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  • Transdermal magnesium

    I've been using "magnesium oil" applied directly to my skin instead of using oral magnesium supplements. The transdermal method prevents the laxative effect since it bypasses the intestine and, according to Dr. Normal Shealy, this method also increases DHEA levels in the body. It works well to ease muscle cramps and tension headaches, I just rub a little of the oil on the painful area.

    Magnesium oil is a concentrated solution of magnesium chloride derived from seawater which has an oily feel, hence its name. Most people are deficient in magnesium and Dr. Shealy states that transdermal magnesium therapy can raise the intracellular Mg levels in 4-6 weeks compared to 6-12 months of oral supplementation.

    From reading some of the sea salt posts, it seems that most of us already use a good sea salt, but I thought some people might be interested in this link.

    :: Magnesium For Life ::

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    Hi Athena,

    Magnesium is probably the #1 mineral American's are deficient in aside from trace minerals. I'm always happy to see various ways that people can get more magnesium. I wonder if soaking in Epsom salts will increase internal magnesium levels.

    Most laxative effect from magnesium comes from the form of magnesium being not very absorbable.

    Magnesium Oxide for example is the least absorbable magnesium and it passes through easily... magnesium draws water to it so in the colon..draws water to it....the laxative effect...which is great if you want a laxative effect.

    But Magnesium Citrate and other forms are actually quite absorbable and the laxative effect doesn't come unless really taking a lot. When I still owned a health food store, I sold thousands of bottles of "Natural Calm"
    Natural Vitality Products - Natural Calm - Peter Gillham
    - magnesium citrate powder and didn't have any customers that had laxative least they didn't tell me about any.
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      You're so right about Mg oxide, Aaron. Before I heard of the Mg oil, I used the Mg glycinate or Mg taurate forms as recommended by George Eby. He had a website that had a ton of info and was forced to remove it. I'm glad to see his research is back on the 'net.
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        You wrote, "I wonder if soaking in Epsom salts will increase internal magnesium levels."

        I have heard that it does through word of mouth. I have tried a few soaks myself, not sure if my internal magnesium was upped or not.

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          Athena, I have checked out the link you gave to Magnesium for Life but cannot seem to find what magnesium oil they recommend. What magnesium oil are you using and where did you purchase it? I'd like to order some for myself.

          Thanks for your help and for the useful information!

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            Here are 2 websites:
            Health And Wisdom - Magnesium, Purity Products, Living Fuel, Dr. Christopher's Products
            Global Light Network - Products for Conscious Living

            I've ordered from the 1st site before, was impressed with the quick shipping, decent prices. However, the label on the bottle shown Magnesium for Life website looks like one featured on the 2nd site.


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              Thanks, Athena!

              Looks like you've started another topic of interest to me on Monatomic Gold. It has crossed my path (ha!) before and has now turned up again so I think it's time I looked further into it.

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