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  • Hi There!
    Sharyn, you made me smile with your post. I guess it's my turn to share a little about myself. My husband had a psychotic experience 2 years ago and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. While he was in the hospital I learned that in his quest to start his own business he spent all of our money. Long story short, I sold our house against his desires and moved us, 3 young children included, up to MA to be closer to family for support. He decided meds weren't for him and I was supportive in many ways since I am very much a naturalist and the drugs are pretty scary. In November he ended up in the hospital again and again he spent the money we made from the sale of our house that we agreed would be put aside to start fresh. We have had a tough relationship from the start but I've always believed in him and wanted to be there to help him. Anyway, we ended up on welfare, disability and state health insurance which was incredibly hard for me to swallow. This is where Sharyn's story comes in... I too thought being on a message board support group would be beneficial. Everyday I would log on and read everyone's daily trauma. I would imagine what terrible things were going to happen in my life based upon their stories. It made me feel terrible and I was terrified! Of course I didn't really get what it was doing to me for a couple of weeks but then it hit me like a ton of bricks and I immediately stopped. Shortly after that I saw the Secret, found Powerful Intentions, PATHS, Grace etc etc. I refuse to live in a place that doesn't feel good. I've been working with Grace to rid myself of the layers and layers (and more layers) or guilt, fear, flow of financial success and whatever else comes up - Thank you Grace! You are pure LOVE. I haven't had much visible success with PATHS but Grace assured me that it is working and that I will experience the results in time. I do know that! I just started Operation Success last night so we'll see if I can make it all show up a bit faster. I am ready to soar and be free to create the life of my dreams. It doesn't look like things are going to work out with my husband which I really knew for many many years but because of my fear I wasn't able to admit. We both forced our way through something that didn't feel right. I know now that we will both be better off apart for awhile. I'm working through my fear of standing on my own two feet financially and keeping my children happy and healthy through all of this. So that is my story. I am absolutely amazed when I look back on my life and see all of the wonderful people and experiences that have come my way to bring me to where I am today... I am so excited to find out what is next!! Thank you all. I am so blessed to be here!

    Love, Peace and Light! Tracy


    • Hi Grace,
      Hope that you have a wonderful time at the conference & fit in plenty of quality time for yourself [url=][img] after all the work you have been doing for everyone here.

      Thank you Jamie, Shauna & Tracy.

      Hi Aime, I've just started on Paths one week ago, although I've been dying to get started for months since I first read about the technology. I'm doing
      Successful Living 1 & Increased Business Creativity.

      Tracy, I do hope that you get some quick results now that you have commenced OS. Thanks for sharing your story. Your efforts to keep going in spite of all of your difficulties was inspiring. You brought to mind one of my favorite quotes (I have quite a few) but this has one has kept me going a few times by Harriet Beecher Stowe.

      "When everything goes against you,
      And it seems you cannot hold on for a minute longer
      Never give up then,
      For that is just the time & place that the tide will turn"

      I think that it sounds like your time & place is NOW.!

      Love & Abundance to Everyone,

      Theta Healing
      Paths 2 Potential

      "We are the one's we've been waiting for"


      • exactlly what i needed

        hi, i am in the middle of doing my quickstart TRV session...and am on a break (which is actually over) and i am so touched by all that i have just read.
        Sharyn, thanks you so much for posting about the fear of burdening Grace, i have actually talked to grace about this a few times, cuz i felt that i would be burdening her, and she just would say to me how much she loved hearing from me and reading my posts and how much my posts were helping others.....which really has brought up the issue of my relatonship with my mother, and that i was more like her mother, and never believed i was good enough to be loved or worthy enough of anyones time....and that is beginning to shift for me, and so much is changing inside me, that i really don't know where to begin.....So here is my apology to anyone i may have offended with the age thing, and thinking i don't belong anywhere and that i am not wanted, cuz deep down i know that this is not true.

        there is no right or wrong way for friends to be, and for relationships to happen...and how old someone is really doesn't matter.....thank you Shauna for posting about the attachment to you paralysis, i needed to hear that....i have be attached to my lables that different doctors have given me, and to pain, and to being a martyr, and to my self pity, cuz there is/ has been a pay off, and i think that alot of my struggle lately has been in letting the things go.
        the things i hung on to, the things that have had a patoff for me have been out of survival, and getting my precieved needs met.....and that is no longer true anymore or necessary, and i am noticing that in letting go of the things that have a payoff, then i pout in the fact that i am no longer getting the attention that came with others feeling sorry for me, and others taking care of me....and that comes back to the child not feeling like she had a mom to turn to and lean on, well part of it, but now so much of that really doesn't matter....and that is a whole new twist to what i have always thought things should be like, and how life was supposed to be.....

        i have noticed the last few of days when i get home from work and i am in pain, and my son is demanding attention from me... i am so cranky, and angry and i have been plain mean to him, i have been yelling alot...and then i would feel so horrible and wanted to stop being like that, and that would force me to look inside, and then i would realize that i am feeling so angry, cuz i am scared.....and as the tears would flow down my cheeks....i would feel better.
        so i guess my point is in letting go of my so called best friend/friends, that have actually served me well in the anger (kept people from getting close) and all the ways anger manifests it self towards others and myself...

        i have something else i want to share with everyone to....
        the bit about going to places for support and then focusing so much on the problem. i have been attending twelve step recovery groups now for almost six years. i have struggled with addiction in the past and have been clean for the duration of the time i have been attending these groups. they have served me well. since i have gotten in into LOA, Paths, CEM, and all the change that has been happening for me..... things are just starting to look different . i guess in a nutshell the thing about specific supports and focusing on the prob, well i could identify with that....cuz when i share in these meetings...i refer to myself as an about focusing on a negative (want to make clear though that these groups have saved my butt, and were a means and a way, till i could come here) yes there is confusion now in this area....althought the huge point of these meeting is to focus on the solution and not the prob, and then our humaness and tendency to focus on the negative can be addicting in it self.... i don't really have a point, i am really just sharing my thoughts and am really grateful to have come on here tonight to have read all of this.
        funny thing is, that it was a nagging feeling to come here tonight/this morning.
        thanks for listening/reading and I LOVE YOU ALL, and thank you....

        gratitude and love....Adrienne

        PS. hi eye has been good, and my back is good, but my left shoulder is tensing up, seasing almost, and i don't think it is work related.....i went to a family dance last night, and had so much fun.....and was so relaxed afterwards, i wasn't in pain anymore at the end of the night...and realized that i needed to have fun more often....been going through a range of wonky and somewhat familiar feelings, but in a more aware state.
        i hung out with a friend, and have been feeling like i did when i was 16-17 yrs something in me feels free....and open, and i don't know, but i haven't felt like this since i was a teen...and when i felt like this, it was always long lasting friendships and very memorable....almost like it has a taste to it....amazing really...look forward to learning more about this.....I love you...Adrienne
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        • Hi Grace,

          I would really appreciate it if you could work on my Mom's right leg. She's having cramping in her ankle and calf and pain along the shin. I think she overdid it a bit the past few days because she doesn't normally have this much pain.

          Thanks for all your help!

          Paths To Your Success


          • hey Grace


            i just got a call from my sons school, and he is on his way home now, cuz he has pink eye.... ...emotionally contracted i'm sure other than the common belief that its contagious..only if we are open to it right..
            And he woke up this morning with some back pain, actually alot of back pain....hmmmm....runs in the family, but not genetically... anywho, just wanted to share this with you, and he slept really horrible last night tooo...
            ok, just got a suggestion to put poly sporin in the eye, but corrections in the other areas would be great....and perhaps the sleep disturbance is from the work you did yesterday? is that possible?
            Lots of love, adrienne
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            • The Courage I See Is Outstanding!!

              It takes immense courage to look within and see that what you have been creating no longer serves you. I am so incredibly grateful for these past few posts since I told you all how much I love you!! Well I love you even more NOW!!

              These past few posts is why I love what I am doing here!!! The absolute truth of why I started this thread was to bring awareness to this Forum, but mostly to inspire people to know HOW POWERFUL THEY ARE!! We are such powerful immense beings that whatever we focus on we WILL MANIFEST!! The more of us who completely fully realize this absolute FACT, will quickly help and inspire others to effortlessly manifest what they truly desire!!

              Perfect Health, Wealth, Abundance, Prosperity etc. As you focus on your perfect Health etc make sure you remember to really FEEL the Gratitude of Having Perfect Health. Quicker than you know, you will be manifesting this in your outer world. You will manifest the perfect Channels to bring you your desire in the quickest and most perfect ways!! This Forum has been a perfect Channel to connect and discover your GREATNESS!! YOU ARE POWERFUL!! YOU ATTRACTED ALL OF THIS LOVE!!

              So thank you Rin, Moxie, Jure, Sharyn, Nadine, Jamie, Shauna, Indigo, Aime, Tracy, Adrienne, Ann You have all contributed so very much.

              I will work on all of your health issues and requests with out fail. I will spend extra time on your Mom's Leg Ann, and Adrienne I will do the same for Tristan. Stay focused on your perfect health and also envision the perfect health in Gratitude of those you love and wish to be Perfectly Healthy too!! This makes making corrections for me even easier with less resistance!!

              This is an excerpt from Haannel's Master Key System that I read just this morning and in reading all of your Fabulous posts has inspired me to add here!

              Part twenty-one page 200

              1. The real secret of power is consciousness of power. The Universal Mind is unconditional; therefore, the more conscious we become of our unity with this mind, the less conscious we shall become of conditions and limitations, and as we become emancipated or freed from conditions we come into a realization of the unconditional. WE HAVE BECOME FREE!!!

              With Paths, Cem ( group corrections), and any other Spiritual tools you feel attracted to, we are all then able to Feel more and more of this unity!! More and More Freedom from limitations. We focus more and more on all that is GREAT!! YOU ARE ALL SUPERB!! YOUR POSTS ARE MAGNIFICENT!


              I will be leaving for Las Vegas on Wednesday and will be back on Tuesday. I am bringing my lap top with me, I will continue my daily corrections for all of us, but I may not post until I get back, depending on how much "happens in vegas"!!!!
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              • Originally posted by Grace View Post
                I will spend extra time on your Mom's Leg Ann, and Adrienne I will do the same for Tristan.
                Thank you so much, Grace. Mom has already reported improvement in it, but says that she's feeling it in her hip and thinks it may have something to do with the sciatic nerve. She thinks her right foot and ankle may be a bit swollen, too.

                While you're working on her, if you could give her more energy, I know she would greatly appreciate it. She's (unfortunately) always saying that she doesn't feel like doing anything and that she's tired. I think depression and worry is part of it, but that's just my opinion. She's not into LOA like I am.

                For myself, I would appreciate any work you can do on my eyes and vision.

                And if there's a correction you can do to make me more like you, I'm definitely up for that one, too.

                Thanks, Grace, for all you do for all of us.

                Paths To Your Success


                • Originally posted by Sharyn
                  Just thought I'd share a little prosperity that came my way yesterday.
                  Snap! I came here to do the same. Yesterday I had an impulse to check on a couple of inactive bank accounts. In one of them, I discovered two hundred dollars more than I'd been expecting ... and in the other, I found about two thousand dollars more than I'd thought I had! Now, this is not money that appeared out of thin air, mind you. It's just money that I squirrelled away in the past, and forgot about until now. I do believe that Grace's financial corrections nudged me in the direction of checking those bank accounts, and it was so wonderful ... it was like suddenly finding extra money in my pocket, or something!

                  And if that's not all, recently I've been finding coins on the street everywhere I go. Does anybody else have this experience? Most of the time they are (equivalent to) pennies or dimes, but yesterday I found a dollar coin!


                  • Thank you from my mother

                    Hello Grace,

                    My mother wanted me to thank you for working on her. Her leg has improved a great deal. She commented that she was surprised that it had improved so much and so quickly.

                    However, she says that there is still cramping in her foot and ankle that makes her toes want to curl. She's seeing her chiropractor this afternoon.

                    Thanks from me, too, Grace! I appreciate you working on her so much.

                    Paths To Your Success


                    • Hi Everyone
                      It is so cool how the universe gives you what you need at just the right moment. Last night I had an experience that threw me way off. Long story short... my husband left a window open in our kitchen that is right over our driveway on the second story. I found my youngest hanging on his belly half in and half out and grabbed him before he flipped out. It freaked me out! I already shared that my husband and I aren't in a great place right now and I've been working on feeling neutral toward him. This sent me into a spiral of anger and resentment which I know was there all along and not dealt with completely. I was/am angry not just about the incident but about him and our entire history. So the tapes started in my head this morning and I couldn't shut them off. I pictured Griffyn falling out the window... me trying to save him but missing... asking what would have happened if he hit the pavement... and on and on. I knew I needed to stop but couldn't. I was in tears this morning as I drove away from my children's school. So, the universe sent me two new friends. This morning I met two women at the coffee shop and we got into some pretty great discussions. One is going through some struggles with her husband right now. We had some similar connections. I feel like I was able to give her a couple of insights that I have learned for myself over the years in dealing with my relationship issues. It really helped to dilute my anger and remind myself of all of the things that are so important to me today. And Grace, it really made me take a pause and have gratitude for myself in the decisions I have made and the person I have become. It felt so incredible to know that I gave this new friend something to think about and consider so she can move herself in a better direction and she gave me the same gift even if she isn't aware of it. It is SO cool how we are all here for each other in this life to help along our individual journeys and actually the journey for humanity as a whole. I know I am here on this forum for a reason. I know that meeting Grace wasn't just a chance meeting. I know that I will contribute to someone at some level and that I will, and have already, rec'd tremendous gifts.

                      I'm so glad that someone mentioned that they felt as if they were putting Grace out by asking so much of her. I felt the same way. I didn't want to burden her by asking her to do anything more for me since there are so many of us and I already took up close to 2 hours of her time on our phone calls. It was great to here that she is benefiting from this work as well and that she is happy to do it. I guess this is an ongoing lesson of mine - to feel worthy of help. Throughout my history with my husband I have taken on so much on my own because I didn't want to put others out or burden them with my troubles. I was acting like an island and not allowing myself the life connection that I'm suppose to have with the people around me. It wasn't until EVERYTHING started to crumble around me that I was actually able to accept help even though it was very hard. I am so grateful that I did, not only for the help that I so desparately needed but because it really showed me how connected we truly are and that people want to help... that everyone gains in the process. What a relief that was for me. I still have a hard time accepting but have some major life lessons to reflect upon to remind me that receiving is just as important as giving. I love helping people and since I have been much more open to accepting, I have so much more to give. It's incredible! So, Grace, when you get a moment, I realize that I may need work on anger and resentment. If that seems like a possible layer in my mass of layers that need to be worked on to get me standing strong and soaring I would appreciate it if you could help me out. Thanks SO much for all you do and for this space to express myself.

                      IN LOVE, PEACE, LIGHT and GRATITUDE!! Tracy


                      • Thanks for your post Tracy

                        Hi Tracy,

                        Thanks for your post--so much of what you wrote is familiar. I'm so glad you met two new friends today. I've also been concerned about imposing on Grace's time and am pleased to read your post and others on that subject. I feel so blessed to have met Grace and now Moira also.

                        Grace, thank you for the time you spent with me recently. I am so grateful for the work you do...

                        Moira, it was a lovely surprise speaking with you just now...I look forward to more conversations soon. Thanks for the message about not worrying...

                        And Pamela, what a lovely surprise to find your message. I am delighted to have you as a friend and look forward to networking. I now have a network of one! Yay!

                        With love and gratitude,

                        With love and gratitude,



                        • Now Gracie, you HAVE to tell me where you got that Magic Wand from!!

                          In two days, my daughter has suddenly started climbing trees, without any fear whatsoever, and yesterday she said she wanted her ears pierced, something she has been afraid of before, fearing that it would hurt or get infected (which happened to one of her friends). Her self confidence is Soaring!!

                          After she came down from the tree top, and I told her how proud I was, she said, 'you know what Mom, I think this is because Grace has been working on me'!

                          I am SO Happy that she finally dares to do things she has wanted to do for so long, but been too cautious to do!

                          Thank You, Gracie!!!! We SO Love and Appreciate YOU!!

                          Much Love,
                          Moria x
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                          • I love Wireless Internet!!

                            I am not in Vegas yet! I am now waiting for my connecting Flight from Dallas to Vegas. I am having a scrumptuous dinner at the Dallas Grand Hyatt airport hotel! This hotel is not even 2 years old yet, and it is ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!

                            I am on standby as there was an electrical storm here at the Dallas Airport and vicinity and so they closed the airport down. I am sipping a glass of Merlot and nibbling (so as to waste time) on some glorious grouper!

                            I was then told by my endearing, and very attentive waiter Nick, that I am able to connect to the Internet via the Hotel wireless connection, and that I could hang out here as long as I desired!!

                            I was very happy to hear this since I was already impressed with the fact that I was sitting at this special dining area for one(a single person), that also gives you your own personalized tv with cable connection, but yet with the same elegant service!!

                            I immediately flashed Nick a smile of delight, knowing that now as I was patiently waiting for my flight I could post to ALL OF YOU!!

                            Thank you so much Ann for keeping us posted, and I will Work on your Mom's ankle and foot right now as I have been also taking this "waiting time" to work on others individually. When I am done, I will go back to working on the Group. I love my Mundane tasks now because I can do corrections easily on the Group and carve out even more time for all of us!! In fact doing the dishes and laundry is prime time for Group corrections in my home!!

                            Sharyn, I will work on your back also during this time. But Sharyn and Tracy; You must promise me though that you will stop concerning yourself about overtaxing me. Ask and you shall receive! What I do for you I am doing for me!! THERE IS NO SEPERATION!! I will explain in another post soon how it is that none of you can drain me. This is impossible. It is only so if I believe it is so. So ask away!

                            Sharyn and Rin, These Subtle abundance stories are exactly what I am talking about!! It will snowball after this!! Your Faith will grow within yourselves and you will see that now that the "issues" have been removed that have taken your focus away from your true desires, you will be able to manifest more effortlessly your desired results!! JUST REMEMBER THAT YOU ARE CREATING THIS!!

                            "And Grace, it really made me take a pause and have gratitude for myself in the decisions I have made and the person I have become." Tracy you are ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!

                            "I know I am here on this forum for a reason. I know that meeting Grace wasn't just a chance meeting. I know that I will contribute to someone at some level and that I will, and have already, rec'd tremendous gifts." BRAVO!!

                            Hi Allen, You are so beautiful in your Pic.!! I am so glad you put up a picture it helps us all to see a face to such wonderful posts. Yes, Moria is a blessing to us all!! I was just now talking to Pamela, and I told her how I have come to now be able to post at the airport, and she sends all of you her love from Las Vegas!

                            Moria, As I told you earlier when we spoke about this on the phone, You have made my DAY!! You and Your daughter have already become so precious to me, and to think that she is thinking about me, well it just brings tears of Joy to my face!!! I love you both very much!!

                            Well, I am almost done with dinner, I have let it get cold from all my typing, but as delicious as this food is, it doesn't compare to the JOY I feel right now from once again be able to read your posts and reply when I thought I was going to have to wait a day or two!!

                            We are infinite beings and can always do more to release the illusion of fear, and hence Enjoy the truth of the fact that all WE ARE IS LOVE!!!!!
                            IMMENSE LOVE AND GRATITUDE ~ GRACE
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                            • Hello Grace, I am so pleased to see that you are having such a wonderful time already. I was just lying down and trying to nap, and suddenly started thinking about you, it was a good feeling. Then I decided to get up and log-in here, and found your post! Enjoy!


                              • Hello Grace, and thank you! I would am grateful that you include me in corrections. In the area of abundance and in health - a dry left eye. I wonder if these two areas are related.

                                Thank you, thank you thank you!