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    ok, to this are the obviouse differences....I can breathe again cuz the pain in my back, shoulder and along my spine are is so good to be able to breath deep again.
    Grace has been doing some work on my son and today he napped after the hockey game, and that was after both of us were out cold till 11am...i know oooops...we both slept like rocks....the need for rest for him tells me that he needs to process, and allow the changes to take thing i did forget to mention is that for about at least a year, Tristan has had terrible insomnia...and it has effected him, cooperation...he has also and still does have some food issues, and will punish himself by not eating....Please help......and i talked with Grace yesterday and she melted away another layer of pain for magic grace, absolutly beautiful.
    anyways as i was saying...yesterday she told me of my past lives and what was my purpose in this on, or maybe better put....what i am to learn in this, this beautiful women has got me going on the path...hehe... that i am menat to be on.....this is a quote of what she shared with me "You have helped many people in past lives, now it is your turn to recieve"
    this is something that is soo true for me....cuz i have put me last all of my once again i am getting what i am asking for...and to me they are questions i have had in me very often lately. she is beautiful and perfect in the timing that she has come into my life cuz...she is able to see deeply...and share back truths i have known, but would not validate, or did not see them bla, bla, bla..
    so it like the winds of change... YouTube - Scorpions - Wind Of Change
    i've never done the you tube thing befor...hopefully this takes ya to the song.... trying to figure out how to do the youtube thing...the wind has gone out of my sales...haha...
    No pun intended...

    lots of love, and thanks.....Adrienne
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      Sweeeet it worked...cheers........Adrienne
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        You all do not KNOW HOW BEAUTIFUL YOU ARE TO ME!!

        Pamela, I thank you, from the bottom of my Heart to the infinite nature of my Being for expressing my name the way that you found from this wonderful book you are reading. Which now I will read too!!

        Barb before I forget since I can barely see what I am typing from my joyful tears that continue to flow, The 7th chakra is the crown Chakra. Thank you Sharon For posting this excellent Chakra information. The root Chakra is what I name the 1st chakra all the way down from this link to the Crown Chakra which is the 7th Chakra.

        Once again I can't tell you how Fabulous Moria is!! I am so happy that she is receiving the flow of abundance that she and all of you so magnificently deserve!!

        Adrienne I hope you have posted your picture over here too, because you are one gorgeous woman!!

        Rin, I would love to talk with you very soon, This coming week I will be FULL FORCE at my dojo as this Friday May 18th I am testing for my third degree Black Belt (which means a lot to me) and I will be very busy, BUT I still wish to connect on Skype phone with you, so let me know.

        I will continue to read this thread daily and make corrections daily for EVERYONE HERE!! Next week I will Add more corrections on top of the Financial ones concerning RELATIONSHIPS!! I won't let go of the financial corrections yet as you are all now slowly but surely seeing results. LIFE IS SO FABULOUS!!

        Don't forget that I have DISCOVERED that the people on Paths are accepting the corrections much more easily!! I work on people who are not on paths, especially here in my home town, and a few of your friends that you have requested me to, They seem to take longer, and I see that I have to spend more time with them. So I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT WHEN I WORK ON PATHS PEOPLE!!!!!!!!! I KNOW MY CEM HAS EVOLVED SINCE PATHS AND I AM SO HAPPY AND GRATEFUL FOR ALL OF THIS!!

        Before I forget Jure, It was such a pleasure talking with you on the phone, Let me know how the rash is coming along. I will do more tonight for you, but I would love more feedback.

        I am late for the conference call tonight, So let me wipe my tears of joy right now and get over there. SO MUCH LOVE TO ALL OF YOU!!!
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          Hi Grace,

          I dont know how to thank you enough for yesterday. All I can say is WOW. I m so grateful for your help and love to all of us. You are truly a pure energy of good. I wish I could give you a big hug.

          Today the rash is almost gone, not itchy anymore. Just litlle bit red as I scratched a lot.

          It was really great talking with you yesterday. You are so amazing and you have so much knowlage to share about CEM and PATHS.

          Today, rash is completely gone! Thank you goregeous and graceful Grace!
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            Grace, my Gorgeous Grace! What ARE you doing!

            Had a phone call yesterday, asking me to come to a party to do readings, (the first time that has ever happened!!) So tonight I'm off to do 7 of them!

            I will only be able to give so called 'mini' readings since it's so many, otherwise I'd had to stay there all night, but even so, it is AMAZING!!!

            Thank You, Gracie, and please...DO keep on doing whatever it is you're doing!

            With MUCH Love and GRATITUDE!

            Moria x
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              Dear Grace
              I was delighted and moved to read your story and wondered if I could be on your mailing list for some correction in my finances. I am very keen to return to South Africa (where I was born) to help a friend develop 20 hectares of land into a kind of sanctuary/community with cob buildings, an organic vegetable garden & whatever else seems to be a good thing to do.
              I do gardening & was going to help her get rid of some shrubs that seem to have taken over part of the area, but I've had to postpone my visit twice as I just don't have enough money at the moment. I feel strongly that I want to be there & no doubt when the situation is right I will be able to go, but I feel a bit
              down right now & would really appreciate some help. She is very patient but I know there's lots to do at Ubuntu & I want to get on with it.
              Could you possibly help me to realise my ambition?


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                Best Wishes Grace


                Just wanted to send you my very, VERY best wishes & may you achieve fantastic results next Friday for your third degree black belt.

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                "We are the one's we've been waiting for"


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                  Correction by Grace

                  Hi Everyone,

                  Just wanted to post my experience of my Correction with Grace last Sunday.

                  I have been having pain on the right side of my face related to an ear infection I had last year, as well as pain in the ear and problems with my hearing.

                  Also as important was my financial situation. I have been unemployed for 18 months and I am a few weeks away from losing my home due to lack of money. I have a job interview arranged for this coming Tuesday.

                  During the correction I felt incrediblely relaxed and the pain on the right side on my head subsided. Grace spent an hour on me although she was very busy that day. Thank you Grace. She said you would continue working on me all this week. I asked if she could work on my Abundance and Wealth issues as I am in a very very deep hole financially, she said she would.

                  The next few days after the correction I felt incredibely at ease and at peace with myself and the world. Even though my situation is dire I immediately started to feel positive about the future.

                  On Tuesday I received a call out of the blue inviting me for a job interview on Monday (for a post I applied for about two weeks ago). As soon as I got this call I felt something in my life had started to move forward (I have also received alot of positive intentions form the gals at the PATHS thread on the PI forum, especially Pamela - thank you Pamela).

                  Grace is continuing to do corrections on me and I will keep you all posted on what happens.

                  Once again thanks so much Grace

                  Love and best wishes to all here at ESM

                  Bedlington, UK


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                    My Abundance Report

                    Hi kids,

                    So I chimed in last week or whenever it was (I'm losing track!) and posted on here that I want Gracie to include me in her prosperity corrections . I have some stuff to report. Little stuff, but I love the little trickling beginnings of things because when momentum hits you get torrents.

                    1) The very next day, I had an early meeting so I parked my car in the garage I use... I like this garage b/c it's relatively inexpensive to park all day, and they hire the SWEETEST young men to take your money and move the cars etc. so when I go there I feel like I'm visiting my sons . I love interacting with them and I always drive away happier for it. So this time, I drove away happier for it, and when I got home I noticed a Starbucks bag on the passenger seat. It had a muffin in it. Now I don't tend to eat pastries and heavy-duty carbs like Starbucks muffins, and I didn't eat that one (my daughter did later on I think), but I was just tickled pink to see it there. I thought -- oooooo!!!!!! it's starting!!!!

                    2) coupla days later my daughter texted me on her way to work to say that she'd manifested a $5 bill on the sidewalk! Her abundance is my abundance too.

                    3) within the same week I started getting orders on my Isagenix website. I was quite active in that business up until a few months ago when I just stopped working on it....and I've been intending to crank up again, but hadn't actually DONE anything. Out of the blue, new customers and new orders. Not many...but I thought....oooo it's starting!!!

                    4) I got a $4.95 check from commission. Now granted it's only $4.95, and it's coming because I am my own customer now (thank you Aaron!)....but it just tickled me pink to get that check. I it's starting!!!!

                    5) My boyfriend gave me my first flight lesson (my current big passion/dream is to become a private pilot) and I took that lesson on Sunday. I have never felt anything like it. I felt like I was born to fly airplanes (and only just remembered 56 )....and within an hour and a half back on the ground I wanted to go up again. And I want to do this NOW. All I have to do is come up with $9,000 (that's about what it'll cost to get there). Of course, at this particular moment I don't have $9,000 and what I do have goes to my everyday expenses etc. And you could look at this as "oh no...I NEED money and I CAN'T do what I want to do because I DON'T HAVE THE MONEY." But I didn't. My first (and continuing) thought was/is "It can't be that hard to come up with $9.000." And actually, now that I'm writing this, I'm going to switch that to "It's easypeasy to come up with $9,000".

                    So I've been just happily reliving the experience, and practicing flying in my mind, and dreaming about flying, and planning to call my instructor and tell him I'm ready to start, I just have to figure out the money. And then today, I got an email from some abundance wallace-wattles-based thingy I visited once online and it's an invitation to check out an ebook that teaches you how to manifest money FAST, and the person sending out the invitation testifies that she used the principles and set herself a just-a-little-bit-scary amount that she wanted, and that she blew past the amount in a month. And this came as I'm thinking "it can't be that hard to get $9,000. All I need is $9,000. I can get that." Which, whether or not it works for me (why shouldn't it??) is still the coolest synchronicity!!!!

                    Anyway....I'm sure there's more but I should have been writing it down at the time.


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                    • Wow, I am loving all these stories! They fill me with hope and gratitude. Thanks everybody for sharing, and thank you Grace for giving us a space to share them. Good luck with your Black Belt, Grace! We'll chat after it's over.

                      Keep the stories coming, everybody!


                      • Question for Grace about PATHS modules

                        Hi Grace,

                        I was just wondering what PATHS modules you would recommend for creating wealth. I quit my job about 7 months ago and I've been happily unemployed and golfing every day. I love my life but would love to have some money coming my way. It is not my desire to go back into the corporate world and have a 9-5 job again. My passion was playing golf even before I quit my job and now I feel like I'm living my dream with the freedom of waking up and going to the course every day.

                        It's not something I can do for a living (I'm not that good) and I don't want to teach, I just love playing. Sorry if this post is too long... I just want to have more money to continue living my dream and hopefully to travel as well.

                        I know you're really busy, but I'd love to hear any advice that you can give me. Also, is there a module you'd recommend for allergies and asthma?

                        Thanks in advance! You are doing great work here and I love reading your posts. You really are a blessing to everyone.

                        Take care,


                        • Swollen ankles

                          Hi Grace

                          I don't know what's going on, but by the end of the day my ankles are swollen and this has happened the past 3 days. My diet hasn't changed any and I use celtic sea salt. I know there's a lot of salt in processed foods, but as I said, there's been no difference in my diet to account for swollen ankles. If there's anything you can do for this, I'd really appreciate it.

                          Thanks, Grace!

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                          • Grace, you are one busy woman around here!! I'm actually new to the forum, and fairly new to PATHS. However, Adrienne pointed me in this direction (THANK YOU ADRIENNE!!!) after reading another of my posts... I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking for, but I have a craniotomy coming up at the end of July and I guess I'm trying to get my body / mind / spirit in as good condition as I canin preparation. Any kind of work you could offer to me would be counted as more than a blessing.

                            Anyway... Here's my original post...

                            I'm curious what positive results others have received from the Stem Cell Module? I started with the Chronic Pain module, but added the Stem Cell about two weeks later. I noticed a decrease in my pain level immediately after starting the Chronic Pain module. However, after I added the Stem Cell Module my pain level almost completely dissappeared. I thought that was interesting.

                            I'm convinced that the Stem Cell Module will continue to help me through the next few months. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor that grew off my facial nerve a year ago. After my first surgery to remove the tumor, I lost the ability to move the left side of my face. I am scheduled to go in for another surgery at the end of July. The surgeons are going to completely remove the tumorous portion of my facial nerve and graft two good ends back together (adding part of one of my other less necessary nerves if what's left is not long enough to reconnect).

                            My surgeon told me that I will see imporvements with my facial paralysis, but that I should not expect to regain emotional movement (like a full smile, or the ability to produce tears). He showed me a diagram of my facial nerve. It looked a bit like a CAT-5 cable in that there were several different sections, all twisted together, but that each separate section controlled different things. He said the odds were (especially with my scar tissue from previous surgeries) that all the different sections would most likely not heal to their match for a 100% recovery.

                            I'm convinced that the PATHs Stem Cell Module will help me to heal from the graft in the best possible way. Whether or not I get my smile back is to be determined. Stay tuned, and I'll post some updates after surgery, and on down the road.

                            Any other advice???


                            • My Immense Gratitude for All of YOU!

                              I am deeply grateful for all of your posts, and your loving kindness!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE making corrections for all of you!!

                              I am going to post so much more once I am done with the extra Karate training I have been putting in these last three months and especially this last week in preparation for my third Degree Black Belt Test this Friday.

                              I would like to add that in doing the amount of corrections I have been doing lately for all of you, I have benefited immensely!! As I have said many times "what I do for another, I do for myself, and what I do for myself I do for another"

                              Julia, I have been working on everyone's Abundance, Prosperity and Wealth daily since Pammie in one of her post's inspired me to do so. I am grateful to include you as well. Nothing brings me greater Joy than to make corrections on people that will do the most good for this world.

                              I know in my whole being that all of YOU on this forum are making a TREMENDOUS POSITIVE difference in this world already!! I am Grateful to all of you for continuing to GROW SPIRITUALLY on all levels of your Being!

                              Sharyn, Thank you for thinking of me and sending me your best wishes concerning my Black Belt test. You bring me JOY!

                              Terry, I am grateful for your post! Thank you so much! We will talk again soon

                              Suzannahbanana, "There is nothing wrong with me" I love your post!! Thank you! It reminds me again of my favorite Quote by Marianne Williamson which I used when I began this thread,

                              "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us most. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and famous?' Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that people won't feel insecure around you. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in all of us. And when we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."

                              Chansonette, you are so FABULOUS!! I forgot to tell you when I emailed you last that I also would love to take Flying Lessons!! So I most definitely will continue to work on you manifesting this ASAP!!

                              Once again let me remind everyone that if you resonate with anyone here as you read these posts, you will automatically gain the benefits of the corrections too!!

                              Rin, Thank you for your posts! I appreciate so much when you give your feedback. Thank you too for wishing me good luck on my test!! Yes I would love to talk with you next week. I will PM you soon.

                              Hi Lorraine, I don't believe any Modules are set up specifically for helping with Allergies and Asthma, but I will make "corrections" for you concerning this matter. I "tested" for you specifically what Modules would bring you greater success with creating more wealth for yourself. The top four for you are:
                              1. Spiritual Enlightenment and Development
                              2. Creativity in the workplace
                              3. Academic Supercharger
                              4. Break through to Enlightenment

                              When you read the full description for each of these Modules there will be one or two bullet points that you will resonate with, and you will notice why these Modules tested strong for you. If you have any questions just post it, and I will answer further, especially after this weekend when I will have more time.

                              Even though I have not posted ANYWHERE NEAR AS MUCH AS I HAVE BEEN DESIRING TO, I have been reading all the posts daily. I have not let one day go by without making corrections for all of us here!

                              So know that even when I am PARTYING WITH EVERYONE IN VEGAS at the end of this month; I will still make time for corrections when I am not able to

                              Ann, I have been working on your ankles the day you posted. I also have done more work on you with the last email you sent. Please keep the feedback coming. I am busy, but not for making corrections, only for posting as much as I would normally love to.

                              Hi Shauna, The Stem Cell Health Module is absolutely PERFECT for you. I am so happy you posted here!! (Thank you Adrienne)

                              I will definitely work on you now and after the operation in July. I am specifically going to work on you regaining full use of all your facial muscles and the ability to produce tears. My advice is to read Aaron's DeVisE Method of Manifestation, The thread is called Law of Attraction (LOA) - Powerful methods of applying LOA

                              Everyone here needs to read this and put it to good use!!

                              Chinese Energetic Medicine (CEM) is just one tool we can use to help shift our consciousness and therefore shift the consciousness of this planet. But I want you to know that using the Paths Modules IS my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE SPIRITUAL TOOL!! Paths has done wonders for me and continues to amaze me with each new module I use.

                              The Insight and Intuition Module IS the reason why I started this thread. I have so much to post and Blog about concerning what the Paths Modules have done for me!!! I know I will do this at and in the perfect time.
                              IMMENSE LOVE AND GRATITUDE ~ GRACE
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                              • My deepest Gratitude to Grace...

                                Grace, the beauty and wonder of your presence is imperfectly conveyed by mere words - I know you know what I mean.

                                Hence, I share my deepest gratitude with these pixels on the screen that others can see, however, for you I send the energy and power of the feelings behind them. I THANK YOU for how my consciousness has changed, always always for the better, by knowing and talking with you.

                                All of you beautiful souls reading this - communicating with these powerful women, intense and bright spirits that they are, is like having a half-telepathic conversation. We do a lot of 'yes, I know that' or, 'I knew you were going to say that', or 'you covered it all, lol, so beautifully, no need for me to say anything more'. Its a big step towards telepathically having a burst of high speed data and feelings with them and then going on to make supper for the kids or vacuum the livingroom LOL. The latter activities (not the kids lol) being such a mundane thing in comparison to the joy and excitement of these conversations!!! I AM VERY APPRECIATIVE to you and love you ALL!!!

                                Grace, thank you so much for the corrections you have helped me make. Thank you for taking the time to explain the parts I needed to know about why those corrections were required at this time.

                                Thank you for taking the time out of your super busy days to post here and everywhere, to do these corrections and to have powerful one-on-one dialogue with everyone you love so much!

                                I feel SO priveleged to know you and some of the other Powerful Feminine Energies on this board that I've been able to interact with - thank you thank you thank YOU! Its like I've known you forever - hey, I probably have!

                                Star Trek moment now: I feel like I've gone from sublight drive to warp 9! Things are changing in my life at super-luminal speed which is just the way I like it!

                                Though I'm a noob at TRV, I feel like I'm side-stepping onto Optimum Trajectory with all the wonderful information, intuitions, feedback - everything I need at the right time from being on this board, experiencing the Now, and interacting with the other powerful Lights in my life. Pamela darling, if you read this - you and the art that is who you are, well, words again fail to touch how I feel about you. You are truly an inspiration to me *muah*

                                Moira, you are an incredible person and I value every moment I have talking with you. Folks, Moira does incredible readings and I encourage anyone who wishes to get in touch with their inner self, the workings of their lives, and the future places they will go, to contact her right away! I had an incredible reading from her and wish very much to get a numerology report. If its anything like the reading, then it will be amazing!!! The greatest thing though, was not the reading itself, but her kind, generous and compassionate approach with me - thank you (((((((Moria)))))))!!!

                                Grace, I feel there is no need to wish you 'luck' and 'all the best' on your tests in your martial art - you have already done awesome and will totally ROCK!

                                The greatest experience will someday meeting all of you in person!!!

                                Universal love be yours from me...