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  • Jan and images

    When I read your post right above, about struggling with seeing the images... I felt compelled to answer. Hmmm... My answer may seem a bit out in right field, but I believe it will help. First of all, I just want to explain that I am an artist, so visions and images are natural to me. But I also no what is like to feel I have blocks! Hmmm... sometimes the visual is too strong for me, and I have a problem getting rid of it... hence the reason I have to be very careful of what I watch on tv.

    Here is my suggestion: meditate on what happened that night with a sketch book or pad of paper... don't worry about your skill at drawing! The idea is to just relax and let your pencil draw out the visions you are having! They will come to you!

    A few days ago I had the startings of a vision of a new faerie (I have this new passion for faeries faces that I draw). It was not clear enough to draw at the time, so I just let it simmer in my spirit (I like to refer to it as my spirit instead of my heart, cause to me my heart is just that thing that pumps blood). It simmered there for several days. Today, I felt the need to draw it out. I am currently using my computer as my sketch pad! I sat down at my computer and started drawing... You know my conscious brain had no idea what I was going to draw... I started with a back ground, because that is what I had seen the clearest, and then moved onto the eyes (okay this is just a wierdness about me, use to drive my art teachers crazy). From there the faerie just evolved... The hair I struggled with and did end up deleting and starting over on, but I just let my spirit draw what it felt like drawing. You maybe amazed at what you draw out for yourself... Also, because drawing does not use the mind/conscious brain it won't be able to chatter as much. One thing I had to learn as a kid is that perfection is inperfection! So don't worry if everything you draw is perfect, just let the pencil go! See what it tells you!

    My spirit tells me that you received the visions, but could not accept them. Beliefs in your abilities to do so interferred. The visions are still with you (in your spirit) though and you can draw them out of yourself.

    Okay as far as the rest of your question you will have to wait for Grace...

    Oh here is "Light" the faerie I was telling you about...

    Hope you enjoy her! She is quite a beauty! She is just a vision drawn out! You don't have to be an artist to draw out your visions from your spirit! Concentrate on your breathing and draw whatever comes to mind! I had a creative writing teacher that would make us free write for a full 30 minutes... You would be amazed what would come out of those sessions... at the begining of the freewrite session we would be complaining, by the end we did not want to stop writing and she would have to take our journals away from us to get us to stop!

    Blessings Sallyjane zartgirl
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    • Hypoglycemia

      Grace and everyone else,
      Today, I had the strangest thing happen to me... I ate lunch about 1pm, and then went shopping. While at the Walmart, I suddenly had a hypoglycemic spell. It was weird because I was starving all of a sudden as if I had not eaten anything at all, but had eaten my usuall lunch today?? Even after eating more I had a hard time shaking it, and ended up spending quite sometime in bed laying down trying to get my head to stop spinning! It was just plain wierd!

      Okay, as I have been applying the B.L. process to stuff my beliefs about weight and stuff and its causes have been changing, and although I have not really changed my eating habits too much... except where I naturally just don't want certain foods as much... I take walks weather permitting, but not everyday... I have dropped down to a point I can now put on a pair of jeans (non stretch) that I have not been able to wear in some time! I am wondering if my metabolism is speeding up, and that is why I had the little spell today? I have been telling my body that I am whole and perfect, and consciously taking better care of it, and even dressing nicer, and feeling better about how I look. I am not on any of the paths for weightloss or ult. body... People around me for a long time have told me that I don't eat enough to weigh what I weigh... So I am thinking my body is starting to heal itself? Anyways, the spell took me for a loop! If you all could do some adjustments on me in that area it would be great!

      Blessings Sallyjane zartgirl


      • Dear Sallyjane zartgirl,

        In the past I did made much drawings and paintings myself. Most drawings were of aircraft because I am an aircaft enthousiastic especially when I was a kid. Later I made paintings of animals in nature as a symbolic presentation. I loved to paint a pair of swans which are for me symbolic as unconditional love between to beings with the freedom to go where they loved to go. I never used drawing to help me to 'see received information or images' more clear in my head. I will take Your advise and do Your suggested method.
        It is a wonderful gift to be able to draw the images You receive in Your mind and come from Your subconsciousness or higher consciousness.
        Thank You for Your help and advise, it means a lot to me!


        • Jan

          Wow! cool that you draw! That is why that suggestion hit me so strong! My spirit knew you liked to draw. I think it is a good way of really getting a visual on things, but I am a visual person, sooooo... Hehehehee

          I think drawing also takes away some of the mind chatter, cause it draws from the subconscious instead of the mind itself... in and of itself it takes to the NOW naturally! You can talk to any artist and when they are drawing or creating they are in another place! My teenage daughter asked me last night while I was drawing if she could do something today... I have no recollection of the event! I guess I said YES! My mind was totally shut off. It is when artists can not go to the NOW that they get what is called a artist block! Meditation and with a pencil should end that!

          Blessings Sallyjane zartgirl


          • Some issues

            Well today I have uncovered actually two issues that are blockages for me. The first one is Deserving what I want in my life or even the basics! I tested with my pendulum and it read 82% blockage on this issue. I am currently trying to get a job and an apartment, and then move on to the real abundance that will be my art! I can see it all there, but today it became clear to me that I had a blockage. This is cool though... in the past when I would ask for help I did not see the the changes as here, but somewhere out there... As if there is a out there??? Now I know they are here, but I am blocking them in the physical and only need peel away more of the onion!

            So then I was talking to a couple of my friends from the forum and I came to see another blockage and that is patients (I hope I spelled that the right way). I am testing at a 91 % blockage on this issue! Yea I want it yesterday! Yea I know, if it had come yesterday that would have put the growth at a rate that would have probably exploded my head! LOL! As if I have not been learning all this at such an explosive rate as it is! So the reality (not sure that is the right word, but you know what I mean) is that I am perfectly right where I need to be learning what I need to learn as I need to learn it!!!! So patients is something that I need in this journey!

            Okay, so all of this came about because I wanted a job and a house all yesterday! LMAO I am still watching my Paths of course and I am still on deserving, and I am sure that is why it is so blatantly in my face that this is an issue with myself. Wow it is just so exciting that I can come here and know what the issue is I am dealing with and not just describe situations! Man! I have come so far! I have a song that plays on the Country music station around here and it talks about looking at what everyone else has and forgetting what all I have! Wow! doesn't that speak a truth! So I want to say I am soooo thankful for the home I have here at the shelter! I am also going to so enjoy the house I have already manifested in the Spirit and realizing in the flesh!

            Well I appreciate any adjustments you can help me make with this issue! Grace, when I get my posters printed I want you to pick one out once they are done with poems and all, and I will sign it and send it to you! Cause girlfriend you deserve some of my energy!

            Blessings to you all! Oh and a Big HUG!
            Sallyjane zartgirl!


            • Dr. Yuen's Method!

              Originally posted by adam ant View Post
              would you like to know why i think my kinesiology is not working for me?

              IF i am creating everything, then WHATEVERi dowse or use kinesiology on MUST be TRUE. you see, this is my problem... i go strong, and test positive to everything. (if im using David Hawkins power vs force technique)

              one method of kinesiology that i have tried is the finger pull method. what you do is make a ring with one hand, your thumb touching your index finger. now you put your other index finger inside of the hold and hook it around the spot where the other two fingers are joined. now you ask a question "are cigarettes safe for me?" and then try to pull your single index finger through the joint that you made with the thumb and index. it SHOULD break the connection. likewise, a question like "is my name Bryan?" the connection should remain unbreakable. (easily)

              with me however, i cannot break the connection, no matter what i ask.

              "is my name zimbabwe?" i test strong. the thing is, if i am creating in this universe, i am connected to all things. is there someone, somewhere, in this universe named zimbabwe? im quite sure. so, he is part of me, and i him, therefore making the statement true.

              "is a stop sign purple?" again, there are an infinite number of alternate universes in my universe, so, somewhere, sometime, somehow, this statement is true.

              does anyone understand? i have to try and word my sentences for HERE and NOW to be accurate at all. this is where im having trouble.

              as far as accepting and manifesting my beliefs, you are right on the money. i have been practicing VERY hard these last two years, and im just getting to the point of manifesting MANY things, including weather, food when im hungry, books i want to read, types of people i want to meet.... but as you said the $$ is my limit!! you got me right on! i am VERY afraid of success because i fear to become like every other wealthy person that i know... greedy, self-centered, untrusting for fear of theft, arrogant, proud, snobbish, materialistic, and vain.

              i have worked my entire life to remove these from my life, and im finally at a place that i like. im full of love, forgiveness, joy, peace etc (except with money/my store issues) and i dont want that to change for the worse. i have always felt that if i sacrifice my own success, then i can help others more.
              Hi Bryan,

              David Hawkins' Book Power vs Force is excellent! I often "test" where I am at on his "Map of Consciousness". It has helped confirm what I know to be true for me.

              You are testing strong for everything for two reasons. The first is because you need to make sure you are in polarity before you can get accurate results (even though, you are 80% accurate). It is one of the first things I automatically test for before I test for anything or make corrections. If you find you are not in polarity then all you do is make a correction. You may have to do this a few times, but after a while it happens automatically, the minute you put your attention and intention on being in Polarity. I have been teaching CEM for a couple months now on a weekly basis. (every Thursday at 4pm eastern time) Many of the people reading your post are now well versed on this simple form of using Kinesiology. It is truly wonderful to have you post about it!!

              The second reason that you are always testing strong, is that you must make the intention that you are asking/testing for this lifetime, and this incarnation, and no other. Then you will avoid getting answers from other dimensions, parallel universes etc.

              The finger test that you describe is one of the ways I was taught when I learned from Dr. Yuen. After a while with much practice (months/years) you can feel the strength or weakness internally. (no need to use fingers anymore, and this becomes very effective/private when out in public)

              To make a correction to make sure you are in polarity, you must first put yourself in a pigeon toed position. Then in this position try to break the connection. You will find that it will feel strong. The next step is to put your feet in a ballerina position (toes way out) once again try to break the connection. You will feel it very easy (weak) to break the connection.

              If you still feel it to be strong then you will take your right hand and very gently karate chop in a downward motion from your heart area to your belly button, and back up. This will initiate the correction. Then test again with your toes pointed towards each other (pigeon toed) to once again feel the strength, then take your toes outward (ballerina position) and it will be much easier to break the connection (it will feel very weak).

              Do this until you can truly feel the strength and the weakness of the test. Do as many corrections as you desire until you REALLY feel the strength and weakness.

              Once you feel the difference (of strong vs weak) then you can begin testing for other answers, experiences, issues etc and making corrections for health and wellbeing (including abundance, wealth, prosperity).

              The more you practice the more you will learn how to exactly form a question to get extremely accurate results. At this point it is still important to understand that nothing is set in stone. Testing is also all about "probabilities". When I test and get strength (a yes answer for example) I test the probability for how strong this "yes" answer is.

              A 20% probability would still be a weak answer (a no) whereas an 80% would be strong (a yes). I only respond yes to 80% and above. Like I said it does take practice (many years in my case) to feel confident in your responses.

              I have said this many times before, Paths has helped me immensely in evolving my CEM so that I can move much faster than I ever dreamed possible. I can make more corrections now in an instant than I was taught.

              If you are interested in learning more about CEM just pm me so that I can give you the conference call number etc. I do not charge for this. This came out of many people wanting to learn CEM, and I agreed after awhile to do this. Right now with the holidays we will connect as often as possible, but after the new year I know it will be more consistent. We also have a private thread on this forum where there are notes etc. from every call. Sharyn Hayes, and Moxie Mags are instrumental in making this happen!! I so love them for their great wisdom and generous natures.

              I love this forum so much for all of its threads on the various healing modalities including Paths. I have never known of a more exciting and cutting edge forum than this one. I love how we can all learn from each other and hence make each healing modality even more powerful!!

              Every Wealthy person that you know you think is "greedy, self-centered, un-trusting for fear of theft, arrogant, proud, snobbish, materialistic, and vain", because you choose to limit your thinking to such. If you read the "Science of Getting Rich" by Wattles you will recognize very quickly the importance of inspiring others to view abundance, wealth, prosperity and becoming rich as a very necessary aspect of life. You will then let go of such negative notions of the rich and become rich yourself.

              I have said to many people on this forum that it is the people IN this forum that I choose (and pray for ) to become RICH!! YOU are all the ones that can do the greatest good with millions of dollars!! YOU are all going to make this world a better place for the simple fact that you want to make YOURSELVES whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, happy and harmonious! You simply would not have attracted all of this if you were not interested in creating a better more peaceful world!

              Bryan, the word Sacrifice comes from the Latin root words meaning "to give up". You must never Sacrifice (or give up) the very thing that will help inspire more people than you can imagine. You must never give up your inspirational successes EVER!

              You must SUCCEED in as much as you can, so that you can INSPIRE (Latin root words meaning "of the Spirit") others to achieve and succeed in their greatness simply by improving on your greatness!! In this manner Life gets better and better for all concerned!!

              I have read many of your posts and YOU ARE EXTREMELY IMPRESSIVE TO ME AND MANY OTHERS!! You have not only helped me in achieving a healthier body (via the 24 hour salt cleanse) but you have inspired me in your knowledge of so many topics to know and grow more! You are very successful!! So do us all a favor and start getting rich NOW!! I know you will put all that money to great use!!

              I plan to post more tonight and tomorrow, but before I forget, I want to wish all of you the most amazing HOLIDAYS ever!! LIFE IS ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!




              • For Fabulous Nadine!!

                Originally posted by nadine View Post
                Grace, I don't know if what I test for my pendulumn use but would love to have 100% accuracy...could you do this for me as well??

                Many thanks

                Absolutely Nadine, You have been with this forum/thread since the beginning!! I will do anything for YOU!! Plus it was done the moment you asked!! You now test at 100% accurate. The skill is in asking the right questions with the right intentions. You are very good at that too. 80% proficient! In fact, I will be giving you a call soon to answer questions for ME!!



                • For my Good friend Ron!

                  Originally posted by RonAllen View Post
                  Grace, You continue to amaaaaze me. You have assisted me on numerous areas of my life with your Love and CEM. I Thank You!!!!! publicly. Please include me continuously in your assisting me and others in this area of Money and Organizing.

                  Ron, you are such a great friend!! I love you dearly!! I am most fortunate that you live close by, and more so that I have known you for so many years!!

                  You and your family have always been in my thoughts, and I know that we will enjoy more fun and traveling via Paths Conferences and simply having lunch together as we have done so often in the past!!

                  I want to also thank you publicly for all your friendship support and advice!! You have also amazed me on many occasions! Your intuition is always right on!!




                  • Hello everyone,

                    Thank you to everyone who has been practising on Zain.

                    Last night he had the best sleep ever with almost 13 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

                    For reference the things that have helped the most are
                    1) Feeding him as much as possible as late as possible before sleeping. A lot of the time he was waking up hungry. This was difficult early on as he was such a picky eater and very stubborn about not eating. The last few months, he has been eating more and this has been easier to correlate.
                    2) A light was left on accidentally and we noticed he slept better and by experimenting we found out that a light of some sort helps him sleep through the night.
                    3) Sandra had a session with Dr Hector for ME and he discovered there were connected bodies involved with Zain, and once we started correcting for those, that also brought about an improvement.
                    4) From the night light experience, a few nights ago, I started correcting Zain and his connected bodies for melatonin balance using ME and CEM.

                    After doing step 4, Zain slept through last night and 2 nights ago, but not one night ago. Hopefully by correcting his melatonin balance every night, he will sleep through the night, every night soon.

                    Also mixed in with this is we have just flown to Taiwan on the 13th with different timezone, food, surroundings and routine.

                    Thank you to everyone for their help in bringing this about and support

                    With love and gratitude
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                    • Updates

                      Hello everyone,
                      I just wanted to give an update about me and my son Chase. He had a very high fever last night for about 2 hours, but was fine this morning. He has a bit of a runny nose, but our coughs are gone...Finally. I think Daycare emotionally wipes him out. I would love to be able to learn how to make corrections on him to get him back to 'ground zero' on a daily basis.

                      Reading the previous thread, Chase has the same issue with not sleeping through the night. I always felt that 'something' was messing with him in his sleep. I will look into this more.

                      I went looking at Pendulums in a 'New Realities' store in the mall. Does it matter which pendulum you get?

                      I feel like a sponge when I read all the threads here. I get really excited. I want to work on manifesting abundance so I can get out of my 9-5 job and start going to seminars and learning all this information to help as many people that will allow me to help them.

                      I've been sharing info with my husband, who is very open to listening but may not necessarily be a 100% believer. I'm working on him. We are going through DNA activation together which consists of an Auric Clearing, Karmic Session, and J-seal removal and 2 Sessions of DNA activation.

                      Just sharing some info. I may not post often, but I'm reading it every day and learning things that I have always wanted to.

                      Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

                      Marnyka Z. Buttry
                      Divine Openings Giver & Healer


                      • My nephew Joey

                        I asked you all for help with Joey my nephew who is a disabled Marine. He is about 25 years old, and in the hospital in ICU in a diabetic coma (although I think he is doing better than that, but the doctors have him on drugs because he is combative and they are trying to get him into a psych treatment center to learn how to live with what he has been through! He has some serious mental issues from his time in Iraq, and the fact that he only did on tour, and while he was at home with his wife and kids 7 of his friends and group he served with were killed! He was home because he physically not able to serve and is on full disability! His disability is a rare type of diabetes that is hard to control and he sometimes has to give himself up to 5 insulin shots a day! Below I am posting a pic of him from August at my sisters wedding. He is with my greatgrandmother who is 98 years old! Joe is approximately 25 years old and looks like he is in his mid 40's!

                        He does not know anything about any of this stuff, and until he is mentally healthy enough to want to live... I will not be able to share any of this with him! I am hoping to see everyone this summer when I go to visit in California (or I move there Hehehe! Oh did I mention he is not taking care of himself because he has this horrible guilt and other trauma related stuff that he is letting control him. I think in some deep way he is trying to commit suicide the hard way... by not eating right!

                        Thank you for all your help on this issue!
                        Blessings Sallyjane zartgirl
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                        • Grace and everybody, please help me with my hormone balance issues. I am pre-menopausal, and experiencing some discomfort with irregular bleeding, pain, etc. I have been on the Change of Life module for several months, and can report some slow and steady physical improvement as a result (and the improvement in my mood swings is nothing short of miraculous, thanks to wonderful PATHS!).

                          Now the gyno would like me to try some kind of hormone therapy, but I desperately do not want to do this!

                          Issues: irregular (intermenstrual) bleeding, menstrual pain, insomnia often caused by night sweats.

                          I am at a very exciting time in my life, largely thanks to PATHS. My social life is blossoming, my dance card is filling up rapidly. It hardly seems fair that I am being hampered by these annoying problems, just as everything else is going so right for me.

                          Thank you in advance, everybody.


                          • For Jan!

                            Originally posted by JanKnegt View Post
                            Dear Grace,

                            Last Wednesday and Thursday evening I received 13 Chamber activations from Grandma Chandra who visited Holland this week. Grandma Chandra is a 24 years young American women who is a multidimensional being but because of her physical disabilities who cannot speak but communicate by telepathy. Grandma Chandra advised me for a few years ago to attend Medical School. The 13 activations I received those evenings together with about 40 participants who also received these activations were activations to manifest a special goal in Your life and be able to connect on a deeper level with Grandma Chandra so that she can be of help I You need her. My intention was to manifest a loving relationship with a woman I really like.
                            It were very special evenings with a lot of spiritual engaged people who had many fantastic stories when they were on a 13 dimensional level receiving all kind of images and information. I was not able to receive all those images or information and had as always trouble to get out of my mind and get into my heart. In the past I did some kind of meditation or visualization courses such as Awakening the Light Body but always became so frustrated that I did not received or saw all those images, information and energies that all those other participants did receive. I thought something must be wrong with me or that I do not have those gifts or capabilities that those people have or that I am not that spiritually evolved as they are. I know that I am emotionally blocked and have difficulties to be in my heart instead of being in my head. After the activations I questioned myself if I received all those activations properly and now be able to manifest that special loving relationship with that woman I really like? Did I received those activations? Do I have not the capabilities to receive divine information/images from source or able to recognise those kind of energies? Why do I have so much difficulties to get out of my mind and to be in my heart?
                            I hope that more people of this Thread who have these questions as I have that they have difficulties to receive and recognise images/information/energies from divine sources or have not the faith that they can receive and use these guidance or help or have these gifts.
                            Grace can You also tell me if I develop my own method of healing or use all kinds of healing developed by others for my future practice?

                            With love from Holland,

                            PS For information about Grandma Chandra see Grandma Chandra´ Spiritual Healing (Meet Chandra- A living Miracle)

                            Hi Jan,

                            You received 100% of the activations from Grandma Chandra (an amazing
                            woman, thank you for the link to her website! ), you are allowing 80%
                            to be manifested. You have everything you need to receive divine
                            information/images from source and Yes you are able to recognize these
                            energies as well. I test 100% strength for these last two statements for
                            you. What I do know (via CEM testing) is that you are limiting how
                            this information comes to you, because you are expecting it to come in
                            a way that is like others, instead of unique to you.

                            I personally can see the light around others/things, but I don't see
                            the different colors of the auras yet. This has always been a goal of
                            mine, yet it hasn't happened yet for me. I hardly ever think about
                            this though, and I just enjoy and am grateful that I CAN see white light!!
                            You are experiencing the illusion of difficulty getting out of your mind and
                            into your heart, because you think this is the only way to manifest
                            more light (your desires that are best for you and hence all)

                            In other words, You are more focused on what you are NOT creating than
                            what you ARE creating. Look more closely at your Heart and feelings
                            (focus on the powerful feeling of gratitude) rather than what you are
                            not receiving.

                            I test 85% strong that you ARE going to develop your own powerful
                            unique method for awakening others to their Higher Self! (which is how
                            they will access their own healing) This will be a blessing to you and
                            to more people than you could ever imagine possible. You will develop
                            this as your faith grows in your unique abilities and gifts. As you
                            dig even deeper to recognize your immense worth, YOU WILL STRIKE IT
                            RICH!! Your gifts will be more valuable than Gold itself!!.

                            I will post again very soon in order of your posts. Just remember
                            that I make the corrections necessary for each viewer and poster etc.
                            daily even though I may or may not post.

                            Thanksgiving is my favorite Day so KNOW that all of you will be with
                            me!! My beautiful friend that I have known and loved since High
                            school is an attorney, and She and Her whole family (with the help of
                            many volunteers, I am one of them) home cook and feed anyone and
                            everyone in the area that hears about this fantastic feast, (homeless
                            and all) and needs a place to spend Thanksgiving. I have done this
                            going on my fourth year now, and It is truly a life changing
                            experience. This is the 6th year they have done this. It has been
                            written up in the paper many years in a row, and last year it was
                            televised for the local news!

                            I wish you a great day tomorrow and a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

                            IMMENSE LOVE AND GRATITUDE ~ GRACE



                            • grace and abundance CEM

                              "get ready since I will be focused on making Energetic Corrections concerning Wealth, Prosperity, and Abundance for this whole week among other things!!"

                              Dear Grace,

                              Count me in on the wealth and prosperity corrections as well.
                              Please let me know when you will work on it.


                              • Sabotaging manifesting desires and goals

                                Dear Grace,

                                Thank You for letting me know that I received 100% of the activations from Grandma Chandra.
                                I hope You will help me to allow 100% to be manifested.
                                I read many books and stuff about manifestation just to learn how I can manifest my goals and dreams. I learned that I had beliefs about not deserving what I want or desire for. Also I realized that I have beliefs that I need to work hard and invest a lot and fight hard for to get what I want. Other beliefs are that I will be dissapointed when I get what I want or that problems or troubles will come after I got what I want. Also afraid not being able to handle the new situation after I received what I want is blocking my manifestations. Or not believing that I really get what I want is possible for me in this lifetime.
                                There are so many beliefs that can sabotage the manifestation of a desired goal.
                                In the past I used TAT, EFT, BSFF, Z-point, subliminal tapes, selfhypnosis and so on to transform this negative thinking. But unfortunately I was not that succesful. So I hope PATHS, CEM and may be Theta Healing will help me with that.
                                I know that a lot of people do not allow them self on a subconscious level to receive what the desire to receive for so many different (mostly subconscious reasons). I hope to contribute in a way to clear all those limiting beliefs or patterns on all levels of a human being.
                                But first I need to believe 100 % in my self that I can contribute to it or that my limiting beliefs or patterns can be removed/transformed.
                                Grace, also thank Yopu for the corrections for abundance and wealth.
                                I need to find another way to get more money. As You know I have to work every weekend as a nurse and almost every day during my holidays to be able to pay all my bills but also to have some mony for investing in my health and spiritual growth. I need to find other ways to earn some money in another way than work as a nurse because it is to exhausting to work every day and study hard but also it is possible that I cannot work as a nurse every weekend when there is no work for me. Also I need some time to relax and meet other people.
                                We here in Holland do not celibrate Thanksgiving but I know that it is an important family day for You all. I hope You have all a very nice thanksgiving!
                                I am always very impressed when I see the pain and suffering from all the American soldiers and their families who are or were on tour in Iraq, Afghanistan or other parts in the world and who lost their loved ones. Dutch soldiers fight at this time also in Afghanistan and 12 young soldiers died and every time when a soldier died it is a big shock for our little country but You their in the US lost already so many soldiers, that must be very hard especially for their families. I always feel very sad when I watch movies about the 2nd World War and Vietnam War. I hope someday that these kind of conflicts are not necessary anymore.

                                With love from Jan