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  • ok...

    i am listening to the song that i put up for grace, and it is an amazing and BEAUTIFUL song....i am gonna add it to my signature, cuz I AM BEAUTIFUL...WE ARE ALL SOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL.
    My spirit is soaring now.....and i want everyone to feel the LOVE and GRATITUDE and BEAUTY, that i was feeling listening to that song.....what a great idea to add what inspires to our signature...MUAH to you all

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    • hi, Sharyn

      i can't take credit for the idea, of posting songs and stuff that are inspiring....Grace had mentioned somewhere in a post about how she did it...and when i was listening to the song this morning, i had to share with everyone the love and gratitude i felt.
      your signatures are amazing....andd the would be undescribable on a huge theater screen or 100" T.V. god i'd cry, with pure joy....and the first one has inspired me to check out the humanity healing heart can still be cold sometimes, or perhaps afraid is a more appropriate way of describing it....thats why i haven't been there yet
      And i'd love to use that as my Avatar pic....thank's nice to hear when one is thought of...other than me knowing how much i am thinking of myself....
      i kill myself sometimes .ya i can entertain myself and laugh whole heartedly at the things i come up with....LOOOOOVE that bit of joy i have found in my heart, in the last few months....

      Well i hope things have gone well for ya today Sweet Gracie....
      OK, Sharyn.....i think you can email me through my profile...let me know if that don't work out....and thank you for the LOVE......
      peace and gratitude...........ADRIENNE
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      • Hey Sharyn....

        you know what i just noticed....the year in the link is the year i was born....hmmmm, totally meant for me...sweeet
        love and gratitude......Adrienne
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        • hi

          well just went and checked out the humanity healing thread, and this was my response "OH"
          From the name of the thread, i thought it was a movement of some sort, and people were all out to save the world....heehee...ooops...

          LOTS of LOVE.....Adrienne
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          • I Just Got The BIG News!!!

            Hi My Sweetest Ones!!!!

            Okay...I KNOW you are ALL dying to hear.... I just this moment got off the phone with Gracie and she wanted me to tell you all that she KICKED ASS last night and was awarded her 3rd Degree Black Belt in Karate!!!! Do You not LOVE IT, my Lovies??? I sure do... Here's what else she said....

            She said that everyone there said that she Stole the Show and that Everyone was So Proud of her!!! (why are we NOT surprised???) And...she said that she kept thinking about the flowers we sent to her and that gave her much Joy and Energy! One of the important Dojo guys said that she was One Powerful Female!!! (But We all knew THAT!!! ) After the Big Event, there was a BIG CELEBRATION for her and she was up late partying!!! She said that she slept late today and that she plans on taking it easy for the rest of the day and will spend some relaxed time with her little Sophia, but she will make a post soon and tell you all more!!! She also wants you all to know that now that this is over, she is feeling much RELIEF and can NOW spend more time and energy giving her Loving CEM Corrections to those Dear Ones who post on this thread!

            I know you ALL will join me in saying.... CONGRATULATIONS GRACIE!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!

            With So Much Love and Gratitude,


            P.S I told her that I would let you all know that she is sending each and every one of you Much Love and Many Thanks for all the LOVE you have extended to her! So these are from her.... MUAH, MUAH, MUAH!!!!
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            • Hip Hip...



              WE LOVE YOU

              Love And Laughter -Rosella
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              Love and Laughter
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              • Yeeeeeah....

                CONGRATS GRACIE
                LOVE ADRIENNE
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                  All the best
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                  • WOW!!!! Congratulations, Grace!


                    • Kudos, Grace!

                      Woooooooooo Hoooooooooo!!!!

                      Congratulations, Grace!!!

                      I'm glad you had such a wonderful night - you SO deserve it!!

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                      • Fabulous Grace!!!

                        Dear Grace, you know I am not surprised at ALL at your wonderful success!!!

                        You are a fantastic, fabulous, amazing woman and inspire us all, but there is more folks - you ALL inspire me! I love all of your positivity and wonderful GOOD energy!!!

                        Keep the faith, lovely souls! Take the incredible work (though I doubt she ever views it as 'work') of our dear loving Grace and see the power you all have inside of you to change to anything you want, and the connection we all have as One, just One of US!

                        I love US!

                        Grace, what a joy, pleasure and privilege it is to know you, especially at this time in my life! (time being such a silly little thing lol)



                        • Beacause Of You Life Is Absolutely Fabulous!!

                          ALL OF YOU ARE SO AMAZING!!! Stephen you have expressed exactly my same sentiments. All of you are so AMAZINGLY FABULOUS!!! We ARE all ONE!!

                          It really was because of YOUR LOVE (and seeing the flowers all day long) that I kept thinking I have to do a perfect job, so that I can post about it!!

                          Well I DID!! I have never been Happier!! My black belt test was PERFECT!!

                          Pamela was so wonderful to tell you all for me what I was feeling!! I am still physically drained so I have taken today to completely relax from all chores. I just could not wait to post to all of you, and to thank you again, and let you know how often I thought of all of you and the beautiful feeling my gorgeous flowers gave me! SO THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!

                          Adrienne, I am so in love with the song you posted "You are so Beautiful" by Joe Cocker!!! I LOVE IT SO VERY MUCH!! THANK YOU!! We will connect soon again on skype phone to do some more work on you.

                          Julia, Keep me informed, I have done some corrections right now on your neck, but I am going to do more tomorrow at 11am my time (eastern US) when I have more time. Let me know.

                          Ann, Rin, Alan, Rosella, Nadine, Moria, and Joy; You are so deeply loved!!

                          Thank you for your beautiful good luck wishes and congratulations to me!!

                          Rin and Rosella, I want to connect with you gals next. So please email me so we can set up some time to talk!
                          Last edited by Grace; 05-20-2007, 05:17 AM.
                          IMMENSE LOVE AND GRATITUDE ~ GRACE



                          • I have been out of town since early yesterday morning and just got back to receive this very happy news!!!

                            Though there was never a moment's doubt in my mind about your success!!!
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                            • CEM Correction

                              Now that it's official (we already knew that you were at the 3rd degree level), we welcome you back physically to the wonderful world of Energetic Forum. Since we are all one, your energy never left, but we missed your delightful banter.

                              As you ease back into CEM correction mode, would you please check out the persistent pain in the hollow of my right shoulder blade? I can resolve it for brief periods of time but not consistently. Thanks for all you contribute in so many ways.
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                              • Hi Peg,

                                I did some work on you last night, and this morning. Let me know what you are feeling now.

                                Hi ALL!

                                Early this morning I did a lot of work on the whole thread. It was one of the lightest feelings I have had to date, since I began doing corrections on all of you FABULOUS BEINGS!! I thought I was going to float out of bed. It was a very loving warmth all around everything. It was around 4am eastern my time.

                                I wanted you to know this, because when I work on all of us as a group, it is different than when I work on each of you individually. It was a profound feeling that is still with me as I type this Now!

                                I LOVE YOU ALL VERY MUCH!! THANK YOU FOR BEING IN MY LIFE!!
                                IMMENSE LOVE AND GRATITUDE ~ GRACE