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    Laetrile (B17) kills some cancers and lowers blood pressure 28% systolic and 25% diastolic
    American's eat 90 lbs of sugar per person per year. Cancer loves sugar. Cut it off. For instance bears never get cancer in the wild but when put in captivity eating the zhitty food man feds them, they get it. Food deficiency, no vitamins, mineral, enzymes, acids and more. GMO dead empty foods by design

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      I was in the leading cancer hospital 25 days, sent home with 6 months to live. April was my month to be buried and I am as healthy as a horse now. 2-3 full months I got treatment and bag after bag of blood to keep me half alive. Hemoglobin - 5.2 and would peak at 7.5 then more blood had to be pumped into me. I was dying.

      Then I tried many other things as fast as I could because I didn't feel like I was going to make it like they said. B17 and electrification 15 min per day killed it. I get my blood taken and tested every week for 6 months now. One week on Monday my body made some blood on it's own and the doctor was surprised. That wasn't suppose to happen with the treatment protocol.

      My cancer (leukemia) went into remission See "Dragonfly75" for a box Mine was $200 plus shipping 20-40 apricot kernels per day can help because the Gmo foods lack nitrilosides. Other names B17 or Laetrile can be had only outside the USA. The USA has 1 out of every 2 people contracting cancer, they can't cure any of it. Try mine instead and live. Your organs may be to far gone? Do something. At the very least you will get pain relief.


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        Needless to say 3lbs of sugar per month could give you a disease, same with 5 pots of coffee or 10 smokes plus 5 cold one's. Come on make sense

        Blood charging ( not frequency dependent) before and after oh yeah take vitamin B17 for cancer.

        Surprise your oncologist today and live. Left is your blood on drugs. Right is cells all getting the work done 100x better

        Like charges repel, very simple giving each cell some elbow room to do their job

        Dragonfly75 is only one place to get one. I like his because it has a light on it showing just the right amount needed. You get to much and you may damage some of your blood, fill up your lymph bogging down your system. If this happens apply heat to the nodes.

        You can't miss

        Dr Beck gave us other electro-medical devices such as EEG And EKG machines in the 1950's, now this. Some have suggested that he is a MIB CIA agent sent to kill us all with his machines but what if you are half dead from cancer already?

        What do you have to lose? Why are you scared?

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          If you are sick taking bug killing drugs it's only a matter of time before you are resistant to that medicine. Then you go quick. This thing gets hundreds of strains of the crude.