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  • Hi Grace,
    for more than a week I'm planning to change some of my modules, I asked Paths for advice and rationally I agree with them, but something is stopping me to write mail for change. And all this time I keep getting asociations about writing to you for your advice. I have to change modules, because one of my little bones in the wrist makes problems, I had it replaced 5 years ago with another bone and now Xrays showed that it is not alive on the edges. I also have financial problems, so most of my modules were up to now devoted to that issues, I have now 10 modules. Could you please test which modules would be good for me????? I apologize for bothering you, thank you for lighting up energetic forum.



    • For Katka

      Originally posted by katka20 View Post
      Hi Grace,
      for more than a week I'm planning to change some of my modules, I asked Paths for advice and rationally I agree with them, but something is stopping me to write mail for change. And all this time I keep getting asociations about writing to you for your advice. I have to change modules, because one of my little bones in the wrist makes problems, I had it replaced 5 years ago with another bone and now Xrays showed that it is not alive on the edges. I also have financial problems, so most of my modules were up to now devoted to that issues, I have now 10 modules. Could you please test which modules would be good for me????? I apologize for bothering you, thank you for lighting up energetic forum.


      Hi Katka,

      Please don't feel you are bothering me. I love this thread and everyone posting on it.

      1. Defying Gravity ~ this will help with your wrist.
      2. Increased Energy and Motivation
      3. Mood Elevation
      4. Successful Living Phase 1
      5. Successful Living Phase 2
      6. Collaboration in the Work Place
      7. Increased Synchronicity
      8. Love the Looking Glass
      9. Inspired Luck and Good fortune
      10. Allow Healing


      • Dear Sunshine and Grace!

        First Grace! Oh thank you soooooooo much for your great reply! Well I don't know if it's your corrections or the modules I'm on, whatever it is I find I am just so much better now and I really really reeeeeally do believe now that it's possible for me to accomplish the project I'm working on right now SUCCESSFULLY! I'm SURE it will work out this time and I'm working towards it all the time, but feeling very optimistic this time that it will work out and be successful. I find I'm very very focused and pretty much I've sort of like made it the centre of my life that everything else revolves around, like it's the priority for me right now and I'm soooooooooooo happy to be working on it! Being focused and concentrated on a specific goal has always been a problem for me, because I've always been Ms. Indecisive Number 1! I'd start on a project and before I had done 2 steps on it I would be SURE I had chosen the wrong project and then I'd start another one, which I would also almost immediately start doubting as well.

        Asides from that I find I've also become 100% more focused and sure of projects in general since I left my ex a year ago. I've always been so very easily influenced by other people, always giving in to the pressure of other people to put them as number 1 in my life ahead of MY interests or the things I wanted to do or thought would be good for me to do. Or if other people thought that what I wanted to do wasn't the right thing, I easily believed them and doubted myself. And since I was always with other people I could never concentrate on my own projects, always putting doing tasks for the other people as being more important.

        So after I left Mr. Ex number 2 last year I decided it was high time to spend some time by myself and listen to no one else except ME! And since I did that everything just started falling into place and things started to become very clear for me, even then a year before Paths. Even so I always had a lot a lot a lot of doubts that I was any good as a person or deserved any good things at all. And that is what Paths (and you Grace! ) have taken charge of taking care of for me!

        So now I find that after being on these really so positive modules of Paths for a while now that I am just soooooooooo much more positive, I have so much less negative and self-sabotaging self-talk or rather self-THOUGHTS (because I always tried to always TALK to myself in positive terms, but before I didn't believe in all that phony feel-good prep talk that I spoon-fed to myself), but now I actually do BELIEVE in all the positive self-talk that I regale myself with. I didn't believe in the LOA because I tried to make only positive affirmations the whole day long all the time but in spite of that nothing good ever came to me. But all that changed after I left my ex.

        Hi Sunshine! Oh I do hope you are doing better now! Someone posted a really neat story on manifesting and using visualizations and the LOA to attract some really good things (in this case a neat car) into their life, here is the link in case you didn't see it: Maybe you could try that to manifest a nice apartment or house into your life, and then to manifest sharing that home with your family living with you in it.

        The important thing is to NEVER EVER doubt! Just imagine that you went to a fortune teller and she tells you, I see in your future a lovely home with your family living with you in it. Since a fortune teller saw this in your future you just KNOW that one day that is going to pass, because that IS the future that she saw for you so it HAS to happen!

        I understand that that can sometimes be very hard because you look at your present circumstances and you can see that they are very different from what you would like to have. But it's a bit like before moving into a new home, before you move into a new home you must still continue to live in your old home (in this case a caravan) but you know that you WILL be moving into a new home soon. So in the present moment you are still living in and sleeping in a caravan, but you also know (because for example you imagine that you've already signed a lease, or whatever) that a new home lies waiting for you in the near future and within a few days or weeks you will be sleeping in your new home. Since you have no doubt whatsoever that this will happen (because let's imagine you signed a lease), you are calm and peaceful as you lie in your caravan, because you know that although in the present moment you are still sleeping in the caravan, your new home lies ahead for you in your future.

        Sometimes when we lose our family it is not forever. A friend had a son who went off to live with his father, but it didn't last very long. Almost immediately everyone realized the big mistake they had made taking her son off to live with his father, and he returned to his mother.

        Oh well that's about it for now everyone! Loads of good things fall onto everyone now! Serena (Well there's no smiley with pictures of loads of good things falling down from the sky lol!)
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        • hello

          I'm sorry but I just have to vent.
          I feel really really angry... it feels sooo deep! I feel like I've been angry almost all my life, and that most of the time I've turned that energy inward and spent my time feeling depressed instead. I feel a deep mistrust towards people. I feel like almost everyone lies, and has a secret life. Then when I feel that I am projecting and that I'm the one with the problem I get even more upset.

          wish I had something nicer to say.



          • Hi Heather

            Know how you feel! I've been having feelings of anger too. I think it's better to feel it rather than try and repress it or deny it or worry about it because that only makes it fester underneath. I know when anger has arisen before it has worked itself through and it was only bringing up stuff that was buried. If you're not used to feeling angry it can be quite scary. I don't know if you've got anywhere private where you can just scream and shout to your heart's content? or if writing it all down would help?

            Thanks Grace for your reply and also Serena. I do appreciate you replying to my post. The problem I'm having is that right now I cannot produce the "correct feeling" or no doubts. I have been able to have good positive emotions in the past to accompany visualising and I have also been totally convinced that things would work out. But what's happened is that "not good things" seem to have happened instead and I feel all the belief has been crushed out of me. It's not like I'm new to all this. I have been working very very hard on changing my beliefs and attitudes and it would just be nice to see a little bit of reflection of this in my outer life. And I am feeling very fed up that my inner work does not appear to reflect back in my outer world and stuck because I know that right now I simply don't believe anything nice will happen or that things will work out and I don't like feeling like this. So that is where I am at right now. I'm not whinging. More puzzled and frustrated I guess.
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            • Sunshine


              I totally understand and feel the same about what you're saying when it comes to not producing the correct feelings. I also feel that I have worked very hard to change my believes and feelings about things, and I have had experiences that mirrored back to me in positive ways/manifestations. It just seems that for over a year now I have felt a lot of doubt, fear, anxiety, indecision, anger towards government/authority, feeling like there is nothing to look forward to. Struggling, and grasping with self help, alternative therapies (paths, LOA, flower remedies, etc.) to find answers, guidance, and to just try to feel a little bit better. But my doubt, fear, worry, etc. is getting the better of me... and more often than not i feel like giving up. I just don't know what the next step is for me.

              So I can really relate to how you are feeling, and I appreciate your advice about dealing with anger.

              Until next time


              • I'm just curious Sunshine - are you still on Paths? I recognise the way you feel, I felt that way so much a few months ago, and still do from time to time, and it can be so exhausting to have to continually remind yourself to think positive even though there are no results. Paths has changed that in a lot of ways but it's a slow journey for me.

                Grace - thank you for energy testing for me! I am currently on Increased Synchronicity actually, although I'm not sure I've been seeing any results. I'm pretty excited about the other modules you suggested, and I can see various ways in which they relate to my life right now although I would have not thought of choosing them myself... So I will definitely change my modules in the next few days. Exciting, I always love a module change!!!

                I have a request for corrections - lately I've been finding myself paralysed from feelings of overwhelm. That's a lie actually - it's not just lately, I've always been a major procrastinator because I tend to think of all the things I need to do and then panic and do nothing. even a simple thing such as writing this post! I was going to put it off because it felt more comfortable to sit staring into nowhere than organising my thoughts and writing them down. And right now in my life I feel there are so many things I need to do (things which I would benefit greatly from), from looking for a new job to un-cluttering my room, decorating my flat and various other odds and ends. But I think of all these things, and i freeze. I'm so tired of this pattern!!!!


                • cassiopeias_dream


                  i am exactly the same. i have been that way along time too. right now I am taking 5 classes and have two waitress jobs... and i have a mile long list of stuff to do, and because of that i freeze or distract myself. i can't give myself credit, because i don't feel like i'm able to give anything my all. now i'm falling behind, and that just makes me feel even more that i'm not good enough, not smart enough, and that i'm lazy.

                  gotta go...



                  • For Yari!

                    Originally posted by yari View Post
                    Hey Grace

                    I feeling alot better and starting to fully accept things as is. I feel more peace now. Thank you for helping me in this difficult time. Thank you for helping Yamari and Mi Vida get better too!!

                    Lots of Love and Gratitiude!!

                    Hi Yari!

                    I am so happy and grateful we can talk on the phone, and that you live in my same town! I love that even though we are so close, you take the time to share here and on facebook to help others. You are truly an Angel!! I love you and your family very much.



                    • Heather,

                      The upside of anger is it gives you a tremendous amount of energy. Maybe it's a subconscious way of helping you have enough umph for all that you have going on
                      Keep your mind on the aether


                      • hi Grace,

                        Thank you very much. I will change modules as you suggested, I'll keep you posted wht's hapening.



                        • For Jessica!

                          Originally posted by future pather View Post

                          Disney, yay! Knock 'em dead (but not literally k ).

                          XO Jessica

                          Thank you Jessica!! I leave Tomorrow and Saturday is the day of my competition. I will be sparring with the 18 year old's and up under 130lbs division, and the 35 year old and up in the Kata Division. Yesterday when I tried to book my 2 night reservation at Disney's All Star Sports Resort with the Agent that handles the Martial Arts Festival every year, I was told that no rooms were available for this weekend.

                          I decided to make some CEM Corrections while I was muscle testing who to call next. It kept muscle testing strong for the Disney All Star Sports Resort. So it occured to me to call the number direct and not go through the agent. I not only got my room booked, but a "preferred" room at that!

                          I am working on having someone video tape me. Hopefully I will be able to share a competition via video with all of you soon.
                          IMMENSE LOVE AND GRATITUDE ~ GRACE



                          • For Heather, Cass and Sunshine!

                            Hello Beautiful Ladies!

                            I wanted to connect with the three of you before I left for Disney. The most important thing to remember is that you are Divine! You are all more powerful than you can imagine. Taming this power is what we are all discussing here.

                            In one moment, in this now moment, you are all creating this Universe and beyond. So Remember who you are! Feel the glory of your greatness even if it is for just one moment, because in that moment you have definitely created your future. Focus and Concentrate your mind as if your life depends on it because it does. Then let go, because whatever shows up is of your own creation and you MUST love it.

                            There is no need to punish yourself for not liking what shows up. There is only the need for forgiveness and Love. Whatever shows up is only a slowed down version of the emotion ~ Love is all there is.

                            There is no rejecting only accepting. Accept it all and love it all. This alone will make you great. This alone will bring you Joy and Peace. This alone is all you need do.

                            Ok, I am off now and won't be back till Sunday. Know that I love you, and even though I am competing I make CEM Corrections for us ALL THE TIME! Just this morning I was making CEM corrections for the three of you individually. Layers are always being removed, so go ahead and show how brilliant you are!
                            IMMENSE LOVE AND GRATITUDE ~ GRACE



                            • Hi Grace - and everyone

                              Thanks for your post. I appreciate it and thanks for making the corrections.

                              I have got internet access at home until Friday next week so actually have time to read posts and reply instead of having to grab what time I can at the library.

                              I have managed to have some feelings of calm and feeling positive and good which has been lovely. And I really have been making an effort. And when I get a glimpse of these feelings then I make the most of them and really focus. I know that I do have plenty to be grateful for and I am grateful and trying my best to think of these things and shutting out all the not nice things that are happening. I'm still finding it challenging that despite my best efforts I still am not seeing the results I want. Just to give you a very little example. Like you had a problem with the room but then managed to attract what you wanted, I need a washer and a fridge and had finally found a washer and agreed a sale and then spent the afternoon ringing round to find someone to collect it for me only to be told that she'd given it to her mother! So back to square one. Then I bid for several on ebay and lost every single one. And getting all excited about jobs and picturing getting one and really feeling positive only to then get yet another rejection. I think this is what I'm finding hardest. That I put all the necessary effort in and don't just sit back and expect things to be handed to me on a plate and I have good and happy feelings etc etc and think yes, this is definitely going to happen, but then invariably it doesn't work out and after about the millioneth time (well, ok, maybe just a slight exaggeration!) I find it increasingly hard to keep feeling good and positive. And I have to say that I find it very difficult to accept and love it when I get all these disappointments. I can say it, but I know I don't mean it. There just has been a whole hosts of rejections for various things lately from the small to the large and for the life of me I don't know why it keeps happening and therefore how to turn it round. I keep picking myself up and reapplying everything I know but . I so want to crack this and be able to turn it around and understand it. So thank you for the corrections and not giving up! And I will be thinking of you at the competition and wishing you well and lots of enjoyment.

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                              • Grace Is The Champ!!!

                                Grace, you are truly wonderful! Much love coming your way!
                                You are truly a master and I absolutely love the connection we share. The corrections you made for me have made me better and stronger! And the more you achieve personally also elevates my consciousness and everyone elses'.
                                FANTASTIC JOB at the Disney Tourney!
                                Now that you know what you want, explore P.A.T.H.S