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  • Some thoughts about P1W...

    Hi My Lovies...

    After making that last post to Tim about trying out the free Project 1 World module, I took my dog out for a little walk and while meandering in the meadow and enjoying this beautiful spring day, I started to think further about something that has been on my mind for a week or so...

    As a PATHS affiliate, I have a "back office" site and one of the things I am able to see there is the date when any of my PATHS clients last logged in to view their theatres. Last week, while I was having a little lookie at some other information, I happened to noticed something that I found a wee bit strange and somewhat disconcerting...

    I realized that MOST of the customers who have signed up for Project 1 World had looked to this humanitarian module only ONCE!!! There were a few who obviously are looking at least once a week, but I was seriously astonished by the majority who have ignored it for months and months and I started to think about why this is so...

    Could it be that some people were only interested in seeing what it is like to view a PATHS module and once their curiosity was satisfied, they simply forgot about it? Or perhaps some people didn't really believe in the amazing power of collective intention? it possible that since this module is free, they believe that it is not as powerful as modules that they would have to pay for? OR...and this is the reason that I find a bit difficult to deal with, (sorry, my Grace, I don't mean to be negative on your thread, but I got to let it out... )... is it that some people are too self-involved and concerned only with their own personal transformation, that a module such as this is not important to them?

    As I was thinking about this last possible reason, I was reminded of something I recently read in Neale Donald Walsch's new book "Happier Than God" where he discusses what he calls the "mystery formula" when consciously intending outcomes by using LOA or what he calls the "Process of Personal Creation". He states that this "tool" created by God is most effective when used for the purpose for which it was intended. He goes on to explain just what that purpose is by saying "It is to create a happy, peaceful, joyous life for everyone whose life you touch, and for you, in that order." He then states to pay particular attention to the LAST THREE WORDS of that sentence... This means that those who are most concerned with their OWN personal desires and transformation and deeply desire that the intentions they make FOR THEMSELVES be MOST EFFECTIVE, should do for others that which they wish for themselves FIRST... After Grace often reminds us...We Are All One and Love is all there is.

    So...keeping that in mind, let's look again to the description of the current Project 1 World:

    Peace to our Planet. Growing from Individuals, to Families, to Communities, to Cities, to States, Provinces & Regions, to Countries, to Continents, and Spreading Across the Planet and Beyond.

    Here are four Simple Reminders on achieving inner Peace that will expand out from You:

    A. Look Within ~ Learn Wisdom
    B. Build Trust ~ Lead with Integrity
    C. Serve Others ~ Lead with Love
    D. Create the Future ~ Lead by Example

    This is accomplished through an amplification of collective intention sent into the collective consciousness (which occurs when you watch your Theater), which will encourage and uphold the idea of Peace and harmony.

    Now...THAT certainly looks to me like a most PERFECT collective intention that not only indicates Peace for others on our planet, but personal peace as well, so EVERYBODY wins!!!

    Okay...I could go on with this, but I think you Sweeties get the idea... I do want to just add that I personally feel MUCH more peaceful by looking to this module at least once a week and THAT is a Beautiful Thing!!!

    May you All be Blessed in All ways.

    With Much Love and Gratitude,


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    • Thanks for the reminder Pam

      of all my modules the peace one is the one I seem to lag on the most...interesting...ironically, I think I feel the most from watching it, like this huge inner sigh and then a filling the tide going out then fresh aliveness bubbling back in again...aahhhhhh.

      This and other threads today reminded me of a Chinese parable a freind once told to me... The Happiness Project: This Saturday: a quotation from Schopenhauer, and a parable. ... I think that even mindedness is what I am seeking or maybe its a byproduct of not seeking...

      I still think rejoycing is a benificial state...its kinda like gratitude throwing a big party...the attachment or expectation is where i loose the state and "good" and "bad" creep in... the Ultimate "goal" im figuring out is rejoycing over it All!

      "Its all the Blanket"
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      • it is now..

        ok, i am now moving back to Vanderhoof...
        this is so huge for me...
        still in the middle of accepting that this is really happening...
        i am moving in a month..
        just wanted share this...
        it is a good thing...
        i guess i thought i would be moving farther away from the place i grew up... and i am moving back to the place i grew up..
        i am still processing this...
        Love and Light ...Adrienne
        and thanks grace and everyone who has contributed to my growth...
        not sure what i thought, but i spent alot of time in a fantasy... without action, alot of talk and no action.
        and alot of what i have shared in replies to others is coming back to my consciousness... cuz it applies to me too...
        wow, this is actually really exciting.
        part of me thinks.. OMG, what if i am trapped there....
        well, i guess only if i allow myself to be, and if i see it that way.
        it is really my perception of things that makes them the way they are... meaning how i look at it...
        i chose to see the "good"/positive..
        or the negative..
        i can attach meaning to what it means if i do this or do that... but it doesn't have to mean anything... othere than what it is.
        it is what it is.

        you know that for so long i avoided making desicions for myself, and would follow, and look to see what others were doing.. and not really thinking about what i thought about it, or if it was useful for me... and i say this in a general way... cuz there have also been things that i have simply chosen not to do.

        Hmmmm, there is like a contradiction in what i have just said.
        I guess simply... it is how i precieve things...
        where i can participate in something and experience in different ways, depending on how i look at the situation.
        to be grateful for everything in the moment, and have faith that it is all gonna be fine.. and that it is fine and perfect...
        i just read something about inaction... perhaps it was in your posts
        i also did notice how some people watch P1W once and never again..
        with people i have sent them a reminder...
        and they resume watching there p1w theater...
        cuz i am not so sure people realize how powerful it is...
        and yes so many are "self-absorbed" and unless there are direct results for the instant gratification... the interest will subside..
        and i can also say i have been afflicted by this myself too...
        so no judgment when i say this... it seems so unconscious at times when i realize how i was doing this.

        this makes me think of how we can live like we are all one... or like we are seperate from everyone else..
        and there is no seperation..
        however, seems that one can forget this... i know i do from time to time..hehe
        but don't need to berate myself for it..

        anyhow... thanks for your post on that.
        the modules i am now on are:
        positive attitude
        breaking through to enlightenment
        self-esteem and self confidence
        ulimited creativity
        Trauma- free

        I Love paths... my thinking has changed so much and how i engage with life...
        in my home with my son, with people, within,

        somewhere Kevin posted a post.. about how it can be easy to take paths for granted.
        i have become so aware of so many things....
        no matter what is going on.... i am still functioning... and it isn't the end of the world...
        that is a huge thing as often enough my life would crash so often cuz i couldn't cope...
        it would be my thinking that would spiral me down to crashing...
        I am able to access feelings, like gratitude.. and love... and joy... and also stop the though process of something that isn't so useful..
        however it can be ebb and flow for these things...
        i can see it now...
        this is so amazing...
        the acronym of for paths...
        Program Authoring the Human Subconscious..

        I often see how i am authoring my thoughts...
        regardless of whether its a negative or positive outcome

        now imagine being able to do this all on purpose...
        regarless of the poutcome... and being aware of what the thought process was when the results would and could be viewed as "negative"

        I myself have focused on many moduals that deal with outlook and perception...
        and core issues, cuz i beleive that clear those blocks and the rest naturally is cleared too... of course someof the modules target specifics... and i have had some success with them, but have found it is the core things that need shifting/unblocking...
        so i am excited about the trauma-free moduale..
        wow... what would it be like to not freeze.. and go into fight and flight mode...
        although better for me.. but still shows up sometimes more often than i'd like to admit...
        and then my mind tags onto it and tries to convince me it's because of me..
        well.. the ego is trying to survive... so bless it's heart...
        but the things it tells me aren't true...

        ok, i think i written enough for now...
        it will be interesting to see what happens...
        oh, and i just thought of the fact that i am on the writters version of unlimited creativity...
        want to see how they each affect me..
        and i feel better now, after sharing...

        Love and Light ..... Adrienne
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        • This was sooo totally awesome!

          I had the most awesome healing experience last night!

          Well it all started with reading the this forum and the ME book. In the ME book Dr. Bartlett tells everyone to two point being more connected to your spirit guides and angels. Okay, so I have always known I had at least one guardian angel and really thought maybe four or more... but as the years wore on being married to Keith... My connectedness grew very weak and the only time I saw them was my bum was in serious trouble and I needed saving... ie... my car was hurdling towards another car at way too fast to stop and the roads were wet, and both cars were sideways sliding.. When suddenly the situation was interceded and a foot from the other car, my car and his stoped, and parked themselved along side of the road! Even the police officer that night told me I had a guardian angel! But beyond that I was no longer able to really see my angels around me.

          So I 2 pointed it a couple of times and set the intent. Yesterday I wrote out a prayer that an artistic block I have been dealing with since I started this job be removed. Then I went to the book store looking for some more reading material. The book that jumped of the shelf at me was "Ask Your Guides" and nothing else even drew my attention. I bought it and took it home. No big deal!

          I started reading it yesterday evening.... Was enjoying the read, but it was at the bottom of page 36 that things started to happen. It had already talked about everyone having 1 Guardian Angel (kept thinking I see more than that here in my room tonight... 5 or 6 smiling faces looking at me! Then it started to talk about the Archangels, and naming them off and such. At the bottom of page 36 it said

          "So, whatever art you're drawn to, invoke the archangels to fill your spirit with the Divine Energy to express it fully and freely. Then get ready, because big things will begin o happen."

          I sat the book down, and look up... Imediately started to just sob! From no where came this sobbing tears streaming down my face! Then still sobbing I started to laugh uncontrollably! The tears subsided, but the laughter went on for a very long time... not just laughing, but stomach wrenching laughter, doubled over, uncontrollable laughter! It was also a very healing laughter. The only way I can explain it was it was like I had this block and right then and there the block was removed... It was like someone had taken a champagne bottle and shook it up and then took the lid off of it! It was totally awesome!

          Then I went to my computer, and decided to turn on some music, and went to this radio website my daughter listens to on the web that is free and basically you sign up I told them nothing about myself or what kind of music I like, and it signs me into the radio, and immediately starts playing my favorite artist! As I am doing this I am also looking at a picture my friend who lives in Colorado (the one I use to date back when I was in high school) sent me that morning, and suddenly I am seeing his spirit through the picture, and then his horses spirit through the picture! It was like he was there in the room with me... That would have been something else had they been physically in my room as the horse is very big! Tim has turned out to be an awesome friend who always has an encouraging word for me no matter what I am facing! I just love to talk to him! I was sooo surprised when I got the pictures yesterday morning (kind of like "YIKES, what if he wants some of me?" feeling too!) Then to realize he sent me more than just a picture of himself but his spirit too! His horse has an awesome spirit! I just love it!

          Well, enough said! Today I kept trying to figure out how all of this fits into everyone and everything being one fit together... Then I realized that I and all of my angels and guides are all just one with God and me!

          It was sooo cool this morning I got into my car and started driving to work, and I kind of did a roll call of all the angels. I all of a sudden could feel my guardian angel sitting next to me in the passenger seat, and the Archangel Michael was sitting on the hood of my car... next to him was Sauriel on the left, and to the right was Raguel, and on the back center of my trunk was Gabriel, and on the top of my car was Raphael, and then kind of soaring next to my car between me and a huge truck was Remiel. Remember above I told you I had 5 or 6 guardian angels... The archangels were the others I was seeing! I have to admit I was quite glad to have Remiel flying inbetween me and the truck cause his lane ended and we almost had a little side action this morning! I am sure you will be seeing many more new faces that I will be illustrating and drawing. I also realized that the block I was having was not so much a block as I have not been able to draw the whole body of my spirit friends faeries... angels... does not matter, but I have a degree in Fashion illustration, so I ought to be able to draw their bodies, but mostly I see their faces and no bodies except when they are riding on my car! Now that was an awesome sight this morning! Too bad nobody else could see them... Or did they? Well this was so much fun, but also the back ache I have been having is gone completely since the laughter! My jaw did not hurt at all today and I even chewed some gum, and then also no headache!

          Well hope this does not seem tooo way out there... I have always been able to see the spirit world or at least the times I was not married to Keith! I don't mind being called eccentric!

          HUGS and LOVES Sallyjane


          • Grace I need some corrections...

            Well I have really been connecting to my spirit and spirit helpers.

            I have been asking some questions, and getting some interesting answers!

            One of my questions had to do with my weight! I got a very interesting answer with that one!

            The answer to why I am overweight has to do with FEAR! Fear of Keith, and wanting to chase him away! To him I was his trophy wife! I was blond hair blue eyed tallish perfect size eight wife who looked good on his arm! I quickly figured out that if I gained weight then he would not want me anymore! What a wierd world we create for ourselve!

            So Keith is gone! Why do I keep it? I am terrified of MEN! LOL that would explain why the only men in my life are either on the internet or the phone! Oh there is this one guy at work that wants me to call him... Like that is going to happen, and I don't even know if he wants more than friendship or just friendship. Anyways the idea of even having a male friend who lives close to me is terrifying. I don't mind talking to this man at work, but he scares me! Seriously! I need to process some of this fear in a big way! I could definitely use some corrections in this area of my life!

            As for my sugar addictions they will disapear after I stop sabotaging my weightloss efforts. I am seeing big steps since you started to do corrections on me, but I seem to start to change and then go back to the old stuff! This fear has to go!

            On another note there I got up in the middle of the night and did a little shopping! I was awakened and decided to price out treadmills... They cost more than I really want to spend, but I have been wanting a little trampoline cause it looked like fun and I know my daughter and son will love it too. Well, I ended up ordering one in the middle of the night as the price was just perfect! I was then allowed to go back to bed and sleep! Turns out my spirit wanted that too! I need it to get healthy... Sounds good to me! I have decided to take my kids hiking this weekend cause I need to get grounded back with nature as I have lost all touch with nature for so many years it is not even funny!

            Okay I don't know if any of this rambling makes sense to you, but when it came to me it made perfect sense! Had some more breakthroughs today, but I am too tired to tell you all about them now. It was funny I almost PM'd you Grace about this, but this little feeling in my stomach said NO you need to share all this stuff with the world... It will help you and others! So here it all is!

            Blessings And HUGS Sj


            • cool...

              my original reason for posting is....
              Oooooo... two days till i take my drivers road test...OMG...
              I am getting nervous as i has my last drving session with my friend and the next one is with the instructor an hour befor the test...yikes, but so exciting

              And wow, SallyJane, what a great awareness..
              Have felt similar feeling about men... have had alot of releasing in the last yr with that one...
              had a wonderful male friend here too... who was so great for that healing

              although since you are gonna do those correction lovely Grace... Add me in too...
              not so much afraid of men in that sense..
              however... not entirely free from all aspects..
              I had puit on weight too... and eating habits hadn't changed.. or even exercise... it just showed up..

              cool... you are so gonna be free from these beleifs...
              men like us anyhow... silly how our heads make us think it matters what weight we are.

              ok, till later...
              Love and light ...Adrienne
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              • yipee

                hello all..
                well today was my driving test.. the road test and i passed it
                i now have a drivers license
                thanks to all who helped

                need bed now
                good night..
                in peace and gratitude
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                • Good news!

                  Well I'm breathing a big sigh or relief now! I've now got more staff than I know what to do with! I tried to let go, have faith in what I knew to be True, and just Be through that whole agonizing process that I was in and it seems to have worked. Thank you, Grace, for your support and diligence in your reminders of the Truth!

                  Now, as perhaps a slight remnant of that stress, I've got severe neck pain like I've never had before! Physically speaking, I think it came from a bad cold I had this last week where I was coughing terribly and maybe I strained it, but I can't move my head to the right at all, and just being still hurts constantly. Can anyone help with corrections on that? I did some Z-point clearing and it worked momentarily (for about 10 minutes I was almost pain-free afterward) but seemed to come back with a vengence, even worse than before?!! I don't get that but that's what happened.

                  Congrats Adrienne on passing your driving test!!!

                  Love and light.


                  • Omg!

                    Kim I am guessing that this new staff is totally awesome with kids, and exactly what you needed! I see them as so much brighter with a much higher vibration. You will be so much happier now that the old people have been cleansed from your business and your presence!

                    Congratulations! Awsome creating my friend! You did this you know!



                    • hello

                      hi KimJ
                      that is awesome.. how cool is that
                      and thanks.. yes i am thrilled.

                      hey grace, i have been practicing muscle testing, and can't seem to get a straight answer out of myself.

                      can you make correction for this for me,
                      but first could you correct the aspect of me that won't allow correction or healings or things like that to stick...
                      this is something that showed up, when wonderful sharyn was doing a session of theta with me..
                      and i resignated with it very strongly, really has made sense for me...
                      but i mention it now with asking for these corrections, cuzi'd like them to stick...
                      will you lick the seal befor you apply it... so it stickd... hehe

                      and then one other thing... corrections on grounding... i have noticed the last little while how i have a realy tought time being grounded, and this isn't new, but am very aware of it... and find it really affects being in the moment which affects everything..
                      thank you sooo very much.
                      i love you... and hope you are being good to yourself..
                      tomorrow on payday i am gonna buy myself a big lavender plant... cuz i love lavender..
                      my treat and my pat on the bck for a job well done....
                      Love and Light,
                      In peace and Gratitude
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                      • Adrienne!

                        (that Congratulations was supposed to be huge, but puter being a brat)

                        Enjoy your drivers license! It will be so awesome to have, remember to take long walks still and smell the roses and lavendar along the roadside!

                        Very excited for you! It was a big thing I know for you!


                        • Test

                          I am scheduling my insurance test on Monday... Please make any corrections I might need in order to remember all the information, be calm, and pass this test! Thank you Sallyjane


                          • hello

                            I just signed up for the project one-world paths theatre. Iíve looked at the different modules offered in the paths site and I was thinking about going full tilt on this and signing up for four of them. Iím wondering what the best modules for me would be. I havenít got my spurlina yet it should be here any day now.
                            I want to create a Stan Meyer fuel cell but no one seems to know how to make it function in Over unity for lack of a better term. I thought the stimulate intuition and insight module could help.
                            I want to start my own business selling t-shirts but I havenít been able to get it off the ground yet. Right now I work at a printing company. I laminate stuff most of the time Iím there. I make enough money to get by but not much else. I bought a heat press from the printing company that I work for and they gave me a good deal on it since they donít do that kind of printing anymore. I have a inkjet printer with a bulk continuous flow ink system but I donít trust its reliability because I had another printer similar to it and the heat transfer paper used to print up the t-shirts tend to curl in a humid enviroment. This resulted in the paper hitting the print heads in the first printer and I wasnít able to get it working again. Iím afraid this might happen to the other one and I would have trouble filling orders. I want to get a laser printer for increased reliability. Iím also afraid I will get swamped with orders and not be able to print them out fast enough.
                            Iíve been reading a lot of the post on this form and Iíve heard it said that there really isnít something that is good or evil but I canít understand how that can be. I think most people here know that the current political system is just a big show where 99% percent of the politicians are just puppets that have their strings pulled by the shadow masters. Thereís this place out in California called the bohemian grove where a lot of these people get together and one of the things they do is a ritual called the cremation of care. In this ritual they take a childís skeleton and wrap it up and burn it on a pyre in front of a large statue of an owl thatís name is Moloch. In the Old Testament Moloch is a false god whose worshipers sacrificed children to. This ritual is intended to destroy any feeling they have as to the misery they will inflict on the general populace of the world. I remember listening to a Richard Bandler NLP tape where he said if you felt the pain and misery of bad thoughts you would inflict on others you would never be unkind to anyone again. Perhaps what all the good remote viewers and remote influencers could do is use their abilities to turn on the conscience of these shadow masters so that they have hyper critical conciouses and feel the pain of all they have done. A sort of care on ritual. It would be a great ironic punishment.

                            I recently read the book Crystal power, Crystal healing by Michael Gienger. I have made some necklace for my friends and myself based on the information in this book. I only have pictures of some of them to attach here because I was using my digital camera in high resolution mode and some of the pictures were to big to post and I had already given some of them away so I was only able to photograph the ones I still had. Some times I wonder if I wasted my time and money. I wonder how powerful of an effect they will have as I could only afford 8mm round beads and I wanted to make the necklaces astatically pleasing.
                            Attached Files


                            • For All of Us!

                              Originally posted by Kevin View Post
                              Hi Grace,

                              What a popping thread!

                              When I say I believe in moral dualism, I am looking at this:

                              Moral dualism is the belief of the coexistence (in eastern and naturalistic religions) or conflict (in western religions) between the "benevolent" and the "malignant". Most religious systems have some form of moral dualism - in western religions, for instance, a conflict between good and evil.

                              Moral dualism simply implies that there are two moral opposites at work, independent of any interpretation of what might be "moral" (excerpted from wikipedia)

                              We may have different belief systems in this regard.

                              HOWEVER, I do believe that a person can (and should) view and experience Everything in their life as good (not good in the context of good vs. evil or bad, but good in the context of Love, Passion, Joy, Excitement, Expectation, Happiness, Optimism, Hope, Contentment, Gratitude, Appreciation, etc.) and profitable for their life.

                              At our core, who we are, is what colors our perception/reality of our world. The tree always grows out from the seed, just as our lives grow out from our thoughts.

                              What a great thread and light you are!

                              Hi Kevin!

                              I believe we are saying the same thing. The way we view our lives, our intention, is what indeed raises or lowers our level of consciousness, and hence the level of Peace we experience.

                              Peace perfectly exists within the Mind of each us NOW, because the Whole Mind is the Mind of God.

                              Perception is an Ego/Mind created function to insure that we "see" separation within the ONE. In essence the belief in separation splits us from the Whole mind and we only see Dualism. How we perceive life depends then how invested we are into Dualism.

                              So even though Kevin, I know we are saying the same thing here, I want to change your words just a little and say, "who we think we are, is what colors our perception/reality of our world." If we think we are "not good" in any way we will attract this (even unconsciously), if we know the truth, that we are powerful beyond measure, then no matter what we experience we will be at Peace.

                              When we remember that at our core is Love, and Love is the light that extends from infinite Potential/God; we then know our desire to be in this world is a blessing! We can now go about enjoying our purpose which is to make God manifest within each of us. To inspire others to remember who they are, and to transcend the Ego/Mind and see the Truth, We are ONE.

                              When a moment arises that we perceive as uncomfortable or painful in anyway, we must kindly and gently forgive ourselves for thinking incorrectly, and in gratitude think again. Gently and with great love, remind ourselves that we are an extension of God, and have the same power at our fingertips. Then once again begin to focus on what really does bring us JOY.

                              With enough practice we will bring about the MASTER within in every moment, which is NOW!

                              IMMENSE LOVE AND GRATITUDE ~ GRACE



                              • For Adrienne!

                                Hi Adrienne,

                                Financial issues are a belief in Lack. It is as simple as this. With you and many many others, this often spirals into guilt and shame. You have not spiraled into Shame or guilt and this is WONDERFUL!! This is because you are constantly working on yourself! I am certain that at one point in the past you felt these intense fear based emotions, but you don't test strong for them now!

                                I have been making Financial corrections for all of us, and once again I thank you immensely for your courageous posts!! YOU ARE GODDESS

                                Stay focused on who you are, and don't be afraid anymore to let go of anything!! As you continue to add more and more light to your consciousness you will "see" that worrying about anything is nothing more than locking yourself up in an imaginary jail! Remember who you are, and everything will ALWAYS work out in ALL WAYS.

                                CONGRATULATIONS ON PASSING YOUR TEST!!
                                IMMENSE LOVE AND GRATITUDE ~ GRACE