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    Hello anyone with MRI/magnetic knowledge?!? I had a double whammy MRI focus today and I had already been thinking of asking a question here about the technology and effects .

    So I work/clean in a small hospital. Today the MRI tech said she was going to ask my boss if they can train me to clean in the MRI room. For three years they've done it on their own...apparently they want to "outsource" the duity now...perhaps its because I keep asking questions about the Machine and its history when Im in their area? Then I find out my dad was having one done today! It is a prime question for me (and now my dad)...What is the effect on our personal electromagnetic field ...and body... when you go through such a strong magnet?

    The tech told me that the the strength of the magnet is 32,000 times the strength of the magnetic field around the earth??? I think thats in the tube, Im not sure if the area around the machine is that strong. I believe Id be hanging out next to the machine for many minutes at a time and with their dog chain demonstrations the field looks like it's 5-10 feet around.

    Would this not be a healthy thing? ...or maybe?... perhaps benificial in some way??? They had a story, if I am remembering this right, of a woman coming in for a head MRI who had a knee problem also scheduled to be looked at in
    a month or so. A bit later int the week she called and cancelled the knee one because she said after the first MRI her knee completely stopped hurting...?

    Perhaps it'd be a good place to heal..or meditate? or maybe try and contact dead realatives!? or two point in? I asked if the Techs have felt anything different doing MRIs for so long and they say no but then sort of joking(i think) say they think perhaps their memory is fading a bit faster than normal... (whats normal?) What really happens in a strong magnetic field? Wasnt that a part of playing with the time/space continuim like the philidelpia/montuak fiasco?

    Any widom here would be appreciated....Just thought of something... could muscle test it. not real great at that yet though.

    Thanks for your help. Blake
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    a bit more

    THe "physics" of MRI-ing is pretty trippy. I didnt think "medicine" aknowledged let alone understood such things!!! Did you know the first part of the MRI is tuning/calibrating the machine to the "frequency!" of the tissue that makes up the body part so they can get the clearest picture??? The tech was telling me how the body and its various parts emitted like a radio signal or a particular frequency according to the solidness/softness(liquid content?) of the organ/tissue. I think i said "you guys know that?"

    That made me think all sorts of things...right now I think I may have posted about this before? was about a woman someone told me about who dose sound healing...I think called signature sound....with the premiss that our body has multiple tones that when healthy create harmonic "singnature sound" and if unhealthy creates a dissonance of sorts... ?

    then the other thing I though about was a video documentary I saw once about a guy in the early to mid 1900s who had that frequency Idea and applied it to disease and even cancer? He found out the healthy tones for the organs and the disease tones then found the antidote frequencies to play to the disease and the problem went away. Dose anyone know the name of this guy? Their reproducing what he created now i think but back then instead of being embraced by the health care field he was blacklisted. I think Johnson and Johnson created a smear campaign, sued him and when broke bought up his patents??? something like that. I know with this conciiousness leap there are many more radical/effective? technologies out there now. Id like to find this video again though cuz Id love to show it to some coworkers at the hospital. Using sound for healing maybe wouldnt be such a big leap for them now??? I dont remember too clearly but it seemed well documented...

    Theres more to tell about how the MRI works but This is probably enough for now...the MRI seems to me a huge leap from previous stuff...dose anyone know who & how they came up with it? I guess theres always wikkipedia...

    thanks Blake


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      I've also heard of using sounds or magnetic fields, not sure, to increase the health of plants. I remember they grew better and it even got rid rid of diseases. Just throwing that in here, because it might be easier to find that info. I might have even read about it on this forum LOL


      If you think about it MRIs make a lot of money, they aren't used to treat things, just diagnose. So, I guess that's why it's okay to use that technology in that context. Hmmm.
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