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  • For Jan!

    Originally posted by JanKnegt View Post
    Dear Grace,

    Thank You for Your help so that I can test with 100% accuracy!
    I used my pendulum and kinesiology a lot to determine what and which serves my highest good or what will help me to achieve some certain goals. I think it is very important that You can determine what is good for You or what serves Your highest good. For me my pendulum or musscle testing is a way to get in contact with my inner intelligence or higher self or intu´tion. But I know that there are many sources of interference that can give false or untrue answers. To be able to decide what is really good for me or serve my highest good/purpose I need to know what the 'answer' is of my inner intelligence about my question and need to know that this is the whole truth and nothing but the whole truth.
    Viviana suggested me to use Theta Healing also to transform my negative beliefs/patterns. Is this a good idea, using Theta Healing besides CEM and PATHS?
    Thank You Grace again for Your help!!!

    Hi Jan,

    Everything you do for yourself will bear fruit, and I agree with you going within and using your own intuition is by far the best way to grow spiritually and create a joyful and harmonious life. Because there is no seperation between you and me and we are one, when I help you, you are helping me. In other words I know what I need, but I enjoy receiving confirmation of what I know from you and vice versa.

    Using Theta Healing, Paths, Cem, Me, Reiki, etc is all good. And if using Theta Healing interests you then go for it!! There are infinite ways to recognize and remember the truth of your magnificence! I do recommend for you Jan to always enjoy whatever healing modality you choose to use. Paths for me has been the most fun yet!! As I have said many times before, it has evolved my abilities with CEM so that I am much faster at getting results. The reason being is that Paths has greatly assisted me in becoming more intune with myself (among other things) and therefore more intune with my CEM abilities.

    When I test if you should use Theta Healing I don't get strength. When I test if you should use a Theta Healer practitioner I do get strength. So for you to study Theta Healing I would have to say no, but to have someone work on you with Theta Healing I would definitely say yes.

    I also enjoyed our conversation on skype too!! I meant to mention that on my last post to you!


    • Yay!!!!

      Originally posted by zartgirl View Post
      Thanx everyone for all the wonderful comments on my latest work of art! I have to tell you it is no longer my latest work of art though... Since, Blue Pixie / faerie I have created Fire magic, Fern, and Icecycle is almost done... The first two are already up on my website, and Icecycle will be there as soon as I am sure it is done!
      Sj Illustration Home Page

      Ok for the OMG! My Mom called early this morning and she and my Dad have decided to come up and get me and my kids into an apartment this week! I'm moving!!!!! I am going to have a place of my own and finally be out of the shelter!!! Yaaahhhhoooo! Oh this is just soooo exciting!!!!

      Grace, I was reading the post above from Jan and then from you about the pendelum and you were strengthening his readings... My parents taught me to use the pendelum many years ago, and I have taught my daughter to use it... Actually it has been telling us for a week or two that we would be in our apartment before Iza's birthday, and it is looking like it was right! I like using it cause it forces me to give up logical beliefs of how things have to work and just have faith in it working! Could you do the adjustments on me for that too. I also use my pendelum when I get stuck on a drawing and ask it questions about which way I should go with a drawing... this is new to me, but it really helps me get going know when to just stop! It has really helped me to get rid of what we have been calling non-sensical thinking (logical thinking). I do enjoy that part of it! Until I learn more and more it is my only way of testing stuff! I would love to know I am testing correctly! j

      Well just think vacant apartment for me and the kids to move to this week!

      Blessings Sallyjane zartgirl

      Hi Sallyjane!!

      You are truly amazing!! CONGRATULATIONS!!

      I am happy to make corrections for you to be more accurate with your pendulum as well. I now test that Jan is 80% accurate with his pendulum and Kinesiology. I test that you are 50% accurate when you use your pendulum. It won't take many more corrections before both of you are 100% accurate all of the time. For both of you it was manifesting from your emotional bodies, and Spiritual Bodies. Mainly a lack of belief in your abilities, and a fear of "taking more than you deserve". In other words you sabatoge your successes so that you don't have to deal with jealousy, envy etc. There were/are other issues too, but these two were at the root of the problem.

      I know that many others are picking up on these corrections as well, so thank you for requesting them!


      • For Allen

        Originally posted by allenm View Post

        Some many posts back you asked about my arm and I wanted to (finally) post. My arm is so much better now...I have even stopped wearing the brace. It still doesn't test strong but the pain is almost gone completely...Wahooo!

        I'm frustrated these days because (due to the football games) I have missed somany calls that I feel behind...and so last week was quietly feeling behind and sort of sorry for struck me later that I was falling into old patterns. I have not been meditating and have notwatched myPaths theater more than once a week for the past several weeks...I haven't been posting here and haven't been reading Maggie's notes as regularly.

        Yikes! How did this happen? So (it occurred to me) much of my feeling behind is my own responsibility. OK...It felt like a revelation...sounds kind of silly now...ah well.

        Please make corrections for Gabriel (who turns 25 tomorrow). He is still in need of corrections.

        And as always (although I probably don't say it enough) thank you.
        Hi Allen,

        I will skype you soon, so that we can talk. Thank you so much for posting!


        • Grace, can help me with Chase again

          I get good days and then I seem to get worse days with Chase. Last night he had the fever and the really bad cough. I have PMed too.

          Marnyka Z. Buttry
          Divine Openings Giver & Healer


          • Thank you!!!!

            Grace, Thank you for the corrections and all! When you said what it was stemming from it hit me strong, and I can see that! Whenever I start to get thoughts of doubt, I immediately go to gratitude and start thanking me for everything I have! All of my needs met, and way more!

            I also just wanted to send you a big HUG! Thanks for all you do on this website.

            I am working on another lead for an apartment, that a friend from my dv group owns... Everything is falling into place for me!

            Bless you my dear Friend!
            Sallyjane zartgirl


            • For Chase!

              Originally posted by marnyka View Post
              I get good days and then I seem to get worse days with Chase. Last night he had the fever and the really bad cough. I have PMed too.

              Hi Marnyka,

              I pm'd you back! I am working on Chase now. Please keep me posted.



              • dowsing(and other forms of kinesiology) has been a weak point of mine as well. im sure i am well below 50%.


                • Originally posted by Grace View Post
                  JAN, Adrienne is a Goddess and yes she does "GET" me and much more!! Don't believe her because she does have MUCH TO ADD!! I love you Adrienne, you Goddess YOU!!
                  LOL and big huge

                  To funny Grace... yes my self doubt shines right through hey....

                  Well... My son got his hair cut... What a different child... he now looks like my baby.... which i can also see how unhappy he looks tooo, pain,sadness.... maybe in writting all this i am reinforcing it...
                  but he started air cadets yesterday... that is a leap, i am very grateful he found something he wanted to do...

                  I Got my Power Of Now, By Eckart Tolle
                  At exactlly the right time....blows me away when it fits like a glove every freakin time...

                  I have been absolutly fabulouse....BTW
                  even though i am having struggles with my son, somethingin me is exspanding and opening inside me, where so much of it doesn't affect me the way it used too...

                  althoiugh it is frustrating as heck....

                  he is now 12, and a beautiful being... and has so much to offer and give and is full of light and love, yet he shuts himself off..(well thats how i precieve it) and shuts me out...

                  I can see how he is so in need of a male figure...And yes grace he did chose us and it is perfect in that respect, however till I "get" this within, it appears to be hard and tough ... Ya dig?
                  probably hey, perhaps sometime soon we can talk and then i can ask you what you mean ... flat screen info, feels limiting and has peices missing for me.... and i can't ask questions... like it is missing a dimension that speaks to me deeper....

                  the pendulum thing is interesting.... and i have had one made of Lapis lazuli for years.. and used to where it around my neck...
                  just tried it and asked a couple of questions, didn't do much
                  I asked if i should go have a nap (which i want) or go make some phone calls which i have avoided. I allready know the answer actually, but want it tell me what i want it to hear...hehe

                  i get to do both.. really

                  Hey Grace...on the note of how you advised Jan.... I have been thinking about Matrix Energetics... I really enjoy it, yet questionif it for me... although i do precieve that I will be doing something like that or infact that more in the future, And find i am rather pumped when i am playing with ME... now what i precieve lacks vocabulary to describe it.... but it is not of this world...

                  just wondering what you test on this.....

                  well everyone have a great day, and off i go to make my phone calls....cheers

                  LOVE and LIGHT......Goddess Adriana
                  Matrix Energetics Sessions-Private message me




                  • I hope you are asking me to test for you!

                    Originally posted by adam ant View Post
                    dowsing(and other forms of kinesiology) has been a weak point of mine as well. im sure i am well below 50%.

                    Hi Bryan!

                    You test at 80% accuracy before any "corrections" for your ability to use kinesiology!!

                    I also know that you test very strong for accepting and manifesting easily your conscious beliefs! I also test that you are strong in achieving success that you logically and consciously know to be situations that cause success in this world. BUT, you are weak in accepting success that is not in the way that you expect it to come! AHHHHH!!! Such a small suggestion yet the root of all evil for you! (and your ability to achieve the success that you deserve)! So I have made corrections for you to KNOW that however your success comes is of no importance! What is beneficial for you, YOU will achieve!! So, if Money comes to you via an unexpected way, you must pat yourself on the back and know that you created this, just as you did using logical and conscious means for earning an income!!

                    I have made these "corrections" for you and also the corrections for being 100% accurate for your kinesiology all of the time.

                    I am pleased that many of you understand the dualism of this world (the yin/yang), yet we are moving away from this and ascending into the truth of who we are and that is perfect wholeness. No Duality only ONENESS!



                    • would you like to know why i think my kinesiology is not working for me?

                      IF i am creating everything, then WHATEVERi dowse or use kinesiology on MUST be TRUE. you see, this is my problem... i go strong, and test positive to everything. (if im using David Hawkins power vs force technique)

                      one method of kinesiology that i have tried is the finger pull method. what you do is make a ring with one hand, your thumb touching your index finger. now you put your other index finger inside of the hold and hook it around the spot where the other two fingers are joined. now you ask a question "are cigarettes safe for me?" and then try to pull your single index finger through the joint that you made with the thumb and index. it SHOULD break the connection. likewise, a question like "is my name Bryan?" the connection should remain unbreakable. (easily)

                      with me however, i cannot break the connection, no matter what i ask.

                      "is my name zimbabwe?" i test strong. the thing is, if i am creating in this universe, i am connected to all things. is there someone, somewhere, in this universe named zimbabwe? im quite sure. so, he is part of me, and i him, therefore making the statement true.

                      "is a stop sign purple?" again, there are an infinite number of alternate universes in my universe, so, somewhere, sometime, somehow, this statement is true.

                      does anyone understand? i have to try and word my sentences for HERE and NOW to be accurate at all. this is where im having trouble.

                      as far as accepting and manifesting my beliefs, you are right on the money. i have been practicing VERY hard these last two years, and im just getting to the point of manifesting MANY things, including weather, food when im hungry, books i want to read, types of people i want to meet.... but as you said the $$ is my limit!! you got me right on! i am VERY afraid of success because i fear to become like every other wealthy person that i know... greedy, self-centered, untrusting for fear of theft, arrogant, proud, snobbish, materialistic, and vain.

                      i have worked my entire life to remove these from my life, and im finally at a place that i like. im full of love, forgiveness, joy, peace etc (except with money/my store issues) and i dont want that to change for the worse. i have always felt that if i sacrifice my own success, then i can help others more.


                      • Brian

                        Wow, that was cool! I did that little exercise from the book you mentioned, and it works good! Actually, when I asked if stop signs were purple, my finger broke through. When I asked if I had a job it did not break through! Hehehee When I asked if my name was Sallyjane it was strong. When I asked if you were on the verge of breaking free of the non-sensical mulah $$ thoughts... It was strong as could be. I could not break through it! When I asked if me and the kids would find an apartment this weekend, again I could not break through. Okay when I asked if your name was Zimbabwe... my finger broke through just like it did for you. Then I asked if the name Brian and Zimbabwe were the same name and I could not break through! Sorry, I thought that as rather funny!

                        Well thank you! I had fun with that. My pendulum and the other technique tested exactly the same way on all questions. Very interesting! I will have to show that to my daughter, because she loves the pendulum, but does not like to use it when we are in stores or what not! She will like having a test she can do in the store! I can see her now in the juniors dept. trying to decide which really cool T-Shirt she should buy!

                        Well have a blessed day!
                        Sallyjane zartgirl


                        • that is a technique that you can do in secret, even with people present. people might think you simply have figity fingers.

                          by the way, my fingers did NOT break through when i asked if my name was "zimbabwe"


                          • Grace, I don't know if what I test for my pendulumn use but would love to have 100% accuracy...could you do this for me as well??

                            Many thanks


                            • Grace, You continue to amaaaaze me. You have assistaed me on numerous areas of my life with your Love and CEM. I Thank You!!!!! publically. Please include me continuously in your assisting me and others in this area of Money and Organizing.





                              • Not receiving divine images/information in meditations

                                Dear Grace,

                                Last Wednesday and Thursday evening I received 13 Chamber activations from Grandma Chandra who visited Holland this week. Grandma Chandra is a 24 years young American women who is a multidimensional being but because of her physical disabilities who cannot speak but communicate by telepathy. Grandma Chandra advised me for a few years ago to attend Medical School. The 13 activations I received those evenings together with about 40 participants who also received these activations were activations to manifest a special goal in Your life and be able to connect on a deeper level with Grandma Chandra so that she can be of help I You need her. My intention was to manifest a loving relationship with a woman I really like.
                                It were very special evenings with a lot of spiritual engaged people who had many fantastic stories when they were on a 13 dimensional level receiving all kind of images and information. I was not able to receive all those images or information and had as always trouble to get out of my mind and get into my heart. In the past I did some kind of meditation or visualization courses such as Awakening the Light Body but always became so frustrated that I did not received or saw all those images, information and energies that all those other participants did receive. I thought something must be wrong with me or that I do not have those gifts or capabilities that those people have or that I am not that spiritually evolved as they are. I know that I am emotionally blocked and have difficulties to be in my heart instead of being in my head. After the activations I questioned myself if I received all those activations properly and now be able to manifest that special loving relationship with that woman I really like? Did I received those activations? Do I have not the capabilities to receive divine information/images from source or able to recognise those kind of energies? Why do I have so much difficulties to get out of my mind and to be in my heart?
                                I hope that more people of this Thread who have these questions as I have that they have difficulties to receive and recognise images/information/energies from divine sources or have not the faith that they can receive and use these guidance or help or have these gifts.
                                Grace can You also tell me if I develop my own method of healing or use all kinds of healing developed by others for my future practice?

                                With love from Holland,

                                PS For information about Grandma Chandra see Grandma Chandra┤ Spiritual Healing (Meet Chandra- A living Miracle)