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Energetically downloading Zrii

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  • Energetically downloading Zrii

    I am apart of a concious playgroup that is having a FREE tele-conference to the public this coming up Tuesday. It will cover two areas

    1. Energetically downloading Zrii
    2. Being in the Heartspace

    If you have never energetically downloaded something before, you'll see that it is easy to do.

    Here is an excerpt from our forum:
    Wow, its great to hear about the experiences from yesterday's call.
    I never know how things actually land on your end, so thanks for

    Here's the plan.

    Michael and I will reoffer - and re-record - the Zrii download and
    the Heartspace experience during an extra teleclass scheduled for
    next Tuesday, Aug 26 at 11am Eastern/8am Pacific.

    I've also decided that, since this is an unusual 'make-up' call and
    not part of our normal schedule, that if you would like anyone not
    currently in the group to experience the types of things we do in
    this group, you may invite them to attend this special re-recording

    This call will take place on a different bridge line than we usually

    The number to dial FOR THIS CALL ONLY is

    517-417-5700, access code 328975
    Marnyka Z. Buttry
    Divine Openings Giver & Healer

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    Energetically downloading Zrii

    We have moved marnyka's post over to her own thread.

    Feel free to ask her questions about her energetic downloads.
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      Sorry about that.

      Just a note, the majority if not all of the members of the group are already using Zrii and energetically downloading things (in this case Zrii) is an alternate way for us to experience it in comparison to what it feels like by taking it orally.
      Marnyka Z. Buttry
      Divine Openings Giver & Healer