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    This story got my blood boiling. Those idiot women standing in shoes that do this :

    Yahoo! Image Detail for

    First they have the nerve to discuss the dangers of flip flops, which are one of the least restrictive as far as putting pressure to cause the above, which is crippling.

    Then they go on do a fashion show for flip flops.

    I think it's clear who the real flip flops are.

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    OK, I know this is going to sound vain. But I would rather suffer from bunions than to wear those ugly-ass shoes.
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      Yeah I hesitate to speak out against cute shoes bc men and women love them.

      But I had a double bunionectomy in 2002 and I'm sure as h not going through that again.

      I guess I'm pretty sensitive. I told my dr. about pain in my heels. Turned out I was compensating for pain in the front of the foot.

      I only had a 10 degree bunion and it didn't look very bad. But the medical center I had insurance with at the time was progressive enough to send me to an in-house info. session on the condition and let me make my own choice.

      I learned that the condition would only get worse and the surgery would only get harder to do. I learned that there is a joint in the ball of the foot that should be connected in two places and it moves over when you get a bunion so it is only connected in once place after that.

      I had good benefits at the time so I just went for the surgeries.

      I've been able to find some pretty cute shoes that aren't bad for my feet in the mean time. Surprisingly many of them came from payless shoe source.

      I am happy to see that the ballet flat is well in style and has been for a good amount of time now.

      Btw there is a physical therapist who wrote a method of how you could use pt to fix a bunion. I don't know if it's actually been used and accomplished to date, but heck if the joint can be moved out by external force alone, I think it could be moved back in.

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