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  • Gum Tissue Regeneration

    I'm wondering if anyone's found a method for gum tissue regeneration. I've been drinking alkalyzed water for 4 months, and it's done wonders for my health, but my gumline is receding faster than usual. In addition, I am now gluten and dairy free, on the specific carbohydrate diet about 3 months, juicing regularly, but the gumline seems to keep receding.

    I saw something on an Arnold's Way video on youtube that a raw food diet may promote gum tissue regeneration. I'm wondering if zapping or using a home made version of the mexi-stim might help as well.

    Any thoughts/suggestions from anyone?
    Bobby Smith

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    gum regeneration

    Hi Bob,

    Ascorbic acid and cayenne pepper is something I have used with actually some basic results but that is NOT for on how much you like cayenne papper on your gums.

    I've been experimenting with some PATHS instructions for not only gum regeneration but also "tooth bone" regeneration. It may be available this year but not sure yet.
    Aaron Murakami

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      Hi Bobby!
      I can pass along what I've experienced.

      I have had really good luck with clients with all sorts of tooth and gum complaints...switching them to a neem toothpaste, and using seseme seed oil. In morning after brushing, you massage some seseme oil over gums with finger. At night before bed, swish some seseme oil, and leave as much on overnight as you can. A light rinse if you must.

      This is different than oil pulling....where you swish 1st thing in the Am, larger amount and for a whole 10 - 15 minutes min. Oil should be foamy when spit out for healing method too, but oil after oil pull it has changed even more, its broken down and almost watery. Oil pulling would prob have this additional benefit of helping gums too.
      Ayurveda considers gum receding mostly ++ vata; tooth and gum prob, vata and pitta, esp if bleeding. Whole system balance can help too....what led up to gums getting unbalanced.

      I used to have spongy, bleeding gums and after a few months of neem toothpaste, my gums were so strong, my dentist couldn't them down to adjust a crown!

      You can also chew a tsp white seseme seeds a day, this exercises the gums and is super high in calcium. Reg toothpaste is really bad for the mouth and causes tartar.

      All Best to you!!! Send your gums some love!!!
      Life in Balance Ayurveda


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        Originally posted by Ayurved View Post
        You can also chew a tsp white seseme seeds a day
        Hi Nancy,

        That is interesting on the seseme seeds because I read that is one of the main oils for oil pulling...maybe a connection? I haven't tried oil pulling yet but will. I haven't brushed with "regular" toothpaste in many years. The only thing I use these days is Xylitol toothpaste and Spry is my favorite.

        I sold a lot of Neem toothpaste in my health food store before but never used it myself.
        Aaron Murakami

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          Gee Aaron,
          I don't know how connected todays 'oil pulling' practice is with Ayurveda.
          Its super cool and interesting that its had a resurgence!
          Ayurveda has a super long history of using oils in the mouth, wide usage of oils for everything! ie, if you want to get creative with oils...look to Ayurveda!

          Seseme is most likely to be the only type used in this case (ayurv speaking) seseme is the most nurturing and heavy to calm vata. Receeding would point to a lack rather than excess, so tissue has to be 'built'.

          I just started AM oil pulling myself...feels good so far!

          In Graditude,

          Life in Balance Ayurveda


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            Thanks a Bunch

            Thanks everyone for your responses. I've been using extra virgin olive oil for my pulling; will switch to sesame, and will try and see if I can find the neem toothpaste (I don't use paste right now, only baking soda once in awhile).


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              hydrogen peroxide & water solution and baking soda


              A research MD recommends brushing with baking soda.

              Follow with rinsing with hydrogen peroxide & water 50/50 mix.

              This is better gum therapy. He is not a dentist but a immunologist...

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                Further Info

                Wpage and everyone else, thanks for sharing your info. I've done some more research, and found info stating that gum problems are often a secondary effect of calcium loss in the jawbone. If a person's calcium intake is low, and the body is acidic due to poor diet or infection (or for any other reason), calcium will be leeched from the bones to buffer the body's overall acidity. According to what I read, as calcium is leeched from the jaw, teeth become loose, bacteria get in at the roots, and problems begin with the gums.

                This makes sense. My gum problems accelerated after my wife and I bought and began using a water alkalyzer. We both experienced candida die-off, which I believe would lower the body's pH (ie. raise acidity level). In addition, my doctor told me my calcium was low, and I needed to be taking calcium supplements. Given the fact that I am dairy intolerant, all the more reason... My calcium supplement-taking was sporadic, with gaps of days and sometimes weeks. Now I understand the importance (and am back on, needless to say ).

                Some time ago, I had read that Dr. Hulda Clark recommends putting a few drops of oregano oil in a spoon, rubbing one's toothbrush bristles in the oil, and massaging the oil into the gums. This is supposed to kill the bacteria (I think claustridium) well below the gumline. I've done it a number of times. Sure feels invigorating to the gums, to say the least, and the burning only lasts about a minute.

                Anyway, that's it for me for now. Thanks again everyone for sharing.
                Bob Smith


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                  I think you've got things correct in your situation. However I see it slightly different.

                  The acidity would be the problem that caused the calcium to leech from the bone, just like when a chicken bone is in vinegar the calcium separates.

                  In many cases, people do not solve the acidity problem and taking calcium actually becomes a problem bc their body already had stored calcium which separated from their bones and which became artery plaque and stones. (Some is excreted but not all.)

                  In your case, you are creating an environment where your body can now do the proper thing with calcium and since you don't do dairy it sounds great that you are adding calcium.

                  All of the water I drink has a pH of 7.5 by using a faucet filter from (changes from 6.5 to 7) and sprinkling a bit of baking soda in (changes to 7.5).

                  Once a day I take an alkalizing powder which is mixed in liquid (I use vanilla soy milk) and it contains lots of vitamins and minerals, and has calcium.

                  The alkalizing powder imo is probably the simplest way for someone to combat acidosis but there are many.

                  Good foods to help are avocado and cucumber. Believe it or not, lemon actually alkalizes after it is digested.

                  Keep your mind on the aether


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                    PS also the way I see the candida situation would be the imbalance of the acidity would have "invited" them. The water you used would have made it no longer hospitable.

                    I don't think their dye off would acidify.

                    I have not researched this particular detail but it makes sense to me.

                    Keep your mind on the aether


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                      Thanks Jessica

                      Thanks for your insights. I've got a good water alkalyzer. My wife and I are on the Specific Carbohydrate diet (ie. no grains, no starches, no dairy) as well, with lots of fresh vegetable juicing while things are in season. I'll keep popping that calcium, and will check in again later on in August. Thanks again.


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                        co Q10

                        A friend of mine who had done a lot of heavy recreational drugs and as a result had extreme gum damage, used CO Q 10. She sqeezed the contents of the gel cap on a tooth brush and brushed her gums with it. She did this two times daily. Her dentist was amazed with the results. He had told her there was nothing that could be done to save her teeth and gums. The gums healed remarkebly well. Love Mark. PATHS | Energize Your Mind ~ Transform Your Life


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                          Originally posted by Bob Smith View Post
                          I'm wondering if anyone's found a method for gum tissue regeneration. I've been drinking alkalyzed water for 4 months, and it's done wonders for my health, but my gumline is receding faster than usual. In addition, I am now gluten and dairy free, on the specific carbohydrate diet about 3 months, juicing regularly, but the gumline seems to keep receding.

                          Any thoughts/suggestions from anyone?
                          Bobby Smith

                          Hello Bobby,

                          Have you read this thread.

                          On another forum it's the solution for receding gum line.

                          P.S. sorry for the grammar, hehe mistyped it


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                            Gummy Update )

                            Hi Everyone,
                            Thanks for all your helpful feedback and direction to sources for help. I'm now working with the following protocol:

                            -Oil pulling with extra virgin olive oil 15-20 min daily in morning
                            -3 drops of oregano oil on toothbrush, massaged into gums once a day
                            (let sit 1-2 minutes, swish around, gargle and swallow)
                            -Co-enzyme Q10 (thanks Mali) massaged into gums after night brush and
                            floss each day. I found Metagenics has a liquid CoQ10 that is reasonably
                            priced. I half-fill a teaspoon, wick up with toothbrush and massage into
                            gums (don't rinse away) and go to bed. Seems to be really helpful.

                            Some context: I am about 6 months into radically changed diet due to celiac diagnosis. Following Elaine Gotschald's Specific Carbohydrate Diet in her book Breaking the Vicious cycle. More at: Main template It has cleared up a number of health problems for me (she claims it cures Krohn's, IBS, alleviates some symptoms of Autism, among other benefits including some forms of mental illness which are directly tied to ingesting grain-based starch).

                            For related info on grains, also see:
                            James Braly, Dangerous Grains: Why Gluten Cereal Grains May Be Hazardous To Your Health at Dangerous Grains: Why Gluten Cereal Grains May Be Hazardous To Your Health: James Braly M.D., Ron Hoggan M.A., Jonathan Wright: Books

                            Thank you again everyone for your very helpful input.
                            Have a good long weekend.
                            Bobby Smith
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                              Hey guys,

                              In relation to this topic have a look at the following
                              Low intensity pulsed ultrasound - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
                              looks like teeth can be regrown