physical pain also! Don't know if you know what TMJ is, but when I get stressed out and fear takes over I get a tension headache that starts in my jaw, moves to my neck, and then engulfs my entire head... As if that is not bad enough then it turns to a migraine on top of the other headache I already had! If I take pain killers for it... the headache goes almost away... Well till the next day when I get a rebound and that is even worse!

    I have been able to lesson the number of these and the intensity by releasing fear when it rears it's ugly head! You have to release it and when you start to think upon it and dwell upon it...You then have to release it and move on to new thoughts. Thoughts and emotions are what causes disease, and pain!

    I know this is a little in your face and stated quite boldly. I know it is not what you probably wanted to hear, but sometimes it is what we need to hear. I have a friend that when I am freaking out, I can call him and be all crying and crap... I know he will always fix me... Not by telling me what I do want to hear, but by telling me what I need to hear at that moment. He never dances around anything, and he is the first person I call when I am upset! He always makes me feel better, and I always learn something from him! He has a way of grabbing the string to the balloon that I am floating away in and pulling it back to earth for me! He always grounds me!

    Blessings and HUGS Sallyjane

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  • VJoy
    For Anyone

    Hi folks......

    I started chelation IV therapy today in the hopes that it will help or get rid of my excruciating abdominal pain attacks from IBS. The thing is, it is only 2 times a week, and there are many treatments. It will take a long time.

    I am very stressed out and frankly depressed about the process, and I humbly ask for any kind of healing, anything to help me get through this, as I am embarking on something that I won't even know if it is helping for a while, and certainly will not help enough before the next pain attack in about 2 weeks. I feel beaten down and desperate.

    Thank you so much.

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  • heat_georgia
    hi grace..

    Hi Grace! Hi Everyone!

    Hope all is well with everyone!!!! Sending you love and joy!

    Grace, I know you are soooo busy. And we all appreciate everything you do!
    So i just wanna start by saying thank you so much for all the energy and focus you put on helping us with all your wisdom!!

    I was just wondering.... if you have time... could you retest me for the modules? i have been doing them for a while. it might be all in my head but i feel like i am starting to reach a plateau. i have been on them for almost three months. i've had some pretty cool shifts, and i never thought i would have immediately manifested a relationship. its been pretty awesome. i'm stiil waiting for the intuition on the career shift thing. feel a little in the dark about that, but i'm sure something will come. i did lose a little weight too, which is cool.

    Some things that I have been wanting to work on aside from the career thing are getting in better touch with my creativity and letting that lead me a little more, and also i want to feel my sexual energy more. i feel like i cut myself off from it, because in the past i've used it in ways that were not good for me, and i have also been really heartbroken in a few relationships where i felt like my body trusted enough to let go and connect more with the other person. anyway... i would love to release the blocks.

    1 hour later:
    okay... i just had a matrix energetics session. and the sex thing is a little more clear.... I was with a guy over seven years ago, and i thought he was my soul mate. we were really connected on alot of levels. very much so sexually. he actually broke my heart twice, and i feel like i cut myself off from the sexual energy because i didn't want to be hurt again like that. also because a part of me feels like i gave him the sexual energy as a really sacred gift and now its hard to bring it back to me.
    he still calls me often, and he lives in the czech republic. i live here in california, so... its kinda been this thing where... i guess we've been holding on to each other from so far away. it has made it difficult to connect with new partners. now after my session i have the awareness that we had pass life agreements to learn and teach each other lessons, but it doesnt mean that we are soulmates in the since that we have to be together.

    anyway.... i would still like to continue to better feel and connect with my sexual energy, and not feel the fear of being intimate with someone new.

    thanks for reading!

    love love love!


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  • zartgirl

    Grace! I send peace to you with all that is going on there!

    Thank you for all your corrections. Still have not found the cell phone, but it will either manifest or something better will.

    I am creating all kinds of interesting manifestations in my life these days, and they are all pointing to a major change in my financial life.

    Lots of love and hugs! Sallyjane

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  • Doug
    Excellent Grace!

    Thanx Grace!
    I wanted to let you know some cool things are happening at work and I'm feeling better about the place. There has been some changes and even an individual that was causing a ruckus as a part of management isn't there anymore and there is a mucho (pronounced moocho) bettero vibe in the air. We are still getting things there organized in the office, so it won't be smooth sailing just yet... That's still good -- the sails are in better shape. I am grateful for everything.
    Even having to bike in till I get my car fixed is cool. That or something better is happening.

    Thank you,
    Love ya,


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  • Grace
    You are all Magnificent!

    I thought that I would be able to reply to each post since I posted last, but there are too many!! I am "IN LOVE" with all of you , but at a loss for posting timely!

    SallyJane, you ARE GORGEOUS!! How wonderful to see a beautiful face to your beautiful words!


    Your posts mean so much to me, and I have read every word, I so wanted to post back to every one, but have been blindsided with friends and family here in my home town, and also my Karate training. I have and still will make more corrections for what you have requested/ or spoken about. As you know, this all resonates with me and is my pleasure to make corrections for.
    Last edited by Grace; 09-29-2008, 02:33 AM.

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  • VJoy
    Thank you everyone for trying to help.

    Dear Sharyn, I am not so much angry about the pain, as deeply scared and depressed. Only someone who has THAT KIND OF PAIN could understand, and I see no end in sight.

    Everyone who tried to help me, I thank you.

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  • zartgirl
    This was cool!

    I woke up this morning early, and around 5:30 am decided to manifest back Izabelle's glasses. I said to myself I manifest back Izzi's... My arm had a kink in it so I stretched it out and put my hand on Izzi's glasses! Damb! I am powerful!

    Still have to manifest the cell phone back into this illusion, but at least Izzi will be able to see!

    Blessings Sallyjane

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  • zartgirl
    Izzi NEEDS HELP!

    My teenager Izabelle is having a new energy problem, and I am not sure why she is creating this, but it is weird!

    Izzi keeps track of things really well, but all of a sudden the last few days she has lost her cell phone, and her eye glasses... Now she is panicked because her she does not see with out her glasses or contacts and her eyes are hurting her. Okay the real concern is not that the glasses are gone, but that she had them on her face when they disapeared. The things she has lost in the past few days are the things that she depends on as a teenager.

    Can you make corrections for her to stop the disapearing act, and that the things that have disapeared re-appear.

    Please and thank you for the corrections...

    Oh one more thing, a couple of weeks ago she lost her purse at the mall. This is so unlike Izzi, and it really freaking her out at this point... It is not like her to loose stuff! Personally I think she is manifesting it to another parallel universe or something. She had the glasses on when they disapeared????
    Last edited by zartgirl; 09-27-2008, 01:59 AM. Reason: Added more information

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