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Google Health Gone Mad?

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  • Google Health Gone Mad?

    Normally, I think Google is a brilliant company and seems to be fairly conscious most of the time, BUT..................

    Their new Google Health project is, well, you just have to read it for is a bit of it and you can read the rest:

    "(NaturalNews) Google Health was launched with much fanfare this week, positioned by Google, Inc. as a technological solution to the rather embarrassing problem of an advanced nation still running on medical records that seem to be stuck in 1970's-era technology. The Google Health service promises to give users a free, central storehouse for all their medical records, providing a convenient way to share medical histories with doctors, insurance companies and other primary health care players.

    But is Google Health secure? And is the company behind it guaranteed to protect your privacy? In this review, NaturalNews takes a critical look at Google Health and examines several areas of increasing concern. Let's start by looking at the first area of concern: Consumer privacy.

    In its terms of service, Google Health openly says it may share a user's personal health records with the following groups:"

    Read the rest here:
    Review of Google Health - Technology Achievement or Privacy Disaster?
    Aaron Murakami

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