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Heard of "Relentlessly Positive"? Alternative to Beauty Magazines!

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  • Heard of "Relentlessly Positive"? Alternative to Beauty Magazines!

    I've just discovered this site through connecting with someone on a networking forum, and I'm SO impressed with it, I wanted to share it:

    Relentlessly Positive - Being Positive

    Here's an excerpt from it:

    "In the words of Baz Luhrmann, "Do not read beauty magazines. They will Only. Make. You. Feel. Ugly"

    If you have ever put down a fashion magazine and wished you were six feet tall and a size two;

    If you have ever finished a beauty magazine and decided that you must spend huge amounts of cash on expensive beauty treatments ... or just a paper bag to put over your head;

    If you have ever despaired at the critical way women (and men) are written about in celebrity magazines, picked apart for having cellulite or nasal hair and criticised for every aspect of their lifestyle;

    If you have ever bought a diet magazine and then wished you hadn't bothered;

    You may be ready for Relentlessly Positive. This website is dedicated to making people feel GOOD."

    There's SO much on the site - I've haven't had a chance to explore it fully yet, but was so excited to find such a well-presented, valuable "Good News" publication, I had to post it here in the meantime. I'm going back to enjoy the rest of it now.

    Love and Light and Magic xxx
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    How very cool, Odille I took a quick look-see and will be back to see the rest of the site.

    Thanks so much for posting your discovery
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      Interesting about fashion magazines.

      I remember once my step mom seemed to make a point of commenting to me that she didn't like a single thing she had seen in a magazine she had just finished looking through.

      Maybe that was all there was to it but I always suspected that she had done that on purpose to impress upon me that we do not just need to eat up everything shown to us in the media. That what we think is more important than what any fashion magazine reports.

      Very slowly it seems there is some evolution going on about the kind of images shown by the media as an ideal.

      Earlier this year in Spain ultra thin (to the point of looking literally sick) runway models were banned at a certain fashion event and you do see a couple tv characters (Ugly Betty) that don't fit the long standing mold.

      I think it is important to make a point of letting children know they don't have to suck up everything the media spits out. This can be done, for example, by simply watching a program with a child and then discussing it together

      XO Jessica
      Keep your mind on the aether


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        I just found this from the Relentless site :

        A fabulous fashion store owner has made a plea to the UK fashion industry to open up the catwalk to models of all sizes in a bid to save generations of children from anorexia and millions of women from shopping hell.

        Janet Tappin Coelho, who runs the west London fashion store and website, Popozao, told 'The Voice' that the UK should introduce a campaign similar to the US based Walk the Catwalk campaign.

        Walk the Catwalk wants to get designers, fashion colleges and fashion houses to stop making and showing only small sample sizes. It also wants models and clothes of all sizes showcased at popular fashion events like London Fashion Week. Anna Scholz designs gorgeous plus size clothes but will we ever see her on the catwalk? On a cold day in Hell, maybe?

        "It is time to see bigger role models on the catwalk so we can better reflect what is going on in our world and our lives," said Coelho, who sources Brazilian jeans and other clothes for all women with curves.

        Queen Simply Be - Walk the catwalk - in jeans that fit!

        XO Jessica
        Keep your mind on the aether


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          "Earlier this year in Spain "

          Oopsie that was last year, my how time flies : - Skinny models banned from catwalk - Sep 13, 2006

          I find it hilarious that some claimed this was discrimiation - as if the agencies don't discriminate against people who are not thin in selecting their models!!

          Keep your mind on the aether


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            This is interesting...

            Hehehehee! I thought this would be interesting... I am a graduate of Fashion School, literally! I took my Associates of Fine Arts in Fashion Design.

            I have never forgotten the speech made at orientation... They told us to remember that we are the illusion makers, and we must never forget that, because the illusion will destroy you! Hmmmm... interesting? I have often pondered that thought over the years. More recently, it has been kind of taking on a new image as I learn that I create my world... I create the illusion, and I must never forget that! But the literal translation of that was the fact that designers design the illusion for the public to pay for, but if you ever take a close look at a fashion designer... They are some of the most plain people on the earth! They are not prancing around in the latest fashions at all, as a matter of fact they are wearing very plain drab clothes! Interesting isn't it?

            Well, now I am off to check out that website you posted at the top! Remember you create the illusion, and you get to say what and who you are!

            Blessings and a big
            zartgirl sj