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Candida and Cancer... Everyone Should Read This

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  • Pot head
    Expose your toes to sunlight and let the sun do its job.

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  • Vinyasi
    Toe Nail Fungus and Candida treated with Iodine!

    Tullio Simoncini, oncologist in Rome, Italy, discovered that...
    Internal cancers treated with baking soda cathetered directly into the tumor.
    Skin cancers burnt off with strong 7% iodine tincture composed of...
    Ethanol, nascent iodine, potassium iodide, and water.

    Avoid DURVET. Get HUMCO.
    Humco Iodine 7%


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  • Jasson
    Thanks everyone for sharing. I would like to thank Glenn specially. The link is nice and informative dear. I have learnt lot of new ideas and information. Thanks for sharing. Everyone should read this information.

    Spokane Bootcamp
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  • dharmalila
    Hey Future Pather

    I would just like to reply to future pather
    what you are saying is very true.. although depending on how acid has set in your body and how to get the nutrients and alkalinity to the right parts is the hardest part in figuring out how to "undo" what you and your surroundings have done to your body.
    for example
    some people may have a very acidic environment in their body and although things like apples and sprouts and sea weed and other types of things are great for your body, that particular person may not be able to digest things like that in the "condition" they're in... the hard part is to find a way to digest what you can at the time of whatever is ailing you and then build up to being able to digest all that is good for you.. and also some things that are by themselves very nutritious and beneficial to a human may not be so beneficial to certain humans at the time of whatever is ailing them..

    what irks me about
    "modern medicine" is that they really over simplify things... and so do some alternative practitioners... when the body is totally out of balance and certain patterns have set in, it is not always so easy to find a way to get what needs to get where in such an easy way... if that makes sense... i hope i'm making sense also i am sick right now and i believe part of what got me sick is going to the wrong practitioner and doing a parasite cleanse that my body was definitely NOT ready for and now i am totally afraid because my body has never been so out of balance and i have never experienced anything like what i'm experiencing right now..

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  • grizli
    Originally posted by future pather View Post

    If you don't want a cancerous liver then
    stop drinking alcohol and carbonated drinks.

    If you don't want a cancerous pancreas
    then stop eating the acid, sugar.

    If you don't want a cancerous bowel then
    stop eating animal protein.

    My dad was vegetarian for 50 years and died from bowel cancer , hmm

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  • Magnethos
    Sorry Jessica,
    I have just read you post... almost 2 months later.

    I have seen all the info you have posted, it's the true. If you look at the books of Hulda Clark, you will see that she uses a protocol to examine the substance that any person has inside his body. She speaks a lot about a specific acid, but I don't remember the name because I have all her books but I have read only a few pages of them. In the book about The Cure for HIV and AIDS, she also speaks about 'scanning' the body of the person to find some specific substances. So, the substances are the cause of all disseases. I read in a book that all disseases are the body response to a protective mechanism. This means, if you have some strange substances in your body... your body will react creating a dissease to eliminate the strange substance/fluid/toxin... The body doesn't want to destroy itself. Disseases are the last body warning to survive.

    Now, I don't remember all the stuff that I read about disseases and cancer, because I'm working alone to try to replicate the free energy device of Dr. Thomas Henry Moray and this is hard to do, so I stopped reading health and nutrition stuff a long time ago. I have also read the books of Dr. Robert Young and he explains very good the disseases theory.

    But we need to remember that our body is a electro-chemical machine, so we can look at it as a batery. Alkaline means good energy, Acidic means bad energy. As you have said, our food, our feelings, our emotions and our lifestyle can change the pH level of our bodies. So, a high pH level is good to wellbeing and a lot of energy. And we have to look our bodies as a electrical device. Dr. Robert C. Becker, Wilhem Reich, Georges Lakhovsky, John Kanzius, Hulda Clark and others... they cured all disseases or restored the body using mainly, energy. So, a variation of the pH levels means a variation in the electric field and a variation in the electric field means a variation in the pH levels.

    Hans Nieper, says that the cancer was a dissease because our energetic channels were in a bad condition. He says that our bodies absorbs Tachyonic Energy, and if the energetic channel is not good, our health won't be good. Sharks doesn't suffer of cancer. Why? Because a high amount of 'food' they eat is Tachyonic Energy. That means, they eat very few physical food (and they weight tons). If you have heard about the Prana, you will know that in New Zealand there are some people that don't eat anything since some decades. Why? Because their bodies absorbs the tachyonic energy from the space and their bodies builds the nutrients.

    I have read a lot about advanced nutrition, and I have an idea: we don't need to eat anything. Our food MUST be energy that we absorbs from space (like Hans Nieper said) and we only have to eat/drink physical foods to detoxify our bodies. We don't need to eat to nourish ourselves, we only need to eat to clean ourselves. You could say... Oh! This is impossible! If you don't eat you will die. Of course, if you don't eat you will die. But Pranatic People need to do a preparation to configure their bodies to absorb that Radiant energy from the cosmos. When you increase your mental level and your spiritual level, you will be able to absorb that energy and you will only need to eat only for detoxify yourself. There are scientific evidences about this stuff... people that don't eat anything and they live healthy.

    In the world of today, we eat a lot of bad food and the people get a lot of disseases because they are destroying their energetic cell levels. And like a battery... if the body doesn't get energy... it die.


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  • future pather

    I agree with the info you posted. There are many ways to alkalize. I'd say if you are not going to us a product designed to alkalize, just make sure you know what you are doing.

    If you don't want to worry too much about it, just get an alkalizing powder (like the alkalizing formula at Swanson vitamins online).

    I take that every day (in vanilla soymilk).

    Dr. Young also recommends avocado and cucumber for alkalizing. Again, there are many ways.

    I do take sodium bicarbonate in pills in addition to the alkalizing formula. I feel it is important to have a small amount of distilled water (4-8 oz per teaspoon of baking soda or so - not more) after having sodium bicarbonate. My understanding is it helps pull toxins released by the sodium bicarbonate.


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  • maggieb
    Thanks for all of the great info.
    I plan on ordering the cd's - It doesn't appear that they are pushing a product. just pure health information right?

    I have also been focusing on the ph issue for awhile. I bought San Wang's book Reverse Aging and have purchased some of his product that alkalizes. But maybe I just need sodium bicorbonate??
    I am also taking E3 live which promotes PH balance.

    What is your opinion of this info I dug up on the internet?

    "I found that the best way to control pH at optimal range is to use potassium bicarbonate and sodium bicarbonate. These are two very practical ways to get your acid pH urine/saliva up to the optimum. Our diets are usually acid. Acids burn out our cells and causes accelerated aging. Bicarbonate are slightly alkaline and provides the body with the bicarbonate diet needed by the body. The best time to take it is whenever your pH is most acidic, which is during the night. It is best used when pH is around 5.6-5.9 (urinary). However if the pH is below that then somewhat more stronger akalinity is needed. In which case, I turn to potassium carbonate, potassium bicarbonate and sodium bicarbonate mixture. So if you take these, then both your salivary and urinary pH optimum should aligned close to each other. The usual dosage for me is 1/2 teaspoon (of potassium bicarbonate), 1/2-1 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate, now if my pH is very acid, I add 1/8 teaspoon of potassium carbonate).

    The reason I don't mention about magnesium bicarbonate is the difficulty of making them for most people who are reading this. The method consists of using one tablespoon of magnesium carbonate to be dissolved in a closed soda water. (You use one of those 1.5 to 2 liter bottles of Coke or Pepsi). Once the cloudy solution is cleared you are done. If it remains cloudy you may need to add more soda water. Magnesium is very important, but I take it from magnesium chloride instead. In rare instances of those who are alkaline (which means pH goes over 7), then it means your digestion is not working. In this case you need to make your body more acidic. The best way, at least for me is to take vitamin C, or sodium acetate (which is vinegar and baking soday mixed together), which is slightly acidic. On the other hand, you can just take vinegar or apple cider vinegar."

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  • future pather

    I could not agree more

    I believe the fungus - and probably all parasites - are actually rather "invited" by us as a by-product of being too acidic.

    I do completely agree with Dr. Tullio Simoncini's method of treating cancer - with sodium bicarbonate. However I do not believe the fungus is the "cause" of cancer.

    (As I have stated before about the author, I wish he was not so condemning with his info as there are many things in our environment which cause over acidity that are not things we have choices over.)

    I recently received the following newsletter on the subject:

    The following is an overview of questions
    and answers found on The pH Miracle for
    Cancer CD's.

    Audio CDs and Downloads

    Question One: What is the origin of cancer or where
    does cancer begin?

    Cancerous tissue, above all other consequences
    of choice, has countless secondary causes.
    But even for a cancerous condition there is
    only ONE PRIME ORIGIN and CAUSE. I have simply
    summarized this origin and cause of cancerous
    tissue in a few words. The prime origin and
    cause of cancerous tissue is the over-
    acidification of the tissues then in the blood
    due to lifestyle and dietary choices. A
    cancerous tissue begins with our choices of
    what we eat, what we drink, what we think
    and how we live. Cancer is a liquid and
    this liquid is a toxic acidic waste product
    of metabolism or energy consumption, diet
    and especially our thoughts or emotions.

    In 1966, Dr. Otto Warburg, who won the Nobel
    Prize in Medicine in 1931 for his discovery
    of the cause of cancer delivered a lecture at
    an annual meeting of Nobelists at Lindau,
    Germany. In his speech he described the primal
    cause of cancer as follows:

    "The prime cause of cancer is the replacement
    of the respiration of oxygen in normal body
    cells by a fermentation of sugar. All normal
    body cells meet their energy needs by
    respiration of oxygen, whereas cancer cells
    meet their energy needs in great part by
    fermentation. All normal body cells are thus
    obligate anaerobes, whereas all cancer cells
    are partial anaerobes. From the standpoint
    of the physics and chemistry of life this
    difference between normal and cancer cells
    is so great that one can scarcely picture a
    greater difference.

    Oxygen gas, the donor of energy in plants
    and animals is dethroned in the cancer cells
    and replaced by an energy yielding reaction
    of the lowest living forms. Namely, a
    fermentation of glucose."

    The following is a summary of understanding
    cancerous tissues:

    1) Cancer is not a cell but a poisonous
    acidic liquid from diet, metabolism and
    emotional stress.

    2) A cancer cell, is a cell that has been
    spoiled or poisoned by metabolic or
    gastrointestinal acids.

    3) A tumor is the body's protective
    mechanism to encapsulate spoiled or
    poisoned cells from excess acid that
    has not been properly eliminated
    through urination, perspiration,
    defecation or respiration.

    4) The tumor is the body's solution to
    protect surrounding healthy cells and

    5) The tumor is the body protecting
    itself from systemic acidosis.

    6) Cancer is a systemic acidic condition
    that settles at the weakest parts of
    the body - not a localized problem
    that metastases.

    7) Metastases is localized acids spoiling
    other cells much like a rotten apple
    spoiling a bushel of healthy apples.

    8) There is no such thing as a cancer cell.
    A cancer cell was once a healthy cell
    that has been spoiled by dietary and
    metabolic acids.

    9) The tumor is not the problem but the
    solution to protect healthy cells and
    tissues from being spoiled from other
    rotting cells and tissues.

    10) All tumors are encapsulated cells that
    are spoiling like a banana.

    11) All tumors are sitting in a mote of
    acidic fluids. This is what forms the
    cyst that is generally attached to the

    13) Cancer is NOT genetic! Lifestyle
    and dietary choice is what causes

    14) The only solution to the acidic liquids
    that poison body cells causing the
    effects that medical savants call cancer
    is to alkalize and energize the body.

    15) The best way to alkalize the body is
    to infuse natural alkalizing fluids into
    the body to force the hyper-alkalization
    of the tissues.

    16) The cure for cancer is in alkalizing the
    fluids of the body not treating the tissues.

    In conclusion, the human body is alkaline
    by design and acidic by function! If we
    desire a fit and healthy body we must
    maintain that alkaline design.

    Question Two: Does diet and lifestyle have
    anything to do with cancer?

    Absolutely! Cancer is not something we get
    it is something we do as a consequence of
    daily choice of what we eat, what we drink,
    how we think and how we live. We either
    have an alkaline lifestyle and diet and
    enjoy a fit and healthy body or we have
    an acidic lifestyle and diet and experience
    the aches, pains and suffering from metabolic
    and dietary acids.

    The former US Surgeon General, C. Everett Koop,
    had this to say about diet:


    Question Three: If cancer is preventable how do we
    prevent it?

    I have said many times that the cure for
    cancerous tissue will be found in its
    prevention not in its treatment. That
    prevention can only be obtained by making
    healthier lifestyle and dietary choices.

    A cancerous condition is the consequence
    of choice. For example, if you want to
    reduce your risk for cancerous tissue
    of the lung by 100%, then stop smoking
    and stop associating or working around
    people who do smoke.

    Secondary smoke is just as acidic and
    damaging to the lung tissue as primary

    If you don't want a cancerous liver then
    stop drinking alcohol and carbonated drinks.

    If you don't want a cancerous pancreas
    then stop eating the acid, sugar.

    If you don't want a cancerous bowel then
    stop eating animal protein.

    It is that simple. The following are a
    few research studies from around the world
    that substantiate my own findings:

    Study: Human study at Harbin Medical
    College in China

    Results: CABBAGE was the most important
    single food in reducing the risk of stomach

    Study: Italian study on Smokers

    Results: Smokers who consumed GREEN LEAFY
    and other VEGETABLES had a THREE FOLD
    REDUCTION in their risk of lung cancer
    with smokers who rarely ate vegetables.

    Study: Hebel Cancer Institute in China

    the ability to INHIBIT the CELL MUTATION
    caused by common chemotherapeutic drugs...
    this is based on conclusive evidence that
    chemotherapy drugs cause cell mutations
    and lead to other types of cancers
    later in life.

    Study: Mayo Clinic

    Results: Cancer patients receiving
    radiation therapy can benefit dramatically
    from optimal VEGETABLE based diets.

    Study: University of Athens School of
    Medicine in Greece

    Results: Women who consumed the LOWEST
    level of vegetables had 10 TIMES the
    rate of BREAST CANCER compared to women
    consuming the HIGHEST level of vegetables.

    Study: Human study in Australia

    Results: Consumption of CABBAGE, CARROTS
    protection against COLON CANCER.

    Study: Aichi Cancer Institute of Japan

    Results: Eating VEGETABLES reduced the
    risk of CERVICAL and BREAST CANCER in women.

    Study: Cancer Control Agency of British Columbia

    Results: Eating VEGETABLES dramatically
    reduced incidence of BREAST CANCER.

    Question Four: If I have cancer, such as colon,
    lung, or prostate cancer can I reverse it

    The answer to this question is absolutely!!!!!!!

    Once you understand the cause of ALL
    cancerous tissues as latent tissue acidosis
    you can then begin the process of reversing,
    regenerating and preventing the consequences
    of acidic choices by making healthier alkaline
    choices. The protocol for a healthier and
    energetic body, free from all sickness and
    dis-ease, is found in Chapter Eleven of our
    latest book, "The pH Miracle for Weight Loss"
    or should I say "The pH Miracle for Cancer."

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  • Magnethos
    Of course, Cancer is a surviving system of the body. When your body has a lot of acidic waste, your body cells cannot survive because they need to maintain a delicate pH level. For that reason, they change and mutates themselves. The reason is they need to survive in an acidic enviroment, the cells don't want to die.

    If you eliminate all the acidic waste and restore your pH levels, the cancer will go out.

    Sorry for my english.

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  • Glenn
    started a topic Candida and Cancer... Everyone Should Read This

    Candida and Cancer... Everyone Should Read This

    MUST READ ---- this is the most important piece of evidence I have ever read and shows how important it is to eat right, alkalize the body, and get rid of Candida.... or at least get it under control!

    Here is the link:
    Fungus Causing Cancer -- A Novel Approach to the Most Common Form of Death - Articles

    Jeanie (c/o Glenn)