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  • Working with Others!

    Originally posted by sterlingpg View Post
    Again, not to sidetrack this thread (apologies Dear Grace ) but perhaps this might help you in deciding to attend a ME seminar: The people who go to these (at least the recent BIG one I went to in Seattle) are Awesome people! Its not the usual big noisy crowd you might find in malls, work training seminars and the like. I think there are a lot of people there who are sensitive to energies, their space, and so forth yet the atmosphere is SO positive and playful that its easy for most to get REALLY wrapped up in it!

    The other thing is that ME is very possible to learn with private lessons or through the book, but is very rare for anyone to 'get it' fully, this way. The seminar 'state' that is specifically 'energetically' set up (in apostrophes because its hard to define it just as 'energy' and ME does not run energy like many other modalities), so that an attendee can really experience stepping out of consensus reality, do and practice ME with others or by a free demonstration on you by Dr. Bartlett (hehe now THATS an experience you'll never forget!!!) , and know that they too can do it!

    Hope that helps! I often remind myself that it is my beliefs that create my reality. Beliefs are just things I've told myself over and over as 'real' until I believed them! Everything I say to describe myself is what makes that true for me, not the other way around! No matter how much I have said in the past, 'but this is a fact (lol! one definition of fact is something 'made up') I am this or that or these things have 'happened' *to* me, thats just the way it is', the truth of my 'reality' is that I'm making it ALL UP!

    Ok ok, enough blabbing by me on Lovely, Wonderful, Amazing Grace's thread!

    Love and light!


    Hi Stephen,

    First I want to send plenty of "Good Energy" for you, Sharyn, Pegi, and Adrienne to have an ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS time in Hawaii for Your Matrix Energetics trip!!

    I went to each of my Chinese Energetic Medicine workshops (six in total) and loved every single one of those trips!! I highly recommend working with people vs learning on your own!

    Even though I highly advocate working on yourself first with any chosen healing modality, working on others does make it more fun!! We validate each other in this way! With out YOU there is no ME!! So going to workshops is indeed a powerful experience for any person to have!

    Yes Stephen you are once again correct, "We are making all of this up"!! AND I am so HAPPY AND GRATEFUL NOW THAT I HAVE CREATED ALL OF YOU TO SHARE MY WORLD WITH ME!!


    • Originally posted by Grace View Post
      S.J, Please keep me informed, I still do not have complete "strength" yet for this infection in your gums, but I have removed quite a few layers that were adding to the manifestation of this "issue". Let me know what (if anything) has shifted yet.
      thank you sooo much, I appreciate it so much
      It is still the same. It does me good just to read what you wrote. Im putting teatree on it now, shouldnt really and tastes disgusting but hoping it will all help some thanks again,

      SJ xxxx


      • Originally posted by Rin View Post
        Grace, a few months ago I was diagnosed as having two small fibroids and a touch of endometriosis. These seem to be typical ailments of women at my stage of life.
        Grace, I posted the above back in April. Recently I went for a full check-up, and discovered that the fibroids have disappeared! Gyno was rather puzzled, and thinks that the original diagonosis must have been a mistake, but I don't see how you can argue with actual ultrasound pics. Anyway, my monthly problems are slowly but surely getting better. I started the Change of Life module a few weeks ago as you originally suggested, and I hope to see much more improvement soon. Thank you so much for working on me!

        Prosperity and wealth issues: yes, I am seeing some very interesting developments here, and it's coming from places and people I never would've imagined (one of them my son, who has suddenly taken up money-making with a vengeance - something you once assured me would happen!). This is very exciting, please keep working on us all!

        Heat exhaustion: distinct improvement within the last few days. It helps that I'm able to take a little break from work right now. It has recently occurred to me that I'm actually feeling "burned out" from work (hence, "heat exhaustion") rather than anything else. Lots of stuff to work out there, methinks.

        Thank you so much for your help, Grace, and thank you to everybody who has been working on everybody else. Please keep up the good work, it's helping!


        • It's been a long time

          Hi Everyone
          I can't remember the last time I posted here or visited this forum. It's been a couple of months now. Life is getting in the way a bit and I lost touch. I just spent awhile looking back at what's been going on and reminded myself why I used to spend so much of my evening here. Your posts truly touch me and I love the energy here.

          I wanted to share... about 4 months ago I had a phone call with Moira. She was helping me with some issues that I am having with my husband and my direction in life. One thing she mentioned was that she sees a move in the near future and it would be to a place that would be a better fit for me. Well I literally just moved into a new home shortly before our conversation so I told her that I wouldn't be moving for at least a year - we are renting right now and have a year lease and was hoping to stay for 2. She said that maybe what she is seeing is this recent move that we just made. Anyway, long story short... the people who own this house that we are renting just went into foreclosure and the house went on the auction block. In the state of MA a lease is not honored after an auction and we have to leave. My husband and I have been struggling with our marriage and we are thinking that this might be a good time for us to go our own way. There is a house that I have been considering. It wouldn't be right for my husband but is a better fit for me and our children. I was just in awe of how on target Moira was thank you for your all of your guidance and insight.

          I also just went to a very good friend of mine who does live blood analysis and my adrenal profile was looking pretty bad... this is something that both Moira and Grace shared intuitively in the past. I'm working on creating more peace in my life. I'm certain that stress is the cause of my profile. I'm a strong believer in alkalizing and see amazing results from my lifestyle and natural supplements that I take but I know that an acid environment is also a result of my emotions and the energy I'm bringing in my body. So here I am again... drawn back to this space with all of you to seek energetic healing and a community of amazing spirits. If you can please work on my adrenals as well as prosperity in my life to stand on my own two feet I would be so incredibly appreciative.

          I want more than anything to give back all that I have rec'd in so many areas of my life. If there is anyway I can be a part of the group learning CEM I would be honored.

          Ahh... this feels good. Thank you! Love Tracy


          • We Missed you Tracey!

            Hi Tracey!

            I am so happy and grateful for your post!! What I would like to see most is YOU focusing on YOU!! It is your GREAT heart that wants to give, but you are depleted and must allow your "CUP" to be filled first!!

            I just spoke with Moria today, and Yes she is indeed a blessing to all of us!! (I have told her over and over again to raise her prices!!) She is absolutely amazing and is the only person I go to for confirmation!! I know of no one more competent!! She does what she does because she is the "REAL McCOY"!!!!

            But, Tracey you must take care of YOU first and no matter what Moria and I tell you, YOU know what needs to be done! In order for you to be of service to your children and others you must first serve yourself!! You must PUT YOURSELF FIRST!!! There is nothing selfish about this, And I know that you and others know what I am talking about!!

            It would be my Honor for you to join us on our mastermind call in which I teach CEM. So Private Message me and I will give you the details. I am also so happy and grateful that you have come back to this thread!! I have been focused on Prosperity and Wealth!! I know that is why you have come back!!

            Remember Tracey, LIFE IS ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!! YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!! What you focus on is what you create! So let's get busy and Create our most dearest desires together!!



            • Today was my birthday and it was the best birthday ever. I went early to see my neuro-optimonogist (I've been healing a scratched eye for the last week that risked infection since it was in my eye that doesn't produce normal tears). When I walked in I told my doctor my eye was 100% better. He laughed and said, "You'd say that even if it wasn't." And then he looked at my eye and said, "You are 100% healed." I smiled and said, "I told you so."

              I asked a friend to come over and have lunch with me and my daughter. I wanted to cook for her. It gave me an opportunity to stay positive. Stay focused. She ended up staying longer than I expected, which I didn't realize but was a ploy to keep me at home while 20 of the most kind-hearted loving souls got a surprise birthday visit for me in order. I was SO blessed!!!

              I can only attribute all of this joy to the healing I've received on this forum and through PATHS.

              But tonight.... I struggle. Tonight, I'm haunted by lifestyles and friends that no longer serve me. One of my old friends made a suggestion that I spend tomorrow night (hours before cranial surgery) in a bar. And the idea of it just has my ego in a tizzy.... It just seems a million miles away from where the PATHS and healing journey has taken me (and is taking me)....

              And here I am focusing on the negative, when I've had all this JOY today!!!

              Please pray that I can keep strong, keep focused on the LIGHT, and that I will have the strength to surrender to the WILL of GOD. This is such a roller coaster ride.


              • I'm home tonight

                Well I survived my trip to the hospital! You know I did it all on my own! I was sitting in the waiting room early this morning watching others come in sourounded by family and friends, and I realized that I asked to sit there all by myself! I came home and tonight I called my sister in Calif. and told her what is going on. We decided to not tell Mom till Friday when we have an answer on what it is they took out today. I don't have to tough everything out on my own. It was good!

                Well the process was something else that you probably don't want to hear about, but all in all it really was not that bad! So I went into surgery and a few minutes later (in my head) they were waking me up in recovery! Actually it really was not that long... So when I finally came to enough to talk coherently, one of the first things I said was "I'm hungry!" The nurse got a big smile on her face and said that is always a good thing! When I got back to my room they got me a turkey sandwich and some crackers and some apple juice. After finishing off the sandwich I realized I probably should have started on the crackers first. So the point is to this story, I know all the energy you were sending me was the reason why I could finish off a turkey sandwich right after surgery and be able to keep it down.

                Thank you all for the healing and calming energy that got me through today! It was AWESOME! I just want to give you all a big hug...

                Thank you Sj Zartgirl


                • Happy Birthday Shauna!

                  Many, Many Happy Returns!!!!!

                  It was wonderful to hear about your news regarding the healing of your eye!

                  Know that we will all be affirming your perfect health, strength, love & light for you tomorrow in our MasterMind Group.

                  I also sent you a message over on intentions several days ago.

                  Take care! You are constantly in my thoughts, Shauna

                  Love, Light & Blessings,

                  Theta Healing
                  Paths 2 Potential

                  "We are the one's we've been waiting for"


                  • Beautiful Shauna!

                    Shauna, you are such an amazing WOMAN!! You deserve not only 20 people wishing you a happy birthday but a GAZILLION!!

                    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHAUNA!!

                    YOU are correct in doubting the intentions of others! Not everyone is going to understand your needs!! It is up to you to KNOW what you desire! I do not believe for an instant that you are focusing on the negative, what I do believe is that you are compassionate and "knowing" that you must forgive those that are "asleep"!!

                    It is uncomfortable in the beginning as we "change" to effortlessly let go of those that no longer serve us, but once we realize that we are serving them too, then it becomes much easier.

                    I will not only "Pray", but I WILL TO WILL THY WILL!! The "INFINITE POTENTIAL" That is the LIGHT is and always will be with YOU!!

                    I am so happy and grateful now that I have this amazing opportunity to ride this amazing ride of LIFE WITH YOU SHAUNA!! YOU HAVE THE POWER!!



                    • Grace you have a way of making people feel so loved and welcomed at a deep level. I don't have a doubt that everyone here knows in their heart exactly what I mean. Thank you. I knwo I am here for a reason.

                      Your suggestions and thoughts mean a lot and I will continue to focus on filling myself and taking care of me. Good night!

                      With awesome gratitude Tracy


                      • Grace, you are amazing.... After posting I lay in bed my heart pounding so fast with anxiety and fear that swelled up inside me.... And Then I noticed that someone was there... I didn't know if it was you or one of my familiy members or friends that I had asked for prayers from.... I LOVE the internet!!! It's like a direct connection to the FIELD when you know the beautiful light-filled channels. And when you call for help, it's instantly there!!!!!

                        I just let the energy take over... It was amazing.... I suddenly felt so much peace. I was able to redirect my intentions on blessing my daughter, may she be strong enough to ask for what she needs while I am away.... The energy I felt well up in my hands was amazing....

                        I still feel your presence as a tingle up and down the left side of my face... The power is so reassuring... Thank you thank you thank you. I am so blessed!!! And then to get online (to post a thank you) and to see your responce here... These were the exact words I needed to let go, and understand.....

                        You never cease to amaze me. I can't believe I am so fortunate to have my journey to have brought me here to you, to PATHS, and to all of the wonderful people that are now in my life....


                        • Gosh Sharyn... I just do not seem to be very good at keeping up with these long threads (try and though I may) here or at the Intentnion Experiment... I must say, though, that my oversight has been quite a syncronicity - allowing me to generate more positive intntions so close before my surgery.... 24 hours guys!!!! I am so excited, and so grateful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                          Many many blessings.



                          • Happy Birthday, Shauna!

                            Oh, Dear Shauna!

                            Please forgive me, Sweetie! I completely missed that it was your birthday! I guess being here at Gracie's and focusing on CEM has caused me to lose track!!!

                            So... Happy Birthday Darling Shauna!!!

                            We LOVE You, Beautiful Girl! SOOOO MUCH!!!

                            With So Much Love and Gratitude,

                            IMMENSE LOVE AND GRATITUDE ~ GRACE



                            • Oops!

                              Hi Again, Shauna,

                              As you can see, I posted my birthday wish to you on Gracie's computer...Just wanted to let you know that being here with her for the past 2 weeks has NOT made me Poof into her twin!!! However...That wouldn't be so bad... Can you IMAGINE... A world with TWO Gracie's!!!! Holy Moly!!! That would be AMAZING!!!!

                              Much Love to You, Darling!!!

                              IMMENSE LOVE AND GRATITUDE ~ GRACE



                              • Happy Birthday Shauna!

                                And welcome back Tracy