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    Hi everyone,

    I originally emailed Sharyn for some feedback on this, and then decided it would be great to hear as many perspectives as possible!

    it's always been my understanding that dis-ease can always be attributed to emotional patterns. So, it seems to me that "nothing" in the bag of tricks should work long-term UNLESS someone changes their emotional patterns. For instance, my dentist tells me I have advanced gum disease, and that surgery is necessary to contain the pocketing. I have yet to figure out the emotional component, so it seems logical to me that until I "heal" the emotional component, i.e. change the thinking patterns that permitted the disease to develop, would just be a band-aid, as would any other applied modality. It would be a temporary "fix" until my unresolved mental patterns recreated the situation once again! I'd sure love to hear any of your thoughts on I keep thinking I must be missing something, but everything I've learned supports the theory of dis-ease being self-created, and therefore the "cure" must come from reconstructing the individual thought patterns that created the disease. Actually, I'm starting to REALLY see why PATHS might be incredibly beneficial in this regard!

    Any feedback you have, would be SO appreciated, as I really want to understand and apply all these modalities, and I KNOW that beliefs are not the entire answer.......

    Thanks in advance for all your inspirational comments!!

    Love Debbie

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    my thoughts

    I had some Theta Healing sessions with someone about 3 months ago. I didn't understand what it was all about at the time but certain beliefs that I held as true I let go of. They went back to source. At the time I was trying to get rid of a horrible cough and excessive chest congestion from both me and my son. I also got some new 'downloads' of information at the same time. It helped me tremendously.

    After that I got interested in Auric Clearings and Karma Session. Without getting into the details (PM me if you want to know more) I now unplug all the thoughts and beliefs patterns from my brain that no longer serve me and dissolve them on the first three seals (they represent the physical body) and then the other 4 seals so they no longer show up as thoughts at all. I like this method because I don't have to know the root cause of what is causing my ailment. I just ask to call up all the thoughts and beliefs that are causing xyz.

    I also got into a couple of 'tapping' techniques which do the same thing.

    I do find that it is harder and takes longer for me to see the change depending on my vested interest. For example - weight and money

    I hope this answered your question.
    Marnyka Z. Buttry
    Divine Openings Giver & Healer


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      Yes, I believe that our "programming" can be the cause of disease. However, the fact that there are so many ways to approach and heal disease could indicate that that's only part of the cause. Or it could be that in doing something about the disease, we are somehow also doing something about the programming that caused it. For example when you get your gums healthy, you might have a different attitude about your gums or finally hold a belief that they are healthy and so they will stay healthy. Or perhaps whatever patterns lead to your unhealthy gums have started to heal and that's what led you to the point your at now, where you are taking care of the problem. Or maybe that's just one symptom and whatever patterns led to that, will surface in other ways. I don't know for sure, I'm just throwing out some ideas.

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        Hmm I thought I posted a reply earlier but I must have just previewed it, lol.

        There's some information on the forum about Bruce Liption, Ph.D. Bruce Lipton Ph.D. . He has worked with human cells quite extensively and come to this conclusion :

        Until recently, conventional science has held that genes control life, a concept known as genetic determinism. While this disempowering belief is still held as truth by the mainstream public, leading edge research in the exciting new field of epigenetics reveals a completely different truth. Genes do not control life. It is the environment, and more specifically, our perception of the environment that controls gene activity. In the end, it comes down to a simple case of “mind over matter” in controlling the fate of our lives.

        I remember one thing he said was that a cell is either in growth mode or protection mode, one or the other.

        He also says that the first step in the DNA production sequence has to do with thoughts. So like thought ---> RNA ----> DNA.

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