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  • belle99
    Here's a link that folks on this thread might enjoy. Grace--you might want to participate in this somehow: Email Messengers

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  • KimJ
    A little off topic...

    but have any of you studied Kabbalah? I found an interesting video with three of the scientists featured in the movie "What the Bleep" along with Kabbalist Michael Laitman, PhD from Israel, in the panel discussion "Quantum Physics Meets Kabbalah". I haven't watched it yet as it's quite long, but thought it was an interesting connection...

    Here's the link if anyone is interested.

    What the Bleep !? |


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  • belle99
    Originally posted by Grace View Post
    Hi Yari!
    Send Love/Light from your heart center, and always expect the shifts to happen instantly. Always expect Miracles! Miracles can be seen in every moment for those who are earnestly looking.
    So stay focused on Gratitude as in any moment you can "pop" what you desire into your reality!
    Just what I needed to hear. I do have a lot to appreciate in my life, including my health, my freedom, my expanded opportunities, the fact that I am getting exactly what I have been asking for, for months.

    I've had some shifts happen instantly that have been painful to the ego and the mind...I need help staying centered in my true Self and trusting that the shifts that will be joyous to all parts of me--mind included--are imminent.

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  • Doug
    Good stuff!!

    Hey Empath,

    I want to thank you for the big smile that came over my face reading your post Great insights.
    The skin can be a big area for poisons to be released.
    Yes, the "BATTLE" concept w/the body, works with doctors. That mindset keeps them in business -- wow, we're getting snow flurries in Tn. -- You can communicate with your cells - talk to 'em, love 'em! thank them!
    What we eat is important, but what we absorb is more critical. I found this a natural - one ingredient product called: Optimum D-Tox that has worked wonders for me! Big bonus, very inexpensive unlike a doctors visit I'm not saying doctors are bad, if you break your arm -- sipping some tea isn't going to set it back in place...
    What you said rings very true w/me

    Thanks again,
    I wish you the best,

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  • Empath
    blessings and thanks to Sallyjane and Grace and everyone else!

    Hi everyone,

    The energy here is just wonderful beyond words. I find that I thrive in positive environments.

    I've long held dear a vision of a realm where:
    * everyone sees each other in their highest light
    * people share in each other's joy and hold a loving space when someone is hurting
    * we understand that we are all connected and are part of each other
    * we see good, say good, and do good
    * we flow with the Universal Energy unencumbered
    * the possibilities are infinite

    As for my skin and health issues, it's been a very interesting journey. I certainly get the metaphor of peeling back layers of myself! I am releasing, releasing, and releasing stuff literally and metaphorically.

    It's curious that drs look at my legs and feet and say "gee, that looks bad' but don't have a clue how to heal it. They pooh-pooh dietary and Eastern approaches that view skin disorders as having at its root a liver disorder, yet they want to give me meds that are associated w/ causing cancer and liver damage. They tell me they have meds that can help "fight" the disease.

    But... isn't fighting a disease essentially waging a war within yourself? Aren't you declaring some part of yourself as a toxic enemy when you "battle" a disease? And if you view things this way, aren't you creating a meme of separation and division within the self? How can one be whole when one is fighting the enemy within?

    I view this journey - and all of this existence- as a dance of sorts. My job here is to communicate with my cells, find our rythmn and synergy, and create a harmonious, graceful dance.

    On the quantum level, I think the secret lies in the space/ether between the visible bits and dancing in unison with the ether.... kind of how some jazz is more about the space between the notes rather than the notes themselves. Not exactly sure how to get there, been meditating and listening to a lot of jazz and classical music.

    Grace, my little spin on the cosmic dance brings your karate to mind. Isn't a spar more like a dance than a battle? Isn't that what makes it beautiful and joyful? It's what popped into my head as I typed. I saw your glowing smile as you received your medal and had 2 thoughts: silver looks good on you and you looked like someone who was artistically successful in an intricate dance, not one who won a battle.

    Thanks for letting me ruminate here.

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  • belle99
    I know it has been nearly 6 months since I have been here. Things have been up and down. Mostly down. I am glad to see things going well for many of you here. I have a lot of catching up to do. Please bear with me.

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  • zartgirl
    Just an update on my last post

    Well I posted in my last post that we were having this contest today at work setting appointments on the phone...

    Well as I mentioned I was the the first to call into the state office with two appointments at like 8:30am this morning, it started at 8am! By ten I had two more and I finished my day off with two more this afternoon. I was by no means the top person, but that was not my goal. My goal was to set more appointments than I had ever done at this job! I did that! My District was so amazed! She was a little frustrated though, because she is training me and I kicked her butt (those were her words not mine as I look at my success as much mine as hers!) So a total of 6 appointments and two was the most I had set in one day before. We are going to be busy this week, that is for sure!

    I am giving credit to my higher vibration level having connected in person with so many awesome healers and energy people this weekend. I learned so much!

    Even my meditations are going soooo much deeper today for me! So much easier too!

    Blessings Sallyjane

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  • zartgirl
    Psychic and healing expo

    OMG! What an awesome weekend I had!

    I drove over to the expo this Saturday, and when I walked in the vibration level was sooo high that I could barely walk in my heels I wear all the time! I was literally staggering like I was drunk!

    I met all kinds of people this weekend. The local Matrix energetics therapist here who wants me to call and we are going to talk more! I met local women who are from Walla Walla! We are going to get together!

    I went back with my kids on Sunday, and even my little guy hit that energy filled room and was just floating on it. He had a blast going from booth to booth, and so did my teenager, who got her very own pendulum to work with this weekend!

    On Sunday we went to the church service there, and it was awesome too. Oooh, I even had this gentleman following me around on Sunday!

    I bought a crystal necklace on Saturday, it is clear quarts and something else, but the energy when I picked it up was soooo awesome I had to have it!

    Today I went back to work and we are having a appt booking blitz on the phones and I set the first two appts. and then two more fairly quickly and several people want me to call back, I am still floating on that vibration level, and my meditations are going so much deeper and more powerful!

    Well that is just a quick synopsis, now I have to go back to work and book some more appt.

    Love light and blessings

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  • Raindancer
    Originally posted by Grace View Post
    Hi Raindancer,

    The power of ONE is immense, thank you Raindancer for being that ONE. Thank you for bringing this information concerning Altai into greater awareness. Your mind has the power to illuminate. The light(infinite intelligence) knows exactly how to bring forth the Truth thereby creating miraculous results.
    Dear Grace,

    Your words are much appreciated~ thank you so much! I was feeling rather despondent about things yesterday and am feeling more hopeful once again today. I know that I need to stay in a positive, heart space in order for healing to occur...especially since things have never been anything other than healed!!!

    Interesting that you showed up in a dream last night giving me reassurances; your presence is always appreciated in all places and at all times!

    Love, Light and Gratitude,

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  • Grace
    Adrienne, KimJ, and Yari

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  • Grace
    For Musingmus!

    Originally posted by musingmus View Post
    THANK YOU for the nice big warm welcome! or should i say the official welcome, since I've been reading these post for nearly 2 months now and just simply amazed!

    I wanted to ask, because I'm not too sure what it means when you do "corrections" and how it works.
    BUT Yesterday, TWO times yesterday i got this really bizarre slight dizzy feeling on the right side of my head, kinda in my ear. it was almost vibratory and quite odd, since I'VE never noticed this sensation before. It lasted no more than about 20-30 seconds. This took place around 3pm pacific time.
    Then around 8pm pacific time, the same exact thing happened again, but on my left side, near in my ear.

    so I'm not too sure what that means, or if you did anything around those times, my times.

    I cant say i feel any different emotionally, but im hoping that something is working!
    has anyone else had anything similar happen?

    Hi Musingmus,

    "Corrections" is a term I use, that I learned from Dr Kam Yuen who taught me Chinese Energetic Medicine. It is a perfect explanation of what is being done in the Mind. The Mind is what projects/creates what you experience. If you are experiencing something "not good" then it needs correction. One needs to be enlightened to the fact that "fear" is only an illusion.

    Making an energetic correction is also like flipping the light switch on to what strengthens a person, and switching the light switch off to what weakens a person. Fear always weakens because it is not Truth. It is illusion and has no substance. Nothing in back of it. It is not of Spirit.

    So for example if you have a "fear of knowledge" then we need to make an energetic correction to turn that thought off. If not it will be "planted" into the sub-conscious mind over and over again, until you attract the vibration of "fear of knowledge" and all other "issues" that resonate with this. Which would manifest as "not good" experiences. Remember, Like attracts Like.

    One can also make a correction to Turn the switch on to "I love myself" this is a thought that brings a great deal of good into ones life. I focus more on bringing in the light, than on searching for weaknesses. We are light beings. I can muscle test the weakness and make the corrections necessary, but I also now more than ever see what is already strong within a person and "power" this up even more.

    This is because Light is more powerful than dark. Dark is the illusion. If one enters a dark room, and turns on the light there is no dark. With a flick of a switch darkness is gone. Truth is light, and always tests strong. Anything that muscle tests weak is nothing but illusion.

    You are a powerful creative being. Light projects energy. You are light, and the whole of the universe is energy that is being projected by the light. Light is Consciousness. In between the spaces of this energy that is being projected by the Light is Infinite Potential (God). We are light embraced by God.

    The light is akin to a wave in the ocean. Light is an extension of God, just as a wave is an extension of the ocean. Light created in the image of God, has the same abilities, but in order to experience itself, the Light projects energy. This energy is like plastic which can be molded into anything your mind can conceive. The feeling of this energy is Love.

    As conscious beings focusing the power of our mind, we create that which we are vibrating within us. Our thoughts have vibrations, these vibrations are the language of the sub-conscious mind. The sub-conscious mind is like a magnet attracting what ever it is vibrating at. Good or not good.

    The within is also referred to as the whole Mind. The Conscious Mind thinks, and therefore plants "seeds" into the sub-conscious which is only a part of the whole Mind.

    The ego/mind is the part of the mind that beleives in separation. This is a Dualistic World and so the ego/mind thrives. It sees separation and focuses on separation.

    The truth is that we are ONE, whole and completely perfect. Self Realization, Enlightenment is knowing that you are One. You are complete, whole and unified with all that is. So we must look past this illusion of separation and remember we are whole, and of ONE Mind.

    In the word "correction" there is no judgment, only an understanding that the experience is no longer serving the individual. The individual is ready to experience the whole mind. The highest level of consciousness. Christ Consciousness. The light of this world, and the power within each of us.

    I have been working on you daily, since we connected. The sensations you felt were due to layers of "issues" being removed and therefore other manifestations of issues screaming for attention. Where as Adrienne's sensations were due to her being in tune with her Energy work on herself, and on others. She is very sensitive to vibrations and her auric field.

    Many times when I am working on someone face to face, or on the phone, they will tell me of a pain in the back for example. While I am making the necessary corrections, they will begin to experience the pain "moving". It is not that the pain is moving, it is that the correction I made for the pain in the back was instant. The Pain was corrected but now the next "issue" is screaming for attention, it is an issue that was similar to the one just corrected so it is manifested once again in the back, but in a slightly different area.

    We are infinite beings, but also ONE. As you raise your consciousness and experience less "issues" you will then begin to transcend issues for the collective.

    Once again thank you for posting, and Welcome! I am so happy to hear you have been reading for a couple of months already. If you go back and read the whole thread you will pick up on all corrections you resonate with that have been made for others, since time is an illusion, and all is happening in the Now.

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  • yari
    Hi Grace

    I can not express enough how much I appreciate all ur love and kindness..Sebastian is at a difficult age but I learned today to focus on Graditude when we fight and we were able to make up right after!! I happy to see him dating and getting out of his shell daily. Thanks so much for ur corrections!! As for myself I thank you for helping me be more aware with how I perceived things and how to really watch my thoughts. I found that meditation has help me calm down and open my horizon.. I am grateful that you were there 4 me when I had bad day. Is amazing how a quick shift can change everything. Thank you 4 all ur corrections on me..

    Lots of love and Graditude!!


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  • KimJ
    I'm so happy for you, Adrienne. Congratulations on keeping your focus on your heartspace and love. That is something I've yet been able to do consistently. I know that's the key though, like you said - reality is merely a reflection of ourselves.

    I love your interpretation with the rose-colored/heart space glasses! That's a great reference to keep in the back of my mind throughout the day.... just to always remember we are choosing which colored glasses we're looking through every moment of the day....

    Congratulations on your 7 years clean as well!

    Thank you again, Grace, for your continued corrections and advice.

    Blessings and love.

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  • Adrienne
    a beautiful sharing session

    Ok i have to share some amazing stuff with everyone..
    as i was mentioning above.. this is kinda a continuation of that but more.
    the last few days have been amazing..incredible...
    first off i seem to feel more than anything.. i feel so much its amazing.

    on wednesday i had a day off, made another decision (not to take a test for schooling, didn't feel right) and so i stayed home and watched movies...
    actually i think it may have become very noticeable the night befor but i don't remeber what i was doing!...
    oh ya i was upset and felt myself going into this downward spiral kinda thing... emotionally... and was like wtf, am i depressed? anyways i then ask myself why am i allowing myself to go to this place... so i take all of my energy and focus it to my heart space... and play matrix.. and holy i felt amazing... like i didn't have to allow the emotions to override my perception of what is real and true.
    and also became aware of how these emotions are steming from thoughts.
    anyhow... i was able to bring myself back from the depths of dispare... simply focusing my energy on love... my heartspace... amazing.
    then when i was watching those movies i could feel my heart tingle.. i could feel it opening.. amazing again...
    and then i beleive it was that evening that i broke down and saw how amazing i am, like really saw it, felt it, knew it.
    and in this more awareness of how it is I who blocks and limits me with the beleifs i have about myself...
    cuz it was beleifs of me being a piece of crap, and judging myself so harshly that blocked/blocks me..
    anyhow then i had work the next day.. and later i celebrated 7 yrs clean at an NA meeting... and that was amazing, i felt so much there too... and friends came in to celebrate and felt the mass amount of love...
    then friday i worked a full shift and i had the most incredible day of my life... although the wierd part is that it wasn't cuz i was flying high with love, because it was a challenging day in ways... it was more like i was filled with love/am love/ my heart was open...
    cuz first off i was so gratefull to be at my job... playing with the people(cashier in grocery store) then my foster sister who i haven't see in like 17 yrs was in my line up... she got my info and then we had this huge reunion kind of hug in front of everyone... and i had tears in my eyes...
    I was so happy to see her.... it was the wow of what i had created in my universe...
    after the line up died i went into the office and cryed cuz i was so happy and overwhelmed...
    (i lived with her family as a teen for three yrs on and off)
    this was incredible... in so many ways...
    honestly i think this is the first time i have cried cuz i was happy...
    i am so gratefull for this.
    anyways... then.. cuz i was working i pretty much had the Imediate tears and held in the rest... so this did affect how i felt throughout the day... so i practiced looking at the world through my heartspace... cuz like heck was i gonna allow my mood to go down and feel crapy... then since i was working the late shift.. i was working with teens, which has been exstremely challenging for me.... they totally opened up with me, and they actually worked and kept busy... i was like ok what is going on here??
    befor it was always tense... and not much got done, and i am not there boss.. so i don't have that authority with them, and i am not there parent so i don't want to parent them... so it was always frustrating...
    however i had created less shifts with them.. but still had to wrok with them sometimes.
    anyhow.... this was amazing
    it was such an amzing day.. cuz i could see the cosmos re-arranging itself
    i was in shock and in awe... and thats pretty much it..
    the emotion i feel inside while describing this is 100X greater then what i have expressed here...
    and this is some of the amazing things in my world... my son is becoming very wise.... he is also becoming teachable... and taking in things he woundn't befor...
    I love how our reality reflects what is going on with us..
    so the mirror i am getting to look into blows my mind...
    and i had an interesting thought...
    the saying of looking through rose colored glasses.. or whatever color they maybe.... well i am putting the heart space in between the lenses and the eyes and everything looks different... like shifting the hologram.... making a different picture... bouncing the light(my light?) off of something other then what it was bouncing off of befor...
    Gratitude from the deepest part of my being..
    and i love you all...
    Love and Light
    Last edited by Adrienne; 04-04-2009, 06:27 PM.

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  • Adrienne
    Originally posted by musingmus View Post
    THANK YOU for the nice big warm welcome! or should i say the official welcome, since I've been reading these post for nearly 2 months now and just simply amazed!

    I wanted to ask, because I'm not too sure what it means when you do "corrections" and how it works.
    BUT Yesterday, TWO times yesterday i got this really bizarre slight dizzy feeling on the right side of my head, kinda in my ear. it was almost vibratory and quite odd, since I'VE never noticed this sensation before. It lasted no more than about 20-30 seconds. This took place around 3pm pacific time.
    Then around 8pm pacific time, the same exact thing happened again, but on my left side, near in my ear.

    so I'm not too sure what that means, or if you did anything around those times, my times.

    I cant say i feel any different emotionally, but im hoping that something is working!
    has anyone else had anything similar happen?
    First off thanks Grace for your wonderful words..
    I now know who true they are.. and am wowed often.

    Hi, and welcome to the forum and to Graces beautiful thread.
    Ok you asked if anyone lese has had anyhting like this happen.. well i will say a definit yes.. actually just yesterday my head was tingling (again) i actually love it when it does this.. it is such a neat sensation.
    and i also feel so aware and connected.. as well as i know somethiing is changing.
    what it is or why its happening i haven't got an earthly way to describe it.
    but since i have been using paths, matrix energetics, and Graces corrections... i have had so much tingling in my body and in all different kinds of places... mostloy in the frontal lobe area, which has lasted for months at a time...
    mind you throughout the days during these months..
    I love it..
    even right now i have this cold energy feeling in my chest/heart chackra area and have had it for about two weeks... since the matrix energetics play session.. but the last few days it has been really intense and amazing...
    to me they seem to be energy of somesort shifting.. moving , disolving.. as well as feeling beyond the thrid dimension too.... connectedness of somesort..
    these are my own thoughts of it.
    love and light musingmus
    I love you

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