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  • Oh Grace... I have been on vacation to visit family for the last week, and have not had access to the net. I just wanted to report the good "healing" tingling sensation I reported having in my face, I experienced two more times during my vacation - just as intense as the first time you worked on me.

    I'm not surprised to be reading the work you've been doing on the thread, and on all of us while I've been away.

    Thank you. Thank you. You are amazing. And congratulations too!!

    Adrinne, thank you for pointing me in this direction. Also, I relate so much to your post it makes me want to cry (tears of joy):

    "My heart and MY spirit are truely opening up,and i can feel it....Yes paths (amazing technology) , however i can really feel the work from ALLLL the corrections that wonderful Gracie has been doing for me....Pain has been my life, for about 20 yrs, and i am only thirty now.....worst in the last 10 yrs..... I do believe i know some of how and why alot is/was like this...and i believe we can heal ourselves...Paths is an amazing tool that speeds up the the last five yrs my pain has gotten less and less, cuz of all the healing work i have done, (layers) although it did pop up from time to time, but nothing like it was...."

    I am 28 years old. Since I was 15 years old I've endured pain. It seemed that I kept piling the layers on and accumulating more pain as time went on. First it was my stomache, then it was my head, then it was my back, and then it was everything (!!???). However, last summer after giving birth to my beautiful daughter my body completely gave out on me. The pregnancy was long, and hard to bear due to all my other ailments. After childbirth, I lost the ability to sit, stand, walk and see. I was carted in and out of hospitals for over a month, and kept being told I was depressed, and had post-partum. It wasn't until a very perceptive EMT watched me have a seizure in my home that he picked up on the abnormal way my eyes dilated, and suspected that I had either a brain tumor or epilepsy. That day I was diagnosed with a brain tumor the size of a lemon. I wish I knew the name of that EMT. I have him to thank for everything since.

    5 surgeries and almost one year later, I've relearned to swallow, sit, stand, walk, and drive. My parents were the first ones to help me. They basically picked me up by the boot straps and pulled me up and took me back into their home (when I had no one and nothing else, except an infant that I couldn't care for) and nurtured me unconditionally back to a point where I could begin working on myself. I've slowly been peeling away the layers of pain (emotionally, spiritually, and physically) since. 6 months ago I thought it was amazing that I ONLY had to take a normal dose of IB Prophin two or three times a day. Since starting PATHS, I only need an occasional IB Prophin (every few days). And since Grace has been working her magic - nothing. Honestly, I was laying in bed with my daughter just a bit ago, and thought to myself "Wow... I have no pain. For the first time since............I don't even know when??" I can't even begin to express my appriciation.

    Blessings to all.


    • What a Blessing...

      Oh, Shauna,

      I just read your post and now I have tears of joy and gratitude streaming down my face.... I cannot tell you how Happy I am for you that you have found Gracie and that she is helping you to experience what life is like without pain. How Wonderful for you, Dear One.

      We are all So Very Blessed to have attracted Our Precious Gracie into our lives as well as the friendship, compassion and support of all of the wonderful people on this forum.

      May Each and Every One of You Always Be Blessed... In All Ways....

      With So Much Love and Gratitude,

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      • Shauna

        Hi honey,
        wow.... thank you so much for sharing that, I am so happy to hear about your pain free/drug free experience.....and i know what it's like to be on pain meds..... I even thought of buying some Ibuprophen the other day, cuz my joints are burning, althought i did start a job and been working more than i am used to (was in college, sitting on my butt, ) so from sitting to working, ouch, but i am gonna give it some time though, we'll see. I just talked with Grace and she said i am going through alot of detoxing and processing, soooooo what i am feeling is from that......

        Back to what i was saying is wonderful to here of your positive results and experiences, since working with Grace....that is so coooooooool, i feel your pain and your struggle, with that you are not alone.
        I was actually thinking about you earlier, and wondered where you had gotten to, and then here you are,

        Really glad your sticking around.....good to have you.....i love it when more youngins' like myself reveal them self.

        No offense to anyone else, just have experienced a tough time meeting people close to my age with anything in common.....Most my friends are a fair bit older than me.....
        don't know what thats about, but find it tough to relate to many my age, at least for long......
        Makes me think of a breif part of the convo i had with Grace about how i am in the cave "so to speak" processing...bla,bla,bla...and being a loner, cuz i have been a loner all of my life, and found it took WAY TO MUCH energy to conform and be part of some social thing or group or whatever, cuz it didn't feel right, I really didn't get the point of doing, behaving, acting,,,,,for what? what was the point or the purpose, therefor i have also found it a lonely world, and that part has sucked, and then i could see how one would want to change so they could be part of something, well because it feels good to be part of something right, (well haven't been able to act in those ways for long at all)....geeeze...i could really resinate with what you said Gracie

        Maybe some of this stuff are just my own issues, and maybe not...I don't know and I like it best when i assume a position of knowing nothing..... i leave ya'll for now, with sadness and a bit melancholic.

        OK, lots of love and gratitude..... ADRIENNE
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        • Messages in Water

          I have been reading the book "Messages in Water" in the book, the author has produced ice crystals from different types of water all over the world. He has also subjected the water to good music, and heavy metal rock music, with different results. The good music had beautiful crystal, the metal rock music had distorted crystals. He also did this with words, such as "your stupid" which resulted in distorted crystals as well. When he subject it to the word "love" there were beauitful crystals, but when subjected to "love and gratitude" they were the most beautiful. It is the gratitude that made the difference. He states that our body is made up of 70% water, and we are all affected by what is surrounding us because of the amount of water in our bodies.

          I feel what Grace is doing (by helping all of us)will help change the world. When we are subjected to Grace's wonders, and her immense love and gratitude for everything and everyone it affects our physical bodies and is changing the way we look at the world, from possibly negative to something very positive....and when it affects affect others as well....and so on!!

          She is just one person, but look at how many people's lives she has touched. This is amazing!

          Grace, I am not only grateful for how you have helped me, but I am grateful that you have helped so many people have better lives. You are so kind and caring, and giving with your time and your ideas. You are really amazing!

          Thank you!!


          • On going cold and business

            Hi Grace,
            I tried to e-mail you a few days ago but I think I did something wrong .
            I have had constant colds, congestion, stopped up ears, losing my voice, etc. for close to 2 months. At the same time I am having problems with my business. Could these be related? I know it sounds strange, but I am truly starting to think there is a connection. If I could talk to you I would be appreciative.
            Thanks, Susan


            • Grace,
              I got a GOOD night's sleep last night, thankyou so much for taking the time to work on that!After 3 nights of practically no sleep that is such a relief!

              On the financial side of things, I think things have just started to get on the move for me again.

              Nadine, Great minds must think alike! I just posted a couple of You Tube videos showing some of Dr Emoto's work a few days ago if you want to look at them

              Pamela, I was just wondering how your new painting was going & now you've answered! That is great to hear that it is nearly complete. Can't wait to see it! I am sure it is going to be a masterpiece extraordinaire!!

              Shauna, just wanted to let you know that I also have been thinking of you after hearing everything that you have been through & send you my love very best wishes for continued pain free days & continued rapid improvement in your recovery.Your little girl looks gorgeous by the way. I love babies!

              Adrienne, I noticed that you had disappeared for a little while & was wondering if you were ok. Glad to see that you're back. I've been up & down, a bit here & there myself since I started on Paths a few days ago, which is a bit disconcerting. Anyway, I'm sending you one of my favorite songs to you to cheer you up

              Love & Abundance to all on this thread,

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              • (Gentlemen, sorry, please do not read past this point!) Grace, I have just experienced my second menses since you kindly began working on my pain, cramping and other issues. This time around has been much easier - in fact I haven't experienced such an easy time since perhaps my teens! Much shorter, much lighter. I was able to sleep for the first two nights through without getting up to "change." I did experience quite a lot of pain as usual (I know I was supposed to tell you when that happened, but I forgot, I'm sorry!) but it was easily controlled with the meds that the doctor gave me. I am so happy to be able to report this! I anticipate that my next month will be even better. Thank you so much, Grace! These are wonderful results, and I am ever so grateful.


                • Rin,

                  That is great news, it is funny what we get excited about!!


                  • Thank you for your warm-hearted thoughts and words Pamela and Sharyn. And my little girl is such a love! I only pray that I can give her the parenting she deserves!! This is such a nice forum. Great energy, even just reading these digital words on the screen!

                    Adrienne, maybe we can all relate a little to what you've been through with being a loner. We've all been attracted to this place for possibly similar reasons...? Going through grade school, and college I didn't find very many like-minded individuals. Looking back at my adolecence makes me sad because my immature mind rationalized that I was the odd-ball and because my upbringing and values were so different from my peers that there was something wrong with me. I doubted my upbringing, and chose to conform. A book I'm reading (and highly recommend) "When You Reach the End of Your Rope, Let Go!" likened it to selling Manhattan Island (yourself) for what you later found out was a few junky souviners. My adult mind knows that the world is generally a dark place, with so many people wandering around mostly confused and unsure how to turn their lights on.

                    I just pray that I can teach my daughter to be a light in this world. And that she will know it is better to shine her light to help show the way for those in darkness; than to turn hers off to be like those around her.


                    • Hi
                      I think this is actually my first post on this forum. I've been reading for weeks now and loving every moment! You are ALL so wonderful. Thank you for letting me peak around for a bit. I met a few of you on PI. I've been on PATHS for close to 3 months now and am waiting to experience the results that I know are manifesting. I just signed up for Operation Success today so I'm hoping that opens my sub-conscious up to receiving this information. Grace responded to a post that I had on PI a few weeks ago and told me to give her a call. Thank you Thank you Thank you... I'm blessed to have met you. I appreciate all of the time you are taking to peel back my many layers at a time when I truly need peeling! This means more to me than you will ever know. I am also thrilled to have had a conversation with Moira and know that her insight was exactly what I needed to hear and already knew in my heart. Oh, and Moira... that trip that you told me that I would be going on and I couldn't think of just came up today. I'm going to NYC for a day with a bus of women that I do Nam Yoga with to attend a class with Gurunam. I think that might be what you were refering to. I'm greatly looking foward to it. Shauna, your story had me in tears of joy. I'm am so so happy that your suffering is over. You have a very lucky little girl and I'm sure she will be a light in many people's lives.

                      I appreciate being here with all of you beautiful people!
                      Love, Peace and Light Tracy


                      • Financial corrections

                        Hi Grace

                        When you get a chance, I'd appreciate some corrections in my finances/prosperity. I'm still not seeing much movement in that area. :/

                        Thanks for anything you can do to help.

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                        • improvements

                          Grace, I just wanted to let you know I see great improvements! The general mood around the household has been much more positive...there is slowly a change happening. I am very happy and grateful for this...THANK YOU!!

                          My back has been feeling much better, sometimes just a twinge, but for the most part, I can exercise , carry on physical work in the garden etc. and it feels good. Just a little achy, but then again I am not 20 years old anymore!!!LOL

                          Thanks so much!!


                          • Sharyn and Shauna

                            i am kind of going into a mode where i feel like i am overloaded with info, but i do want to say thank you for the kind words and.....and i loved that song Sharyn, I had tears....thank you , it touched me, and was exactlly what i needed
                            Shauna, you are a beautiful women, and have a beautiful little girl. She is very lucky to have you (she knows that...thats why she chose you)
                            thank you so much for sharing, and i am so glad to hear of you experience with the help you have gotten from grace.

                            Been feeling...really confused, and am not getting/understanding alot, cuz things are shifting and changing so quickly.....but i am/will be ok, thanks for your thoughts both of you....

                            hey Gracie....yup feel a lot of sadness coming up and actually out....alot of grief/grieving...kind of tough, but gonna be focusing on giving myself a break, and allowing it to happen i guess.....Ya some self pity too...yikes....(like i am alone on that boat... ) well just wanted to post quickly, and acknowledge that i did read the beautiful posts...thank you.... ..Adrienne

                            PS..been working alot this week, and OMG, i am soooo out of shape..and my shoulder blades are killing me...i feel like a cripple....everyone have a great time at the vegas conferance.....wish i was there too....well in spirit, as i sleep.
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                            • Grace and Barb

                              Dear Grace and Barb

                              Firstly I would like to thank you Grace for explaining to Barb about my posting

                              Barb I am sorry for causing you to misunderstood my posting Again my apology I saw you apology to me and Barb that's not necessary

                              Grace Big Thank you for working on my knees, it has really improve alot
                              Grace if you have time can you do some working on my financial and my business areas??

                              I am sorry for not posting recently because I am working on my business ( which has not show any results yet? )

                              Best wishes and Love to ALL



                              • Hi Grace,

                                The ear is still not right. Can you please do a few more corrections to it please

                                Hope to start the new job on Wednesday

                                Love and gratitude

                                Terry xx
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