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  • Hello everyone,

    Thank you everyone for practising on Zain

    Sandra recently had a private session with Dr. Hector Gracia who is a Master Practitoner of ME and a CEM Instructor! He said that Zain had a lot of disturbances with bodies from his past.

    Sandra and I have been working with Zain on that aspect and it has made a tremendous difference. Last night Zain stayed in the cot for the whole night, the first time ever. Sandra has also noticed that Zain is comforted by light during the night. So whenever Zain wakes up during the night and asks for Sandra, she just turns on a torch and he goes right back to sleep!

    Thank you to everyone who has been practising. The end of the tunnel is very close! Once Zain can go through the night without waking up then we're done!

    With love and gratitude
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    • Oh Alan, what a wonderful update. I'm so glad to hear that you are seeing some light at the end of your tunnel!
      With love and gratitude,



      • Just a couple little thoughts here

        After I posted yesterday, I realized I left off a comment I wanted to make about Stephens post...

        Stephen you are absolutely right on the mark! Grace is absolutely awesome, and so is everyone else on this tread! Big Thanks to Grace for all she does to help everyone!

        Alan, it is good to hear that things are changing for you with the kids sleep habits. That is soooo great!

        Thank you Keoi, Adrienne, of course Grace for your kind words...

        Love and Gratitude
        Sallyjane Woods


        • This is exciting!

          Here is a link to a publisher's website where you can see a book that just came up for sale with my artwork on the front page!!!!!

          This is very exciting to me! I have done several book covers but this is the first one to make it all the way through publishing...

          Well I just had to share this with you all!!!! Oh Yea the link:

          Astemari Bookstore, where you'll find the latest titles, in all genres...

          Blessings Sj zartgirl


          • Just an update

            Today I got a call from the Court, and we scheduled mediation for November 6th at 10am. At that time I am intending my X to give me main custody and him visitation, as the kids are with me all the time and only visit their Dad. I know this is to work out peacefully, so that is my intention!

            Also, I am really intending permanent housing... I am not picky as to how this comes to be... I am on the list for HUD voucher, and have been for some time, and because I live in the shelter I move up the list faster, and having a job will move me up even faster... I don't know if that is how the housing is going to work out for me or not. I am really trying to not have an agenda, but at the same time I want to have a place I do not have to share with two other moms with, and is somewhat permanent (as permanent as long as I want it to be).

            I also know I have an awesome job coming my way... but for now I would like to have some temporary work till my the abundance comes in! This will also help me with the above intention.

            Well as I mentioned above a book with my illustration on the cover (not the first page) was published this week and I found out about it today!

            Love and gratitude zartgirl Sallyjane


            • Your ships are coming in!!

              Originally posted by zartgirl View Post
              Here is a link to a publisher's website where you can see a book that just came up for sale with my artwork on the front page!!!!!

              This is very exciting to me! I have done several book covers but this is the first one to make it all the way through publishing...

              Well I just had to share this with you all!!!! Oh Yea the link:

              Astemari Bookstore, where you'll find the latest titles, in all genres...

              Blessings Sj zartgirl
              This is spectacular S. J.!!

              The entire universe is converging on your behalf!!

              I wish I could be there to celebrate with you!!
              Pura Vida! Vineyard Nancy


              • Ahhh Thanks

                Nancy... Thank you! Thank you! I believe big things are starting to happen...

                I was very excited to hear about it!!!! I have to tell you this was the first place I wanted to go to share this news with my friends!

                Love and Gratitude


                • The Love I feel for all of YOU!

                  Once again I am so overwhelmed with Love I have not been able to express to all of you how amazing you make me feel!!


                  You are shifting and changing so rapidly I can barely keep up!! You are amazing and a powerful woman! I am so happy and grateful that you are seeing this more effortlessly in yourself!!


                  thank you so very much for your beautiful and kind words to me!! You are truly such a gift to me and all who know you!! I have told you this before, but you are a gifted writer and I have tested and re-tested so now all will be my witness that you are going to write many books ( I test five at the min.)! These books will help many people and most importantly you will be greatly fulfilled in your life by this. You are definitely Superman in my book!!


                  I am so incredibly proud of YOU! Yes your abundance, wealth and prosperity are just beginning to increase and your art work getting published on the cover of Zugspitze Sawtooth Peril strangers by Harold Dewayne Bruner is major confirmation of this!!

                  It also shows me that you are allowing for your wealth to come in from all channels and not limiting yourself to receiving income from only a 9 to 5 job! In fact this gives me a hint from the universe that your perfect purpose (next job) is going to involve all of your talents and not just the mundane ones. KEEP SHINING!!


                  Thank you Thank you Thank you!! You have a quality that is very rare!! I call in QUIET POWER!! I love skyping with you and know that what you are creating is more profound than you could ever imagine!


                  What joy and utter bliss I felt when I read your post!!! You and Sandra need to receive the PARENTS OF THE YEAR AWARD!! Not for putting up with struggle but for expressing your POWER so magnificently!! You stayed focused on your desires until you brought them to fruition!! You both are teaching your children such a VALUABLE lesson just by being your fabulous selves!!


                  After speaking with you tonight I KNOW that you will being seeing the "light at the end of your tunnel" too!! Your ability to focus is a 10 out of 10!!
                  With this kind of focus you will create rapidly what you desire. Just remember to stay focused and to see what you desire in yourself and for others. With this type of focus you have to be doubly sure of what you are thinking, because you will create anything and everything that goes through your mind. So keep it simple and stay focused on what you desire with the feeling of gratitude to bring it to you even faster!!


                  YOU ARE SPECTACULAR!! Your photographs are also spectacular!! For those of you that have not yet seen them please visit the Healing Arts thread started by Pamela VinyardNancy's Photographs I am so very happy that you are in my life!!
                  For a private session with me go to:



                  • hi


                    How are you?
                    ooops not chatting...
                    well i have come back for more of this, cuz it is perfect and beautiful here....

                    I spoke with Grace the other night and I was able to really hear what she said, i think that often i'd hear the words and read the words... that come to me, but haven't heard them with my heart....

                    helps too if i am willing to listen and go inside... instead of looking for the quick fix...

                    Anyways I have been applying gratitude and OMG Grace it works amazingly... there is no room for chatter in my head if i am focusing on gratitude instead.... hehe, a poet and guess what i suppose i do know it..

                    Grace has this article on her signature that i read "In the world, but not of it"

                    I'd suggest that if you haven't read it.... go read it...

                    I am grateful to have read that... and checked out the you tubes on S.J.'s signature too...

                    Powerful messages, powerful truth...
                    simply powerful... (in a whisper) and OMG i am that powerful too....
                    Not a whisper to keep it quiet, but more a deep realization, knowing...being able to really see the I AM.... perfection/perfect, god, abundance,
                    i even say that i am the moon and the sun and the door, and the tree.... cuz god is everywhere... and it sure beats the internal dialog that goes on.... and if god is everywhere, so am I... cuz I AM GOD
                    It's like if i am not consciouse of what i am saying to myself... then the old messages about Adrienne and those beliefs will take over...
                    So I repeat .... these things throughout the day.... and I am amazed.... WOW... and so grateful that I have been incorrect in who i have beleived myself to be...

                    however, that was the point right? to know myself as I am not.... So that i could discover who I really am.... this brings tears to my eyes writting this, cuz it is so intricatly placed befor me to see... and in that it is beautiful... only a true master could have created that... and wow... am i ever powerful....

                    And I really like the one that comes to me...'I know that I know" (thanx Grace)

                    And I am magnificence...
                    however if I only knew magnificence...
                    I have needed to experience myself as the opposite of this to come to know this...

                    BTW, wow Stephen you are so bright I got to wear shades
                    A song for you... YouTube - Timbuk 3 - The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades ...hehe..

                    Zartgirl.... Congadulations on your success.... that is so exciting.

                    That is fabulouse to hear of your success with Zane.... really happy for you and Sandra, and of course little Zane too...
                    I am sure he'll be much happier too

                    Well, I took my son to the DR's and he had secretion in his right lung, and fluid behide the left ear... that explains alot of why he wasn't getting better.....
                    So thank you for all of the corrections...
                    I did get him anti-biotics...
                    SIGH... not my first choice.... however grateful that that oppton is available...
                    Hopefully what has been my experience this last little bit then will stick with me...
                    hey get this... I AM HOPE... I AM PEACE... I AM LOVE... I AM GRATITUDE....
                    i AM PERFECTION...
                    WE ALL ARE....

                    AND GRATITUDE

                    Last edited by Adrienne; 10-19-2007, 04:57 PM.
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                    • Wow!

                      Adrienne, Wow! You are sooooo right!!!! Gratitude is soooo important! Well I know that Grace has been teaching all of us that! I really enjoyed reading your post this morning...

                      Grace, I too have had this feeling deep in me that it will be my fine art that will be my true way of bringing in appreciation to support my kids and me! Not a 9-5 type job. Where I am at I have no place to paint, but that will be changing very soon! The thought that popped into my head this morning as I was reading Adrienne's post above is that the way for me to stay focussed on Gratitude even more is to praise God!

                      Buy the way I am struggling a little with old beliefs and new beliefs and not really a conflict but.... Hmmmmm.... How do I say it! maybe it is a conflict although my new beliefs seem to actually be supported by the Bible that I have studied intensly. I think it is more to do with being afraid a little to tell people what I am learning and what I do believe... This is probably a major layer for me to peel off!!!! Get that I said ME! Yes, I am learning that I am the one doing the Peeling and you are just assisting me in my journey! That is awesome, because that makes me a healer too!

                      Well blessings Sj zartgirl


                      • hello,

                        I worked today.... I am a cashier at a grocery store, and am dealing with the public all day, and today i had so much anxiety it was scary... I found myself holding my breath and felling light headed, i am suprosed i didn't pss out....

                        it was also crazy busy too...
                        I found it really hard to apply the process or focus on the things i am grateful for... or anything for that matter which has very useful when i am felling anxiouse or in feeling stuff... it took everything in me to consciously breath deep. and i rarely had the opportunity to take in full deep breaths cuz people are talking to me, and then of course work requires me to talk too...
                        anyways i have recently swiched over to the mood elevation modual.... in hopes of that helping me,,,
                        so any relaxation techniques for busy crazy situations like dealing with the public would be great....
                        and any kind of energy, spiritual,or practicle things I can do to help with this....
                        I prayed so much today at work, for help in just being able to breath
                        I think that cuz i am experiencing so much change and so quickly that I am feeling really vulnerable and scared... and am unsure of what is gonna happen next, although that may be the point or the idea of living here on earth.....
                        OK, how do I let go???????????????????

                        The thing is that when i have the time and space to stop focus on give my attention to these things it works great, but in constant contact..... I am not getting the connection....

                        anyways... just puttin it out there...
                        cuz it scares the hell out of me... although i am having some miraculouse moments... The inbetween moments are the ones that I don't get....

                        love and gratitude.......ADRIENNE
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                        • For Adrienne

                          Hi Adrienne!

                          Just wanted to send you a !! I know exactly how you are feeling as I have been feeling the exact same way so please don't feel alone. I hear ya when you say it is hard to keep your focus as I have had a hard time shifting to gratitude or thinking about what I want at times but I try again the next time around.

                          I hope that my anxiety/fear is also due to the fact I'm changing very quickly!

                          As far as techniques, well, I wouldn't suggest holding your breath! I believe that will just bring on more anxiety, do the opposite and breathe deeply. I also started taking Valerian to calm me down as well as Rescue Remedy (Bach's Flower Essences). You can find both at most health food stores.

                          I am thinking of you and sending you positive and calming vibes my fellow pather!!

                          ~Viviana -
                          "The divine is not something high above us. It is in heaven, it is in earth, it is inside us..." - Morihei Ueshiba


                          • Adrienne & S.J Zartgirl

                            Hi Adrienne,

                            Sending a tower of strength of positive, calming thoughts your way (each filled with powerful CEM & ME intentions) to replace those naughty anxious ones. Here's to knocking them on the head & vaporising them through the stargate!
                            P.S I've sent you a skype. Love to You Adrienne

                            Congratulations S.J Zartgirl ! It is wonderful to see the progress that you have made & also for getting your illustration for the bookcover published . I can see that you are going to need a separate book in our Shoppe de Futures just for your success in that area alone!
                            Love to You Also!

                            Love , Light & Blessings to Everyone,

                            Theta Healing
                            Paths 2 Potential

                            "We are the one's we've been waiting for"


                            • Thank You!

                              Thank You

                              To my wonderful fellow CEM'ers for all your work on me yesterday during our Masterhealing session when I was coming under attack from the dreaded lurgie! And THANK YOU Grace for your continued efforts

                              You have chased it away I am now feeling better & am almost full of beans!

                              I am sure without all your magnificent help it would have developed into something that would have taken me much longer to overcome the way I was feeling.

                              What can I say. You are all FANTASTIC!!!!

                              Love, Light & Beautiful Blessings to You

                              With Gratitude , Sharyn
                              Theta Healing
                              Paths 2 Potential

                              "We are the one's we've been waiting for"


                              • hi

                                Thaniks Viviana....

                                huh, i did actually come across bach flower rememedies like as i was reading the busting loose book...
                                probably for a reason too....
                                i do find it very interesting...
                                vibrational medicin Hmmmm....
                                been reading an intro book on it....
                                thank you for sharing Viviana...

                                thanks Sharyn.... haven't got the skype yet, but probably cuz you are off line...

                                ok, must get ready for work again....
                                but wanted to just say one thing i noticed in sleep is that while it may be restless, I notice information coming to me... and I noticed that (perhaps a message) that it is as it is cuz i am creating it... after last nights post I realized i needed to become silent and use the process.... and i did for the experiencing i am creating....(depression/anxiety)
                                and that this is something that has been embeded in my subconsciouse... which i has popped in and out of my hologram throughout life... which i get the sense that it has had a payoff of some sort for me.... kindof freaky, but also OK, when i see it that way...
                                and with the experience of half in and out of sleep... it is like a hologram, If i move it one way I see one picture and if i move it another way i see another picture... that was very clear to me this morning upon waking..... I am being shown the true nature of who i am, and it is the opposite of the experience i am having....
                                I can chose how i want to project the picture...
                                huh, what a concept...
                                interesting too... cuz alot of what i am experiencing is a reflection of what my mother has experienced all of her life....
                                so i chose different... but in the mean time... I welcome all assistance with these moments.... cuz in the heat of it all...

                                CEM and ME... a slow day at work ok... cuz then i can pratice my things i do... thanks

                                LOVE and LIGHT..... Adrienne
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