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Healthy Eating - nutrition recommendations and things to avoid

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  • Healthy Eating - nutrition recommendations and things to avoid

    Healthy eating is important for everyone even if no fat loss is desired.

    Below was posted here:

    Eliminate corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup products from the diet. This alone can add up to 9 pounds a year in fat for people who cannot metabolize it well.

    Eliminate white flour products as they are too easily broken down to sugar and cakes the colon. Much of the belly size people think is fat is really a colon full of caked up fecal matter that has built up over years. It is healthier to eat whole grain based flour products and preferrably non-genetically modified whole grain.

    Eliminate white processed sugar products and don't use them to sweeten food and drinks. This sugar is lacking the natural minerals normally in cane sugar. It is more easily broken down. If you absolutely want cane sugar, try organic raw cane sugar...will be brown as it has other nutrients that is lacking when it is stripped out of white sugar and is more slowly broken down than just pure white sugar. --------

    Try xylitol or stevia for substitutes for sweetners. Xylitol is actually a sugar that prevents cavities, is about 20-30% less calories than cane sugar and has a lower glycemic index so is a little safer for diabetics. It is probably the closest natural safe alternative to white cane sugar that is similar in look and taste. Stevia is not even a sugar and is incredibly sweet. As a health food store for samples.

    Eliminate white rice as it also cakes the colon and is low in nutrients. Use brown rice as it is higher in fiber and nutrients.

    Eliminate artificial sweetners especially aspartame. In many diet products such as diet sodas because of low to no calories but wreaks havok on the nervous system, causes cancer, converts to "wood alcohol" in the body and can cause the retina to detatch, an endless list of other problems in addition to slowing the fat burning metabolism so that it actually makes it more difficult to lose weight.

    Drink more water and eat more fiber.

    15-30 minutes of walking or other exercise in the morning will help boost fat burning metabolism for quite a few hours afterwards.
    Aaron Murakami

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    dietary resources

    References for dietary recommendations post

    Xylitol.Org - Xylitol on the Web - get the free ebook and learn more about xylitol than you ever wanted to know! The safe natural sweetner.

    Stevia Rebaudiana Information - super sweet leaf extract and it is NOT even a for diabetics.

    Aspartame (Nutrasweet) Toxicity Information Center - resources on the truth about aspartame artificial sweetner, don't be fooled by the information claiming it is safe...check the history and it speaks for itself - avoid this stuff like the plague Sweet but Not So Innocent?
    Learn about high fructose corn syrup and how detrimental to the body it is.. great article

    Below are 3 very impressive articles showing the differences:

    White sugar vs raw sugar

    White bread vs brown bread

    Brown rice vs white rice

    Most people don't know but products like white sugar, white bread and white rice was originally preferred by well-to-do class of people because they were too good to eat that dirty looking brown stuff. So the peasants were more healthy than the rich people who suffered from various problems because of nutritional deficiency. Now it has become the standard pure white and deadly foods that just about everyone consumes. Part of this was marketing hype to make it just look nice and clean but little do people really know how deadly these foods are.
    Aaron Murakami

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      Thank you Aaron,
      You are indeed a man for the people.
      I can attest to the body damage a couple of these items cause being a reformed soda drink-a-holic, mainly cola's etc. I used to drink several cans a day and at my worst when I was younger, litres a day. Within a few short weeks of stopping the daily intake of these types of drinks, my moods, temperature, blood pressure and weight were all improved vastly. They had a huge impact on blood pressure - I dropped nearly 40 points in systolic and 30 points in diastolic readings in 6 weeks. (it may in fact have been quicker, however I gave them up prior to surgery - thanks Mum, and only got checked on the morning of the surgery, 6 weeks after I first stopped 'using').
      Thanks for providing the helpful links, what a legend!
      NZ Chris
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      Live, Love, Laugh and be happy!


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        Aspartame the poisonous powder to avoid like the plague

        Here are a few links if you wish to further explore the truth about aspartame.

        This is a 10 minute video done by Fox on the truth about aspartame. Personally, I believe anything from Fox is absolutely suspect of having some hidden agenda. However, I was quite suprised and pleased to actually have found this news report: 10min
        YouTube - Fox Nutrasweet Equal Aspartame

        Donald Rumsfield is one of the main characters behind getting this poisonous toxin on the market and put through the FDA: 6min34sec
        YouTube - Rumsfeld Aspartame

        Aspartame - Sweet Misery - A Poisoned World (trailer) 1min23sec
        YouTube - Aspartame - Sweet Misery, A Poisoned World (trailer)

        Sweet Misery DVD: Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World: DVD: Cori Brackett,JT Waldron
        Aaron Murakami

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          Microwave Ovens - hazardous effects on food and health part 1

          See how microwaved water kills plants compared to water not microwaved. This doesn't mean hot water is used on the plants...just microwaved and cooled down compared to water boiled on a stove. You can see the difference. This kid's science project raised a lot of eyebrows:
          Microwaved Water and Plants
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            Microwave Ovens - hazardous effects on food and health part 2

            is Killing You!
            By Stephanie Relfe B.Sc. (Sydney)

            Microwave cooking is one of themost important causes of ill health. It is certainly one of the most ignored.
            There was a lawsuit in 1991 in Oklahoma. A woman named Norma Levitt had hip surgery, but was killed by a simple blood transfusion when a nurse "warmed the blood for the transfusion in a microwave oven!"

            Logic suggests that if heating is all there is to microwave cooking, then it doesn't matter how something is heated. Blood for transfusions is routinely warmed, but not in microwave ovens. Does it not therefore follow that microwaving cooking does something quite different?

            A little evidence of the harm caused by microwaving cooking was given by the University of Minnesota in a radio announcement:

            "Microwaves ... are not recommended for heating a baby's bottle. The bottle may seem cool to the touch, but the liquid inside may become extremely hot and could burn the baby's mouth and throat... Heating the bottle in a microwave can cause slight changes in the milk. In infant formulas, there may be a loss of some vitamins. In expressed breast milk, some protective properties may be destroyed.... Warming a bottle by holding it under tap water or by setting it in a bowl of warm water, then testing it on your wrist before feeding, may take a few minutes longer, but it is much safer".

            There have been very few scientific studies done on the effect of eating food microwaved food. This is rather surprising when you think about the fact that microwaves have been with us for only a few decades - and that in that time the incidence of many diseases has continued to increase.

            Two researchers, Blanc and Hertel, confirmed that microwave cooking significantly changes food nutrients. Hertel previously worked as a food scientist for several years with one of the major Swiss food companies. He was fired from his job for questioning procedures in processing food because they denatured it. He got together with Blanc of the Swiss Federal Institute of Biochemistry and the University Institute for Biochemistry.

            They studied the effect that microwaved food had on eight individuals, by taking blood samples immediately after eating. They found that after eating microwaved food, haemoglobin levels decreased. "These results show anaemic tendencies. The situation became even more pronounced during the second month of the study".

            Who knows what results they would have found if they had studied people who ate microwaved food for a year or more?

            The violent change that microwaving causes to the food molecules forms new life forms called radiolytic compounds. These are mutations that are unknown in the natural world. Ordinary cooking also causes the formation of some radiolytic compounds (which is no doubt one reason why it is better to eat plenty of raw food), but microwaving cooking causes a much greater number. This then causes deterioration in your blood and immune system.

            In addition, they found that the number of leucocytes increases after eating microwaved food - something which haematologists take very seriously, because this is often a sign of highly harmful effects, such as poisoning.

            Also, after eating microwaved food, cholesterol levels increased. Hertel said "Common scientific belief states that cholesterol values usually alter slowly over longer periods of time. In this study, the markers increased rapidly after the consumption of the microwaved vegetables." He believes his study tends to confirm new scientific data that suggest cholesterol may rapidly increase in the blood secondary to acute stress. "Also," he added, "blood cholesterol levels are less influenced by cholesterol content of food than by stress factors. Such stress-causing factors can apparently consist of foods which contain virtually no cholesterol - the microwaved vegetables."

            The results were published in "Search for Health" in the Spring of 1992. How was this research greeted? A powerful trade organisation, the Swiss Association of Dealers for Electroapparatuses for Households and Industry somehow made the President of the Court of Seftigen issue a `gag order'. Hertel and Blanc were told that if they published their findings they would face hefty fines or up to one year in prison. In response to this, Blanc recanted his findings. Hertel, on the other hand, went on a lecture tour and demanded a jury trial.

            FINALLY, in 1998 the Court `Gag Order' was removed.
            In a judgment delivered at Strasbourg on 25 August 1998 in the case of Hertel v. Switzerland, the European Court of Human Rights held that there had been a violation of Hertel's rights in the 1993 decision. The Court decided that the `gag order' prohibiting him form declaring that microwaved food is dangerous to health was contrary to the right to freedom of expression. In addition, Switzerland was sentenced to pay compensation of F40,000.

            In Summary: Blanc and Hertel found that eating microwaved food:
            • Increases cholesterol
            • Increases white blood cell numbers
            • Decreases red blood cell numbers
            Causes production of radiolytic compounds (compounds unknown in nature)
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              Microwave Ovens - hazardous effects on food and health part 3


              After the World War II, the Russians also experimented with microwave ovens. From 1957 up to recently, their research has been carried out mainly at the Institute of Radio Technology at Klinsk, Byelorussia. According to US researcher William Kopp, who gathered much of the results of Russian and German research - and was apparently prosecuted for doing so (J. Nat. Sci, 1998; 1:42-3) - the following effects were observed by Russian forensic teams:

              1. Heating prepared meats in a microwave sufficiently for human consumption created:
              * d-Nitrosodiethanolamine (a well-known cancer-causing agent)
              * Destabilization of active protein biomolecular compounds
              * Creation of a binding effect to radioactivity in the atmosphere
              * Creation of cancer-causing agents within protein-hydrosylate compounds in milk and cereal grains;

              2. Microwave emissions also caused alteration in the catabolic (breakdown) behavior of glucoside - and galactoside - elements within frozen fruits when thawed in this way;

              3. Microwaves altered catabolic behavior of plant-alkaloids when raw, cooked or frozen vegetables were exposed for even very short periods;

              4. Cancer-causing free radicals were formed within certain trace-mineral molecular formations in plant substances, especially in raw root vegetables;

              5. Ingestion of micro-waved foods caused a higher percentage of cancerous cells in blood;

              6. Due to chemical alterations within food substances, malfunctions occurred in the lymphatic system, causing degeneration of the immune system=s capacity to protect itself against cancerous growth;

              7. The unstable catabolism of micro-waved foods altered their elemental food substances, leading to disorders in the digestive system;

              8. Those ingesting micro-waved foods showed a statistically higher incidence of stomach and intestinal cancers, plus a general degeneration of peripheral cellular tissues with a gradual breakdown of digestive and excretory system function;

              9. Microwave exposure caused significant decreases in the nutritional value of all foods studied, particularly:
              * A decrease in the bioavailability of B-complex vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E, essential minerals and lipotrophics
              * Destruction of the nutritional value of nucleoproteins in meats
              * Lowering of the metabolic activity of alkaloids, glucosides, galactosides and nitrilosides (all basic plant substances in fruits and vegetables)
              * Marked acceleration of structural disintegration in all foods.

              As a result microwave ovens were banned in Russia in 1976; the ban was lifted after Perestroika.
              Standing in front of a microwave is also highly damaging to your health. Perhaps you have already felt this intuitively? We know that cells explode in the microwave - just fry an egg in your microwave. We are made up of trillions of cells. So work out how many are getting damaged if you stand in front of your microwave for 5-10 minutes.

              In the past I had been told that it was important for people to stop eating microwaved food, but I did not pay too much attention to this because I had been microwave cooking for years. I never thought much about it but I suppose that I figured that if something was so bad for us, then there wouldn't be so many people using it. Little did I know.

              When I first began seeing clients for sessions of kinesiology, I did not worry too much about telling them to give up eating microwaved food. However, I kept a record of all of the corrections that were needed for each client when they came in. Now, once a correction is made, it is to be hoped that the correction will stay in place for a long time to come, hopefully months if not years. People often ask me "How long will it last?" May answer to them is "That depends on your lifestyle".

              Most of my clients came back to see me after about two weeks. In the early days I found that many who came back were not much better. I found that they were again `out of balance'. That is, their electrical circuits were not working correctly (which is common for many people). It was therefore not surprising that they were not much better, because the body does not begin to fully fix itself until the electrical circuits are in balance.

              The question was, why did their electrical circuits go out of balance? The answer had to be something that was highly stressful, to effect the body in such a short space of time. Once that answer was remedied, the client would begin to get better. Using muscle testing, I went through the process of testing if the cause was electrical, chemical/nutritional, emotional or structural. Again and again the same answer would come up - electrical. When I then went through a range of possible electrical causes, the same answer again came up again and again - the person had eaten microwaved food! Incidentally, this answer never came up when a person had NOT eaten microwaved food.

              I began to tell all of my clients on the first visit that under NO circumstances were they ever to do microwaved cooking again. I gave this a higher priority than any of things that are normally considered as health risks, such as cigarettes or alcohol. Immediately I began to get a marked improvement in the results I was getting. Long term problems such as headaches, back aches and emotional instability went away within a few weeks.

              Other kinesiologists can confirm these results. David Bridgman, who has years of experience as a kinesiologist, said "Of all the people I test for allergies, 99.9% so far show severe sensitivity to any microwaved food".

              I experienced the effect of eating microwaved food for myself one time. I had been doing quite a lot of kinesiology and feeling on top of the world when for no apparent reason I began to feel rather `grey' and rather low. I realised that I needed a balance from a kinesiologist. Sure enough, I was out of balance. When the kinesiologist used muscle testing to see why my body had gone out of balance, the answer came up ... microwaved food! The trouble was, I couldn't remember eating any. Until I remembered a particular vegetarian restaurant I had been to. When I went back to the restaurant and asked them if they microwaved their food, they told me that they did.

              So be warned! Many restaurants use microwaved cooking, even `health' restaurants. Ask if the "steamed vegetables" are in fact steamed - or are they microwaved? I have sent meals back when they have not been what they were described on the menu, much to the surprise of the restaurant owners.

              The alternative to heating up or defrosting food is to place it in a saucepan with a little water and lid. Or use a convection oven.
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                Microwave Ovens - hazardous effects on food and health part 4


                Sent to me by a reader: Hello Folks. Hopefully all of you are already well enough informed so as to avoid the use of a microwave oven due to the many detrimental effects consuming microwaved food has upon our health, but "just in case", here is some interesting info sent to me by Ron Scanlon -- many thanks, Ron! Cheers, Doug
                University of California, Davis Medical Center 2315 Stockton Boulevard, Sacramento, California 95817

                As a seventh grade student, Claire Nelson learned that di(ethylhexyl)adepate (DEHA), considered a carcinogen, is found in plastic wrap. She also learned that the FDA had never studied the effect of microwave cooking on plastic-wrapped food. Three years later, with encouragement from her high school science teacher, Claire set out to test what the FDA had not.

                Although she had an idea for studying the effect of microwave radiation on plastic wrapped food, she did not have the equipment. Eventually, Dr. Jon Wilkes at the National Center for Toxicological Research agreed to help her. The research center, which is affiliated with the FDA, let her use its facilities to perform her experiments, which involved microwaving plastic wrap in virgin olive oil.

                Claire tested four different plastic wraps and "found not just the carcinogens but also xenoestrogen was migrating [into the oil]...." Xenoestrogens are linked to low sperm counts in men and to breast cancer in women. Throughout her junior and senior years, Claire made a couple of trips each week to the research center, which was 25 miles from her home, to work on her experiment. An article in Options reported "her analysis found that DEHA was migrating into the oil at between 200 parts and 500 parts per million. The FDA standard is 0.05 parts per billion."

                Her summarized results have been published in science journals. Claire Nelson received the American Chemical Society's top science prize for students during her junior year and fourth place at the International Science and Engineering Fair (Fort Worth,Texas) as a senior. "Carcinogens --At 10,000,000 Times FDA Limits" Options, May 2000. Published by People Against Cancer, 515-972-4444

                So, it's up to you. One point to bear in mind is that our society runs pretty much on money. The multinational companies who make microwave ovens make a lot from the sale of them. There is no money in telling people to stop microwave cooking. There is, however, the satisfaction of knowing that you are saving people's lives and future happiness by spreading the word to stop eating microwaved food.


                You can heat food quickly in a convection oven. It's just an ordinary oven with a fan.

                You can also easily and quickly heat up food, even frozen pasta, by using a saucepan with a lid and a little water, to moisten it from the steam.

                If someone is coming home late, and you want to give them warm food when they arrive, put a saucepan lid over the food while it is on a plate. Put the plate of food on a simmering saucepan of water. It will stay warm without drying up.
                If you want to cook food, do it the old fashioned ways - it tastes much better that way!

                Much of the above information is from an article in the 1994 edition of Acres Magazine, USA, by Tom Valentine.

                PO Box 8800, Metairie, Louisiana 70011, USA
                Tel: (504) 889 2100 Fax: (504) 889 2777
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                  Microwave Ovens - hazardous effects on food and health part 5

                  Some of the above information on microwaved food was published in an Eight Volume Lawyers Cyclopedia which is used by lawyers who sue in medical cases. Who knows? One day there may be a class action lawsuit against microwaves. Here are copies from the Cyclopedia:

                  Irradiation of Food: (Note: Irradiation is not the same as microwaving, but they are similar in that both use unnatural frequencies to alter food).

                  The Cornell University in 1977 irradiated some sugar and fed it to rats. The type of cell damage shown on post mortem was the same as if the rats themselves had been irradiated!

                  Irradiation of Food:
                  Public Citizen has released the English translation of a recent German study revealing that a chemical formed in irradiated food can damage DNA.

                  The study confirms what safe-food advocates have known for more than thirty years: that exposing food to ionising radiation can lead to the formation of bizarre new chemicals called "unique radiolytic products" that can cause serious health problems.

                  One such chemical, known as 2-DCB, caused "significant DNA damage" in the colons of rats that ate the substance. The chemical - which, ironically is a well-known "marker" for determining whether food has been irradiated" - has never been found naturally in any food on earth.

                  The study was conducted in 1998 under the auspices of two prominent pro-irradiation organizations. IT was performed at one of the most prestigious food irradiation labs in the world: the Federal Research Centre for Nutrition in Karlsruhe, Germany.

                  Public Citizen released an English translation of the study at a meeting on 13 February at the US Food and Drug Administration in Washington DC.

                  So, it's up to you. One point to bear in mind is that our society runs pretty much on money. The multinational companies who make microwave ovens make a lot from the sale of them. There is no money in telling people to stop microwave cooking. There is, however, the satisfaction of knowing that you are saving people's lives and future happiness by spreading the word to stop eating microwaved food.

                  You can heat food quickly in a convection oven. You can also easily heat up food by using a saucepan. If someone is coming home late, and you want to give them warm food when they arrive, put a saucepan lid over the food while it is on a plate. Put the plate of food on a simmering saucepan of water. It will stay warm without drying up. If you want to cook food, do it the old fashioned ways - it tastes much better that way

                  Much of this information is from an article in the 1994 edition of Acres Magazine, USA, by Tom Valentine.

                  PO Box 8800, Metairie, Louisiana 70011, USA
                  Tel: (504) 889 2100 Fax: (504) 889 2777

                  Public Citizen
         Disclaimer : This information is not medical advice. Because every person's situation is different , the author of this article will not be held responsible for any negative results which come from reading or acting upon the information in this article. Use at your own risk.

                  Copyright ?: Stephanie Relfe - 1998 - 2010
                  Permission is granted to reproduce this article
                  as long as you acknowledge the author and quote and link to Health, Wealth & Happiness

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                    Basic Nutritional Supplement Recommendations

                    Besides spirulina or afa, the bare basic supplements in my opinion that are necessary for a strong nutritional foundation is:

                    Multivitamin - liquid is very absorbable but also tends to be the weakest multi. Source of Life is the #1 selling vitamin in health food stores in America and is whole food based but are big horse pills. They do have smaller tablets available. Avoid the big commercial brands like Centrum....people who clean out porta-pottys say they find mounds and mounds of pharmaceuticals and Centrum vitamins...they just don't break down becuse of a lot of binders and the compression. The best vitamins will be in locally owned health food stores. If you see GMP and NNFA logos, that is a plus.

                    calcium/magnesium (avoid calcium carbonate and magnesium oxide as they are the least absorbable...but magnesium oxide is good if you do need a safe laxative). For osteoporosis, take mchc (microcrystaline hydroxyapetite calcium)..high absorbable calcium and low to no magnesium. For normal bone health, take 2 parts calcium to 1 part mag up to equal parts of cal/mag. If you have too much calcium build up, take high magnesium and low calcium. Good to have at least 400IU of vitamin D to assist absorption and if some trace minerals like boron, etc... for good bone density is a plus.

                    Flax seed oil with omega 3,6,9 and if it has GLA (gamma linoleic acid) that is a plus. Udo's or Barleans are the 2 leading flax oil products.

                    By taking these 3 things, you are covering the widest range of nutritional benefits as magnesium has over 300 functions just by itself.

                    To learn how to protect your rights to use supplements, please read the following on what the FDA is trying to do with CODEX:
                    Aaron Murakami

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                      Fluoride health hazard - avoid fluoridated water and products

                      Military bases heavily fluoridate the water and dental fluorisis and broken bones are common. I know because I grew up on a military base in Japan with fluoridated water and living there, I developed severe dental fluorosis (mottling) of the teeth. It is a symptom of fluoride toxicity.

                      Dental Fluorosis

                      The dentists at the base told me that was calcium buildup but that is 100% an outright lie. It is actually the total opposite and is a sign of too much fluoride and the fluoride is leaching calcium from the teeth...and it leaches calcium out of the bones as well as causing brain damage in higher concentrations. I drank milk like it was going out of style when I was a kid over there so I had no "lack of calcium".

                      In all the years I lived there, I always thought it was perfectly normal to see dozens of people around the small base at any given time in casts because of broken legs, arms, etc... I had about 6 greenstick fractures in my fingers, wrists and ankles in just a few short years. Any my school 7th to 12th...there were usually 5-6 kids hobbling around on crutches and I never knew this was abnormal.

                      I saw more people with broken bones there on that small base every year than I have seen in the last 10 years here in Eastern Washington. It is very rare that I see anyone in a cast. Also, I don't see mottling of the teeth here either.

                      Calcium fluoride is naturally ocurring in water and is healthy in trace amounts. However, sodium fluoride and other toxic forms of fluoride that are dumped in many water supplies are good for causing bone problems, leaching cacium out of teeth and causing brain damage as well as putting people into a docile mindset from the brain damage.

                      The Nazi's put high concentrations of fluoride in the water supply in the concentration camps. The Russian's did the same to the Nazi prisoners. Do you think they really loved their prisoners so much that they wanted to make sure they didn't develop cavities?

                      Check out these incredilbe references:
                      Fluoride Action Network
                      What Your Dentist Isn’t Telling You About Fluoride
                      Keepers of the Well

                      Fluoride's Neurological Effects: studies show there may be grave implications for
                      Alzheimers, Dementia, Attention Deficit Disorder, reduced IQ in children
                      Fluoride's Neurological Effects
                      Aaron Murakami

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                        Drinking Healthy Water

                        There are two different types of cleanliness for water. The first is chemically clean meaning physical impurities are removed and the second is energetically clean meaning the "bad vibes" of everything it has come in contact with is erased or "reformatted."

                        For chemically clean water, at bare minimum, a simple Britta type pitcher filter is recommended or a PUR type filter that fits on the faucet. They are relatively inexpensive and do a good basic job. This mostly takes out large particulates and almost all the chlorine. Unfortunately, hardly any filters remove fluoride unless you distill the water and add minerals back to it afterwards.

                        If you use a distiller, make sure to NEVER drink distilled water as distilled water is a solvent. To electrically balance itself out, it will leach minerals out of your body and IT WILL HURT YOU long term. The only time distilled water should be drank is if there is some "salt" buildup in the body and you need to reduce that. Only do that under the supervision of a qualified health practitioner. When you make distilled water, make sure to add minerals back to it so that it is in a healthy form to drink. Distilled water doesn't exist in nature in a drinkable form unless you can suck it out of the air. Ionic minerals are liquid purified desalinated sea water and are the most absorbable form of minerals. There is nothing more absorbable than one ion at a time of any given mineral in my opinion.

                        Here is a good one: Concentrace Trace Mineral Drops by Trace Mineral Research

                        I have personally used this one for years. 20-40 drops per day is all that is needed and this one 8oz bottle will last most people about 3 months. Directions are given of how much to add to water to remineralize it. This has about 72+ minerals and trace minerals in the same ratio as the sea. You can add this to distilled water to have clean mineral water. You can probably find other suitable ionic minerals to add to water.

                        These are some of the highest quality water filtration systems on the market: Equinox Products - Water Filtration Systems
                        I sold these years ago and at that time almost 10 years ago, NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) only gave their seal of approval on maybe 5-7 systems and our company had about 4 of those. The countertop (EQ-10) model that screws onto the faucet is one of the best you'll find and the Rhino EQ-300 is a whole home system. Put it on your mainline and it will filter sediment out and will purify the water on EVERY tap in the house including your garden hose. There is nothing like bathing and showering in purified water. It look like they have a fluoride and arsenic specialty filter that wasn't available before.

                        Many systems do NOT filter out toxic bacteria like cryptosporedium but many do. Some system incorporate ultra violet (UV) light that will kill it on contact. It looks like this company has an inline UV light available.

                        The EQ-40 is one of the best shower filters you'll find.

                        If you take baths and don't have the main line filtered, you can at least remove most of the chlorine from the bath by using a bath ball.
               Rainshow'r Crystal Bath Ball Dechlorinator - bath water filter great for bathing: Health & Personal Care
                        These can be hung on the faucet and the water pours through it and the chlorine is neutralized. Also, take the ball and swirl it around in the bath water for a minute or so and it will neutralize even more.

                        Water filtration has come a long way since then and some are available from Nikken that cleans and "energizes" the water. Some like Jupiter are actually "anti-oxidant" water filters meaning it purifies and negatively charges the water meaning you are drinking a large surplus of electrons that will neutralize free radicals in the body.

                        Johann Grander is an Austrian genius who has found a novel way to re-energize water and erase any bad information that it contains. On the Track of Water's Secret is a great book that details this profound individual's work:
               On the Track of Water's Secret: Books: Hans Kronberger,Siegbert Lattacher

                        Masaru Emoto's work involves with water's ability to receive information and store it:
               The Hidden Messages in Water: DVD: Masaru Emoto
                        His homepage is:
                        Aaron Murakami

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                          Thanks for expounding microwave ill effects . I also read sometime ago, about a little girl or boy (can't remember) science experiment that she used to water a plant with microwave exposed water, the plant gradually withers.


                          Good thing you brought up Fluoride . That's why since college days I haven't use toothpaste but I do use something . I read somewhere that flouride is a catalist for mind controlling, HAARP, ELF towers. Also fluoride in tendonitis and gastrointestinal.

                          Thanks for the info about distilled water. It is acidic--we acid test it (we need alkaline more). I also read distilled water is not good to drink because it is physically altered or the molecules of it but I really don't know what would be the cause or why is that, but I do now . Dirty water? physical impurities can be filtered, purified, by using machines and UV fluorescents. But what about negative non physical impurities? I don't have the book that you linked. Maybe try radionics with it, then dowse the result after, or muscle test it.

                          To energize water, put it in pyramid preferably in the the kings chamber area. You could graviton something positive then put your glass of water on top of it--it could be a labyrinth, a desire or a wish this will program the water. Orgone generator is good too. Expose water with powerful neodymium magnets or magnetite--will turn your gray hair to black again, and some reverse aging.



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                            A use for the microwave


                            Just recently I've read some research that said a microwave oven killed 99% (I think) of the bugs in a dishcloth after 2 min, and the other 1% after a further 4 min. A great way to steralize stuff

                            Best regards
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                              Just recently I've read some research that said a microwave oven killed 99% (I think) of the bugs in a dishcloth after 2 min, and the other 1% after a further 4 min. A great way to sterilize stuff

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                              I've seen people microwaving towels in gyms, etc. but never figured it was for sterilization, figured they just wanted a hot cloth.

                              On another note I have heard rumors in some circles that microwaving food can be negative. Anyone heard anything about that? because I do it all the time...