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    Renal function, in nephrology, is an indication of the kidney's condition and its role in renal physiology.
    Glomerular filtration rate (GFR) describes the flow rate of filtered fluid through the kidney.

    Most doctors use the plasma concentrations of the waste substances of creatinine and urea (U), as well as electrolytes (E), to determine renal function.
    These measures are adequate to determine whether a patient is suffering from kidney disease.

    However, blood urea nitrogen (BUN) and creatinine will not be raised above the normal range until 60% of total kidney function is lost.
    Hence, the more accurate Glomerular filtration rate or its approximation of the creatinine clearance is measured
    whenever renal disease is suspected or careful dosing of nephrotoxic drugs is required.

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      Urinary Retention

      If the volume drained is modest ( 1-2 liters) and the patient stable and ambulatory,
      attach the Foley catheter to a leg bag and discharge him, for followup (and probably, catheter removal) the next day.

      If the volume drained is small (100-200ml), remove the catheter and search for alternate etiologies of the abdominal mass and urinary urgency.

      Urinary Retention

      What causes urinary retention?
      Urinary retention can result from

      obstruction of the urethra
      weakened bladder muscles

      How is urinary retention treated?
      A health care provider treats urinary retention with

      bladder drainage
      urethral dilation
      urethral stents
      prostate medications

      What are the complications of urinary retention and its treatments?
      Complications of urinary retention and its treatments may include

      bladder damage
      kidney damage
      urinary incontinence after prostate, tumor, or cancer surgery

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        I was and am sick of this swollen prostate. Cranky as freakin hell. Can't sit up straight, feels like a bloated bull frog who has been kicked in the balls. Am I clear? Can't zhit without pain, piss every 2 hours, stinks like hell.

        Feel like I am near death for weakness somedays. This was all last year. My Vivatar flash pulser broke a couple of years back and I never replaced it. It was small and burned out fast but let me know if it worked.

        I bought a 1 year old machine $850 and have lost all of the feces stuck up my a-hole I know I am crude. Sterilize your back end where the sun down shine THEY SAY. Hum, so I gave it a try since I am dying in pain, right? I mean, pain every dump is hell on earth. A person full of death can not live. Death is that stuff that is suppose to go out into the drought.

        Your organs will fail.

        1 month ago I got this and have to go slow with it or I zhit 5X a day, piles as big as king kong

        I know I am crude. Do you want to live boomers? We have been targeted you know.

        Anyway now on to the good news. Strength returning exponentially, I must take 2 showers a day or my shirt smells like it is a week old. No more pain up the poop shut, no more pain in the back of my legs, no more pain in my back, no more pain at all after using this Magnetic Pulser machine.

        All it is and does is charge up your blood so your body takes out the trash. Like ringing out a dirty mop my intestinal tract is being relieved of lbs of waste. Somehow or another the body bugs want to stay attached to your entire insides. GMO and chemicals bio accumulate, this is the plot against the boomers.

        Answer? Go slow, pulse around your neck, limp's, under your arms, in your groin, wherever it hurts and do this for 5-10 minute per setting 2-3X per day for about 3 days and then wait a couple days or you may be sorry you did it to much. Doing it to much is not like sex, where you go blind, it is more like feeling sick to your stomach from toxins going out. Drink O-Water

        Do it now and live.

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          This is the correct model I bought. This one is very powerful. $1400 new.


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            I found him on youtube. 1 year warranty, I like his PEMF because he has high quality components, not that cheap plastic with no fan. Any unit with no fan is weak. The doctor office units range from $6000-$20,000 dollars which is out of my price range. This guy is in the middle range and works for him money.


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              My mistake 2 year warranty. This one is 230v for the UK



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                Here is the circuit diagram for the high quality parts list. I contacted him on EBAY






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                  Does anyone know if John Bedini would say that these machines are the same as Rife.
                  This site is all out of Rife boxes from what I read. How about these guys?



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                    Hook these two together

           m_ad=goog_shopping&_display_country_code=US&_force _currency_code=USD&pid=googleadwords_int&c=%7Bcamp aignId%7D&ad_cid=5dddf01dfc5c331540e41922&ad_cc=US &ad_lang=EN&ad_curr=USD&ad_price=319.00&campaign_i d=7203534630&gclid=Cj0KCQjw0caCBhCIARIsAGAfuMx8VAP bb3RjDJbV04Kca_x5UrF60ok7g-huRFxMaqwLNVYNc9QHqbUaAh0sEALw_wcB&share=web


                    4 part protocol

                    Silver water, colloidal silver water
                    Ozonated water
                    Blood electrifier
                    Magnetic pulser

                    Just the magnetic pulser and ozonated water take down the swelling of the prostate. I did minimal magnetic pulsing for 3 weeks and all I ended up with was more upset tummy. Just like we are all told would happen due to what is known as "DIE OFF" this die off is a result of the pulsing energizing the blood or charging of the blood so the blood can do a more proper job of cleansing the body.

                    No voodoo. Just an electrical charging which separates the individual cells stuck together unable to perform the task the cells know oh so well. 50% reduction in 3-4 weeks. Many doctor offices now have PEMF beds. These beds are nothing more than the same thing as a simple device with 1 coil. The beds have what are called coil pads. Their are multiple coils to cover the entire body all at once and require a larger circuit to power all of these coils at once. Those doctor office PEMF units run $20,000 and up.


                    Remember the blood electrifier does produce die off so be careful, only 10-20 minutes at first.
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                      Hello I am back to go over what I thought was prostate enlargement. It was tested on PSA levels and it is perfect so the milk machine works well. I found out why I could not urinate. I have lifted heavy equipment 40 years and over the years I got a tiny henia at my belly button.

                      in 2017 the Dr said FlowMax was my answer. Problem is not only did I have a visible hernia but also some invisible ones in the form of hemorrhoids. These are tiny expanded blood vessels that develop at the exit port of the anus. Each time (every 24 hrs) #2 stool comes, damage occurs to these many small grape like obstruction and with it infection. Bloody stool sometimes is a sign plus it become a condition of constipation for every bowel movement.

                      In turn came urinary track infection to the point I needed to be catheterized. This is what happened to me while going to many many doctors. None of them knew what I needed. Then on Xmas eve when all of my 7 doctors offices were all close I had to drive to a nearby hospital because I could no longer urinate.

                      It has been over a month and still not one of my Doctors could tell me what was wrong or even knew which Dr I might need. Finally after 3 months of pleading with all my Doctors I got the answer and still must wait another month however I am receiving treatment now.

                      Everybody is a specialist now-a-days and they all pass the buck but the patient has no clue, don't want stinky hands.

                      This is the most painful enduring event I have ever experienced. Then the heart Doc let's my BP (blood pressure) go to 70/30 and scolds me, threatens to disown me because I adjusted my 3 BP medicines one day so I could make it into his office for a 10 minute appointment.

                      The pace at a clinic is so fast with money as the goal people are not served well.

                      The chemo is what caused the flare up. I am fighting AML leukemia. I needed a heart bypass 20 years but had no insurance. Everything is happening all at once.

                      Here are the 2 procedures I must go thru to get peace in my body

                      I was at the KU medical hospital 27 days by airlift when I collapsed but my Doctor said all I needed was FlowMax and that my heart was like a hammer. Turns out there are some incompetent Doctors. I had cancer and FlowMax was the only prescription plus my heart has been operating at 30-50% capacity for years but that Doctor never knew it or checked. I spent $1300 cash on blood tests and all tests were clear in 2017 yet I continued to degrade rapidly. For the next 2 years I sat in a chair working and wondering why I felt so bad.

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                        I have talked about various problems old men have. Prostate is one and hemorrhoids can be mistaken for other pain. In my case a huge guy who hired into the Detroit steel workers jungle as one of the grunt crew. 40 years of heavy lifting.

                        There is an electrical switch (nerve trigger) for relaxing the muscles to urinate and a bowel movement #2. One effects the other and in my case with each passing day I have faced excruciating pain especially since chemo therapy in Nov 2021.

                        My electrical nerve locked up solid Xmas eve when my bladder filled to 2000 ml or 2 liters, Needless to say it felt like I would explode on the way to emergency. I was once again quite constipated and also swollen or completely obstructed from the hemorrhoids. I was in big trouble.

                        It was light snow but only had to travel 20 long miles. My electrical pinching extended to my left leg sciatic nerve so I walked a few feet and had to sit down. My whole electrical system keeps going into shock and I can walk but must be bent forward when this triggering occurs. Next I get a head banger and can't hold up my head so I use my hand to hold it up.

                        I continued to go to many Dr's while in this condition and none of them could identify the problem. It's been 6 weeks and I got my catheter pulled out and yesterday got what is called for short an endo-scan. It is a machine on the wall with a long cord 5 ft and a handle with water valve trigger plus the optical viewing scope.

                        A little cream is injected into the entrance of the penis where the endo-scope slowly moves in, all the way to the bladder. The patient gets to watch the 30" monitor while the Doc explains what you are seeing. First the perfectly round tube called the urethra, the clamping restriction of the prostate, rectum passage and finally the bladder.

                        You can barely feel anything until he fills the bladder and I let out a yip in pain. The clean water shoot right up and out if a person can pee on their own. Yup everything good and I took some pills to help all of this along. No more bag and hose feels good. Surgery coming
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                          I was the youngest guy at the Heart Hospital got me up on the 11th and was walking the halls 4 times a day.


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                            All countries do bypass, the gmo food chain is not good to eat and we have few options. Walmart brings in the worst


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                              This is how my pillow works. Much of what you see on the web is false but this information is what I use now. In 4 more weeks I will have healed 25% and after 25 weeks I should be 99%
                              Always squeeze your pillow gently to your chest when you cough up anything. You will be glad for a new life of breathing the fresh air. When your air is restricted it eventually cuts completely off and the breath of life will leave the body.

                              1% failure rate means that patients who are often 75-80 years having other body problems pass on from liver and kidney failure due to abusive drinking.

                              Gmo foods is enough to ruin your liver and kidney's, it's different for each person. Glyphosate causes cancer and heart blockage. Aero-planes spew dense solutions over houses and fields making any escape impossible. You can do everything right as I have done for the past 30 years and you will still get cancer.

                              This process I am describing is a global one, called "euthanasiation"

                              Eeuthanasia (euthanasia from Greek: εὐθανασία; "good death") is the act of killing an allowing it to die by withholding extreme medical measures.

                              Create the problem and withhold the cure. 1 out of 2 men now get cancer and 1 in 3 ladies. This is not an accident.

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                                It is better to buy this one instead of waiting for yours to have a blowout. Simple tea can save your life if you know your BP is running high. I like this one, yes I bought a cheap one for $15 and the readings went all over, one time 170/40 the next time 85/60 within the same 5 minutes. I returned that junk. You had to feed it batteries daily.

                                This one is medically certified and has a name on it unlike the generic china lie. 4 months on a recharge lithium all built in and
                                Bluetooth for phone app records

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