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  • Originally posted by Rin View Post
    Grace, I posted the above back in April. Recently I went for a full check-up, and discovered that the fibroids have disappeared! Gyno was rather puzzled, and thinks that the original diagnosis must have been a mistake, but I don't see how you can argue with actual ultrasound pics. Anyway, my monthly problems are slowly but surely getting better. I started the Change of Life module a few weeks ago as you originally suggested, and I hope to see much more improvement soon. Thank you so much for working on me!

    Prosperity and wealth issues: yes, I am seeing some very interesting developments here, and it's coming from places and people I never would've imagined (one of them my son, who has suddenly taken up money-making with a vengeance - something you once assured me would happen!). This is very exciting, please keep working on us all!

    Heat exhaustion: distinct improvement within the last few days. It helps that I'm able to take a little break from work right now. It has recently occurred to me that I'm actually feeling "burned out" from work (hence, "heat exhaustion") rather than anything else. Lots of stuff to work out there, methinks.

    Thank you so much for your help, Grace, and thank you to everybody who has been working on everybody else. Please keep up the good work, it's helping!
    Hi Rin! I love you too!! I meant to also comment on Your Fibroids disappearing and your GYNO being puzzled!! I absolutely love it!!
    Remember the power of perfect Health is always and forever WITHIN YOU!! It was your choice to use Paths, be on this Forum, Request CEM!! You have created all of this, just as we all have! You are powerful beyond measure! Never forget this power and you will always continue to put it to good use not just for yourself but for many others!!


    • MasterMind Call tomorrow Wed at 4pm Eastern

      Hi All,

      Sharyn is in Hawaii right now for the Matrix Energetics workshop! I will be heading the Master Mind Call for her tomorrow. It will be at 4pm Eastern. I will also at the end spend another half an hour teaching Chinese Energetic Medicine.

      It is going to be a skype Conference call once again. There is room for two more if you are interested, then make sure you are set up with skype on your computer Skype - internet calls - download Skype free now - free calls - official website (it's free) and then search for my handle grace.haeusler but make sure your message mentions you are interested in the Mastermind group or I may not accept you as a contact Looking forward to it! Once on the call we will show you how to get to the Private Mastermind thread here on our very own Energetic Forum!


      • Powerful Feminine Energy!!!!

        Originally posted by zartgirl View Post
        Grace as you were saying above about what wealth is... Well, I got back the results from the biopsy and there is NO malignacy (sp) Well No Cancer!!!! Since they found it I was believing that this was healed, although the doctor had me a bit worried for a short moment, I have known I was healed. I think my doctor was actually quite surprised that it was not cancerous because it was asymetrical and had been changing... I just knew it was healed.

        As for my jaw... I have not had to wear my mouthpiece this week!!!! Way Cool!

        All of you healers are just awesome!!! I am a believer! I have to tell you I am awaiting my call for my new job!

        Blessings Sj zartgirl!

        Zartgirl!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!! I am feeling very proud of you and Rin!! You are two very powerful females!! AND just you wait and see YOUR call is definitely coming!!


        • More Help please!

          First I wanted to say thank you everyone for all your encouragement and celebration with me this week! I also wanted to let you know that although I don't know anything about healing stuff I do keep you in my prayers of gratitude!

          This has been a tough week for me emotionally and tonight has colminated into almost a breakdown! Well I am calmed down now and thinking rationally, but I was very upset this evening, after talking to my soon to be x husband. I really need for him to sign off on the divorce papers and the waiver to a court date. I have been believing all along that he would just sign off. He does not have a case to force me to stay here... 1st of all I have a right to live someplace where I can make a living, where I have a support structure (family and friends), and to top it off he has all of his professional licenses in CA that he has up here, and can make as much money there as he does here... He also stands to loose because if we go to court the whole community here will find out I have been living in a DV shelter and stuff and he is an elected official here... So really there is no reason for him to want to fight me, and I believe I will win either way, but it would be better for both of us to have him sign off with no battle. He has also told the kids he would keep things peaceful! Please help me to keep this whole thing peaceful! I am scheduled to go to a class in a nearby town to learn how to fill out and file the paperwork for the divorce on Monday Morning. Shortly after that, I will be asking him to sign off on everything and filing the papers. My parents have told me that they will pay the filing fee if I need them too just to get it filed immediately. Please help me with this!

          Besides I feel like in my heart that I can not recieve what the universe is giving me till I get to Calif on faith! I need to get there!

          Thank you and blessings zartgirl (sj)


          • Peace for Zartgirl

            Hi Zartgirl,

            This Challenge you are going through at this time is Emotional and Spiritual for you. Using CEM I work on 6 bodies that each of us as we move through this lifetime have, they are: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Psychological, Psychic and Spiritual bodies.

            Emotional in that I am currently correcting a great deal of anxiety, tension, inability to relax, frustration, anger, relationship issues etc. Spiritual in that there are layers of situations such as picking up emotions of others, past life trauma and time issues (believing that things take time to resolve).

            As I write these words to you I am making the necessary corrections and I will continue until sufficient layers of issues are released in this matter in order to create a stronger sense of inner peace for you. You will also need more courage and strength of character to move through this with ease and to forgive yourself and him.

            You need a shift in Consciousness and this is what I am focused on this evening for you. As you feel the peace within well up in waves in your being you will gain a great deal of insight and clarity on how to BE in this situation and not create anything but Love and Gratitude for who you are and the choices you have made.

            "Besides I feel like in my heart that I can not receive what the universe is giving me till I get to Calif on faith! I need to get there!"

            Do not limit what the Universe/God/You can create and bring to you! God/Universe is within you. Infinite Potential is within you! Focus on allowing the Universe to bring you exactly what you desire at the perfect time. Focus on what you desire, not on what you don't.

            Your desire to get to California is strong so feel the gratitude of being there as if you ARE already there. Allow the Universe (without setting limits or conditions) to make an effortless way for you to be there. Feel this gratitude as if you are already there happy and joyful living a fun and fulfilled life. Feel this gratitude as often throughout the day as you can.

            I will continue to do corrections for you and the group for Peace of Mind. You have more power at your command than you could ever Imagine! Trust in your infinite power and strength you have within YOU. It is there for you to use at Will.



            • first timer

              Hi All,

              I'm an occasional lurker on the Energetic Forum and just spent a week and a half getting up to date on this thread - sometimes up till 3 in the morning!

              I've been on PATHS since February with varying degrees of results. Someday soon-ish I hope to post some of my own requests and recieve benefit from the magic of CEM but for now I am here with a request for a friend.

              Her name is Kriss. The left side of her face went numb about 2 weeks ago. No sagging, no pain, no loss of feeling, just a numb, novacaine kind of feeling. It began around the nose, was fairly accute then spread to the whole of the side and became less distinct.

              Her life and job have been highly stressful and I don't know that will change without drastic measures - ie, her collapsing from it. She's linclined to believe stress is the cause of this numbness though you can tell it is wearing on her psyche. The tears are near the surface when she asks for prayers.

              She is not aware that I am posting here though I will tell her I've asked some people to pray for her. For the moment that might be easiest for her.

              Thank you. I am very grateful for your attention to this and to the lovely, lovely work going on here. I might not be back to check until early next week. It's family reunion weekend and I'm coordinating this year.

              Much love and in all things,


              • Cem

                Hi everyone,
                I'm sorry I missed the Skype call yesterday. I was waiting for a washer and dryer repairman to show up----guess what, he never showed up!!! He better be here this morning 'cause I'm running out of clothes!!!

                I really wanted to talk to all of you again and practice some more CEM. I'm still shaky on the hows. I'd like to practice more on all of you; not really sure how to do that yet

                I don't think anything has changed with me lately. Digestion issues still the same, and abundance, whew, that hasn't been good at all lately . Well, depends on how you look at abundance---wonderful free stuff like education and help with my health,, no. Is money a separate issue from abundance? It seems I heard Grace mention that.

                What is intersting though is that now when I test the strength of those issues, I test strong for them---strong for "healthy digestion", strong for abundance. That's the correct way to do it, right?

                OK, I just did a correction for "Relationship with Money". Now I test strong for it. Do I have to do the correction on each level?

                Looking forward to more practice. Will you be meeting on Skype next week?

                Love to all with wishes of Health and Prosperity for everyone
                Love and Blessings,

                Dr. DeAnn Upton, A.M.P.
                My PATHS Affiliate Website


                • Waves of Possibilities ~ Particles of Experience

                  At the prompting of Grace and others in our Mastermind group I am stepping out and posting a recent writing. I am calling this poem 'Waves of Possibilities ~ Particles of Experience'

                  Imagine, just imagine ~
                  Waves of possibilities rolling on an endless sea
                  Calming and serene waters of evolution
                  With rhythmic heart beat timing
                  Awaiting our observation
                  And in an instant ~ transformed
                  Becoming a unique particle of experience
                  As we choose, by intent, our perfect path
                  A moment of perceived time and space
                  With each choosing, knowing
                  We create our next step in this amazing life
                  As spirit beings on a human journey of discovery
                  We are indeed so blessed and honoured to be.

                  Experience life and love, gratitude and joy
                  With me
                  Run down the path to the shore
                  Skipping along in appreciation of what lies before us
                  Hand in hand
                  Open together to opportunities, discoveries, blessings
                  That simply wait in a future created by each of us
                  Planned to perfection before this time on earth began
                  Joined in agreement to share this moment
                  Knowing, without knowing that all is perfected
                  Step out on to the sandy shore
                  And allow the waves to wash our cares away
                  Trusting the universe to make it so.

                  It comes with blessings and an intent to speak to your heart from mine.

                  Love, Light, Gratitude & Joy,
                  Love, Light, Gratitude & Joy

                  My Mystic PATHS Website
                  Word Whisperer
                  My Squidoo Lens - ThetaHealing, Reiki,


                  • Spirals of Disclosure

                    Me again! This time Viviana got on my case to post last nights writing. This one is called 'Spirals of Disclosure'.
                    During our conversation, I had a visual image pop into my head of a DNA rainbow spiral ` A Stairway to Heaven` so I wrote this:

                    With each step forward on the spiral ladder we raise our vibration higher
                    Our joy increases with each realization
                    that indeed, we are creators of our own reality
                    And what a blessed reality that is
                    Our holographic world has no other directors
                    But our own selves.
                    There are no limitations only those we allow
                    Let your imagination flow freely
                    Remember the childhood joy of each new discovery
                    The first time you climbed a tree or swung up higher and higher
                    Until you reached the sky and could see forever
                    When there was absolutely no fear, no hesitation
                    Only laughter and bliss.

                    In each new day of now
                    We have the choice to select our perfect moment
                    To rejoice in love, light, gratitude and joy
                    Meeting each opportunity before us with childlike faith
                    Visualize with me, the spiral ladder of discovery
                    Radiating a beautiful rainbow hue
                    Chakra clearing, balancing as a personal spiral vortex
                    Lifting us up another rung
                    And as we move forward hand in hand with those we love
                    We support and lift each other up.
                    Some may choose to rest a while and await their perfect timing
                    All is well, all is fine
                    All has been perfected by each of us alone before this time began.

                    Again, may you be blessed by the image of this magnificent spiral as we lift each other up and support all on the Path.

                    Love, Light, Gratitude & Joy,
                    Love, Light, Gratitude & Joy

                    My Mystic PATHS Website
                    Word Whisperer
                    My Squidoo Lens - ThetaHealing, Reiki,


                    • Kudos for Maggie!

                      For Maggie!!!

                      Love the poems and now we can ALL enjoy them!!

                      ~Viviana - xoxo
                      "The divine is not something high above us. It is in heaven, it is in earth, it is inside us..." - Morihei Ueshiba


                      • Welcome Bobi!

                        Hi Bobi,

                        I will work on Kriss, and thank you for sharing with us and posting!! I have already tuned into you too, and I will be working on you as well. I really don't need anything else to be able to "test" and "correct", but it is important to post so that others will be able to resonate with you and pick up the corrections as well. So thank you so much for your post and your future posts I very much appreciate the time and effort it takes to post!!

                        Hi DeAnn,

                        We missed you too on the Master Mind Conference Call. I taught about scanning a physical body and making corrections for anything not creating strength and therefore creating instant healing for those "issues". I will review on Thursday August 30th at 4pm eastern(Viviana's Birthday ) I will answer your questions then after the Masterminding we do with Sharyn (she will be back from Hawaii by then ). Teaching CEM is too time consuming if one has to post! We will also be discussing making Group corrections. Looking forward to hearing your sweet voice again!

                        IMMENSE LOVE AND GRATITUDE ~ GRACE



                        • Poem

                          I thought your poem was just beautiful. I'm sending the link to my friends. Thank you for such lovely thoughts.
                          Love and Blessings,

                          Dr. DeAnn Upton, A.M.P.
                          My PATHS Affiliate Website


                          • Oh Man you all are amazing

                            Grace and others I so much appreciate the corrections!

                            I had complete peace come over me last night. Then today my daughter decided she wanted a BLT for dinner tonight, so we went to their dad's house to raid his garden. While there my son decided to bring up the subject that I was trying to avoid. Long story short, I told him that I was taking a class on Monday to learn how to fill out the divorce papers and that if he would sign them with me in front of a notary that I could file them and it would basically be all done with out a court date. That way I could take off to Calif sooner! He said, sure and agreed to make the appt. for the notary. I will follow up on that detail on Monday and make sure that he has done it or I will just do it for him (he is a procrastinator). He wanted to know when I was going to leave, and even agreed to pay for me some extra stuff for me!

                            I can not thank you enough! I was slowly working towards calm and peaceful but you really helped me get there. I knew that I needed to be there!

                            Wow! Grace I had not thought about how much I was limiting myself by thinking that I had to make the move of faith to receive! I changed that fast! I was kind of bummed when I realized that my kids were going to have to start school here and then start all over again in a new town, but then today I realized that it was a blessing for them, because now they get to say goodbye and get phone numbers and addresses of their friends they want to keep in touch with!

                            My sister has a car for me when I get to Calif that is in better running condition. It is an old classic, and I love old classic cars! I was so excited when she told me about it! It is really funny cause it was supposed to be one of my nephews car, but he didn't want to learn how to drive a stick shift. Today his brothers truck transmission broke down. My sister asked if he was going to fight with me for the old classic car, and he told his mom that he didn't want an old car like that??? LOL! The car is in excellent condition. The former owner was a mechanic. And it is being saved just for me! Is that cool or what! I absolutely love old classic cars too!

                            I learned in college how to do very basic animation, but never took it beyond that point. Yesterday and today, all day I have been feeling like I am supposed to work through a bunch of tutorials that would make me very good at it. The tutorials were given to me for free! So I am thinking that I am supposed to start working on those tonight.

                            Blessings Sj (zartgirl)


                            • Thank you and energy flow


                              Thank you for sharing your lovely poem. There is a sweetness in it beyond the words themselves that I suspect reflects the author. Thank you perhaps even more for having the courage to put it out there. Putting our creative self out for the world to see is an enormous step and a gift! You go, girl!


                              Thank you for your attentive care to my friend, Kriss. And for gracing me as well. What a yummy jolt of surprise.

                              I’ve been lying in bed thinking I really have to get to sleep for yet another full day ahead but I decided I best share some of today’s experiences in case it is of use to the dialog. And there is no way I will remember if I wait until Sunday.

                              The last two weeks have been depleting on various levels knocking me pretty clearly out of balance. And while I’d like to hole up for a week to focus on myself it will be some while before I can. And after a particularly low three days I woke up this morning feeling “I’m Back!” with a normal sense of self and the tools to get on with things. This felt normal enough, it happens like this some times – though now I wonder if it is related to your attentions. Works for me!

                              Then tonight, as I was settling in to sleep, my mind was in spin-mode running down paths with negative bents and I thought, “cripes, I need to get grounded”. A friend recently introduced me to sending down roots from my big toes rather than through the bottoms of the feet or out the tailbone. Wow, those are wily little roots that dive headlong for a molten core and then swim about like nymphs cavorting – or so it’s been for me. Which is great because I typically sidetrack before I can soundly ground.

                              So I have some familiarity with those wily guys. However, this time energy surged up those roots and shot up both legs and to my chest through clearly defined lines like major arteries –and red, lava-like. I sat with it as it climbed more slowly and filled my head, swirling around the crown. I thought, cool- maybe this will open that chakra, but it seemed content to simply swirl. Then a spike of light surged up from inside my head – also cool, I’m thinking. followed by light or something similar coming down fiilling me like cool water clear down to my feet. I try to allow it to flow down through those big toes but instead it flows from my tailbone and I think – oh my goodness, this a good thing, a thing I’ve been aiming for and I sit with the flow for a while before my thinking gets in the way.

                              I’m somewhat familiar with energies though this was new, vivid. And somewhere along the line I realized, oh! –this might be CEM!

                              Sharing here in this forum is new territory for me and saying so much so early feels a bit, what…over zealous? Still, here it is.

                              Thank you for your time and gracious attentions. I will be eager to check back here when I get home late Sunday.

                              joy in all things,


                              • Cem

                                I found these great You Tubes with Kam Yuen. Have they been posted previously?
                                If not, ENJOY

                                Skip the intro and scroll ahead to 17:00
                                YouTube - Bridging Heaven & Earth Show # 176 with Kam Yuen

                                And also:
                                YouTube - How to eliminate any pain within two minutes or less

                                Love and Blessings,

                                Dr. DeAnn Upton, A.M.P.
                                My PATHS Affiliate Website