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  • i'll be a guinea pig

    [QUOTE=serenac;100976][COLOR="DarkRed"][B]Hi everyone! Oh I know itís been sooooooo long since I was last on here, never even had a chance to congratulate Grace! Lots going on lately.

    Well now Iím back for a minute or 2. I wanted to tell everyone about this amazing thing that I discovered, I want to share it with everyone!!!

    Itís a fairly new modality, itís only been around for a very few years, it was always passed down personally from teacher to student until now a lady named Andrea Hess now offers the course online. Itís called Soul Realignment, I donít know if anyone here has heard of it?

    You can read all about it here: Soul Realignment: Akashic Records Wisdom for Soul-Level Healing. But I'll try and give a summary of it.

    Anyways I'm learning this technique right now, and I need guinea pigs! Would you like to receive a practice session from me for free? It's totally harmless and very beneficial. Here is some more information about this:

    What is Soul Realignment

    It's an intuitive/healing modality, sort of like a cross between an in-depth intuitive reading and a long-distance healing session. The practitioner would read different information about the client using mainly the Akashic Records, but also visualization to "see" the person's energy and problem spots. Then the practitioner would carry out a cleaning and clearing session to heal/remove these problem spots, this is the actual realignment part of the healing.

    Problem spots could be anything from persistent limiting negative beliefs, negative karma which is no longer serving us because we've already learned our lesson, vows and pacts which we made in the past, perhaps in another life, and which no longer serve us today but are still active in our vibrations and therefore affect our lives today. An example of this could be, for example, a vow of chastity made in a past life or a vow of poverty made in for example an incarnation as a monk/nun, whose effects would be noticed today as an extreme difficulty in finding satisfactory relationships, in the case of the first vow, or terrible problems attracting abundance into our lives (aka poverty, misery!) in the second case.

    The reading would also include a brief spirit guide reading.

    Who is Soul Realignment for?

    Well personally I always say Soul Realignment is for everyone hehe! That it could benefit everyone! But in reality some people would be more interested in it and get more from it than others. Soul Realignment could be for you if:

    - you're interested in your spiritual development, you would like become a better person and you want your life to be better, smoother, flow more, etc.

    - you have specific problems that no matter WHAT you do it seems they just WONíT shift no matter what, you feel like youíre beating your head up against a wall, the problems may be emotional, related to certain areas of life (relationships, or finances, or job/profession, or family, or health, etc.)

    - you may have tried EVERYTHING to try and resolve these problems, you may have been using Paths, following Abraham-Hicks, watched The Secret, tried every form of therapy imaginable, maybe even personal coaching, and still NOTHING is improving

    - you would like to know about your life path and purpose, your natural talents that you brought with you with the intention of using in this lifetime

    Of course there are zillions more reasons to get a Soul Realignment session, but these are some of the main reasons that people seek them out.

    So, feel like signing up? Once I finish training in this technique I will probably start by charging around $100 for a session (other practitioners will probably kill me for this hehe! because most charge over $150, unfair competition from me, whoa! Not to worry I wonít put them out of business, as I get better at it Iíll be raising my prices too ). I hope a few of you are interested! Iíll be accepting ďguinea pigsĒ for a short time only, because Iíve got almost enough practice clients already from among my friends, and Iíll accept them in chronological order.

    I would need your full name, your name at birth, your date and place of birth. Thatís all I would need to know. In order to access your Akashic Record.

    Well thatís it, this is a loooong post, so Iíll shut up now. Okay chatty me, before I do so Iím going to tell you my personal experience with Soul Realignment. Iím really weird, I actually signed up to take the training course without ever having received a Soul Realignment session from anyone. Most people learn the technique because they received a session from someone, and were absolutely blown away by it.

    But as I was learning the course I just COULDNíT resist, I had to get a session for myself too. Especially since the course takes about 3 months to complete. I just couldnít wait 3 months to do a complete session on myself! Oh no! So I contacted David Topi, the only practitioner I know of here in Spain. David is totally amazing! I encourage anyone who can read Spanish to check out his blog at David Top√*- Evoluci√≥n Personal y Espiritual..

    Anyways, if youíve read previous posts by me youíd know that I had a BIG, HUGE, MAJOR issue with money and jobs. I did EVERYTHING to try and materialize a job into my life, short of threatening the boss of some company at gunpoint to hire me hehe! Iíve been using Paths for about a year now, Iíve been following Abraham-Hicks, I went to counselling, followed Gracieís advice, practiced gratitude like mad, read Lola Jonesí Divine Openings and did her Divine Openings, etc. etc. etc. And after a year, STILL NO JOB!!!

    It was like I was battering up against this humungous wall of China that just wouldnít be moved!

    Well David Topi did a session for me. He said I had 3 major reasons why I couldnít manifest a job or even the bare minimum amount of money needed for basic survival. One was, unsurprisingly, a big stubborn negative limiting belief which I actually was aware of but had been unable to get rid of in spite of using Paths, affirmations, etc. etc. etc.

    However the main reason was something I could NEVER have guessed or expected, something NO other technique or modality I know of would have been able to solve. It was a curse! Now I never much believed in curses, or rather I didnít think they could affect you if you didnít believe in them. But apparently, for some reason or other, I accepted this curse, which occurred in a past life. Since I accepted it then it never got dissolved or went away, these things apparently donít disappear just because you die and change incarnations! They continue to affect you in lifetime after lifetime, and you donít even know they exist! So you canít do anything about them. It just feels like a humungous wall of China!

    So David did the session for me, and he got rid of the curse forever. Now folks, hereís what happened next: The day after David did the session for me, I went to a job interview, my first job interview ever! (Iíd received other interviews but they werenít for ďlegitimateĒ, normal, steadily paying jobs, they were you know Herbalife/Avon type things, not that thereís anything wrong with Herbalife or Avon, but only if youíre good at commissions-only salesÖÖÖ.) The people giving me the interview felt so relaxed with me, THEY OFFERED ME THE JOB right off the bat! Itís a part-time job and theyíll be paying me a full-time wage! WOW!

    Only catch is the job begins in October, so I still have to find some way to eat until then. But on the other hand my little home business is bumping along, not really prospering or anything, but I get enough to feed the family, so I guess it can do until October, if nothing else comes along.

    And hopefully soon within a few months Iíll be getting oodles and oodles of Soul Realignment work! SoÖÖÖÖÖ.

    Well now I really will shut up! See ya folks! Take care! I do love reading everyone here on this thread!

    I'll try it!!! : )


    • Hi Heather! Oh you don't know just how absolutely tickled pink pleased I am that you decided to sign up!

      I remember that you had some problems in the past, do you feel any better now? Well don't worry, regardless of how you feel now, Soul Realignment will definitely help you get better, little by little. Are you still studying music and working as a waitress? Now working as a waitress, I would've been happy to get a job as a waitress, I applied to so many but no one would hire me even for that!

      Please PM me as soon as you can to tell me your full name, name at birth, date and place of birth.

      To everyone who is reading this, by the way, I wanted to comment a couple of things I forgot to say in the previous post. It'll actually take me about 3 months to get back to you with your reading, because that is how long it'll take me to finish the course. Well some people do go faster, but I've got that super boooooooring government training course that takes up my whole **** day, which I hate and didn't do a thing to bring me a job but as I'm on welfare (welfare ends next month though) I couldn't say no to it. And I'm working at my home business in the afternoons and evenings, plus I've got 2 kids with 4 stomachs each to feed (like for example 3 dinners every night, in addition of course to the usual snacks, lunch, etc.! ) so time isn't something I exactly enjoy an abundance of at this moment!

      The reading would take about 1 hour, I'd have to do it on Skype because I don't have a home phone I could call you on. If you don't have Skype it's veeeeeeeeeeery easy to get and it's totally free! Just get onto Make the most of Skype - free internet calls and great value calls and download it into your computer for free. Using it is free too, I can even record our call and send it to you as an MP3 file afterwards.

      I'd also send you everything we talk about in a Word document.

      I also wanted to add, what happened to me actually isn't the USUAL result! Most people find that they notice the results, in their interior and in their external life, in within about a few weeks to a month. Most people notice almost right away that they are sleeping better and simply feel more calm and at peace, their usual worries, anxieties and preoccupations are gone, they have the feeling that everything is okay and going just the way it should, and that everything will work out just fine. I know that I certainly do feel that way now, for example even though I won't be starting my new job until October and welfare is ending, I have the sensation that it will be all right, my home business will do well enough for us to get along, or something else will come along.

      Then within about a month or so, people usually start to notice that things are flowing much more smoothly in their lives, little by little they start achieving the things that they've always wanted to achieve with not much effort, synchronicity starts to become a norm in their lives. If before doing the session they didn't have much of a sense of purpose in their lives, after the session they start to see clearly what it is that they came to do, and they start to do it with ease.

      Of course there are the dramatic cases too, the teenager who's addicted to drugs and gets off of them, the lady who was turning into an old maid because she'd NEVER been able to attract a boyfriend into her life, when she had her session done she discovered that she had made a vow of chastity in her past, after the session with its clearing work she started getting boyfriends, at last!

      Anyways, Heather, I'm SO looking forward to working with you!

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      • I would like to try the Soul Realignment. What do we do to experience this method?


        • Hi Rhozzi! Oh I'm so pleased that you've decided to sign up!

          Anyways I would need to know some specific information about you: your full name, your name at birth, your date and place of birth. I'd also need your contact information so we can set up the reading, I'd need to do the reading through Skype, because I don't have a phone I can call out on. (When I start to set up practice professionally I will of course get a phone hehe! )

          If you could PM me with that info as soon possible that would be great! Then I'll PM you here through this forum in about 3 months or so, depending on when I finish the course, to set up our reading. The reading would take about 1 hour and I'll send you an MP3 recording of our conversation, and I'll send you our conversation as a Word document as well by email.

          Thanks for signing up! Practice clients like you are the people who help me to learn to do a good job!
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          • Hello everyone! Time for a new comment on this subject!

            I'll be moving all posts on this topic to the new thread I started up called here on the Energetic Forum, so as not to hog up Grace's marvellous thread on CEM. And also so I won't have to post the same post twice on 2 different threads!

            Anyways I suppose it's already understood, but in case anyone had any doubts, of course I will keep your personal information private and I won't share it with ANYONE. In fact I don't even remember your personal info, I note it down on my worksheets, one person on each worksheet, and then I forget about it, and I only look at it when I'm working on that person's worksheet.

            So unless you publish your personal info here on a public post, no one else will ever see it! So you can breathe easy!

            I know it's a privilege for me that some of you are willing to share your personal info with me, and I'm reeeeeeeally grateful to be able to work with you and practice on ya!

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            • Feel the negativity and let it go!

              Just another little comment, this time unrelated to this subject!

              A friend who is into these things said to me, I oughtn't to hate anything (like that government course for example!) because hatred is a negative emotion, and people who are into spiritual development shouldn't have negative emotions.

              So in case anyone else also had similar thoughts, I thought I'd post my own personal opinion on this subject, although I don't expect other people to necessarily agree with it, of course!

              I personally agree with Lola Jones (of Divine Openings). As she maintains, we're all human, and humans have all kinds of feelings. Sometimes what we feel is deemed as "positive" and some emotions people consider "negative". However, as Lola Jones says (not that I'm advocating Lola Jones' teachings, I do but anyways, that's off topic........... I just find that Lola Jones explains things and expresses herself so much better than I can! ), really feelings aren't something to be judged, judging a feeling is like judging the person who feels them, for example if you sometimes get angry or you're jealous of someone then you must be a baddy! Oh no! Etc.

              I think that feelings are just human, sometimes we're mad, sometimes we hate something, sometimes we love something, feelings are there, like Abraham says, to point us into the right direction. If something doesn't "feel good", for example if it inspires feelings of hatred, disgust, rejection, etc. in us, it isn't anything more than an indication that that thing probably isn't right or good for us, and we shouldn't have it in our lives. It's a thing that will rob us of energy, and isn't in our best interests to have it in our lives. And that's ALL that that so-called negative feeling is trying to tell us. That "negative" feeling isn't there so that we can judge it!

              After all, for example, if you tried to take some poison it probably wouldn't inspire good feelings in you, you'd probably hate the taste of that poison, feel bad about it, find the taste disgusting, etc. Would that really be such a bad thing? After all it's helping to keep you alive!

              So if you feel a so-called negative feeling, I personally don't think it's a good idea to judge it or label it. Just acknowledge it, accept it with gratitude, after all it's there to tell you something, to point you out in the right direction. We'd do well to accept everything about ourselves including our negative feelings and the fact that we have them, they're a part of us after all.

              Lola Jones says, a lot of people who are into spiritual development have a tendency to try and do spiritual by-pass, to just "jump over" so-called negative feelings and try real hard to only accept "positive" feelings like joy and love in themselves. But that's like cutting off a big part of you, as a human being you're always going to feel "bad" feelings sometimes! If we were saints floating around in heaven all the time, well we wouldn't feel these feelings, but we're not.

              What hurts us isn't having these feelings, what hurts us is denying that we have these very human feelings and pretending that we don't, repressing them and ignoring them. They won't go away just because we ignore them and hide them! I think, like Lola Jones says, that the best thing to do when we feel a low-vibration feeling, is to acknowledge it and feel it fully. We can express it "out loud" when we're in a safe place to do it (for example if we're mad we can pound pillows or something, I suppose), the idea is to just feel the feeling fully and then LET IT GO!
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              • Hi Every one

                I need to Share this song with all my brothers and sister here..I miss someone very much tonight and he use to sing this to me. Maybe you guys remember...

                James Taylor

                Just yesterday morning they let me know you were gone
                Susanne the plans they made put an end to you
                I walked out this morning and I wrote down this song
                I just can't remember who to send it to

                I've seen fire and I've seen rain
                I've seen sunny days that I thought would never end
                I've seen lonely times when I could not find a friend
                But I always thought that I'd see you again

                Won't you look down upon me, Jesus
                You've got to help me make a stand
                You've just got to see me through another day
                My body's aching and my time is at hand
                And I won't make it any other way

                Oh, I've seen fire and I've seen rain
                I've seen sunny days that I thought would never end
                I've seen lonely times when I could not find a friend
                But I always thought that I'd see you again

                Been walking my mind to an easy time my back turned towards the sun
                Lord knows when the cold wind blows it'll turn your head around
                Well, there's hours of time on the telephone line to talk about things
                to come
                Sweet dreams and flying machines in pieces on the ground

                Oh, I've seen fire and I've seen rain
                I've seen sunny days that I thought would never end
                I've seen lonely times when I could not find a friend
                But I always thought that I'd see you, baby, one more time again, now

                Thought I'd see you one more time again
                There's just a few things coming my way this time around, now
                Thought I'd see you, thought I'd see you fire and rain, now

                I still have yet a lot to learn about Loving and letting go the one you love. Thank you for the ones that reads this and sends me love and strength.. Love and light for all of you..XOXO


                • Hi all! That is sooooooooo beautiful Yari!

                  Anyways I've got enough people to practice on, so I won't be able to practice on any more people for the moment! Thank you sooooooo much to all those who have offered!

                  I'll continue posting on the Soul Realignment thread (in the Personal Development forum) about how things are going! And to those who have volunteered, I'll be getting back to you in about 3 months, or however long it takes me to finish the course! I certainly hope it won't take me too long but fellas: this is really complicated! Word of advice: don't do this course unless you like going crazy!

                  No, seriously, it is really fun but, of course, quite a mouthful to take in and actually do! Aaak!
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                  • THREE CHEERS TO ALL MY VOLUNTEERS!!!
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                    • Hey Grace

                      Hello Grace, can you pls. send me your love and corrections for my neck. I think I may have strained it, it hurts so bad. I don't know if I strained it or if its stress Thank so much Grace!!


                      • For Christine!

                        Originally posted by christine View Post
                        Hello Grace, can you pls. send me your love and corrections for my neck. I think I may have strained it, it hurts so bad. I don't know if I strained it or if its stress Thank so much Grace!!
                        Hi Christine,

                        It's emotional, psychic and Spiritual. Your physical body tests strong.

                        Your pain does have to do with stress, but also many other similar emotions such as frustration, anxiety, anger, sadness, and quite a few more. This is very normal and I make corrections for these issues for just about 60% of everyone I individualy work on.

                        Concerning your Psychic body being weak at the moment, it's because you are picking up on other people's negative emotions on top of your own. Once again this can be corrected easily energetically.

                        Your Spiritual body was weak, (it's already corrected) because you had ancestral issues that no longer served you.

                        I will continue until I get strength, but make sure you breathe deeply and imagine yourself exhaling from the top of your head. (Crown Chakra) This will keep you connected with your higher God self, which is what the ancestral issues were about, the false belief that you are separate in some way from God.

                        Interestingly enough, Two weeks ago I had a pain in the neck too. It turned out to be a core issue for me, and when I saw your post, I knew that I had resolved my issue, or else I would not have been able to help you with yours. It makes me feel so much gratitude to know that as soon as I work on myself I can help more.

                        Keep me posted Christine.
                        IMMENSE LOVE AND GRATITUDE ~ GRACE



                        • Thank you Grace!

                          Thank you soo much Grace!! As usual you are amazing

                          I feel like I need to re-read this whole thread again to remind myself the truth of who I am.

                          I feel so much better than I did this whole week There's still a little pain but it went down significantly.

                          I really appreciate you and I am grateful!!!


                          • Thank You


                            Mi Vida seems to be getting better last night was a difficult one since she didn't want to sleep and she cried all thru the wee hours. I stayed over my friends place because she is helping me with my Paper. Is hard to do anything with the kids this morning she was less cranky I have one term paper down two to do. I can't wait for Wednesday is the last day of class!!

                            Thank You!!
                            Love Yari


                            • For All!

                              Chinese Energetic Medicine has been an amazing practice, joy and experience for me. I have never been happier and it continues to get better. Life is truly fabulous. I say this now, to encourage all of you to focus on YOU and practice this amazing Healing art.

                              As a Martial Artist I see much pain and injury inflicted on others unecessarily, I have a great desire now to bring back the healing arts to the Martial arts. I have been focused for over a year now in teaching those that are inspired to learn, how to use this energy medicine to empower themselves and improve whatever physical nature or sport they are into and "Win without Injury".

                              I am grateful that so many of you are fascinated and interested in Chinese Energetic Medicine, and I am so very happy and grateful that you support the Energetic Forum as well.

                              My teacher Dr. Kam Yuen

                              Thank you Christine and Yari for your posts. I also love that you take the extra time to post on my Facebook profile page and Fanpage too!!

                              IMMENSE LOVE AND GRATITUDE GRACE
                              Mind Energetics - Revolutionary Subconscious Mind Empowerment Technology. The Premier Self-Help Technology.
                              "Business Begins Within"
                              IMMENSE LOVE AND GRATITUDE ~ GRACE



                              • Hello Grace

                                Hello Grace, Everyone,

                                This is my first post on the forum, although i have been following various threads for some time.

                                Grace, its wonderful the way you give your time to help people.
                                this forum is full of wonderful kind hearted people that wish to better themselves and help others.

                                Myself i am always willing to help people and enjoy helping, however when it comes to asking for help, i find myself the complete opposite.
                                I feel guilty, like i'm a burden. I recognise this is a negative cycle i need to break.

                                I PM'd you and you were kind enough to reply.

                                You mentioned that my emotional and spiritual bodies tested weak, although i have a rough idea regarding the emotional body, i am not sure what a weak spiritual body suggests.

                                I am an empathic person and while i appreciate this, the negative emotions of others easily rub off on myself and i wish this wasnt the case.
                                I would like to be stronger emotionally, more assertive, more able/willing to show love.

                                I am also a spiritual person, this is relatively new to me but has grown on me greatly recently.
                                I am interested in seeking enlightenment, bliss, happiness and the ability to help myself and others.
                                I get frustrated when i dont feel like im progressing on my spiritual path.

                                I am grateful for your reply and also for any corrections you are willing to
                                do for me.

                                Have a great day.