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Fluoride in our Water - Deliberately Toxic !

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  • Fluoride in our Water - Deliberately Toxic !

    Hello All,

    We've been told for decades now that Fluoride is safe.........its NOT, they know its poison !

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    Deliberate Poisoning

    Alcoa aluminum company bribed sorry politicians in the early 1900 because the cost to dispose of is astronomical. please read clips below, you will see Fluorides are the 5th most toxic element on earth.
    5 times more toxic the mercury, 9 times more toxic then arsenic and 27 times more toxic then lead and an unbelievable 548 times more toxic then Roundup.

    Fluoride lowers IQ on contact and calcifies the penal Gland (what connects us to all living things) and makes you lethargic.


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      Check out your toothpaste


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        Check out my water, you mean? For 10 years now I have warned the
        people in my small town about our huge well. Even the Police Chief
        drank it straight out of the pipes. Oh no don't listen to the voice of
        reason, not matter what don't listen to what said and they didn't
        till it was to late.

        The counter in the debate was "Good ole Fluoride" keeps us safe and
        I was asked I didn't know this very important fact. Naturally people
        assume that everyone never heard that.

        Bugs and superbugs have made plenty of people sick here and THEN
        after the fact the warnings went out all written up on a pretty piece of
        paper. It's that nice?

        The bugs evolve and 4X chemical must be added. Fluoride was first used
        to slaughter Jews in Hitlers camps. At first the captives slowed way
        down becoming mental vegetables.

        Sure, go ahead, have another glass.

        Now let me ask everyone if they remembered their spiel about how
        everything has been taken care of by the federal regulators, nothing
        to see here folks, move along. And yet the water is killing people.

        How stupid are you? Same feds tell you to get your shots and pay
        carbon tax. But you never remember the warnings. See I told you so
        only meets with name calling and more religious chatter.

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          Fluorine and Stupidity

          Iodine is the easiest nutrient to improve intelligence.

          Fluorine is the quickest path toward stupidity, cardiovascular distress, and many other metabolic disorders, because the lighter halogens push the heavier ones out of the body. So, chlorine is also pushed out of the body by the presence of fluorine along with the loss of iodine. We need chlorine for our digestion and to cleanse our blood of the build up of plaque deposits.

          Iodine is the easiest method of preventing mental retardation in children (cretinism: World Health Organization).

          Stannous fluoride does nothing to protect the teeth against tooth decay. Preservation of the tooth enamel by not grinding the teeth while we sleep and avoid eating raw carrots. It is the tooth enamel which must be protected; not the tooth. Once the enamel is gone, we can kiss our tooth goodbye, for nothing will save it short of regrowing enamel, or replacing enamel with something else? Plastic, perhaps?!

          Calcium fluorite is considered a crystal embodying intelligence for a very good reason: its fluorine is bound up with non-soluble calcium. It's not paired with water-soluble sodium. Mother Nature isn't so careless!

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            I disagree about chlorine being needed for digestion.
            It is used to disinfect water but then it must be removed.
            Iodine put in your water at the rate of one drop of nascent iodine per gallon for storage and thatís it.
            Iodine used for your daily health I agree with and further promote potassium iodide as well.
            Used with orange juice and the vitamin C will bind and be used better than just by themselves.
            Iodine increases the IQ.
            It is used by every cell of the body and if you get out in the sun you do not burn, you tan.
            But you must use it daily to have this desired effect.


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              Salt was iodized for prevention of goiter.
              The salt industry was diversified but each promised iodine in the product.
              From a family photo.

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                That's why I always buy high-quality water in stores instead of tap water. A lot cleaner