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  • Jan and anyone else...

    Originally posted by JanKnegt View Post
    Dear Grace,

    I am very grateful for Your help and understanding!
    Also I am very grateful to be a member of this Thread and to get all the nice support from all some members of this Thread. I really appreciate that!!!
    I am really glad that I can contribute to this Thread and be of help for anyother who have sexual problems.
    I read some books about spirituality and sex because I experienced embarresement and shame about thinking and doing sex as if sex was dirty.
    When I was in training to become a RN and worked in a hospital for pychiatric diseases I became aware how many patients who were in depression believed that sex is to be ashamed of and had many serious problems with sex. They were in a physical,emotional, mental and spiritual conflict about sex. I and so many people are in conflict with sex and I believe that these kind of conflicts creates a lot of stress, confusion, depressions, suppressed anger, desire and so on. More and more I start to think that sex is a way to unite (to be in union), to enjoy, to experience happiness, to give love and care and to evolve spiritually.
    I worked about 16 years as a RN full time with sick children of all kind. Most childeren had cancer or serious heart diseases. I witnessed often how parents punished their (young) kid when their kind was naked and loved to be naked and showed to be happy to be naked. I realized how the shame to be naked was created. I also feel some shame and embarresement to be naked but also experience the freedom and joy not to wear any clothes. There are so many internal conflicts in the human being about his/her body and sexuality. I hope to contribute in dissolving these conflicts. I think that this will make a human being much more happier with him/herself and experience much more freedom and joy.

    Grace I will add You to my Skype list. I am available Monday till Friday every time from 2 pm till 6 pm Your time (not on Wednesday November the 7th and 14th and Thursday the 15th).
    Hope to speak to You soon!

    With greetings from Holland,
    OK, wow.... yet once again...
    well a couple people i know on this forum know that i have had thoughts and desires on broaching the subject of Sexuality and spirituality.... cuz on my journey of healing I did make the connection of the two intertwining, very deeply infact... Although was still afraid to talk about it, cuz of my prior experience of rejection in ever bringing up this type of stuff... I beleive our sexuality is such a huge part of our being... our sex male/female... we reproduce life this way, experience intimacy and pleasure... all such beautiful wonderful things... yet made out to be shameful and 'wrong'
    Hmmmmmmmmm.... WTF.... Only one of the things that has made me curiouse about this place we call Earth.. (one eyebrow risen)... Like something just doesn't site right in this picture...

    HAHA... Perhaps this is where my exspanded self left some clues to the fact that I am more then what I initially beleived myself to be...

    I also read Conversations With God as Grace mentioned and wow, there was some great stuff in there too about sexuality...

    Just to touch on some of what you were saying Jan about sickness and depression and stuff.... Sexuality is such a natural state, yet it is made taboo, and shamed.... Once again no wonder we get sick and depressed and stuff.... that the beauty of creating another human being is something to be ashamed of, to experience pleasure and union and love in such a beuatiful way is to be shamed.... No wonder i have been depressed..... really though, I have much to remember and look forward to the experiences that come to help me with it..... so some of what i say is speculation, but some is from what i know.......

    guess i don't actually have much to add, but am just thrilled that you have come to see us here on ESM.. I know it is good for me/and many many others...

    Thank you very much....

    Goddess Adriana
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    • First time poster

      Hi everyone

      I have been lurking here (and using PATHS) for a couple of months now, enjoying all of your wonderful and generous conversations and acts of incredible kindness to each other. Time to cease the shadowy presence and make myself known!

      Regretably my first post is also a request for help as well as an introduction (my mother always told me to never ask someone for something when you first meet them).

      I have a very special friend whom I love very much. Her brother has just been diagnosed with lymphoma and the prognosis doesn't look very promising. If anyone is able to send healing energy to this person (his name is Cameron) I would be very thankful.

      Yours in love and abundance


      • on another note

        OK, my son just turned twelve today...

        and he also has been out of school again, cuz of being sick...

        and tonight he was telling me how he worries about his dad....( he hasn't seen or heard from his dad for nearly two years.... ) and how when he is worrying he is making himself sick.... he has had nasty diareah for three days and the rest of the time he is constipated...

        I know this intestinal stuff from when i would go through it years ago.

        he has been worrying about his dad for some time now, and really misses him....
        Honestly it breaks my heart to see him go throught this, and i try and talk to/with him and help him, but am unsure of i actually am of any help and plus he pushes me away too........
        two years ago, he was with his dad for x-mas.. and they went out of town with his dads girl friend.... And his dad and the girl friend broke up, she kicked them out (the dad and my son)... and on there way back I guess Tristan say's that his dad expressed his fears of being on the street and having no home and stuff...
        and tristan worries that his dad is gonna die, and be homeless and on the street...
        which i know isn't true (cuz i have started to get child support) and I think it was an adult fear put onto a child who couldn't possibly comprehend the fact that his dad was probably afraid in the moment, when he shared that (he's been a resourceful guy)

        I haven't been with his dad since tristan was 2months old... and have been a single mom ever since....

        Tristan has been sick three times in the last 7weeks...
        and it's always different stuff, but i beleive he has been making himself sick,(as i believe we all do) and it seems to be that he is also reconizing this too....

        Just needed to share this.... cuz my heart is broken, i feel his pain....
        So some help/corrections/healing enery, LOVE to my son and his worries and belief that it his fault...

        Thanks LOVE Adrienne
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        • Thinking of You Both

          Hi Willow & . I will definitely keep Cameron in my thoughts & will send some extra energy his way, in addition to Grace's corrections .

          Adrienne, I have done some work on Tristan (
          I have sent you a skype).

          I will include both Tristan & Cameron in our Mastermind healing session this week also.

          Love , Light & Blessings to You,
          Theta Healing
          Paths 2 Potential

          "We are the one's we've been waiting for"


          • Willow

            I want to welcome you Willow!

            Well I am so glad you decided to come out of the shadows where you were lurking and join us all in an amazing journey to nowhere or better said now here! Oh I totally stole that from tephen here on the board! It is a journey to the Now, and it is awesome!

            You know we have a thread on Memes / Curses and the whole thing about not asking for help from someone before you know them... Well, that is one that needs to be blown out of the stargate!!! I can not tell you how many times I have met the most interesting people by asking for help or having them ask me for help! Especially back in the day when I lived in S.F. California... People would stop me on a regular basis and ask me the best way to get from one place to the next (in S.F. that is always public transportation). Isn't that what we are here for is to help each other get from one place to the next? So never be worried about asking for help from someone when you first meet them or don't even know them! We love to help here, especially!!!

            One of the things I have been learning from my friends here is when I ask them for help, and receive help... I am actually giving back to them somehow at the same time! Isn't that awesome!!!

            Here is a big
            zartgirl Sallyjane
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            • Your son, Adrienne

              Originally posted by Adrienne View Post
              OK, my son just turned twelve today...

              and he also has been out of school again, cuz of being sick...

              Just needed to share this.... cuz my heart is broken, i feel his pain....
              So some help/corrections/healing enery, LOVE to my son and his worries and belief that it his fault...

              Thanks LOVE Adrienne
              Well Adrienne, I will definitely keep your son in my heart and send him lots of healing thoughts. You know, he is just a year maybe 2 years behind my daughter, and I have started teaching her how to process discomforts through the BL process. They totally get it at this age! I think it is helpful for her to use it... Although at this point I have to lead her through it... she does it and seems to get it better than I did at first! He may not want to at first, but just keep intending that the opportunity come for you to share the gratitude with him!

              Big zartgirl Sj
              PS I will be sending you some healing energy for your computer also!


              • Thanks

                Thanks guys for the warm welcome. Zartgirl, I will take on board what you said about asking people for help - thank you!



                • Originally posted by vineyardnancy View Post
                  Happy Sunday Grace!

                  Just raking leaves outside with my hubby -- and
                  .... EUREKA!!!...
                  I realized that I'd totally love to have your help in easing his chronic back pain!!

                  Thanks a million!!


                  FYI!! You are the absolute BEST!! My "main squeeze" is 90% better .... and it is sooo wonderful to see him pain-free!
                  A million times over!!

                  Pura Vida! Vineyard Nancy


                  • to willow and the other new people on this forum, glad to see ya... cheers Adrienne

                    Thanks Zartgirl....
                    funnything is i got onto my email for paths today... and got to check one email...
                    cheers ..Adrienne
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                    • thanks...

                      thanks for the love and the ME and everything....

                      Muah... ...Adrienne

                      focusing on who i really am... and that i am creating this all

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                      • 2 job interviews

                        Today I have 2 job interviews! One is for worksource and one is for a company in M-F the town where my x lives! It is a temporary position in a mental health agency I believe... Either one for me would just make it such that I can get into a house or apartment and out of the shelter... I know there is so much out there that is better for me, but I do need to get moved and Iza wants to spend her birthday in our own place. Her 14 th birthday is on the 20th of this month. I just would like to have peace and calm, and what is intended for me to happen.

                        Okay on a different note... I had a burst of creative energy yesterday and the day before... I have a new illustration up on my website...

                        Sj Illustration Home Page I would love for you all to see it! Blesings Sj zartgirl


                        • hi

                          i went and seen your new illustration.... is it the blue faery?

                          very nice art work though...... it is stuff that stands out, and i like that....

                          thank you for sharing with us Sally Jane

                          love and gratitude Adrienne
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                          • Fear of lack of money

                            Dear Grace,

                            I really enjoyed our conversation last Thursday and I am really glad that we met!
                            Before I started Medical School I worked full time as a RN at a ward treating children with cancer and serious heart diseases. But when I started with my education/training to become a MD I had to stop with my full time job. Fortunately I was able to work as a RN at our Children's Clinic on a zero-hour basis which means that when there is a shortage of nurses and they needed me and I was able to work I could work (and earned the the so badly needed money). So I worked most during every weekend and holidays. I needed this money to pay for my food, medical books and for different treatments/healings. I have a loan which covers only the money for the mortgage, electricity, heating and the insurences.
                            As a kid I learned to work hard to earn some money but also the fear having not enough money to pay the bills or to get what I need or want.
                            This weekend there was no work for me and with no work no money. It is nice to have some spare time to get more rest and not being every day in the hospital but it makes me anxious that this will be happen more in the future and I don't earn enough money to have enough money for healthy food and for investing in my health, spiritual growth and future practice as a MD using alternative healing modalities. I use the PATHS module Mindset for money for about two weaks now because I know I have some beliefs about a lack of abundance, need to work hard to get some money, not deserving wealth/abundance, life is a struggle, need to work to survive and so on...
                            I know that many people have their limiting beliefs about abundance and money and I hope to transform these beliefs and may be CEM can thier be of help?
                            Grace, I was wondering if You could test how I accurate I can use a penudulum or use kinesiology for testing. I use often my pendulum but my testing is probably not 100% accurate. I tried using many ways to ask the questions to get more accuracy. Maybe I am afraid to see or to know the truth?
                            I hope this contribution to the CEM Thread will be of help for many of the group. I really appreciate all the members of this group who appreciated my contribution!
                            With greetings from Holland to all the members of this Thread, till we meet again,


                            • Chase is doing better - Thank you

                              Chase is doing better. It has now turned into more of a runny nose. We both have coughing episodes but not like before. Since moving to Nebraska, it seems we have more of the Fall allergies than the summer or spring. So we will be getting some air filtration systems for the house.

                              Grace, I wanted to thank you for what you have been doing. I am forever grateful.

                              Marnyka Z. Buttry
                              Divine Openings Giver & Healer


                              • Originally posted by JanKnegt View Post
                                I know that many people have their limiting beliefs about abundance and money and I hope to transform these beliefs and may be CEM can thier be of help?
                                Hi Jan!

                                Yes, CEM can help remove those layers and strengthen what you want in your life. I also encourage you into looking at Theta Healing as that it also works in clearing limiting beliefs.

                                Check it out at:

                                Theta Healing

                                You might have already noticed a thread on Theta Healing on this forum started by our lovely Sonora!

                                I hope this contribution to the CEM Thread will be of help for many of the group. I really appreciate all the members of this group who appreciated my contribution!
                                Yes, Yes, Yes!! Whatever anyone writes on this thread is something we all attracted and resonate with at some level, so your contributions ARE of help to ALL of us Jan!

                                again for posting about your situation and know that it WILL change!

                                "The divine is not something high above us. It is in heaven, it is in earth, it is inside us..." - Morihei Ueshiba