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The extreme dangers of 5G

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  • The extreme dangers of 5G

    I did a search here of (5g) Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms.
    I'm just going to post some vids because the ones that I found are very educational.

    Thousands Of Satellites Set To Launch For 5G | Anti ...

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    Originally posted by RAMSET View Post
    I did notice Spacecase comment on 5g network
    last week or so another member posted some concerns in the UK
    about it being weaponizable ,his link he posted did not open for me in USA
    so this AM I asked if he had another
    here is You tube he sent ?

    if off topic I will remove as always

    Chet K
    figured I should reply over here.

    pulsed microwaves can alter brainwaves.
    it would have been pretty easy for them to design the phone network to send out data packets in bursts timed to alter the brainwaves.
    I suspect the digital TV stations are set to do the same thing,
    and the reason I way this is that TV stations use to tell how annoyed they were with the large power bills they got.
    but after they changed over to digital TV, they upped the power by a factor of 3, and never again mentioned any annoying power bill that should have been 3 times the price.
    so I wonder who is paying the bill on these stations,
    and if they did not put in the ability to pulse the data packets, they sure wasted a big opportunity.

    I am pretty sure that some version of this is being used already,
    I have a light and sound machine (meant to alter brainwaves), so I know what it is like to have it happen.
    when I lived in the SF bay area I would often wake up at night with a physical reaction, it always happened at the same time on the clock, and it moved to track daylight saving time.
    I built a Faraday cage to sleep in, and then forgot all about it.
    so, 5 years later and after I had moved (into a metal building) and forgot about sleeping in a faraday cage, I went to go visit friends 150 miles from where I had lived before, and slept there for the night. I woke up with the same physical reaction at the same time as all the years before. this reminded me of all of what had happened years before
    if I was awake at the time, nothing would happen to me, so,
    I figure that the 5G network is likely going to be a more effective version
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      forgot to mention,
      cell phone towers in the USA are wired for about 50KW
      in other parts of the world they just plug into a regular wall outlet like you would run a standard computer on.
      I have asked cell phone tower installers about this, and they verify that the math does not add up.
      that is pricey to put that much copper to the towers, they are likely doing it for a reason.


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        Found a couple more links.
        Speculation, https://hendersonlefthook.wordpress....-for-humanity/


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          5g installer speaks out


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            The former president of Microsoft Canada has come out against 5G


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              Without the criteria, cantons are left with little option but to license 5G infrastructure according to existing guidelines on radiation exposure, which all but preclude the use of 5G except in a tiny minority of cases.Several cantons have already imposed their own voluntary moratoria because of uncertainty over health risks.

              "Meanwhile, many scientific documents on the health effects of 5G have verified that it causes flu-like symptoms. This article reveals the various connections behind the coronavirus phenomenon, including how 5G can exacerbate or cause the kind of illness you are attributing to the new virus. "


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                The CEO of Microsoft says that 5G is not safe.


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                  5G has some negative side-effects for sure. But people automatically assume that it's some crazy conspiracy, so they don't even look at the arguments


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                    I've learned a new term; Transhumanist agenda... invading predatory pathogenic artificial intelligence.
                    Sounds kinda "Borg" to me.
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                      Let me just say for starters that even 4G is bad and 4G will remain side by side with 5G apparently. It says in the cellphones themselves to use "hands-free" device to reduce emf exposure (you can look this up). In Europe, cellphones can apparently output up to 2 watts. The frequencies used in 4G are the same ones used in microwave ovens and even if the wi-fi is on low enough power to diminish effects from dielectric heating, the big cell towers definitely are really bad to get up close to for this reason since they have to send out at more power (because the power diminishes rapidly with distance)

                      5G is the next level up from this. It uses various frequencies which depending on area might have various pandoras box effects. Some of these upper frequencies can cause skin burning sensations and affect breathing or the immune system. Since the higher microwave frequencies draw is shorter, they have to be focused into beams to be able to reach at all and this by definition means they're upping the power (think difference between light and laser) this is pretty much like a maser, isn't it? It says they use "Beam forming" in their own documents. Even if one of these isn't bad, these will be all over the place in cities and where services are. Adding to this not only the phones but also the "internet of things" the crossfire might be so much as to be a total disaster in the long run.


                      Now the main question is, how do we defend ourselves? From my experience, using a faraday cage is a bad idea. The faraday cage might shield against beneficial frequencies as well as the bad ones, which may affect your health. Any kind of external metal shielding will cause increased intensity spots to appear, kinda like when you take some lenses and have the sunlight shine on them. One of the answers for defense is to ground oneself. This might work in many instances but if the grounding isn't good enough it might not work very well. To reduce the oxidative stress effects one can increase the magnesium intake (don't overdo it) with foods like almonds and whole wheat grains or similar. Best option is to get as far away from cell towers and any wirelessly connected devices as possible. The ocean has salty air near it, which helps short out some of the harmful waves. It has recently also come to my attention that crystals and specially shaped materials can potentially bend electromagnetic waves. This is something I'm still looking into for potential shielding of harmful waves. It might be possible to shield only against specific kinds of waves using this method or maybe with specially made faraday cages (I'm not an expert on faraday cages but it seems like some of them have been designed to let some waves through while impeding others) All in all, going out in nature definitely has helped me. I prefer cables to wireless. There's also things like li-fi and other unexplored options.


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                        Its a known fact that Wuhan was a test city for rolling out 5G in China, so it seems highly likely that 5G and Coronavirus/Covid are related.

                        Also check this out; Dielectric bending of high frequency microwaves


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                          I did a google search to find this thread, NO RETURNS. So, of course, I searched with duckduckgo. FIRST return.
                          Aside from that, I found a GREAT vid on b-i-t-c-h-u-t-e.
                          We all know about the C/V epidemics; Wuhan, princess cruise, Italy. It seems that all of these venues had just rolled out widespread 5g wifi


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                            Glad I am deep in the woods and my house has metal siding. My 4G LTE cellphone struggles to get 1 bar even, outside. Got to be careful inside house or will get a dropped call.
                            Maybe Lead Paint is banned because that would block high Freq. from going through the house? One can still buy lead powder on ebay to mix with paint. Has anyone of you when you were young, eat paint chips? Extremely unlikely....
                            But just got notice the power company is replacing those meters once again as they did that some 5yrs ago and at that time they were going to offer internet over power lines (never did). Must be 4G power meters now. There using same excuse to replace as they did back then (remote readings as they already using)
                            Only 3 yrs age finally got DSL and modem/router is 2.4 and 5G (which I shut off in settings)
                            So, am thinking there going to use the power lines to up to 5G or 6G now to get us rural dwellers. At least am not drinking Fluoride water...
                            Am think I will put in a verity value of picofarad capacitors across the incoming powerline as it will act like a short on those hi-frequencies, but won't be affected on very low frequencies :-)
                            I use Startpage for searches. DuckDuckGo is not as strong as Startpage.