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  • I don't know if this would work but here's a leash to take him on walks too:

    Small Pet Collars, Harnesses, & Leads: Small Pet Comfort Harness and stretchy lead
    Keep your mind on the aether


    • Hugs and LOVE

      Originally posted by Christine G. View Post
      I just broke down at work, can you psl. send some love my way? Thank you forever!!!
      Christine as you know, I am always sending you LOVE! I will also be sending wrapping you in a warm blanket of LOVE tonight! I do that a lot, but I wanted you to know that I was doing it for you tonight for sure!!!! I will be two pointing wholeness for your heart!

      You know these times are soooo hard and painful to go through, but they are soooo awesome too, because as we go through them we have the opportunity to really grow and get to know our true selves! Trust me Christine I have felt your pain, and I know your heart right now feels like it is going to break in half and crumble into pieces right now, as that is how my heart felt so much of the time as I was going through the divorce! What is sooo cool is that the person that came out of the purifying fires is so unbelievably, beyond comprehension stronger, more powerful than I could have even imagined! The Joy I experience now is so much more than I could have imagined! You too will come out the other end the same! Stay focussed on Love and Gratitude!

      Blessings and HUGS Sallyjane


      • Grace, Nancy, Sally Jane everybody

        Thank you sooo much!! Sally Jane, I just hope its soon 'cause it hurts so bad and the anxiety is killing me. I'm doing my best to stay focused on love and gratitude. It's all I'm trying to think about.
        With Infinite Love and Gratitude,


        • Christine

          Originally posted by Christine G. View Post
          Thank you sooo much!! Sally Jane, I just hope its soon 'cause it hurts so bad and the anxiety is killing me. I'm doing my best to stay focused on love and gratitude. It's all I'm trying to think about.

          PERFECT!!!! Sj


          • Hi Christine

            Sending you lots of love. I broke down at work once so I know what it's like when you're feeling overwhelmed and sometimes it feels like things won't change and it's going on forever. Hang on in there and cry as much as you need to. And be extra kind and loving to yourself. I am thinking about you and sending you and

            And Grace

            Thanks for doing corrections for me. I think the symptoms the other day may have been a migraine after all. I've had a couple since December but not had them before. And yes, the ego mind really does do its best! I'm finding that when I have a "good" day and feel positive and full of energy and easily integrating new beliefs it is followed by a "bad" day where the mind really tries to kick in. I am getting wise to it now and trying my best not to let it take over and to sort of ride it out and then continue to focus on where and what i want to be. Being a spiritual warrior is not for the faint hearted!! So thank you for all your support with corrections.

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            • Jessica,
              Thank you for the links. I've turned one of our bathrooms into an area he can roam around in, so hopefully that's helping a bit for now. He seems to be doing better. He just may always be a very passive kind of piggy, but at least he's moving more now.

              I'm sending lots of love your way. Good job on focusing on love and gratitude... it will get better soon!!!

              Blessings and thanks to everyone here!


              • Another Bad morning

                Good morning!! Grace,

                We was really off to a good start and on time..up until distraction came along. Sebastian not following directions and Jonathan Chit chatting. This has been an on going process for 2years. I want to be on time, than one of them gets off track and the next will lose track of time. I'm the one who tries to be on time. I lost my temper and I kick my lamp and I think I sprung my toe . I was 5 minutes to daycare . I try to have Sebastian understand following rules and Jonathan to understand time management and responsilities. Both have huge problems with that. I lost my patience and I need patience and peace for the two little ones also. My two year old is always in the middle witnessing all the arguing and fights we are having. I need to put a stop to this madness. Jonathan and Sebastian are driving me crazy

                Anyhoo i'm glad we talked...After this im going focus on graditude and focus on what i love about them and my littles girls smiling faces I am worried about this but I know theres help on the way. I do see the shifting of thoughts in me I stayed present and did not sit and cry in desperation because I know now that the universe loves me even when things were going bad

                Thanks Teacher

                Love Yari


                • Hi Grace

                  I'm sorry to be a pain but please could I have some more corrections? I just don't know what's going on but I feel pretty terrible. I feel so heavy and weary and very low in energy and have a headache that's there all the time and I ache all over. It's not the 'flu or anything. Hard to describe. Almost like my body closing down. But my mind feels weary too. Weird It feels like I'm in glue and nothing's flowing. Everything's shut down. This has been reflected whilst i've been on my computer too. It keeps jamming. Takes ages to load pages, can't find what I want no matter what I do... etc etc. Haven't worked out what it's all about but it's horrible.

                  thank you.

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                  • Hi everyone!

                    Would love some of your love again
                    With Infinite Love and Gratitude,


                    • Here it comes!

                      You Got it, Darling Christine!

                      Here comes my Love to you AND to everyone else who contribute to this thread! The act of sending Love to all of you Beauties is a magnificent blessing that brings miracles to us ALL in so many ways!

                      With MUCH Love, Gratitude & Gentle Blessings,

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                      • For All!

                        I am blessed to say that you all keep me very busy!! I am working on every request with much love and gratitude for what it in turns does for me. When I am asked for corrections from any one person, it means that we have attracted each other into our lives. It is more difficult to see ourselves clearly. This is why we have each other as "mirrors".

                        I can only give what I already have. When asked for CEM corrections I first make sure that I am whole in this aspect, if not, I quickly begin making corrections on myself, so then I can do so for each of your personal requests.

                        You can see how quickly this all adds up to much experience on my part. Please keep the requests coming as WE are helping each other!

                        The perception the collective consciousness has at this time is loaded with fear based thoughts. This is going on more so than ever before all over the world. You may perceive the illusion that your life is more challenging than ever before, but the reality is this; NOW there is more clear, high vibrational
                        energies effortlessly at our disposal than ever before in the history of Human consciousness.

                        NOW, more than ever we have access to our POWER! It truly is like "flipping a light switch on" which is Self Realization! The ego/mind will have you believe otherwise. The ego/Mind is coming to an end, and it knows it. The belief in separation (the ego/mind) is an illusion. The more of us that realize the truth of unity, and oneness, the more each individual ego/mind will attack, for it fears its own death.

                        How does this manifest in each of us? Just read all of these recent posts, and you will understand, that the ego/mind will USE ANYTHING to get one to believe in separation. To believe that one has no power, that life is at best fleetingly happy, and at worst painful suffering (death),

                        The power that each of you have in the minutest part of your pinky's fingernail has in-between the spaces of this energy you call your pinky fingernail the INFINITE POTENTIAL to create infinite Universes'!!!!

                        Science has proved this, and all you need do is have faith in the TRUTH of who you really are! I was talking to a very close friend on skype this morning, and I skyped back this:

                        "The vibration of gratitude is like a magnet for all good things. This is the fastest way to achieve goals, focus on gratitude relentlessly"

                        The Light is who you are, Love is the projection of the Light. All there is in this projected Reality is Love. The energy of Love is perceived with the magnetizing affect of GRATITUDE! You are Love in this reality, and the only way to experience who you are is to feel Gratitude. They are one in the same, but Gratitude is the tool you need to shine the Light that is YOU, and feel the Love that is YOU in this Dualistic Reality.

                        Have Faith my beautiful brothers and sisters, our power is growing, and our understanding of creation is becoming very clear. A thought is a thing. This thing is energy, this energy vibrates, and so it attracts that which is like itself. The whole MIND is the mind of GOD. Your thoughts create. Make them like the vibration of Gratitude, which is the only tool that manifests Love in this Reality of ours. Focus your thoughts, they ARE the beginning of creation. Consciousness is the only force that Creates. Creation then can be molded into whatever you choose. The Universe is at your command!

                        Your thoughts create, your actions on these thoughts manifest your outer world. Intend to "collect" on all your actions that which you choose. Here now I will copy and past an article I have already discussed recently. It is posted here on my profile page, and on my Facebook Fan Club page on "Raising your Prosperity Consciousness"

                        If you truly want to speed up raising your prosperity consciousness, and attracting your desires then this is what needs to "BE".

                        YOU MUST BE WILLING, ABLE AND READY, TO TAKE ACTION!! Let me give you a wonderful analogy that my dear friend Pegi Dahl sent me:

                        "There once was an old lady of very little means. Her monthly check barely covered room and board with not a nickel left to replace her tattered shawl and worn handbag. One Wednesday afternoon, though, our dear lady proudly paraded into her bridge club wonderfully wrapped in a stunning new turquoise cashmere shawl. Over her frail arm hung a Prada handbag. "I'm winning the lottery this week" she stated in utter confidence. "I've heard that if you believe with all your might and focus all thoughts on what you want, it will come to you. So I know I'm winning the lottery. This week, in fact." The following Wednesday our little lady returned to play cards with her friends, but sadly she wore the old tattered shawl and carried the wornout handbag. "Did you win the lottery?" a friend asked. "NO!!!" the lady wailed in tears. "No, no, no!!" Just then the Heavens opened in a massive bang and out of the light shown the face of God. "Help me out here, Gladys" he said "next week, buy a ticket."

                        Although, Faith is imperative, Believing in yourself is a must, you still must take action. I will now tell you exactly HOW to take action to raise your prosperity consciousness.

                        Behind every Action you create, you must intend to "Collect" on this specific action, that which you choose.

                        Let's Break this down for better understanding:

                        1. An example of an Action you Create would be:

                        -The need to drive to work
                        -The need to do your job by breaking down and working on individual tasks.
                        - The need to do Laundry
                        - The need to clean house
                        - The need to eat
                        - The need to drink water
                        - The need to sleep
                        - The need to train hard for an upcoming Karate Tournament!

                        The list is infinite, as each person chooses what they need. These are all "Actions" you are already creating.

                        2. You must intend to "Collect" on this specific action.

                        - I collect $50 dollars every time I get in the car and drive to work
                        - I collect $ 80 dollars every time I put my folders together at work
                        - I collect $200 dollars every time I do a basket of laundry
                        - I collect and maintain a healthy body every time I eat
                        - I collect $10 dollars every time I drink a glass of water
                        - I collect and maintain a youthful physique every time I drink a glass of water
                        - I collect a calm Mind and a relaxed body every time I sleep
                        - I collect more and more skills at Martial arts every time I train

                        It does not matter what you choose to Collect for any specific action. What matters most is that you make what you Collect specific to the Action you choose. Be persistent and do this daily, and soon you will find yourself assigning what you will "Collect" to everything you do! DO NOT, let your ego/mind slyly begin to beat you down with thoughts that deter you.

                        All that you desire has already been created and is only waiting to "pop" into this dimension the more you choose to take Action and "Collect" it! Where as the ego/mind will have you Fear that your Prosperity is NOWHERE, by taking positive action, believing, and enduring your Spiritual Warrior will perceive the Truth, that all you desire is indeed NOW-HERE!

                        You will begin to witness sychronistic events that will miraculously appear, and bring forth that which you focus your mind on. Do Not allow the ego/mind to take control and try to figure out how you will "collect"! Infinite Intelligence is far superior than the limiting ego/mind thoughts that always instill fear.

                        Once again:

                        "Behind every Action you create, you must intend to "Collect" on this specific action, that which you choose."

                        What is wonderfully amazing is that you will begin to feel very enthusiastic about EVERYTHING you do! Every time you look into the eyes of the one you love, you will be "Collecting" Love, appreciation, and gratitude for being in their life!

                        You will then begin to feel the Vibration of Gratitude building to greater and greater heights within you!
                        You will enjoy everything you do, because you NOW KNOW that you are creating it all, and "Collecting" on every ACTION you take!

                        There are no rules! YOU make up the rules! You are Creating it all, and all there is, is LOVE!

                        NOW GET OUT THERE AND TAKE ACTION!!

                        With Much Love and Gratitude Grace

                        Imagining the 10th Dimension:

                        YouTube - Imagining the Tenth Dimension (annotated)

                        IMMENSE LOVE AND GRATITUDE ~ GRACE



                        • Very very Cool Grace!!!!

                          I had the best day today! Not because anything special happened....but I'm feeling the turning point where I'm creating instead of reacting!

                          I had an appointment to have my hormones checked...b/c I have been experiencing physical crumminess, prob from the mercury in my mouth....coming out starting on the 12th!!! (yea!)

                          It all went sooo smooth! Found immediate perfect parking spot in impossible crowded area. Left late but got there in time. She knew exactly what I was talking about!! I got exactly what I was hoping for!!! And...all for $100.!!!

                          That doesn't sound like such a big deal....but for me its HUGE!!! And it was mostly the feeling.

                          I've been on Allow Healing, Synchronicity, just went back on Good Fortune...
                          and experimenting with the other dimension stuff.

                          Life is getting Grander every day!!!
                          I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!!! (now isn't that different??)

                          Life in Balance Ayurveda



                          • my toes is getting better!!!

                            Hi Grace,

                            I see how much I'm changing is little baby steps but huge benefits
                            I wish for more corrections on my patience and feeling mentally tired. I doing my best to use graditude and now I'm gona start collecting so that I can see the rewards more..
                            Thank you Grace



                            • Corrections for staffing

                              Hi everyone. I need some help with my staff again. I'm not sure how I ended up creating this as we've had great success with our staff over the last few months, but due to health issues of two stylists, we lost two abruptly and needed a new one urgently. So, we hired one - I hadn't met her as my husband does the interviewing, but I've not had a good feeling about her since I met her, and I've already had two pretty bad complaints from customers about her in about four days! Our store is dependent on our reputation, plus our "above and beyond" service is pretty much the whole reason I wanted to open this kind of salon, so these complaints are not something I take lightly. So based on my gut feelings, I'm positive we need someone else but my concern is we need applicants ASAP as we can't let this one go without replacing her due to being short-staffed, plus I was given feedback about this new stylist that she punched a hole in the bathroom of a place she was fired from (found out after hiring her). Please help us find new great staff (1 FT or 2 PT) and let the other one go easily and without conflict.

                              Grace, if you have any insight as to how I created this, I'd love to hear it! I thought I was doing so well, attracting practically perfect staff, then boom, two of my great employees have to leave due to no fault of their own or ours, and almost their opposite is in their place! Don't ask me how my husband didn't pick up on this during an hour-long interview! Though to be fair, he was pretty stressed about our short-staffed situation so felt stuck.

                              Thank you!


                              • Hi Grace

                                Hey there,

                                Today was a pretty good day I did what you told me and it works!!
                                Graditude is everything...I would like your insight on where I live can you help me with
                                The lady who runs the place.. I still feel something isn't right with her I get really negitive vibes from her. I try to visualized her always in good terms with me at least it helps me to relax alittle. Sebastian says he had a good day today!!!!He told me to ask you for some courage he says he needs it when he plays well as 4 myself I'm happy with how my day went and how I learned to stay calm Jonathan also has been more attentive today! Big plus
                                Tomorrow he's going to the studio to make some changes on my song can you make cem on him he really is putting his all into this song he wants it just right.. I bring you a cd so you can hear it also he has myspace letyourselfprosperhoestly on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads. by the way I been doing money collections too and I got a lot more done!! Great idea

                                Much love to you and Graditude