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  • Empath
    Beautifully said! And I read this post immediately after I forwarded a Morning Message received today, The channel talks about a Container of Gratitude, lovingly and joyfully tended like a gardener.

    Morning Messages

    _________Message from the "Team"_________
    I wanted to share the personal message I received from the "team" about both of my loved ones. I believe this message is one to be shared with everyone as we all experience the challenges of the change in our lives and in the lives of our family and friends.
    It is important to remember that it is far more effective to hold all that you are concerned with in the container of gratitude. It may seem difficult, however, we invite you to continue to be creative and envision the best rather than worry about the worst. Begin to see the most amazing outcome happening, hold that vision with the tenderness of a gardener and her new seedling. You are far more effective in supporting their healing and well-being by seeing them at their best. When a thought of concern or worry comes to your active mind, quickly find something about this situation in which you are grateful. It can be a simple gratitude. Pre-plan these gratitude's, have a file of miracles, blessings easily ready to grab when needed. The minute you are aware that you are dropping into a place of worry or concern, take a deep breath, sigh and replace the worry thought with one that has a lighter flavor, a more coherent frequency. This is a conscious exercise, it is what is yours to do right now. You can be the anchor for your loved ones to hold on to, the vibration that they will entrain with, the link to their strength and well-being.
    During these times of great change and great evolutionarily shifts, it is most important for those who are aware to hold a firm and stable platform for all those who are striving to transform some dysfunction. Remember that you are a transformer; everyone is a transformer of dense, dysfunctional patterns and energy. However these dysfunctional patterns and energy manifest in your life and the lives of others, they are there to be processed and transformed through the conscious system of an awakened multidimensional being. This is the same tool to use with any situation and thought patterns that do not support your joy and well-being, whether it is health, finances, personal relationships, jobs or family.
    You can align yourself with the flow of well-being, and joy simply by holding a clear and firm frequency of gratitude. The mind loves to solve problems, to worry, to fret, to be concerned. That is what the mind loves to do and the mind will hijack your time doing just that. This is the old paradigm; this is what you are shifting and transforming. Realize that it is just a pattern of thought; it is just an old emotional frequency that still resides inside the system of your mind. It is important to understand and realize that you are moving into a new paradigm in which you will hold a vision, a thought, and intention of what you desire to manifest and it will be so.

    So this day we invite you to return to a state of gratitude as often and a frequently as possible. Know that your loved ones also have patterns to shift and transform, that is theirs to do. Know that your loved ones are also magnificent multidimensional beings who agreed to assist in the transformation of dysfunction on this planet, in all its many forms. Each one has a purpose, an assignment, a soul agreement that they are in the process of completing. Support them with your highest and your best thoughts and emotions for them. They will feel this on the subtle planes of consciousness. Your blessings will embrace them and lift them up, your joy will light their way.
    We invite you to call upon the celestial and divine realms of truth, love and light, assistance and support is as close as the request. Know that we are always as near has your heartbeat and as close as your breath. Be at peace beloved, know that all is well.

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  • Grace
    For All!

    "You must first have the knowledge of your power; second, the courage to dare; third, the faith to do" Master key Systems ~ Charles F. Haanel

    In order to manifest and create your greatness you must realize how powerful you are!

    God (infinite potential and supreme consciousness) extends into Light. Light is within the Mind of God. Light has the same Consciousness of God built within it. Light is Eternal. We as ONE are the Light. Light with the same infinite power of God projects out the light and this is what we experience as energy. The projection of Energy is felt as a vibration. This fine vibration is what we call LOVE. The vibration of Love, the energy of Love, is created by the Light. Love is what we are projecting with our consciousness. The very same consciousness that is completely whole and connected with supreme consciousness. This is why Feeling/vibration is the language of the Soul.

    The whole of everything, all the universes, anything imaginable in this dualistic projected reality is energy. Always remember that in between the spaces of energy is Infinite potential, GOD.

    We are One, because we are of ONE mind. We are embraced with the consciousness of God. This is how thought creates. Thoughts have vibrations, feelings. Thoughts of Light are fine and the closest to the Mind of God. Light is Truth. The feeling of Light is Love. In this dualistic projected reality we are feeling/experiencing energy, because energy has vibration. The fastest finest vibration is Love, and the slowest and most dense vibration is Fear.

    Here is the Miracle and if you have stuck with me so far you will recognize your immense Power!

    The slowest vibration is Fear, BUT it is still vibration! This is why Fear is an illusion! Do you see? All there is, IS THE VIBRATION OF LOVE! We are not our physical bodies. Our physical bodies are channels of Light in order to experience the feeling of Light which is the finest vibration that exists.

    We have been given the greatest gift and this is THOUGHT/Consciousness.
    Every thought has its own vibration depending on the thought. It is simple to know if the thought is fine or dense. You feel good when it's fine, and you feel not so good when your thoughts are dense.

    It is important here to remember that we are of ONE mind. This is why when you focus on finer vibrational thoughts you assist the whole! The collective consciousness. We are connected to the collective via the sub-conscious mind. The thoughts you think consciously or unconsciously are like "seeds" that root into the sub-conscious. This is why practicing staying Aware of your thoughts is such a great tool for creating good in your life.

    The combination of your thoughts put out a vibration. This is what you are "Being". The Law of Attraction or the Law of Love which is universal Law, and is also viewed as "like attracts like" will bring to you as a "mirror" to experience that which you are being.

    It is all Love, but to what degree? Fine vibration or dense? What vibration of Love/energy are you BEING NOW?

    It is challenging for many to feel Love. You can look out into the world and see that I am telling you the truth. Love is expressed in infinite ways and is too abstract for many to understand. This is why I am constantly focused on Gratitude, and why I tell others to do the same. Gratitude is the next finest vibration closest to the Light.

    Everyone knows the feeling/vibration of Gratitude. The beauty of Gratitude is that there are infinite things to be grateful for! Gratitude brings you closer and closer to finally experiencing the Truth! The Truth that will set you free! LOVE.

    The vibration of Gratitude when you are focused and BEING grateful will attract more of what you are BEING! It is Law. The hardest work you will ever do is to think thoughts of Love and Gratitude, yet this is the only vibration that will attract into your life the finest of things and experiences.

    Visualizing Light is a brilliant way to start because Light is LOVE and Gratitude.

    So when you are experiencing anything that is "not so good" look away from that vibration. It can be shifted instantly. Maintain a higher finer vibration as often as possible. Stay aware, dense thoughts will only slow down the greatness that is at your fingertips do not let dense thoughts take root!

    One fine thought will always blow away effortlessly any dense thoughts, just as easily as turning on the light proves that darkness has no power.

    Last edited by Grace; 04-17-2009, 08:44 PM.

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  • Grace
    For SallyJane, Belle, Empath, Doug, KimJ, Maura, Bill, Musingmus, and Sunshine!

    Nothing brings me more Joy than to read this thread every morning! I am very aware when someone posts, and I also know when I need to put extra attention on a particular person, or the group in general with energetic corrections.

    What also draws my attention daily to this thread is of-course the Love that is in all the posts and hearts of everyone here. I literally FEEL the LOVE when I read these posts. It is a nourishment that is unlike any other for me.

    Thank you SallyJane for your power and inspiration! I absolutely love how bright you shine!


    thank you too for your beautiful words of wisdom. You are correct concerning my Karate. In fact I am preparing for the greatest tournament of my Martial Arts career to date this June 27th. The 3rd Uechi World Cup for Peace.

    I have been practicing Karate since Feb of 1996, I have won 26 medals,and 7 trophies to date, but my greatest achievement is that I have never harmed one person in my dojo or in any Karate event I have been involved in.

    Since I began practicing Chinese Energetic Medicine in January of 2001 I have never been harmed myself. Sparring/karate is a beautiful dance of feeling energy. There is no separation and bringing forth the light from within myself and my partner is pure Joy!

    The greatest gift I have learned from Practicing Martial Arts is the power of focusing the mind. Putting attention and Focus on a target backed by the intention to bring Truth to the experience. In other words, in every moment to vibrate the feeling of Love and Gratitude. This continues to wipe out layers of Fear not only in me, but in all I come into contact with.

    Glad to see you posting again Belle!

    Thank you KimJ for posting the Kabbalh link. It tests strong along with Doug's Optimum D-Tox product. Doug!

    Hi Maura, I always love to see your thoughts and posts here and on Facebook too!

    Hi Bill,

    Sallyjane is right, you caught me during a challenging time to keep up with my varioius obligations. Also you caught me at a time where I was focused on being in the silence. I do this often. I am very focused on this because it is the only way to stay in the flow and hence be able to assist others more. It does not mean I am not aware of what is going on, or that I have stopped making corrections, on the contrary I am actually doing more by "creating" than by "pushing the river", but it does seem as if I have disappeared! I am grateful you contacted paths right away, they are truly wonderul! I most definitely will email you soon. I am truly grateful you are posting here, and for being my Paths customer!

    Hi Musingmus,

    I am always happy and grateful to see your posts. As the beautiful Sunshine said in her post to you, "Try not to give it a time limit, or think it should be working quicker". I am never going to stop making corrections for you, I have been doing so daily, and the fog will begin to clear. It will seem like a small release from pain, but with each layer of corrections, your mind will begin to clearly see, and hence experience the truth of your power.

    Great post Sunshine!

    Once again Thank you Sallyjane for being in my life!

    to All for being so magnificent!

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  • zartgirl

    Hey sweety, I just want you to close your eyes and feel me wrapping a warm blanket of LOVE around you. Now I am filling your heart with LOVE (although it really already is filled to the top with LOVE, but needs to be opened to that love). Yep that is me giving you a big huge bear HUG!

    I don't know if you have read through all of the posts on this thread, but trust me, I know what despair is! Grace can and so do the past posts a test to that fact. I use to come here in tears begging for Grace's help, especially back when I was still living in the shelter and it seemed like I would never get a house or a job! Grace kept telling me to focus on Gratitude! Focus on Gratitude! Focus on Gratitude! Yes it was hard at times to focus on Gratitude, and even now I sometimes forget to focus on Gratitude, but now I catch myself, and I quickly regroup and start to praise or thank the Universe for everything I have in my life. I would go into the bathroom of shelter and dance and sing thank you, thank you, thank you, and so on and so on.

    Depression, anger, frustration, sadness, anxiety, and such all stem from FEAR! FEAR manifests more of whatever you FEAR! So the more you give into FEAR the deeper you will go into the depression... The answer although tough is GRATITUDE! GRATITUDE goes hand in hand with LOVE and FORGIVENESS! When you are in GRATITUDE you have to forgive to stay there, and without GRATITUDE, and FORGIVENESS, LOVE is impossible! Start with gratitude and forgiveness and LOVE.

    By the way HAPPINESS is the LOVE pouring forth out of your heart. It might help when you are feeling so down to take your eyesight off of yourself and help someone else... Something very uplifting... It can be just small thing, but have such a big impact on your outlook.

    To open your heart up to LOVE, sit quietly... Take deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth very slowly... Visualize yourself sinking down into your sacred heart or soul (located in the center of your chest area by your heart, but more on center). Sink down deep into it and visualize it opening up to let you inside it. Now I want you to grow it as big as you can... Bigger than your own body, just keep growing and growing your heart... Practice this everyday as many times a day as you can possibly fit into your day! I would also really suggest when you are ready to change out a module, to add UNCONDITIONAL LOVE to your account... Very powerful! Listen to your heart and it will tell you when it time to change out a module... I always pick my modules intuitively, just listening to my heart... then I test to see if they are right by either muscle testing or with my pendulum.

    I remember one day not long ago, I got up and was getting ready to go... when I looked in the mirror to add makeup, and saw my own beauty, and thought "WOW! I don't need makeup!" It was an awesome experience! Lately I have been meditating on connecting to the earth and bringing up the earth's energy, and then connecting to God, and bringing the LIght of God (The source, Universe, whatever you want to call it) down into me filling me up... and then connecting to all the people in the world... As I was doing that one day all of a sudden the God that had always been up there someplace came down into me and took it's rightful place in my sacred heart! It was awesome!

    This is getting long, so I will end for now... Wrapping you in another blanket of LOVE... Now feel the warmth of that blanket, embrace that LOVE! Remember LOVE is the most powerful energy in the Universe! Now if we could just harness it to run our cars on... I believe with enough LOVE pouring out of us we could run our cars on it, and imagine... There would be no road rage! Oh one more thought... NO JUDGING! Nothing is bad or good... It just is and that goes for people too... Just love as is, and this will take some practice, but it is powerful!

    LOVE LIGHT and BLESSINGS Sallyjane
    Hand painted blessings home page
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  • Sunshine
    Dear Musingmus

    It CAN get better. I know you probably can't see how this can possibly be at the moment, but just know it is possible. I understand what it's like to hate yourself and no matter how much you want to give and receive love and feel it you just can't. I think you are on the trauma release module? Keep with it as it can help you to release all the things buried inside.It can help with the self loathing and feelings of anger and hatred. Try not to give it a time limit or think it should be working quicker or anything like that. There's no one route to feeling better. You just have to take one step at a time. I have gone from hating myself to now being able to say that I truly love myself just as I am. A couple of things that helped me were firstly to take my focus off my ultimate goal of feeling totally "better" and to try instead to just feel a tiny bit better at any moment about anything. It's a big step from the bottom to the top so just a little step is all you need to do. And along with this goes feeling gratitude. In the beginning, I struggled to think of anything and my attention always wandered back to what was "wrong" and what I wanted to fix and change. I had to absolutely force myself to think of just one thing and this was done a bit grudgingly I have had to really practise. Have you tried writing things down? When you're feeling really bad to just write it all down and get it on paper? Then you can either burn it or tear it up. Just to get the emotions out of you? It works for some people so see if it's something you think you might like to do. Also, I don't know if you're still on the ho'oponopono module? I've found this really helpful. Here's a link to a ho'oponopono site IZI LLC which gives you more information. I'm sure there's lots of other places where you can get info from but this is just one that I used. I struggled with forgiveness for a long time. I didn't want to forgive anyone! but I've liked ho'oponopono and it's helped me to see things in a different way. Another thing I found helpful was to read through all the posts in this thread and also dip into quite a few others too. There's so much in them that can help and you'll be amazed at what you find.
    Well, that's it for now. Just know that you're not alone, there are supportive people on this forum. People that have been where you are. And it is possible to go from feeling deep self-hatred and pain and anger to feeling love and peace.

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  • musingmus
    Corrections for Hormonal Imbalance

    Good Day Gracie and the rest of the Pathers

    Thank you so much for making corrections on me, and hopefully anyone else who resonates with my deep emotional issues, will hopefully find the corrections useful as well. I know i haven't posted what I've been going through, but deep Depression and anger issues are the culprit at hand here.
    BUT having said this...
    Im wondering, actually this is factual, but I'm thinking along with all the things that my system is dealing with, I'm pretty sure i have a bad bad bad severe case of PMS. AND it doesn't help that i PMS around the full moon. My emotions are mega heightened and i really lose myself in a deep depression, where it gets physical and beyond emotional and I'm in fetal position crying. Most times i know why I'm crying. Mostly blaming myself and having a deep hatred towards me.
    Unfortunately, this heightened intense emotion lasts about a week and half.
    Then i go back to just hating myself, thinking negative thoughts, self loathing, and simply just not happy. When i get an ounce of happiness, my mind rejects it and i don't feel i deserve it. I mean, WHAT the hell! Thats all i want, is to always feel happy. I keep pushing people away all the time. Especially the ones i love the most. I just cant keep living like this and I don't know how to snap out of it. Its like all my childhood trauma came back to re-bite me, but this time making sure i deal with it and just making my already miserable life more hell. Its self sabotage.

    Anyways, i just want to feel happy, and peaceful, and loving and just really love myself. I think i deserve these things, as we all do.
    Its our birthright to feel GOOD, and its not fair that some of us just cant get to that place, and that were stuck and get lost in our emotions.

    Like i said, I JUST WANT LOVE and TO BE LOVING and TOO really unconditionally love ME. really, is this too much to ask for???

    thanks grace, thank you so much for helping heal us all. I cant NOT wait for the day i make a post, a happy healthy post!

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  • ImBill
    Cool, thanks for the reassurance. I went ahead and contacted the as I had wanted to get my sleep module boosted. They were quick to respond.
    Thanks again! Many blessings back your way!

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  • zartgirl

    Sometimes depending on Graces karate schedule, and other schedules and just the shear number of emails and posts it can take her awhile to post her or get through all her emails. She will get back to you, I can assure you of that, and she is reading and doing adjustments even if she does not have time to reply!

    Love Light and Blessings

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  • ImBill
    Has anyone heard from Grace in the past week or so? I signed up for PATHS through her web site on the 3rd. She responded to a couple of questions right away, but hasn't replied to subsequent e-mails on the 4th and 7th. Hoping all is well.

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  • zartgirl

    Originally posted by belle99 View Post
    I am wondering if anyone else here is experiencing the mistaken belief that one deserves "punishment" or "karma?"
    We have all been there, and some are still there working to get past that point! The idea that we deserve punishment or Karma, comes from the Egoic mind judging ourselves. The way to move past or peel off that layer is to open your heart that is filled with LOVE! The more you open your heart the more your whole being will be healed... Meditate and concentrate on opening and growing that LOVE bigger and bigger... I picture myself going down deeper and deeper into my sacred heart and opening it more and more.

    Another way I have been meditating this last week, is concentrating on connecting to the Earth, then to God or the Universe, and then connecting to all the people of the world, and then more on the Earth, the Universe, and so on and so forth... One day as I was going through this meditation when I came back around to the Universe as I focused on connecting to "God" which I was still seeing as up there somewhere... He came down to me and became one with me! Now when I do that meditation and I connect with God/Universe I immediately sink down into my sacred heart, as that is where I know he resides now.

    The judgment that you are experiencing that causes you to think you deserve to be punished is the same one that looks at you in the mirror and says "I don't like that part of me! or that other part either!" As you open up your heart and start to experience TRUE LOVE towards yourself and the world letting go of the judgment, the belief that you are not good enough will go away.

    I am reading a book called "The Mastery of LOVE" by Don Miguel Ruiz. It is about love relationships and creating an awesome relationship with your lover. The most important part of creating an awesome relationship with your lover, is LOVING YOURSELF first. Yes we first must have an awesome relationship with ourselves before we can have an awesome relationship with another. That means letting go of the expectations we have of not only the other person, but of ourselves! When we love ourselves in that way then we can relate to the world in the same manner without judgment, and we can share our love unconditionally... Everything less than this is really not LOVE, but selfishness driven by fear!

    Trust me this whole expectation things has been beating me up lately! I think I have it and then I experience a little bit of fear and I loose it... Fortunately, for me, I recover extremely fast and release those expectations quickly (in a matter of minutes and return to love fast). When I am in Love there is no anger, and when I am in fear with expectations there is anger and resentment! It is okay to slip up, because the success for me is in my recovery time, and how much quicker I let go, and recognize my slip up! Soon, those expectations will be gone and I will again have gained even more victory over the egoic mind!

    I recommend the Klaus books on Living on Love, you can do a search for them on this thread and find out about them... They are free! But I highly recommend the book I am reading also because it will really be powerful in building your relationship with yourself.


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  • zartgirl

    Welcome Bill!

    We are glad to have you join us! Look forward to you posting much more and getting to know you here...

    Blessings, Love and Light Sallyjane

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  • belle99
    I am wondering if anyone else here is experiencing the mistaken belief that one deserves "punishment" or "karma?"

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  • ImBill
    Hello, all. I've been looking forward to this day when I could write my first post. Thanks so much to all of you for perpetuating this wonderful thread long enough for me to participate. I look forward to learning more from all the beautiful souls here.
    Love to us all,

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  • Moneyhon
    Empath, great ruminations!!! You painted such a clear picture with your words. It was right on as to what I needed to hear today.

    With Joy,


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  • zartgirl


    (I also posted this on your facebook page) I could use some help with some health issues... First of all I have had some serious headaches lately. They start in my jaws and spread turning into the symptoms of a migraine. Can you test to find out what it is and do some corrections on it?

    The second is I just found out that I am one point off from being diabetic. 155 is diabetic and I am 154... I have been eating sugar again the last little bit, and I need to A. Stop eating it. B start eating better. C. Deal with the core issue of why I am creating this!

    Could you make these correction on me please?

    Thank you in advance as I know you have already started working on these issues!

    Blessings Sallyjane

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