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    I am on you tube listening to some Led Zeppelin... Watching the vid's
    And i found this one.. that has some great quitar peices in it...
    YouTube - Since I've been Loving you
    Made me think that we have threads about art and books...
    but why not music...
    music is amazing.. and sings to the soul... and there ARE some musicians on here too...
    What piece of music sooths you, heals you... moves you.. makes you feel...
    connects you with your spirit....
    I personally love live music... and acoustic....
    and jazz... Blues.. Classical... Love most music..
    must admit.. haven't had much exposure.... really considering changing that...
    Goddess Adriana
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    Great idea Adrienne. When I was in high school, I had some friends who were in a band. The lead guitarist was a virtuoso. By the time he was 16, the best local guitar teacher told Joe he had nothing left to teach him and made him an assistant teacher. Then one day he decided to take up piano. Within 5 months he gave a concerto at a local college. Anyway, when he saw my album collection, he asked if I was schizophrenic as I had music from many genres, rock, hard rock, heavy metal, southern rock, blues, bluegrass, and jazz. There are a few genres that just make my skin crawl, but I won't name those...

    The last couple of years, the one album that really stands out for me is Candlebox. They only put out one or two albums. Their first album, which is self titled, has a great mix of rock, blues and grundge.

    Here is a sample:

    Cover Me

    You (strong language at the end)

    Far Behind

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      I am the BIGGEST Music Freak around!!!
      I grew up with an older Brother that was a Regional Manager for Sam Goodies and was blessed with a Music Loving Family.....
      Thanks to my brother I have seen Hundreds of concerts (with Back Stage Privalages) and have over 2000 Cd's mostly given to him as demo's (one perk of being the one to choose what albums would be carried in his stores!)

      I Love just about all Music.....(except what they call country now- I actually like REAL country music i.e. Willie Nelson, George Strait etc.)
      Classical, Classic Rock, Just about all late 80's music (the music from then was all SO Happy and Positive) I really like the non mainstream music too, it is allot better than the commercialized music 'THAT WE ARE SUPPOSED TO LIKE" because Corporate America says we should......Like those People like Justin Timberlake or Britney Spears who "THINK" they are Talented, with their Voice altering Mic's and absolutely NO Knowledge of what work actually goes into making Music...... Sorry for the Rant!

      Here is a Tune I LOVE, That Calms Me Down!
      YouTube - The Shins "Sleeping Lessons" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

      (psst...Don't Tell Anyone, But I'm Really Not Mean!)


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        Francine Jarry


        For music lovers this is absolutely amazing check Law Of Attraction Songs - reprogramming thoughts & patterns - Francine Jarry

        Also as you mentioned Led Zeppelin, I recall seeing someone play his roadway to heaven album backwards and he was saluting Satan!?
        Anyway its good if you're enjoying it, but I don't know if there is any risk involved in being programmed by unwanted beliefs such as praising Satan or so...
        Youtube is filtered out here but I think you can find that clip in youtube by searching backwards+led zeppelin+satan or so.

        Humility, an important property for a COP>1 system.


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          But is there really a satan, and isn't the ego what is reffered to as the devil...???
          not really a question.... but i don't think satan exists, so i am not worried about it... but thank you for your post...
          are there any songs that inspire you??? at that time i was simply enjoying the music... and it was music to my soul...
          maybe it's negative, or lower vibration played backwards... who knows
          Have a fabulouse day
          thanks for the link
          satan/devil within
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            that is some great music... talk about positve and feel good music...
            Thanks so much for sharing
            have a fabulous day
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              Yeah, Metal Rules!!!

              I am a lead guiatist albeit I consider myself good but I'm not as close to virtuoso thing . I prefer music rather than painting or art drawings, i did study fine arts, you know. My attention was diverted to music when I heard a Yamaha acoustic being plucked. Since then I practice ten hours a day, literally. At first I covered songs, heavy metal especially then I moved to impromptu music. It felt really good playing my electric guitar. It brings me to ecstatic states when I am playing impromptu music, which is what I love doing. My friends do notice when I am in ecstasy, my soloing keeps on becoming more, more beautiful. My impromptu style is melodic at first then keeps on progressing and progressing bringing me to ecstatic states. But it all depends on the music I am playing along.

              It's a good feeling I wrote this!

              Like I said Metal rules! ...for me that is!