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Home-made Colloidal Silver Quality.

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  • Home-made Colloidal Silver Quality.

    Hi Ladies and Gents,

    I just joined this forum the other day and this is my first post.

    I have been experimenting with colloidal silver for several months now and am wondering about the quality of my home-made CIS.

    Ran tests three times where I added small amount of CS to a cup of milk, then left the milk in the room temperature. The same amount of milk was added to a 'control' cup and placed next to the 'silver' milk. Usually, the control milk would get spoiled after 24-36 hours, while CIS-added samples would last between 3 to 9 days, unspoiled. Actually, I dumped one sample of the 'silver' milk in the sink after 9 days without it getting spoiled because we were going on a vacation trip and I didn't want to take any risks in returning to a smelly house. So it seems that CS helped to keep the milk fresh.

    However, I would like to send the sample of CIS water to a lab to have a better idea about the particle size, ppm, contamination, etc.

    Does anyone have any recomendations about a low-cost CS labs in N.A., preferably in USA?

    in advance.


    PS. I am using steam distilled water, home-built CS generator with limiter to prevent a current runaway condition.

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    colloidal silver

    Welcome Jacek!

    Great test. Way back, some farmers would drop a silver dollar in the bottom of a jug of milk to help it stay fresh longer.

    Here are a few threads on silver here:

    There is some great info in those 3 threads about home made silver and how it compares to others.
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      How are you making your c silver?

      I experimented with some last night.

      I used filtered water instead of distilled water.

      There was a white cloud coming of one electrode and falling to the bottom of the glass.

      I used 3 nine volt batteries instead of just one and electrolyzed the water for about 15 minutes. I stirred the water after and the cloudiness was pretty thick. I noticed today that it settled to the bottom.

      I will try again today with distilled water and heat the water before electrolysis.

      I'm hoping to get the classic gold colloid.



      Looks like I found the answer to my questions:

      Colloidal Silver Generators | "A Closer Look" by Peter Lindemann

      Thanks for the article Pete.
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        Ahhh success.

        It took about an hour but I got the gold this time.

        I heated the distilled water in the microwave first.


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          For the love of us all, please don't heat the water in the microwave oven. Please don't heat any food in the microwave oven!

          Microwave ovens operate at approximately the same frequency of the Hydrogen atom. By parting the energy to Hydrogen in this way you are affecting the water dipole, as this most likely wrecs havoc on the polar covalent bond between the Hydrogen and Oxygen.
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            Originally posted by Solace View Post

            How are you making your c silver?
            I use distilled water by Hinckley (spelling?), sold at grocery stores. The water is poured into a glass jar that holds almost 1 gallon of liquid. My CS generator has current limiter set to 1 mA maximum. The total wetted area of both electrodes is about 1 square inch. I don't pre-heat the water anymore. The reaction is allowed to run for about 5-6 hours until the voltage between electrodes drops to about 22 Volts DC from 35 VDC at the begining of the process. The electrical current reaches some 800 uA (micro-amperes) within about an hour and stays there for the remainder of the job. I do not stir the liquid while brewing, although if memory serves me, someone had suggested that it may be beneficial to stir or bubble the liquid occasionally. The 22-ish volts point was chosen because at that point the voltage vs time curve begins to flatten in my setup. In the beginning, the voltage stays at the maximum value for about an hour, then gradually in nearly a linear fashion reaches 22 VDC over the next 4 to 5 hours. The CS generator auto-swaps the electrodes' polarity every 20 minutes or so.

            The liquid never changes color from its original clear, even after I ran the electrolysis for nearly a full day to see if it acually does. It did not. Tyndall effect was clearly visible at the end of the 5-6 hours period. There is hardly any dark residue on the electrodes or on the bottom of the jar.

            Hope this helps.
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              From my experience I can only caution anyone trying to make home made CS. Unless you are laboratory testing each batch you may be running great health risks. The key to CS is not ppm etc.. but getting particle size to 3 angstroms... a very difficult accomplishment without the right equipment.


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                Where can I locate silver wire that is 99.9% silver. Is it a special wire that needs to be located at specialty shops? Or is it something Home Depot carries?

                I'm gonna do the 4 nine volt battery CS making method.
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                  New questions

                  I found the silver in my area. "Call Jewlery stores, if you're wondering."

                  Regarding the look of the colloid. In Lindemann's article it states that it'll look gold/yellow when viewed with a flashlight. And that gives you small particle size of .01 - .001 aU. Well the batch I made a couple weeks ago went gold just in room light. It's still gold colored, but I need not any flashlight to see the suspended particles, it's just a gold color.

                  I'm curious about it's ppm size. In the article of Lindemann's it says that gold is an effective ppm size when it can be viewed as gold using the flashlight. It also says that after you first notice the gold color you let the generator run for another 5 mins then bob's your uncle/done. I'm curious if I have an effective colloid even if it's completely gold. I was rationally thinking that it could be that the ppm size is good, but I have a batch with a very high concentration of suspended particles.?. Another thing it has a taste of minerals. I don't use it everyday or even everyother, but I'm experementing with it too...

                  Tried the milk test as above, had to leave after three or four days so I put the cups outside. After coming back it woulda been day eight or nine and the bugs/critters knoced over the cups. There was still milk there but it goes like so. Both cups turned to a solid, the one cup with no particles had mold and such, also the ants weren't eating it. The cup with colloid had no visible mold and the ants were busy breaking it apart and hauling it off.

                  Another one I got going, "just started", I had a pineapple head that I put in a cup of water to grow roots and this set of leaves was not pretty. Still isn't. Lots of dead/died leaves, so I put some colloid into the cup and pulled much of the nasty off of it. I'll have to remember to post in a few weeks to tell ya what happened to it. "I put a bit of colloid in it too, probably around 3-4oz in a clear plastic cup with a guesstimate of 8oz of water, it's a 16oz cup."

                  Thanks if you have any insight into my batch of colloid. If the gold indicates that the ppm is good yet it has a high concentration I can deal with that. It just means I don't need to take as much..."Right?".
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                    I've been trying to edit my post to add this. Not learned enough yet I suppose. So if it adds on to my original post four times you'll understand.

                    I used silver bezel which is 99.999%, and I found it at a crystal shop. It was cheap too only $3.5 a foot.
                    If you've made it this far then I've finally quit rambling.


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                      I think I found the answers I was looking for from the oxy silver thread. Under the second part about colloidal silver
                      If you've made it this far then I've finally quit rambling.