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Medical Marijuana Heals Cancer

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  • Medical Marijuana Heals Cancer

    It has been documented by doctors and physicians for centuries about the virtues of Godís creation that man outlawed.
    I myself have a license to buy, possess or use the prescription for my problem of PTSD that I acquired in a war zone while overseas.
    It helps to a point. Then I discovered hemp flowers.
    All the magic of marijuana without any THC.
    Itís for pain because of the CBD with is not psychoactive.
    I discovered a 1/3 marijuana to 2/3 hemp mix is perfect for me.
    They work synergistically together and you actually use less then separately.
    The reason the Government doesnít want anyone to know?
    Pills would drop out of memory and people would turn to plants as it was intended.

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    smoke some and relax.
    Inhale. Aaaaaaahh!!!


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      Smoke Christian marijuana.
      It has salvationing qualities.
      The various chemicals are used by the plant to defend itself from being eaten by predators.
      The human body uses it in a variety of ways.
      All do add to the synergy of the total for life.


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        Don't know about cancer tbh, but I saw a lot of positive stories about CBD for anxiety, so I want to try it as well!