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  • Wow

    Hi Grace, this is really an amazing thread. I wanted to ask if you could include me when you do your group stuff? This is the first time I looked at this thread. I don't know how you managed to keep up with it!!

    Thank you

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    • Pain....No Pain

      Hi Grace,
      Apparently we're still peeling the layers of this one ! My shoulder feels fine at times and the next minute the pain is back in the same place. Maybe I'm growing wings, but how will I soar with only one ?
      Seriously, thanks a lot, and don't spare the lightening bolts if needed

      In gratitude and awe,
      ZPoint Practitioner


      • Hi Peg and Stacey


        I will do more to get the results you need concerning your shoulder! Please keep posting. Even if the results are good or not so good!! The more layers I take off for you the more layers we take off for all who are resonating with you and these similar issues!!


        Once you post here or even view this thread, you are automatically included in the group! Also the energy from this Forum, Paths, this CEM thread all adds to the fact that you sensed this and attracted it into your life. In other words some amazingly powerful people are pulling in this forum via the Law of Attraction!! LIFE IS ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!


        • Hi Gracie....

          Hmmmm, 4am eastern...i was attempting to sleep, nope didn't sleep well at all, it almost feels like i didn't really sleep at all...and what sleep might have happend was very , very light. i have been feeling some seriouse shifting going on in me, but couldn't really describe it as of yet....but i did wake up with my eye flared up again and painful (and still is)....and on the weekend (monday now) i had no ounce of pain in my back again....WOW...odd, but beautiful.....and today it has started again..on the right side, spasms wanting to start again, and from the shoulder to the hip.....
          My heart and MY spirit are truely opening up,and i can feel it....Yes paths (amazing technology) , however i can really feel the work from ALLLL the corrections that wonderful Gracie has been doing for me....Pain has been my life, for about 20 yrs, and i am only thirty now.....worst in the last 10 yrs..... I do believe i know some of how and why alot is/was like this...and i believe we can heal ourselves...Paths is an amazing tool that speeds up the the last five yrs my pain has gotten less and less, cuz of all the healing work i have done, (layers) although it did pop up from time to time, but nothing like it was....

          With the degree of NO PAIN i have experienced since Grace has worked on me.... i haven't felt this much mobility muscles have always been real tight.

          So ya Grace...I am not sure if this stuff is surfacing again as another layer....with the corrections you did in the weee hrs of the morning.....actually i went to bed at 1am my time, which was when you were doing the corrections....
          I think what i am becoming very aware of is my power that i have in me, and ya it has always scared the crapola out of me and i think i have been hiding and running from it all of my life.... and now it is starting to really shine in me and through me, and i beleive that i am powerful, and feel the power within....and this is also quit overwhelming...i have noticed anxiety coming up to...when i feel strong and positive and happy...and then i have to go out and get things done the anxiety kicks in, but different from what i have's sudden, and only at having to go stands out more now then it has befor.....
          not sure, what this is about, maybe in my own surroundings it feels safe and comfy to be in my strength and power...Yes strong Feminine power but to go out and allow others to see it in me....perhaps what creates the anxiety....
          Ok as for my son...i will post a different time...early to bed for this tierd gurl.....Sweet dreams all..

          YouTube - Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
          i am listening to this perfect...mmmmmm
          LOVE Adrienne
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          • Congratulations!

            I just wanted to also congratulate you, Grace, on your wonderful accomplishment!!! You are an inspiration!

            Much love,


            • WTG Gracie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              Hey Hon!!! I missed this on this thread as I have been offline for several days....and congratulated you in person (of course!!) BUT I just want to add my





              • Constant colds and allergies

                Hi Grace,
                For the last two months I have had constant colds and allergies- to the point where my head is totally congested, my ears are stopped up, I lose my voice.....I think you get the point. I am at the point of wondering if I am manifesting this in order to avoid other issues in my life I need to be working on. I am a huge believer in the law of attraction but I certainly am ready for all of this to stop!
                I am a PATHS user but am not using any modules pertaining to health.
                I would be eternally grateful for any suggestions.
                Thanks! Susan


                • You Are Magnificent!!

                  Hi Adrienne,

                  I loved the Pink Floyd song "wish you were here" thank you, you are so beautiful!!

                  "...Yes strong Feminine power but to go out and allow others to see it in me....perhaps what creates the anxiety...."

                  BINGO Adrienne!!! I am going to work on you again tonight, but you are absolutely correct. The root "issue" is about allowing your magnificence to shine through. This takes COURAGE!! I want you to know How incredibly grateful I am for your posts, you are not alone in this issue. This is a MAJOR issue for many. The many viewers and posters are going to benefit immensely from this post of yours!! I am going to work on this heavily and this will be a GROUP correction.

                  If you re-read my initial post starting this thread you will understand from reading Maryanne Williamson's Quote. The first step is to recognize that you are POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE!! Adrienne, you have done this, but then to allow others to see YOUR POWER takes immense courage! TO BE AN INSPIRATION TO OTHERS is what we are all here on this FABULOUS planet to do!! We are all here to recognize and remember WHO WE ARE!! ABSOLUTELY POWERFUL FABULOUS BEINGS!!!! This is our only purpose in life!! Once you get this, All desires flow in Naturally!!


                  When the pain appears as if it is back, or there are no noticeable results with any spiritual tools, it is only a reflection of the souls connection to this dualistic world. The habitual belief (collective belief) that FEAR exists! The belief that there is both LOVE and FEAR. The absolute truth is that there is only LOVE!!

                  To focus on this fact that there is only LOVE takes courage, wisdom and much perseverance.

                  I am committed to working on this group to create PEACE, which is another vibration of wholeness, of LOVE. I desire to make all of YOU aware of how POWERFUL THIS VIBRATION IS!! OF HOW POWERFUL YOU ARE!! You are magnificently PERFECT Adrienne, and your healing will be instant and complete the more you are aware of this!!

                  I have been working on a few individual stubborn cases, YOU MUST NOT think for a moment that you can not have instant healing!! YOU CAN! It is important to persevere in the thought that you can conquer ANYTHING!!
                  But as I have said before, We are Infinite beings with Layers of "issues", and this is the same for ALL OF US!! Little by little even with stubborn cases you WILL notice results. THANK YOU AGAIN ADRIENNE FOR YOUR POST!

                  THANK YOU KIMJ AND CHANSONETTE FOR YOUR CONGRATULATIONS! It means so very much to me to feel your LOVE!!

                  Hi smg,

                  Your post was timed perfectly!! You too have hit the nail on the head just as Adrienne has!!!

                  From the website Positive Affirmations and Positive Thinking to Manifest change

                  Possible Mind-Body Link
                  Denying your own power. Who or what are you allergic to?

                  Affirmation for Allergies
                  The world is safe and friendly. I am safe. I am at peace with life."

                  Once again denying our immense power is a HUGH ISSUE for so many!! Thank you for posting and having such perfect timing!! You too will benefit from this group CEM work that is going to be done now because of the two of YOU!!

                  Today my friend Tom, who owns an art Gallery and Frame Shop that I visited this afternoon for the purpose of framing my Third Degree Black Belt Certificate, told me to listen to his favorite song from U2. The name of the song is GRACE! What a wonderful conversation I had with Tom today. What GREATNESS I witnessed in him! WHAT BEAUTY, GOODNESS, AND IMMENSE GREATNESS I SEE IN ALL OF YOU!! THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS MOMENT IN TIME WITH ME!! I hope you love this song as much as I now do!! REMEBER ALL THERE IS, IS LOVE!! WE ARE ALL LOVE!! WE ARE ALL ONE!!

                  YouTube - Grace
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                  • Hi Grace

                    Well Grace,
                    Congratulations on your achievments. It's impossible not to feel your power and exhuberance in these written words. This is Stephen. You instructed me to come here on my private email and post what is comfortable for me. Well I stopped by anyway but I really don;t know what to say right now except I want some a what u got. You must know Bono of U2 cause he got you pegged. I listened to the utube song. Excellent!!!


                    • Hey Grace.....What wonderful news. I am so thrilled for you and your success. You continue to inspire us all. Love and Peace, Bob


                      • Beautiful song for a beautiful woman!
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                        • As we all know, Grace 'work' is pure MAGIC!
                          She's been working on me for quite some time, and I can honestly say that I can't remember the last time I felt this calm and centered! I have for the last couple of years had this knot in my solar plexus area and after the very first session with Gracie, it was GONE! For me, this is a HUGE thing, not having that icky feeling inside anymore!

                          Then, having her work her Magic on Prosperity!! Now THAT has completely shifted things for me! I have had more requests for paid readings the last couple of weeks, than I've had in a year! And, like I said earlier in this thread, I finally feel ok with charging for them! I have had friends asking me for readings every time something happened in their lives, bringing their friends to me and them in their turn bringing friends, but I have never felt good about charging them. I've spent every Saturday night at a friends website, doing free readings for a few hours, which has been appreciated, but again, I've never felt ok by charging. Now, that fear/feeling of not deserving it, is GONE!!!
                          Doing readings is my passion, I LOVE if I can help someone to see the positive sides in their lives, to maybe help them see avenues they haven't seen before, and now I am DOING it, I mean REALLY doing it!! YAY!!!

                          Gracie has also worked on my daughter, and last night after talking to her, she brought something up that I found very interesting. My daughter has had a blocked ear off and on for a few months, nothing serious, but still, a blocked ear. Yesterday she felt that in her other ear as well.
                          I Love Louise Hay and her book You Can Heal Your Life, so my first thought about my daughter was, what is it she doesn't want to hear?
                          Now, we have a very close relationship, no arguments or fights in our house, so I knew that was not an issue. Then Gracie says that there is a man coming into my life shortly, (second time I've been told that in the last few weeks) something I honestly don't feel I'm interested in at this point. I love my life with my daughter and have no desire for a partner right now. Anyway, Grace said that THAT is what my girl doesn't want to hear! That I don't want a man in my life!
                          Thing is, she has off and on, up to about 8-10 months ago, said that she would like me to meet someone as she would like to have a dad in her life, and I've always said that I don't feel it's the 'right' time for that. So, it rings true to me what Gracie said... I've been telling my little Angel something she didn't want to hear! So now, I'll have to re frame what I'm saying and see if that helps her ears a bit!

                          Gracie... you are MAGIC!! Thank you SO much for being YOU, and for everything you do!

                          With SO Much Love and Gratitude!

                          Moria x
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                          • Indigo's and Codons!

                            Hi All,

                            I wanted to make all of you aware of this thread started by Aaron,

                            I am very excited about this information, and because of this information I worked on all of us last night concerning Codons! Go have a cool read, It is fascinating!!

                            Hi Stephen!! (tiptoe) I am honored you posted already!! Thank you!!

                            Bob, you are so wonderful to post, thank you for your loving energy!

                            Sharyn, even though we just got off skype, I wanted you to know that I worked on your dad when I first read your recent post, and I will do some more for you and him tonight. Keep me posted.

                            Jure (Hercules) your adorable avatar pic made me smile a BIG GRIN
                            Thank you so much for your loving energy here too.

                            Moria, you make my heart sing!!
                            You and your daughter are BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you for your wonderful Posts!! But WE HAVE ONLY JUST BEGUN MANIFESTING ALL OF OUR GREATNESS!!

                            Pamela Sweda, I know we are in contact daily, BUT YOU ARE NOT ONLY THE MOST BEAUTIFUL, LOVING MOST CARING PERSON ON THIS PLANET, BUT YOU ARE A SHINING STAR!! I am eagerly awaiting your ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS LATEST WORK OF ART TO BE FINISHED!! The absolute joy and love you put into each of your masterful pieces of art, BLOWS MY MIND!! The healing dots of energy you are placing into this latest masterpiece will heal people even if they are seeing it via a picture!! YOU ARE FABULOUS!! Here is a link for all of you to see what I mean!! Photos

                            Last edited by Grace; 05-24-2007, 03:54 AM.
                            IMMENSE LOVE AND GRATITUDE ~ GRACE



                            • Originally posted by Moria View Post
                              Then Gracie says that there is a man coming into my life shortly, (second time I've been told that in the last few weeks) something I honestly don't feel I'm interested in at this point.
                              Ooh-la-la, Moria, you have got to keep us posted about this! I fully understand about your feelings, as I am in much the same space, but when is there ever going to be a "right" time to meet someone? Can't put it off forever! I'm already excited for you!

                              Anyway, I'm going to have my first "meeting" with magical Grace via Skype in a few days, and I am so excited about that, too!


                              • Blush...

                                Thank You, My Precious Gracie,

                                You have made me blush....

                                The painting is almost completed... I am hoping to finish it before we go to Las Vegas, but the time is getting close and I have much to do to prepare for the trip, so this may not happen... But I'll be working on it into the wee hours tonight, as usual! No matter what, it will be soon!!!!!!

                                But I must tell you..... Without You and Moria, and all the Loving Encouragement and Validation you both have given me, this new style may never have evolved... I Thank You Both from the very deepest part of my being.

                                With So Much Love and Gratitude,

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