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  • You Are Always On My Mind!!

    Originally posted by zartgirl View Post
    Well today is the day!
    In two hours and 4 minutes, my mediation with my x husband starts! I am feeling at peace and that it is going to go just the way it is supposed to go. The kids have been with me the whole time, and they want to stay with me and just go visit their Dad.

    I have been focussing on the outcome I want! Thanking God for that outcome, and praising God for that outcome! The outcome is peaceful resolution with me having main custody and him visitation. Peaceful is the key word here! I have been visualizing myself as calm and assertive, but nice overflowing with gratitude.

    Please send as much peaceful energy as possible!!!! And as much possitive energy too, so I can do what it is I need to do!

    Blessing all Sallyjane zartgirl


    • The Effortless Life!!

      Originally posted by zartgirl View Post
      I almost forgot.... The other thing we are wanting is for the kids to be able to change schools to Walla Walla where I live vs. staying in school in MF where the X lives. I have been spending a fortune on Gas driving the kids back and forth to school. Not to mention that the kids have to get up at the crack of dawn to be able to make it to school on time! This is a major thing to accomplish today!
      Blessings Sj zartgirl
      Life is so effortless!! BELIEVE IT!!



      • The Beauty of Love and Family!!

        Originally posted by marnyka View Post
        thank you for the insight. I read a thread here about Indigo and Crystal children and thought he might be an Indigo child. We always want our children to be 'special' so I thought it was wishful thinking.

        I have also believed that he takes on his little buddie's problems and sicknesses at school. That is hard to explain to your doctor.

        I have the same problem but I have gotten to the point where I have closed myself off (probably too much) so it doesn't get to me as much.

        Chase and I ALWAYS 'catch' things from each other. My husband doesn't share in this, which is good so he can take care of us.

        Little story:
        I remember one time I got food poisoning or some flu and was vomiting every couple hours all night long. He usually sleeps with us.... So everytime I would throw up in the trash can on the side of the bed, he would wake up, sit up and wait for me to finish and then he would give me a hug. He couldn't have been over 12 months at the time. I thought it was cute.

        Chase is getting better. I noticed his symptoms this morning were alot better. Still has the runny nose, but the chest congestion and coughing wasn't as bad.

        I would like to spend some one on one time with you to help me and my husband understand how to help Chase better as well as ourselves. I attached on of my favorite pictures of Chase along with our x-mas picture

        Hi Marnyka, I would love to talk with you and your husband. Please get on It is free and we can chat and talk as much as we desire!! I have to admit that talking with all of you that post, makes me very HAPPY!!

        I spend so much time each day on "corrections" you would think that this would be a chore but for me it is such an incredible PLEASURE!! I love all of you so very much. Thank you for posting!! LIFE IS ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!


        • Peace Is All There Is!!

          Originally posted by zartgirl View Post
          Well I just got back from mediation appointment for custody of my kids! It was very interesting and WOW! I was at total peace when I got there...

          So what happened? The first thing she wanted to know was what each person thought was optimal. I kept my mouth shut, so unlike me!!!!! Keith spoke up first... So unlike him! He said right off the bat that optimal for him would to be for him to have the kids maybe 2 or 3 times a week! Whooooaaaa! I knew this was going to be peaceful, but it took me by surprise that he had no intention of even pretending he wanted something more! He then went on to say that his schedule was just too much for him to have the kids much more often! Well we will have another meeting towards the end of this month or the begining of December... Mostly, the mediator thought it would be good for me to get my job and then we could set up actual times the kids are here and when the kids are there!

          The point was it was fabulous how it all went as had been predicted way back before I was able to see it as being peaceful and no fight!!!! It went exactly how it was supposed to go!

          Blessings to all of you! And a big too, especially for Grace who has spent so much time working with me to get me to this point of peace with even my X!!!

          Love and Gratitude zartgirl Sallyjane


          • You Are An Angel Keoi!!

            Originally posted by Keoi View Post
            Amazing Grace!!!
            I haven't posted here for a while and thought I would pop in and say again just how wonderful our dear sweet Grace is. She is always so ready to lend a hand to anyone and everyone who asked!!! You are a very special soul!!!
            I am in awe of what an angel YOU ARE!! KEOI, YOU ARE MY ANGEL!!



            • This Is Why I Love You Keoi!

              Originally posted by Keoi View Post
              Sally Jane it was great to hear how you handled today, you are growing in leaps and bounds!! I was sending you energy as I know so many other here were also doing!! You Rock Girl!!

              Welcome to Jan and Marnyka
              I just wanted to tell you both that I am so happy that you have come here and found this amazing thread!!! Marnyka, your baby is so beautiful and so full of light. I just want to him!!!
              Jan and thank you for being so direct and open. Nothing comes into this thread that isn't being posted for not only you but for some of the readers and other posters!!!
              HERE HERE!!



              • God Bless Sharyn!!

                Originally posted by Sharyn View Post
                Hi Everybody,

                Just wanted to pop in & say "hello" to you all & Dear Grace .

                Sally Ann, it is wonderful to hear how well you are "creating" your life these days & the enormous progress that you have made.

                I also wanted to you to the thread & forum Jan & like everyone else admire greatly your openness & unselfishness in posting your concerns which will benefit so many others.

                Whoops! Keoi , I see that you have just posted as I am writing this! I am sounding like an echo of you!! How Funny!

                Marnyka, I did say "Hello" to you earlier in the thread but I don't know whether you saw it so "Hello" again. I posted some months ago an interview with Dr Doreen Virtue talking about Indigo Children so if you would like to listen it here's the link :

                I had quite a synchronystic morning regarding Dr Doreen Virtue today. I have been struggling for the past several days with a few issues including feeling "drained" & really tired.

                When I read your post about reading about the Indigo children Marnyka, I immediately thought of the interview that I had posted with Dr Doreen Virtue. When I checked my emails this morning I had a message for receiving a prayer from my angels from Dr Doreen Virtue & when I clicked on it the one that came up for me was for increased energy!!

                So I thought I'd post it here so that if anyone else is needing some more vitality & energy it may resonate with you also!

                Prayer For Increased Energy

                Archangel Michael,
                I ask you & your helpers to come to me now. Please cut away & release anything that is draining me. Help to lift my energy to its natural state of vitality now. Thank you

                Love. Light & Blessings to You All, & Especially to You Grace!!!




                • Thank You Nancy!

                  Originally posted by vineyardnancy View Post
                  It's awesome to have you join this great forum. I've been impressed at your openness and candor. I appreciate your broaching a subject that is often (unnecessarily) taboo.


                  Great to have you here - and your lovely Chase. What a wonderful journey you are embarking upon - being the Mom of Chase - what wonders he will teach you!!




                  • For Marnyka!

                    Originally posted by marnyka View Post
                    I just wanted to return the numerous hellos I have received from you guys. I'm very excited to find a forum that helps me understand some things I have been curious about for a long time.

                    Curiosity never did kill the cat, in fact the Cat is still very content at what it knows!! YOU ARE A COOL CAT!!




                    • Goddess Adrienne!

                      Originally posted by Adrienne View Post
                      OK, wow.... yet once again...
                      well a couple people i know on this forum know that i have had thoughts and desires on broaching the subject of Sexuality and spirituality.... cuz on my journey of healing I did make the connection of the two intertwining, very deeply infact... Although was still afraid to talk about it, cuz of my prior experience of rejection in ever bringing up this type of stuff... I beleive our sexuality is such a huge part of our being... our sex male/female... we reproduce life this way, experience intimacy and pleasure... all such beautiful wonderful things... yet made out to be shameful and 'wrong'
                      Hmmmmmmmmm.... WTF.... Only one of the things that has made me curiouse about this place we call Earth.. (one eyebrow risen)... Like something just doesn't site right in this picture...

                      HAHA... Perhaps this is where my exspanded self left some clues to the fact that I am more then what I initially beleived myself to be...

                      I also read Conversations With God as Grace mentioned and wow, there was some great stuff in there too about sexuality...

                      Just to touch on some of what you were saying Jan about sickness and depression and stuff.... Sexuality is such a natural state, yet it is made taboo, and shamed.... Once again no wonder we get sick and depressed and stuff.... that the beauty of creating another human being is something to be ashamed of, to experience pleasure and union and love in such a beuatiful way is to be shamed.... No wonder i have been depressed..... really though, I have much to remember and look forward to the experiences that come to help me with it..... so some of what i say is speculation, but some is from what i know.......

                      guess i don't actually have much to add, but am just thrilled that you have come to see us here on ESM.. I know it is good for me/and many many others...

                      Thank you very much....

                      Goddess Adriana
                      JAN, Adrienne is a Goddess and yes she does "GET" me and much more!! Don't believe her because she does have MUCH TO ADD!! I love you Adrienne, you Goddess YOU!!
                      IMMENSE LOVE AND GRATITUDE ~ GRACE



                      • For Willow!

                        Originally posted by willow View Post
                        Hi everyone

                        I have been lurking here (and using PATHS) for a couple of months now, enjoying all of your wonderful and generous conversations and acts of incredible kindness to each other. Time to cease the shadowy presence and make myself known!

                        Regrettably my first post is also a request for help as well as an introduction (my mother always told me to never ask someone for something when you first meet them).

                        I have a very special friend whom I love very much. Her brother has just been diagnosed with lymphoma and the prognosis doesn't look very promising. If anyone is able to send healing energy to this person (his name is Cameron) I would be very thankful.

                        Yours in love and abundance Willow
                        Willow, as you know since you private messaged me I have been working on Cameron since day one! In fact you may not understand but I have gone back in time to make "corrections" to work on what caused the "issues" to begin with. If one being believes in something then it exists for all of us!! Your post has healed many!! THANK YOU!!

                        IMMENSE LOVE AND GRATITUDE ~ GRACE



                        • The Divine Goddess Adrienne!

                          Originally posted by Adrienne View Post
                          OK, my son just turned twelve today...

                          and he also has been out of school again, cuz of being sick...

                          and tonight he was telling me how he worries about his dad....( he hasn't seen or heard from his dad for nearly two years.... ) and how when he is worrying he is making himself sick.... he has had nasty diareah for three days and the rest of the time he is constipated...

                          I know this intestinal stuff from when i would go through it years ago.

                          he has been worrying about his dad for some time now, and really misses him....
                          Honestly it breaks my heart to see him go throught this, and i try and talk to/with him and help him, but am unsure of i actually am of any help and plus he pushes me away too........
                          two years ago, he was with his dad for x-mas.. and they went out of town with his dads girl friend.... And his dad and the girl friend broke up, she kicked them out (the dad and my son)... and on there way back I guess Tristan say's that his dad expressed his fears of being on the street and having no home and stuff...
                          and tristan worries that his dad is gonna die, and be homeless and on the street...
                          which i know isn't true (cuz i have started to get child support) and I think it was an adult fear put onto a child who couldn't possibly comprehend the fact that his dad was probably afraid in the moment, when he shared that (he's been a resourceful guy)

                          I haven't been with his dad since tristan was 2months old... and have been a single mom ever since....

                          Tristan has been sick three times in the last 7weeks...
                          and it's always different stuff, but i beleive he has been making himself sick,(as i believe we all do) and it seems to be that he is also reconizing this too....

                          Just needed to share this.... cuz my heart is broken, i feel his pain....
                          So some help/corrections/healing enery, LOVE to my son and his worries and belief that it his fault...

                          Thanks LOVE Adrienne
                          TRISTAN CHOSE YOU AND HE CHOSE HIS FATHER!! ALL IS PERFECT!! YOU AND HE ARE PERFECT!! REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE MADE OF!! LIFE IS PERFECTION. Your heart is not broken, it is whole, it is only an illusion that it feels broken! You are GODDESS!!

                          Remember that you are here to express your greatness, nothing more, and nothing less!! You are here to inspire your son and others to know the truth!
                          The truth being that you and Tristan are whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, happy and harmonious!! Staying focused on this takes great work and concentration but yet when practiced in every moment will yield miraculous results!!

                          IMMENSE LOVE AND GRATITUDE ~ GRACE



                          • Sharyn you are AWESOME!!

                            Originally posted by Sharyn View Post
                            Hi Willow & . I will definitely keep Cameron in my thoughts & will send some extra energy his way, in addition to Grace's corrections .

                            Adrienne, I have done some work on Tristan (
                            I have sent you a skype).

                            I will include both Tristan & Cameron in our Mastermind healing session this week also.

                            Love , Light & Blessings to You,
                            Willow, I told you that you would receive amazing results by posting on this thread!! YOU ARE MOST FORTUNATE INDEED!! If you think that CEM is amazing just read the other threads in this forum and you will be most amazed!! Not only is Sharyn an amazing individual but you will soon see that Pamela, Maggie, DeAnn, Alan, Stephen, Moria, and many others will just astound you!! LIFE IS ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!

                            IMMENSE LOVE AND GRATITUDE ~ GRACE



                            • For Nancy!

                              Originally posted by vineyardnancy View Post

                              FYI!! You are the absolute BEST!! My "main squeeze" is 90% better .... and it is sooo wonderful to see him pain-free!
                              A million times over!!

                              I ADORE YOU!!
                              IMMENSE LOVE AND GRATITUDE ~ GRACE



                              • For Zartgirl!

                                Originally posted by zartgirl View Post
                                Today I have 2 job interviews! One is for worksource and one is for a company in M-F the town where my x lives! It is a temporary position in a mental health agency I believe... Either one for me would just make it such that I can get into a house or apartment and out of the shelter... I know there is so much out there that is better for me, but I do need to get moved and Iza wants to spend her birthday in our own place. Her 14 th birthday is on the 20th of this month. I just would like to have peace and calm, and what is intended for me to happen.

                                Okay on a different note... I had a burst of creative energy yesterday and the day before... I have a new illustration up on my website...

                                Sj Illustration Home Page I would love for you all to see it! Blesings Sj zartgirl

                                IMMENSE LOVE AND GRATITUDE ~ GRACE