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Turpentine prevents toothache

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  • Turpentine prevents toothache

    Turpentine, food grade, eliminates necrotic tooth pain by aiding absorption of calcium and oxygen...

    It has recently come to my attention that food grade turpentine...

    The Candida Cleaner, by Dr. Jennifer Daniels: turpentine and sugar protocol.

    ...heals tooth decay, naturally, by way of getting oxygen into all the cells of the body. Merck Index from 1899 lists turpentine as a cancer remedy.

    But how does it work?

    Lectins, phytates and oxalates block absorption of calcium. Lactic acid encourages it. This is why calcium lactate supplementation is given to pregnant women to help them absorb calcium for their developing fetal child.

    A non-cancerous cell has to pump calcium into itself in order to secure the absorption of oxygen. Otherwise, it has to resort to becoming a fermentation oriented cancer cell and rely exclusively on another pump at its disposable: potassium / glucose or else starve to death (which liquid cesium chloride saturated with powdered MSM helps to deliver: a quick death from osmotically becoming bloated with cesium and/or rubidium thus blocking absorption of potassium for several months; normal cells will survive this blockade by choosing alternative pathways for absorbing nutrients).

    The essential oil of turpentine insures absorption of calcium and, thus, of oxygen as well. Tooth pain from rotting necrotic teeth and an infected jaw bone underneath vanishes almost completely from only one meal with a little turpentine drizzled over oily foods (spaghetti sauce, etc) and completely vanishes after two successive meals with this protocol.

    I don't do the sugar cube thing. I just drizzle turpentine over oily or sugary foodstuffs, such as: ice cream, nut butters, melted cheeses and various sauces and go easy on the sugar consumption.