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  • Jamie, thank you for including us! I really appreciate the help, and am looking forward to some changes!!


    • Pamela sweetie .. Jamie cutie and lovely Gracie .. what a fabulous TRIO we've got here .... one cute word i learnt around here is "FANTABULOUS" and i loved it right from first sight ... i heard it first uttered by Pamela the cute .. you have a UNIQUE style of writing Pam .. how many times did i say this to you it's ok .. i can keep saying what i want right?

      ok our fantabulous precious generous trio .... here i am with my declarations... of course i would appreciate more money flowing my way i am longing for a promotion and extra-curricular sources of cash

      I was wondering ... and that is quite an impppportant one .. if you could help me have some corrections with my weight .... i wanna lose it fast ... i mean at a faster pace... i know im not doing much of the good things to get me there where i really wanna be but im already on both the take it off & the Ultimate Body with a little push of your lovely blessings maybe i can get there faster ??

      one more thing ... my mom ... she's not a very positive person ... and she gets depressed a lot ... she had a car accident last year and got her leg operated on .. now i Thank God she walks .. but she's got all sorts of pains ..she has a back problem (upper and lower back pains all the time due to disk problems there) ... and her leg of course gives her a lot of pain (she has nails and plates in there) ... i wish i could see her pain free or at least i wish it can reduce dramatically .. i wonder if u can send her a vibrant push too....that'll be really great to have ....

      im on a Reiki course given to us by the amazing Moxie .... we're still on lesson 1 and its starting to feel great already ... maybe the next them i wanna learn is CEM ... one of my main wishes is to heal my mom's pain with my gained knowledge ... i love you aaaaaaaaaallll

      i wanna talk to you on the phone actually ... can i ? .. i could see u talking about skype... well i wonder if i can use it here in our country ... i've heard that it is blocked and so we cannot use it here .... i'll double check on that ... if that's the case maybe we can talk on msn or find any other means that is convenient to you ..... coz u know what ... hearing u guys talking about talking to each other on the phone is making me kinda jealous in a good way of course .... All my LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE

      can't wait to hear feedback from you my lovelies (Pam, i haven''t stolen ur word .. urs is lovies and mine is lovelies ?? )

      Love, Lama


      • and yaaaaaaa... i forgot to mention ... how could iiiiiiiiii ??? !!!!

        is it possible to have corrections - good intentions ..etc for getting the best of my relationship that i am just starting now ... ?? .. is that possible ??

        he seems like a great guy .. and he is actually sooo into me .... but i dont know ... can u heal my i dont know's ?? .... well .. ok ... im a great communicator with everyone .. u know what i mean ... but when it comes to him .. sometimes i feel i dont really know how to communicate... why is that ? .. sometimes i feel i wanna prepare my conversations ahead so that i dont run out of words ... or sometrhing ... i dont know ... maybe u can know

        any possible work that can be done in this area ?? just wondering

        ok .. and if there is something that can be done ... hint: there is a big possibiity i might be seeing him tonight ... and that is .. in a couple f hours or a little after that ...

        Love you my lovelies ... you are awesome ... all the amazing words on earth put together in your favor will be too little to show gratitude .. mmwa
        Love, Lama


        • Thank you

          Hello everyone,

          Some great stories everyone is posting here

          We are making progress on Zain

          Last night he cried multiple times before 1 am and multiple times after 4 am but he slept from 1am to 4am.

          Sandra just now needs to get out of the habit of waking every hour or so after doing that for the last 15 months!!

          Hopefully the end is sight.

          Sandra would love to be able to sleep 6 hours without being disturbed from either Zain or Kai.

          Thank you to everyone who has been practising

          With love and gratitude
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          • CEM and Reiki - What a Combination!!!!

            Hi Pammie, Jamie, Grace, Lama, Nadine, Adrienne, Alan and everyone else
            I am so excited to be able to be a part of all of this wondeful, exhuberant group. Reading the CEM thread is always a highlight and knowing that not only is Gracie working on us - now we have Jamie and Pamela too - you are right, Lama - what a trio that makes
            I am looking forward to hearing from Grace and chatting about the wonderful combination we can have by working CEM and Reiki together - what a powerful energy force that would be.
            I just keep opening up to all this has to offer us and receive any corrections coming my way, knowing it is exactly as it should be for each of us.
            Gracie had been working on me for the 'cough' I had and when I was in Florida it had totally disappeared and we had a wonderful time. Now another layer has revealed itself - so I could use the Tremendous Trio and their healing touch on this once again!!!

            Hope you have an opportunity to check out the Reiki thread - S.J has posted some amazing pictures as part of the 'Attitude of Gratitude' assignment. They bring such joy to my spirit just looking at them. I know you would be touched by them as well.

            Love and Gratitude,
            Love, Light, Gratitude & Joy

            My Mystic PATHS Website
            Word Whisperer
            My Squidoo Lens - ThetaHealing, Reiki,


            • Aw thank you Moxie! I will put a couple more on there if you like, there were new cygnets too!

              Some great conversations here, again I am so grateful to Grace for sharing her skills and knowledge and for those now sharing that with us. Incredible! So, so kind

              I have just read the website about CEM that Grace kindly linked us to in her first post on this thread - and WOW! It just blew me away (this page in particular) And yes I read every part of it

              Yuen Method: Full Spectrum Healing

              I would SO love to learn this!! What a wonderful gift to the world. I can't thank Grace enough for bringing CEM to my knowledge. It is truly magical.

              Hugs xx


              • Jamie and everyone

                Hello and thank you Much for including us in your corrections, definitly appreciated....

                On a different note, my goodness I am really experiencing internal shifting, while awake, while asleep, all the time....
                It is fabulous....

                Matrix Energetics Sessions-Private message me




                • Good morning to all the beautiful souls & minds ...

                  & Welcome Back GRACIE

                  may you all have a day filled with Love & Beauty ...

                  Love, Lama


                  • Originally posted by Pamela View Post
                    Hi My Sweet Ones...

                    I just got a call from Gracie and she is having a BLAST in Austin, Texas! As I write this she is hanging with Allison Kelly, by Allison's pool and doing some Major Relaxing and there is NO DOUBT that they both are utilizing the Delightful motors in their Gorgeous mouths and chatting up a storm together... I also talked to Allison and she is Over The Moon to have Gracie with her!!! Holy Moly...I sure do wish I could be with them!!!

                    Pamela .... it's great you've mentioned Allison ... is she the Allison i've been liasing with since i joined Paths ? she was my affiliate until she disappeared ... she is such a sweetheart .. if you're ever in touch with her pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease send her my Love and my Big Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii's ... and tell her that she's been missed .. Glad to hear she's doing great ...

                    Love, Lama


                    • success already!

                      Jamie, I want to thank you! It seems as though you have CEM down pat! I asked for help in my business area...a couple days ago....yesterday I received a call from a woman who I had been trying to contact for a month....she still owed me partial payment from a job I did for her....she called yesterday and said she will be dropping off the cheque in the next couple days!!!

                      Also, last night, I ordered a small slushie for my son after his game....and the woman said oops I made a large...and still charged me for the small!!! I am now up another .50cents. Wow!! LOL It just keeps adding up....Thanks again and keep up the good work!!


                      • Hi Pamela,

                        Just wanted to post on this thread what I said to you last night on Skype.

                        Since Grace has been working on my ear problem I have had a brain scan. The problem with the hearing in my right ear is located in the "middle" ear, so thats where I need some corrections done.

                        It was great to see and chat with you on skype, just a pity my pc could not handle your abundant energy and kept crashing




                        • Thank you


                          Thank you to everyone who have been including Zain in there practising

                          Sandra only remembers that last night between 1am and 6am Zain only woke up once We are getting there. If Zain can sleep between 12 and 6am without interrupting Sandra then that would be really great.

                          Thank you everyone for all your help

                          With Much Love and Gratitude
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                          • Cosmic Coincidence?

                            Jeanie and I have been noticing a lot of little things that have helped us in the past week/month as well...

                            We decided if we were going to be productive we needed another computer. So we looked online for laptops (through another business opp we just got involved with last month >>blatent promo<< and found a really primo Lenovo loaded to the hilt with everything except MS Office for less than $1600, which was less than we expected to pay with all the upgrades. So we decided to get 2 and give the desktop computer to my son.

                            When we purchased the software, we bought one regular Office 2007 upgrade and one student version to save money. So we were saving about $400 on software there (they were both on sale for Father's Day weekend).

                            Then, last night we were filling up at the gas station and the station worker keyed in the wrong amount. $4.00 instead of $40.00. The pump clicked off at $4.00, so I went inside and he reset it to $36.00. The pump stopped at $31.40. When I went back inside, I was given change from $40 on the $31.40 - I tried to correct him - twice - but he insisted he was right. So we actually got $4.00 free gas!

                            Ladies, PLEEEEEEASE keep up the happy and lucrative thoughts for us all!!!

                            Anybody else have any syncronicities lately?
                            Blessings on the journey, Glenn
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                            • That's brilliant Glenn! it really helps to hear inspirational stories Does anyone know how long until Grace "graces" us with her presence again? -she sure has been missed!


                              • Thank you

                                Hello everyone,

                                Thank you again to everyone who has been practising

                                Sandra says that Zain only woke once between 12 midnight and 6am and she is sleeping during the night in between.

                                If Zain can sleep through 12 to 6 then that would be fantastic. If I had interrupted sleep two night in a row I would be a zombie on the third day . I don't know how my lovely wife manages . So thank you again for practising and hopefully she can have a full night's sleep soon.

                                With much love and gratitude
                                Save over $1,000 on PATHS
                                Live your dreams through choosing PATHS