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  • Hi Kim

    As you probably know from reading the posts, I lost some precious photos only very recently and then got them back after a week I don't know if it will help but one of the questions I asked myself was "where was I when I last held these photos?". Of course, consciously I didn't know the answer, but I knew my subconscious must know. I also think I lost them for a reason and had some work to do on myself before I got them back! When they did reappear they were in a place i'd already looked!!! I hope this helps and I really hope your camera turns up soon for you.

    Hi Salllyjane

    I'm so happy for you for your new job, and your new business and for the abundance that you are manifesting for yourself It's great to hear about it all. Keep it coming!

    And Grace

    Just to keep you updated - and ask for continuing corrections please. Outward circumstances in all areas are just the same - apart from a small move in the right direction with money for which I am extremely grateful. But I think I am changing how I handle things. I still have bad days but I do feel that I am making progress. Even having a bit of peace and being able to feel love and gratitude and forgiveness when the outer world is continuing to reflect back things that I do not at all want is a big step forward, I think. And I know I'm thinking differently. So please would you continue to make corrections for me in all the areas that you know about. And also please would you make corrections concerning me moving? I've just seen the view that I am wanting. I have been looking at houses in the area I want to go to for months and months and know what sort of view I want and what sort of house but logically it's beyond my means. Anyway I decided to just dream anyway because then I'd have a nice dream. And the other day I saw the view on a house website. I've seen other sea views but none were quite as I'd pictured. This is. So now I'm all excited and desperately want to live there!!!! I don't even know what the flat is like or if it's in my budget and so many things would have to happen before I could move. And I know it might not be the right place for me. But I just keep thinking about it. It's an area I really really want to live in. And just seeing it got all these plans into my head about possibilities I hadn't thought of. I was just lying in bed thinking about it all and was soooo excited and then when I got up it was kind of weird to still be where I am. So, anyway - please would you do corrections to sort of keep me on the right path and to do what I need to? To know what the right thing is for me to do and to have the courage to do it and for the right doors to open? I suppose what I mean is that I don't want any nasty blocks or subconscious programs to get in the way and so would really appreciate your corrections whilst I continue working on myself?

    I really appreciate you doing this for me, and for everyone else. Because I know we keep you busy! There have been a lot of posts recently I've identified with.
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    • Hi Sunshine!

      Thanks for your thoughts!!! Yes, I saw your posts about that earlier. That was so wonderful that you found yours! I wish that were the case with us but somebody took the camera while we were in Disney World... My little guy forgot his camera on a chair and we went back it was gone. Our number is with the Lost and Found there but it's been over a week now.. You never know though... I know "miracles" happen so if we're meant to get it back, somehow, we will. Either will be fine, but it would be better to get it back. LOL



      • Kim J

        Kim definitely call back to the lost and found. I know at the small store I work at we get tones of lost and found... We have cell phones that people never come looking for, not to mention drivers licenses and credit cards. We make a little effort to contact the people, but if you want to really make sure I would call them, because they are not likely to really call you. They get busy. They loose the phone numbers, and with Disney World... They probably have a ton of lost cameras and phone number to people who lost them! I would call the main Lost and found beyond the restaurant phone number because some kid could have picked it up at one end of the park and set it down at the other end of the park!

        Blessings Sallyjane


        • Grace and everyone

          I want to thank you so much for all your help, corrections and sending love! I feel it!! I am at peace and happy when you do. Everyday I send love to all of you who help me. I only missed one day.

          Sorry I have been asking for so many corrections and for you to send love, but I promise you when I am finally healed, you guys are my full attention. I feel like I want to do Chinese Energetic Medicine or some type of healing. I think that is my calling. There's nothing better than helping out someone by healing them. I know first hand the benefits!!

          So I ask again, can you pls. send me love and corrections for I am sad and I'm trying to stay positive. I have been practicing gratitude relentlessly. It has been working, but then sometimes it doesn't but I'm not giving up.

          Thank you all so much!!!
          With Infinite Love and Gratitude,


          • For Ayurved(Nancy), KimJ, Sallyjane, Sunshine, and ChristineG

            Hi Nancy, Kimj, Sj, Sunshine and Christine G!

            Here is a link to a note I published on my Fan club Page on Facebook just a bit ago, I know you powerful beings will put it to perfect use. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. After reading your posts, I loved how synchronistic and timely it was so I am posting the link here too. I am also making the CEM corrections right now for all your requests.

            "Raising your Prosperity Consciousness"

            Hi Nancy!

            Yes your mind will overcome this. I will make corrections for Patience, and related issues. We are always growing and spiraling upwards, at times it feels as if we are moving 2 steps forward, but then one step back. It is the spiraling effect. Envision a spiral and you will see that is has a slant to it on every level of each spiral. You are most definitely moving forward.

            Hi KimJ!

            SallyJane is correct. Keep calling back for the camera. I am making corrections now for it to "pop" back into this dimension and your world! This is a great link explaining our many dimensions. Remember there are no degree to Miracles, and Miracles are all around us. Enjoy!

            The Tenth Dimension

            Hi Sallyjane!

            I have made the corrections for what you requested. I also want you to read my note on facebook, "Raising your Prosperity Consciousness". You can use this process for everything coming together effortlessly, by intending to "collect" what you desire with a specific "Action" you assign to it.

            Hi Sunshine!

            It is very exciting when you begin to attract exactly that which you are focusing on! I am making the corrections now for you too, and Once you read "Raising your Prosperity Consciousness" and watch The Tenth Dimension, you will begin to truly "get" how to "pop" what you desire, and what has already been created, into this dimension and your universe! You can begin to put all this information to good use for you and others.

            Hi ChristineG,

            No need to apologize! I am happy and grateful for all your posts! If you only realized how many people you were assisting by being so open and courageous with your feelings, and posting them here, you would never say sorry. It also helps me too, as there is no separation. What I do for another I do for myself, and what I do for myself, I do for another. I am making the corrections now.

            Please read the note "Raising your prosperity Consciousness" too. Very valuable information for you.

            For a private session with me go to:



            • Wow, Grace!

              What a new twist to work with! I've never heard action put that way, in terms of "collecting". Very cool! Now can we do that on a pure mental level as we're going about our day, or should we write our actions and what we're collecting down? Of course since there are no "rules", I guess it doesn't matter what we say we're collecting, but should it be somewhat "believable" to our conscious selves, or does that not matter at all?

              I called the Lost and Found again but it hasn't "popped back in" yet. Thank goodness I have you guys here to say this stuff too - my husband will go only so far with me before he just nods and smiles at me.



              • my request

                Hi - I just joined up here after reading for several days. Grace, it sounds like you are doing some great healing..... and I certainly can use help. Where to start????

                Today my greatest frustration is my eyesight. I wore glasses since about 2nd grade......had RK surgery perhaps 15 years ago....don't remember for sure when........loved being able to see so naturally.

                Well, since then my vision has deteriorated.......can't see close or far and have terrible astigmatism. My right eye is complicated by Graves disease caused by an overdose of Synthroid. (long story)

                I do use EFT and have tapped about fears of 'seeing' but haven't seen changes.

                Any help, insight and advise you have for me is welcomed.

                Thanks for being here.
                PS, I'm not on facebook and am not ready to join so can't read the article on prosperity you posted there.


                • I'm sorry, me, AGAIN!

                  I'm sorry to post yet again!!! I just have a request for our guinea pig, Sparki. He's the most timid little thing, has been since they day we got him six months ago and never been any more confident despite the most gentle son ever that takes care of him. Anyway, he's never been a good eater, will only eat hay pretty much, and for the last two days he's barely moving and sitting in his own excrement - sorry - he used to go to a certain corner in his cage. We've always given him vitamin C drops in his food but who knows how much he gets of that considering his lack of willingness to eat anything but hay, so I don't know if it's something related to that.

                  Much to my husband's dismay, I have an appointment with the vet today, and to be honest, I never fathomed ever taking a guinea pig to the vet either but I can't just watch this little guy get worse! Can you please do some corrections to help him - or let me know if I should take him to the vet or not? Maybe I just need to put vitamin C directly in his mouth (apparently a lack of it causes scurvy in guinea pigs)?

                  Blessings and thanks!
                  PS - Welcome Retta! Fabulous place you've found here!


                  • Hi Kim

                    I'm not a vet but I did used to work with animals and I would say YES, please please take your guinea pig to the vet. They need to be eating. Sitting in his own excrement and not moving is not a good sign at all. Guinea pigs do need vitamin C as they cannot make their own so they absolutely must get it in their diet. If he's not eating well then he's likely not getting enough. have you checked his teeth in case that's why he's not a good eater? They grow continuously so need to be checked that they don't get overgrown. I have seen guinea pigs and rabbits with horribly overgrown teeth and they struggled to eat. If you take him to the vet it will put your mind at rest and the vet can check him out and advise you as to what to do for the best. I really hope you take him and that he gets well soon.

                    Best wishes

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                    • Hi Red Retta

                      to the forum. Have you tried clicking on the link in Grace's post above for the info on Prosperity Consciousness? Although I am on Facebook I just tried the link and it gave me access without having to log in to Facebook so you should be able to read it.

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                      • no access

                        I just tried the link to the prosperity article again and only got to a log into facebook page.

                        My cat has an opposite problem as the guinea pig. She is the first cat I've ever had that is overweight. I ration her food and have tried feeding her the better quality foods and she continues to gain. She mostly eats and sleeps.



                        • To Everyone!

                          Welcome Retta!

                          Christine, if you read back to the days when I was going through my divorce and new to the forum... I asked everyday and sometimes more for corrections! Please keep coming to us! You are going through a very tough, but special time that will bring forth such great rewards. When you are feeling sad, remember to collect either prosperity or JOY or both! Many layers are pealing off through this process. At the end of the tunnel is a light and soon you will see it very clearly, and there will be a mirror there and you will see a new reflection of yourself you have never seen before! It is the REAL YOU! The you, that you had forgotten about. It was soooo awesome to re-find the REAL ME at the end of that tunnel. Now I just continue to grow stronger and stronger in who I am, and just how powerful I am! Now I can look in the mirror and say "I don't need makeup, because I am beautiful!" How few woman in our society can say that? Not because they are not, but because they are separated in Duelism and can not see who they really are!

                          As I already told you, I have sent LOVE and to add to that YOU too are Beautiful!

                          Kim J,
                          Instead of looking at the camera as LOST or STOLEN look at it as Grace mentioned as just being in another dimension! Meditate and see your family at the restaurant and getting up to leave and your son, picking up the camera and taking it with you. See your family printing up the pic's when you get home and showing them to friends of your vacation. Grace is right it is simply in another dimension. Keep calling also, cause it is coming back from that dimension!

                          On the subject of the guinea pig, I will two point it here in a few minutes!

                          Sunshine, just want to let you know that I am sending you love everyday also! I send it to all my friends. Actually I wrap you all in blankets of warm love.

                          Retta, You are now added to that list of friends.

                          Grace and Pamela as you know, I always wrap you in a warm blanket of LOVE!

                          Blessings Sallyjane


                          • Hi My Lovies!

                            I'm just popping by to give Red Retta a BIG and I am also sending Love to each and every one of you, including the precious animals!
                            And Red Retta...if you are wondering what we mean when we say we are sending Love, if you look to this thread started by Blake and follow the link to Klaus Joehle's book "The Messenger", after reading that you will have a complete understanding! It is AWESOME!!! Here's the link to the thread:


                            I also want to thank you Grace for the corrections you made for my Lija's tummy troubles the other night. She was right as rain the next day and frolicking wildly through the woods which please me greatly!

                            And SallyJane...Remind me when we talk tomorrow night to tell you the little synchronistic story about my energetic twin...I should post it, but it's getting late here in Connecticut and I have to get off to the Land of Nod... I know, I know...I can tell that you are gonna read me the riot act because I've been staying up much too late these days , but there are just never enough hours in the day... I will try to post it soon while I am wide awake!

                  's off to Nod for me! I'll catch you Beauties later!

                            With Much Love and Gratitude,

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                            • Thank you!

                              Thank you Sunshine and Sallyjane for your thoughts on our guinea pig. I took little Sparki to the vet and nothing obvious was wrong, no vitamin C deficiency, but he could tell something was up as he seemed lethargic, too thin, etc., so he was weighed and I've been given supplements to handfeed him and then I'll take him back to be weighed again in a few days. Our bunny may have bit him and traumatized him a bit so that might be part of it. They don't share a cage but sometimes we put them together as they did seem to like it in the past, but we won't be doing that anymore!

                              I'm quite pleased I took him to the vet anyway though, as I learned more about guinea pigs and am more comfortable with "poking and prodding" him now. When I attempted with the syringe feeding tonight, both he and I did quite well.

                              Thank you also, Sallyjane for your thoughts on the camera. I will do what you're suggesting. I completely get what your saying about it being in another dimension, so that will be so exciting when that happens!

                              Blessings and thanks!


                              • Hi Kim
                                I'm so glad Sparki is ok and went to the vet. I worried I might have come across too strong but I've seen guinea pigs go downhill so fast that I really hoped he'd go to the vet. I'm glad that you're pleased you took him and with his supplements and CEM corrections and 2 pointing he should soon be right as rain. I am sending Sparki lots of love and I will send him some Reiki too if you are happy with that.

                                And Pamela

                                I hope you do post about your twin. Sounds really interesting!

                                And Sallyjane

                                Thank you for sending me love. I especially need some today because I'm not feelign good. I think it's because I used a new duvet cover last night and it must have had nasty toxic chemicals in. I have a really crashing headache and can't think straight and feel disorientated and I ache all over and feel completely wiped out and have tingling and fizzing in my limbs and feel all sea sick and not able to function properly. Just a few of the lovely symptoms I get And I think it makes me depressed too and I think nothing will ever change and I'm not making progress and lots of other things. Will be ok once it clears but it's not nice
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